Planning a Walt Disney World vacation becomes smoother when you know the parks’ operating hours. Whether it’s to maximize your time on rides and attractions or to catch special events, understanding the fluctuating closing times of Disney World theme parks is crucial.

Closing Times for Disney World Parks: A large street clock shows 1AM on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom theme park

Image © Disney

As a starting point, here is a summary of the typical closing times for each park:

  • Magic Kingdom: Often closes between 9-11 PM, but hours may extend later during peak seasons and special events.
  • EPCOT: Generally closes around 9 PM, with possible extensions during festivals and other busy times.
  • Hollywood Studios: Typically shuts around 9 PM, although special events might lead to later closing hours.
  • Animal Kingdom: Closes earlier than others, usually around 6 or 7 PM, with occasional later times in the summer and Saturdays.

This guide explores the factors influencing Disney’s closing schedules, including the season, anticipated crowd levels, and various events like Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, Disney After Hours, and other special events. You’ll find tips for planning your dining and park itineraries to make the most of the varied closing times.

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Magic Kingdom’s Closing Time

Cinderella Castle at night

Magic Kingdom, the original and most popular Walt Disney World theme park, has varying closing times throughout the year. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Regular Closing Hours: On average, Magic Kingdom closes nightly between 9-11 PM.
  • Peak Season Extensions: During busy seasons like summer and Christmas, closing times may extend until midnight or later to accommodate high crowds.
  • Special Event Closures: Nights with special ticketed events, such as those during Halloween and Christmas, result in earlier closures for regular daytime guests, typically at 6 PM. Ticketed holiday events take place from 7 PM to midnight.
  • Disney After Hours: This special ticketed event occurs several times per month when Magic Kingdom remains open after regular hours. The event typically runs from 10 PM to 1 AM and offers exclusive access to rides and attractions with significantly fewer guests.
  • Resort Guest Benefit: Guests who stay at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts receive Extended Evening Theme Park Hours at Magic Kingdom on select nights. This perk is typically offered for two hours on select Wednesday nights from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM or later. During this time, resort guests can enjoy popular attractions with lighter crowds.

Key Insight: Magic Kingdom is known for its flexible closing times, frequently staying open later than other parks, especially during peak seasons and special events. This flexibility accommodates the high demand for its iconic nighttime experiences.

Epcot’s Closing Time

As the home of World Showcase and famous festivals, Epcot’s closing times have a wider range and tend to extend later than other parks.

  • Regular Closing Hours: Epcot closes around 9 PM on most nights without festivals or events. This aligns with the conclusion of nightly fireworks and entertainment.
  • Festival Late Closures: Hours may be extended during events like the International Festival of the Holidays to support special performances such as the Candlelight Processional.
  • Disney After Hours: Epcot hosts exclusive After Hours events, extending operations beyond regular closing times and offering unique experiences like special shows and limited guest numbers for a more intimate park experience. In 2024, the event starts at 10 PM and ends at 1 AM, with entrance permitted at 7 PM.
  • Resort Guest Perk: Deluxe resort guests can access Epcot attractions during exclusive Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, usually Mondays from 9 – 11 PM. This benefit is particularly valuable during busy seasons, offering a more relaxed park experience than regular operating hours.

Key Insight: Epcot is known for its extended closing times that coincide with its variety of evening events and festivals. The park often extends its hours during these special occasions to provide visitors with a diverse mix of nighttime entertainment and cultural displays.

Hollywood Studios Closing Time

The Chinese Theatre (home to Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway) at Hollywood Studios, beneath a full moon

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has variable closing times based on season and events.

  • Regular Closing Hours: On average, Disney’s Hollywood Studios closes around 9 PM.
  • Seasonal Extensions: Hours may extend until 10 PM during peak times and 12:30 PM during special events such as Disney Jollywood Nights.
  • Disney After Hours: Hollywood Studios offer After Hours events on select nights, allowing guests to enjoy the park with fewer people and access to popular attractions for extended hours in the evening. It runs from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM in 2024, with admission beginning at 7 PM.
  • Early Closures: Special ticketed events for resort/passholders may result in Hollywood Studios closing earlier for general admission day guests.

Key Insight: Hollywood Studios adapts its closing times for special events and seasonal crowds, with Disney After Hours providing guests with extended access to attractions and unique experiences.

Animal Kingdom Closing Time

The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom park, lit for nighttime

Image © Disney

Animal Kingdom closes earlier than other Disney parks due to its focus on natural environments and animal habitats.

  • Standard Closing Time: Disney’s Animal Kingdom usually closes around 6 or 7 PM since many animal habitats require daylight. Some exhibits may close at dusk even if the park remains open later.
  • Summer Extensions: Animal Kingdom may stay open as late as 8 PM during busier summer periods with extended daylight.
  • Disney After Hours at Animal Kingdom: Offers unique nighttime experiences, but there are no scheduled dates for 2024. Check with The Vacationeer for the latest information.
  • Holiday Variations: Closing hours are often extended to accommodate large crowds during busy holiday weeks.

Key Insight: Animal Kingdom relies on natural environments and sunlight. As a result, the park has earlier closing times. However, the park extends its hours during the summer when daylight hours are longer and during holidays when visitors bring greater demand.

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Understanding Disney’s Hour Adjustments

Walt Disney World continually adjusts its park hours based on predicted attendance, holidays, and special events. These changes typically occur a few weeks prior to guest arrival.

