Be Our Guest Reservation Tips

How to get Reservations at Disney World’s Most Popular Restaurant

Be Our Guest Reservation Tips

Be Our Guest stands out among Disney World restaurants for many reasons. For one, this dining spot is located right in the heart of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland section. This prime location – coupled with its unique setting at Beast’s Castle and the fact that it serves meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all make Be Our Guest the single most popular restaurant at Disney World.  Unfortunately, this popularity also means that it’s the most difficult dining reservation to make.  So how do you secure a reservation at this highly sought-after restaurant? Continue reading and we will share our Be Our Guest reservation tips to increase your chances of getting a table.

Update: Please be advised that lunch and dinner are available but breakfast is currently unavailable. At this time, we are not sure if breakfast will resume at Be Our Guest once the pandemic subsides, so we have decided to keep the breakfast information below until there’s more clarity on this matter.  

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant Information

About the Be Our Guest 

Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in Disney World’s Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom theme park, and it opened in late 2012 as part of Fantasyland’s expansion and renovation.

The restaurant is modeled after Beast’s Castle from Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast (1991), with its name a reference to the song “Be Our Guest” from the film.

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Be Our Guest features counter service meals during breakfast (Quick Service credit) and then turns into a Signature Dining Experience (2 Table Service credits) at lunch and dinner.

Because of its popularity, all meals at Be Our Guest essentially require an advance reservation.

Beast's Castle

Disney Dining Plan Type:

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan 1 credit N/A N/A
Disney Dining Plan 1 credit 2 credits 2 credits
Disney Deluxe Dining Plan 1 credit 2 credits 2 credits

Tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant

The Interior of Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest serves French-inspired cuisine in three dining rooms within Beast’s castle. The dining rooms include 1. a ballroom modeled after where Belle and the Beast danced and adorned with chandeliers, 2. the West Wing where “the rose” is kept, and 3. a gallery with paintings and music box depicting Belle and Beast.

There are high medieval windows throughout, murals of characters from the film, as well as the Enchanted Rose. The interior is really quite spectacular!

Which meal is best? Here are our Be Our Guest Reservation tips:

The answer to this question will really depend on what your touring plans entail. However, these are our recommendations:

  • If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, we think breakfast wins for value. If you make your reservations early enough, then you will be able to first enjoy a relaxing breakfast and then proceed directly into Magic Kingdom before the park opens to the public.
  • If you must see the Beast, then dinner wins. Yes, there is a larger selection of food and there is a special appearance of The Beast. However, lunch/dinner are more expensive (2 full dining credits or a lot of money out-of-pocket) and thus, may not be a good choice for families on a budget.
Be Our Guest menu

With that said, let’s dive into the details of each meal at Be Our Guest restaurant.

Breakfast Reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant

breakfast at Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Breakfast menu (Currently Unavailable)

Breakfast is typically served daily from 8 a.m. – 10:30 AM.

Be Our Guest’s breakfast is a Quick Service credit or a fixed-price menu for those paying out of pocket.  We recommend using a Disney Dining Plan Quick Service credit if you are on a Disney Dining Plan because of the value.

The breakfast menu entrees include Feast A La Gaston, Open-Faced Bacon & Egg Sandwich, Vegetable Quiche, Scrambled Egg Whites, and kid’s menu items like Crepes, French Toast, and Cereal with Fruit. There is plenty to feast on here!

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Does the Beast Make an Appearance at Breakfast?

Unfortunately, the Beast only appears at dinnertime and does not rear his ugly head at breakfast or lunchtime.

Making Reservations at Be Our Guest

This Magic Kingdom dining spot is the most popular restaurant at Disney World. Every meal requires a reservation to be assured seating.  And yes, this includes Quick Service breakfast and lunch meals. Standby guests (without reservations) can try their luck but there are certainly no guarantees they will get seated 

Reservations for Be Our Guest can (and should) be made well in advance. See our Disney Reservation Calculator page for more information.

Pre-Park Breakfast Reservations

Savvy vacationers can get a jump start on the day when they make their dining reservations before the park opens. Once you finish your breakfast, you will be able to head into Magic Kingdom and get a prime spot in line before the front gates are open to the public. 

If the park is slated to open at 9 a.m., consider making your breakfast reservation for 8 or so. That will give you enough time to enjoy a relaxing breakfast and allow enough time to make your way into the park will time to spare.

After you finish breakfast, head over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. Guests who have finished eating before the park opens are usually allowed to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before the crowds even enter the park. This attraction is one of the most difficult Lightning Lane reservations to get so this perk alone is work making an early morning reservation a Be Our Guest. See our Best Magic Kingdom Rides for our rankings of the park’s attractions.

Pre-order your Breakfast Meal

Skip part of the line and Disney pre-order your breakfast via the My Reservations page. Disney gives you the ability to pre-order your meal anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 days before your dining reservation. Doing this will save you some precious time on your busy morning. 

