Atlantis Bahamas is a massive resort with plenty of activities to keep you busy, from golfing and swimming to shopping and spas. But one of the most popular reasons for visiting Atlantis is its world-renowned water park, Aquaventure. So, everyone wants to know: is the water park free at Atlantis Bahamas? The answer is more complex than you might think, but we’re here to help make sense of it all. Keep reading for everything you need to know about who can access Atlantis’ water park and how much it will cost (if anything).

For guests of Atlantis Bahamas, is the water park free?

The beach vacation of a lifetime awaits visitors of the beautiful Atlantis Bahamas. With its many aquatic features and lagoons, set among the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, it’s no wonder why Atlantis is one of the most popular destinations in The Bahamas.

There’s good news about what your vacation includes: the water park is free for guests staying at Atlantis Bahamas. As a guest, you’ll have full access to all features at the water park for no additional charge. This includes 11 swimming areas, water slides, Lazy River Rides, The Dig, Paradise Lagoon, Predator’s Lagoon, all of the marine habitats and exhibits, and a long stretch of ocean beach. Atlantis also provides complimentary beach towels every day.

Nevertheless, Atlantis isn’t an all-inclusive resort in the strictest sense, as some amenities, such as cabanas and activities, must be purchased separately. For those looking to take their beach holiday to the next level, the cost of access to these out-of-the-ordinary features makes it well worth it. Whether you’re just somersaulting in clear blue waters or relaxing in front of a pool overlooking the mesmerizing island, Atlantis is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy paradise.

Atlantis - Aquaventure - Leap of Faith Waterslide

A guest takes the plunge on Leap of Faith | Image © Atlantis

Can non-guests visit the Atlantis waterpark?

The waterpark at Atlantis Bahamas is open to anyone, regardless of where they stay.

The Atlantis Day Pass is an excellent way for non-guests staying at another resort to experience the wonders of Aquaventure. With this option, visitors can access all Aquaventure offers: refreshing pools, exhilarating thrill slides, lazy rivers, and miles of white sandy beaches. You will also be able to explore our collection of marine habitats and exhibits, enjoy a variety of fine dining or casual experiences, try your luck in the Atlantis Casino, and browse the shops at Marina Village.

Atlantis Day Passes cost $190 for adults and $95 for children ages 4-12. There is no charge for children under the age of 3. Guests must purchase tickets in advance, so plan ahead and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

To reserve your pass, you will:

  1. Select the date
  2. The default time is 9:00 AM. Guest must complete check-in by 4:30 PM on-site.
  3. Select the number of guests

Or, better yet, let our travel agent partner The Vacationeer handle all your reservations for you. (If you’re taking a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, The Vacationeer can even help you add a visit to Atlantis onto your cruise — it’s one of the more popular Disney Cruise shore excursions!)

Is the Atlantis Day Pass worth it?

The Atlantis Day Pass is an excellent option for those who wish to visit the resort without staying overnight. Aquaventure is one of the highlights of any Bahamas family vacation, so the water park pass is definitely worth the price if you want a sunny day of fun.

In spite of the fact that you can save money by staying elsewhere, Atlantis Bahamas is still well worth the extra money. When you stay on-site, you can take advantage of everything this spectacular resort offers while avoiding the hassle of traveling to and from Atlantis. Additionally, you won’t have to purchase separate passes for the water park because it’s included with your stay.

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Which hotels are closest to Atlantis Bahamas (if you want to visit the waterpark but stay somewhere cheaper)?

Staying on Paradise Island is a great way to enjoy the attractions of Atlantis Bahamas and experience the beauty of the area, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are a variety of value hotel resorts on Paradise Island which offer decent accommodation near the Atlantis Bahamas water park.

Some of our recommendations include the following:

  • Comfort Suites Paradise Island
  • Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau
  • Sandyport Beach Resort
  • Courtyard by Marriott Nassau Downtown/Junkanoo Beach
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nassau
  • Bay View Suites Paradise Island

These Paradise Island hotel options provide excellent value for those who want to explore the waterpark at Atlantis Bahamas but don’t wish to stay at the resort. While not quite comparable to the luxurious atmosphere at Atlantis, these resorts offer comfortable lodgings and are a convenient mile or two (or less) away from the water park. It’s a great way to take advantage of the Atlantis Day Pass without breaking the bank.