Some key insights on Disney’s hour adjustments:

  • When hours are first published (60 to 75 days in advance), the times tend to be on the conservative side. As arrival dates get closer, Disney may extend operating hours due to higher-than-expected crowd forecasts.
  • Magic Kingdom and Epcot are the parks most likely to have published closing times extended due to their prominence and role in special events. Animal Kingdom historically has the fewest hour extensions.
  • Since hours can change without notice, it’s essential that guests check the My Disney Experience app, Disney World website, or with their Disney travel agent as their trip dates approach for the most up-to-date park availability.

Hour Changes and Their Impact on Trip Plans

Changes to Walt Disney World’s park hours can affect your trip plans and the guest experience. Here are some implications of Disney changing its closing times:

  • Dinner reservations or meal times may need to be adjusted.
  • Plans to experience certain attractions may need to shift to earlier or later in the day.
  • Special entertainment and nighttime shows could be added or changed on certain dates.
  • Significant schedule changes may require revising your overall daily Disney itineraries.

Making the Most of Disney World’s Park Hours: Tips and Family Experiences

Adjusting your plans to the park hours can significantly improve your experience. Here are some tips and insights from our family trips to Disney World:

  • Stay Updated: Check the My Disney Experience app or Disney World website for current park hours and events, even during your trip. Staying informed helps my family plan our touring plans.
  • Make the most of Extended Hours: If you’re staying at a Deluxe resort, use the extended hours to enjoy the rides without the crowds.
  • Embrace Seasonality: Park hours change with the seasons. For example, summer evenings at Animal Kingdom offer cooler temperatures and stunning sunsets behind the Tree of Life (one of our favorite family photo opportunities)!
  • Flexibility is Key: Park hours can change, so being flexible with your plans ensures you don’t miss out on unexpected opportunities. This approach lets you enjoy the parks during quieter times, especially in the evenings.
  • Evening Magic: Our family loves the unique atmosphere of the parks at night. Magic Kingdom’s fireworks near Cinderella Castle and the vibrant evening ambiance at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival are just a few examples. Similarly, Hollywood Studios transforms at night, offering a thrilling experience different from the daytime.

By aligning your visit with these tips, you can experience the quieter, more magical moments at Disney World, making your trip memorable and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Disney World Park Hours

How far in advance does Disney release park hours?

Disney typically releases operating hours around 60-75 days before guest arrival to allow for advance planning.

Can park hours change after they are released?

Yes. As your travel dates get closer, Disney may extend or reduce posted park times based on updated crowd predictions, special events, etc. In our experience, hours tend to be extended more often than they are shortened.

Do all attractions stay open till the posted closing time?

Most rides and shows remain open until the published closing time. However, some attractions may close slightly earlier, so check for specific closing times.

Are park closing times the same during holidays?

Not always. Disney theme parks tend to have extended operating hours during peak holidays, spring breaks, and major events to accommodate higher crowds. Conversely, Magic Kingdom may close earlier (for day guests) on several days each week in order to accommodate the Halloween and Christmas parties.

What are Extended Evening Theme Park Hours?

After the park has closed to regular day guests, guests can enjoy shorter wait times on rides and attractions during Extended Evening Theme Park Hours. These hours are available two nights a week, typically on Mondays at Epcot from 9 PM to 11 PM and Wednesdays at Magic Kingdom from 10 PM to midnight.

Can all guests access Extended Evening Hours?

No. Disney only offers Extended Evening Theme Park Hours to guests staying at Deluxe or Deluxe Villa resorts. Guests staying at a Disney Value Resort or Disney Moderate Resort are not eligible for this exclusive perk.

What is Disney After Hours, and how does it affect park closing times?

Disney After Hours is a special ticketed event that allows guests to enjoy the parks for additional hours after the regular closing time. This event typically offers lower wait times for attractions, complimentary snacks, and a more intimate park experience. The event can extend park hours significantly, often until 1 or 2 AM.

Are Disney After Hours events available at all Disney World theme parks?

Disney After Hours events are available at select parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. However, the availability of these events, especially at Animal Kingdom, may vary each year. Guests should check with Disney or consult with travel planners like The Vacationeer for the latest information and scheduled dates.

How do park hours affect rides and dining reservations?

Extended operating hours may allow for more dining reservation times in the late evening. Additionally, attractions and rides often have shorter wait times during extended hours with fewer overall guests in the parks.

Do Disney’s park hours stay the same all year?

No. Disney World park hours vary significantly by month, week, and even day based on seasons, school vacation schedules, holidays, and special events. Hours may be quite different across your multiple visits in the same year.

What are the closing times for Disney World water parks?

The standard closing times for Walt Disney World water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, are typically around 5 PM to 6 PM. However, during the summer months and other peak seasons, these parks often extend their hours, closing around 7 PM to 8 PM. These times can vary based on factors like weather and crowd levels.

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Closing Time Visit

Knowing the operating hours for Walt Disney World’s four theme parks is key to planning activities and building an optimized vacation schedule. By closely following Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom closing times and adjustments, you can experience more attractions, shows, parades, fireworks, and magical moments.

Staying flexible to schedule changes and leveraging extended evening and early morning times for resort guests, as well as special holiday events and Disney After Hours, allows you to maximize your park time with fewer crowds. With real-time updates from Disney’s online tools or expert travel planners like The Vacationeer, you can adjust plans when needed.

Using this closing time guide, you will be prepared to make informed decisions about your Disney World touring plans. With a little help from The Vacationeer, you’ll be well on your way to a magical vacation!

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