Be Our Guest Disney World

Make Two Breakfast Reservations 

Magic Kingdom is known to adjust its hours in order to accommodate the expected crowds.  In order words, you can’t always count on the park opening at the stated time when you went to make your dining reservations.

So what happens if you have made your reservations for 8 a.m. and then the opening time suddenly switches to 9 a.m.? 

Since we can’t count on open time to remain constant, it may be a good idea to make 2 breakfast reservations as you book your Advance Dining Reservations. You could make one reservation for a time before the park is scheduled to open and another one closer to 10:30. As your trip approaches, you can assess the opening time and cancel the one that doesn’t fit into your touring plans.

It’s always good to have options!

Lunch Reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Lunch at Be Our Guest

Lunch menu

Lunch at Be Our Guest is typically served daily from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Be Our Guest lunch was previously treated as a Quick Service restaurant, but now shares the same fixed price full-service menu as dinner.  For those who are of age, this also means you can enjoy certain alcoholic beverages with lunch.

View the Be Our Guest lunch menu.

lunch at Be Our Guest

Reservations at Be Our Guest

Like other meals at Be Our Guest, this restaurant effectively requires a reservation because the standby lines are typically ineffective.

An Off-Peak Strategy – Be Our Guest Reservation Tips

Having a reservation doesn’t mean you will be promptly seated. In order to reduce your wait time, it may be wise to make a reservation for an off-peak time like at 11:00 am or 2:00 pm.

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Will you be able to Meet the Beast?

Unfortunately, the Beast only rears his ugly head at dinner. 

Dinner Reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Dinner at Be Our Guest

Dinner menu

As of 2018, Dinner at Be Our Guest is now considered a “Signature Table Service” meal. This means that – starting daily at 4 pm – Be Our Guest restaurant will cost you 2 Disney Dining Plan credits instead of just 1. Become of its prime location and sky-high demand for reservations, Disney feels it can justify this price increase.

dinner at Be Our Guest

After this price jump, we feel that Be our Guest restaurant can no longer be considered a good use of dining credits, at least as far as value goes. There are plenty of restaurants that are on par with Be Our Guest in terms of food quality. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose it just for the food or even the location.

If you really want to eat at Beast’s Castle and meet the Beast, then maybe it’s worth the extra cash.  But that decision is yours to make alone…

Dinner is a fixed-price menu that includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Paying out-of-pocket will set you back around $55 for adults or $35 for kids.

View the dinner menu here.

Be Our Guest dinner

Be Our Guest Reservation Tips for Dinner

Despite the extra expense, dinner reservations are still hard to get at Be our Guest. Here are a few suggestions to increase your chances:

– Stay at a Disney resort of priority reservations

If you are staying at any one of Disney’s on-site hotels – including Disney Value Resorts, Disney Moderate Resorts, and Disney Deluxe Resorts – then the date you can start making reservations is based on the date your hotel stay begins, rather than the date of the dining itself. You will have a big advantage if you make your reservations this far out. 

– Book your Be Our Guest reservation first

If you are staying at a Disney resort and book your dining reservations 180 days out, we would advise you to book your restaurants in order of difficulty. Therefore, you should always make your Be Our Guest reservations first, regardless of whether you plan on eating there on the first or last day of your vacation. 

We would also recommend that make your Be Our Guest reservations for a day towards the end of your vacation. This is because offsite guests won’t have the ability to book those dates yet and your odds will increase the later your reservation dates are.

– Can’t get the reservation? Don’t give up!

Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble getting reservations your first go-around.  Keep on checking for an opening to pop up, or use something like’s tool to alert you when an opening suddenly becomes available. People often cancel their dining reservations for whatever reason and this becomes your opportunity to snatch it before someone else does. 

– Be careful of Magic Kingdom party nights

Magic Kingdom hosts parties several times per week during September, October, November, and December. On these nights, the park will close at 6 or 7 p.m. So if you are not going to the party, you will need to make your dining reservations for a time slot before the party begins. 

Finally…a chance to meet the Beast

Yes, you can meet the Beast at dinner. Dinner is the only time you are able to meet him.

Disney character meals are one of the most unique experiences at WDW. Be Our Guest works a little differently in that the Beast does not go from table to table and greet guests. Instead, you are able to meet the Beast in a separate room. There is a PhotoPass photographer here to take a photograph for you to keep as a souvenir

Be Our Guest Disney World

We hope our Be our Guest Reservation Tips page gives you some good ideas about planning your dining reservations. If you are looking for more useful Disney World information, then please review some additional pages on MagicGuides like our Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants, Disney World for Foodies. Disney Dining Plan CalculatorDisney Transportation Map, and Disney World Tips and Tricks articles.

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Thank you for reading our page, and we hope you have a magical Walt Disney World vacation!