Would you like some assistance finding and booking one of these value resorts? The Vacationeer would be delighted to help you plan your Bahamas vacation accommodations, so don’t hesitate to contact them today!

Atlantis - Aquaventure - Rapids River

A Lazy river, it is not. Rapids River includes surges, drops, and whitewater rapids | Image © Atlantis

What are the hours of operation for Aquaventure, the waterpark at Atlantis Bahamas?

Atlantis Bahamas’ waterpark offers a variety of aquatic activities with convenient hours of operation. Aquaventure is open seven days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM.

With its diverse and thrilling attractions within 141 magical acres of the water park, Aquaventure is the perfect destination for your next family day out! Located on Paradise Island, Bahamas, you can experience the wonders of the Atlantean-themed towers, with their thunderous rapids river, beautiful cascades family pool, relaxing cove pools, and more.

Are there any restaurants at Atlantis Bahamas waterpark?

Atlantis Bahamas water park offers a variety of dining experiences to both resort guests and those with an Atlantis Day Pass. Shark Bites provides excellent meals such as wraps, burgers, and other quick-service food items that can be enjoyed al fresco in the lush outdoors. Additionally, Aquaventure has several convenient grab-and-go food stands with similar offerings. Plenty of upscale restaurants are scattered throughout the resort for those who prefer a nice lunch spot. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of culinary delight, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds when enjoying the resort’s waterscape.

Can you bring your own food and drinks to the water park?

Some rules and regulations must be adhered to provide visitors with the safest and best experience possible. For health and safety reasons, no food or beverages from outside can be brought into the water park. However, your refreshment worries are taken care of because multiple restaurants, snack bars, and kiosks in and around Aquaventure water park offer a range of yummy snacks, foods, drinks, and beverages for you to enjoy.

Are there activities for kids at Atlantis Bahamas and its waterpark?

From the youngest of guests to the oldest, Atlantis Bahamas offers something for everyone! Children of all ages will find plenty of fun and adventure on Paradise Island. The resort is full of enriching children’s programs and activities that both entertain and educate while your family enjoys its Bahamas vacation. There are also several kiddie pools and water slides throughout the resort, its waterpark, and the Kiddie Beach area on North Lagoon Beach.

For those aged 3-12, sign them up for Atlantis Kids Adventures. And kids 6-10 can experience a day in the life of a marine animal trainer with the Junior Ultimate Trainer for a Day program. With so much to keep young ones busy, Atlantis Bahamas is perfect for families with children!

Are there activities for adults at Atlantis Bahamas and its water park?

Adults will love exploring the endless fun at the Atlantis Bahamas and its water park, Aquaventure. The resort has a wide variety of relaxing water activities for adults, including 14 pools and a mile-long lazy river ride that will soothe and relax. Daredevils will have a blast on the waterslides, high-intensity rapids, and wave surges. Additionally, there are plenty of pool bars, lounges, and even a swim-up bar at Coral Pool, where adults can grab their favorite beverages while socializing in or out of the pool.

For those who want a beach experience, there are 5 miles of white sand beaches and turquoise waters to soak up some sun or take a nice walk. Additionally, tropical animals are on full display here, with 50,000 animals from 200 different species living in lagoons. There’s nothing quite like it!

Atlantis also provides an abundance of entertainment for adults with its comedy club, nightlife spots, and fine dining options. There are so many invigorating amenities and activities at Atlantis that every person, regardless of age, feels extremely satisfied.

Are there any discounts available for the Atlantis waterpark?

If you’re planning on visiting the luxurious Atlantis Bahamas resort, you’d be happy to know that all of their guests are granted free entrance into their renowned water park. However, those not staying at the resort will have to do some research since there are no guaranteed discounts for non-guests.

The Vacationeer travel agency can often provide helpful tips and tricks on ways to save money and get great discounts during your stay at Atlantis Bahamas. Additionally, we suggest that visitors directly contact the resort for more specific information regarding discounted entry into the water park.

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