The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship has been part of Disney’s fleet since in 1999. Guests sailing on this vessel will find luxurious staterooms, lots of food, and of course, beloved Disney Characters. Here’s our complete guide to everything you’ll find onboard this magnificent ship.

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Disney Wonder Ship Overview

The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship sails in front of a Hawaiian mountain with an orange sky in the background

Image © Disney

The Disney Wonder is part of the original set of two ships that Disney Cruise Line built in the late 1990s. With a focus on family-friendly entertainment rather than belly flop contests and onboard casinos, Disney Cruise Line set a new standard that some other cruise lines are still trying to catch up to a quarter-century later. Despite the ship’s age, Disney Wonder continues to receive regular updates and improvements, including an extensive dry dock refurbishment in 2016.

The ship boasts a streamlined look that reminds passengers of the grand early oceanliners — but with a classic black, yellow, red, and white color scheme that immediately suggests the iconic Mickey Mouse. An image of Mickey as Steamboat Willie adorns the bow of the ship.

An Image of Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie on the front of the Disney Wonder

Bow artwork on the Disney Wonder

In back, you’ll see Donald hanging on makeshift scaffolding and trying to paint the ship’s logo on the stern. It’s going about as well as you’d expect.

How Does Disney Wonder Compare to Other Disney Cruise Ships?

The Disney Wonder is a sister ship to the Disney Magic; the two ships are generally the same in terms of construction (though similar areas on each ship are themed differently from one another). As the original ships in the fleet, they also happen to be the smallest.

Maiden Voyage19981999201120122022
Passenger Decks1111141414
Length (feet)9849841,1151,1151,119
Width (feet)106106121121128
Height (feet)171.5171.5216216221
Gross Tonnage84,00084,000130,000130,000144,000
Cruising Speed (knots)21.521.5222219.5
Max Speed (knots)242423.523.523

There are more new Disney Cruise ships being built, but all of them will be larger than the Disney Wonder.

One notable difference is that the Disney Wonder is the only current Disney Cruise ship which doesn’t have its own water “ride” (such as the AquaDunk, AquaDuck, or AquaMouse found on other ships). But there are still pools and a standard waterslide onboard.

Should I Pick the Disney Wonder Instead of a Larger Ship?

It’s really a matter of personal preference, but my wife and I prefer smaller ships such as the Disney Wonder because they’re just easier to get around while onboard. Remember — you’re walking to everything on the ship, and on the Wonder there’s never more than a 5-10 minute walk from your stateroom to the restaurants, theatres, and pools.

Compare that to a larger ship such as the Disney Dream, where you’ll likely need a bit more time to walk from one part of the ship to the other. And since the larger ships have more decks than the smaller ones, you might find yourself spending more time waiting on elevators as opposed to just using the staircases for a quick jaunt.

This smaller ship is also able to visit ports that are inaccessible to larger ships; that means it’s able to do things the bigger ships can’t, such as sailing right through a narrow Alaskan fjord and getting tantalizingly close to a giant glacier!


At the moment, the Wonder is the only Disney ship offering certain itineraries such as Alaska or Hawaii; that alone could make your choice for you if you have a particular destination in mind.

Otherwise, if this will be your first time taking a Disney Cruise, a smaller ship like the Wonder might be a better bet versus a larger ship like the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, or Disney Wish. It’ll let you “ease into” cruising with Disney without getting completely overwhelmed.

But don’t fret too much over the choice; whatever you pick, you’re going to have a great time. Most of the Disney ships still have relatively equal offerings despite size differences. As an example, the Wonder (smaller) and Fantasy (larger) both have a number of main restaurants plus adult-exclusive dining, a night club district, kids clubs, a spa, and live shows — but there are some differences in size, layout, and theming. The larger ships might have more of each, but the overall experience is very similar.

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Disney Wonder Staterooms

A bed and couch in a Disney Cruise stateroom, leading to an outdoor balcony verandah

Image © Disney

Your stateroom (passenger cabin) is your hotel room onboard the Disney Wonder. It’s where you’ll sleep and spend most of your private time, so picking the right room is important. The type of room you choose is also one of the biggest factors in the price of a Disney cruise, because the per-person cost can increase based on the category picked.

The Disney Wonder has 875 passenger staterooms, and most of them offer some type of outside view (via either a verandah balcony or porthole windows). There are four main types of rooms on the ship; each of those four types is then further divided into multiple categories and subcategories.

Here is a brief look at the types of rooms you can choose from. We’ve listed them here generally from cheapest to most expensive, though there may be some price overlap. You are usually able to choose the exact room you’ll stay in on the ship — check out our complete guide to Disney Cruise staterooms for more information.

Inside Staterooms on Disney Wonder

An inside stateroom with a porthole-shaped mirror on the wall

Inside Stateroom; note the round mirror in place of a porthole | Image © Disney

Inside Staterooms are just that — completely inside. They have no porthole window and no balcony. On the Disney Wonder, you’ll find a round mirror that sort of looks like a porthole, but it only offers views of yourself staring back.

This stateroom type has standard and deluxe variations. The standard is the smallest onboard (but still larger than on some other cruise lines) and has a single bathroom; the deluxe is slightly larger and has a split bathroom (toilet/sink in a separate room from the shower/sink).

  • Category 11 — Standard Inside Stateroom
    • 11C:  Deck 2
    • 11B:  Decks 5, 6
    • 11A:  Decks 6, 7
  • Category 10 — Deluxe Inside Stateroom
    • 10C:  Decks 1, 2
    • 10B:  Deck 2
    • 10A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
A split bathroom with toilet and sink in one room, shower and sink in another.

Split bathroom configuration on Disney Wonder | Image © Disney

Oceanview Staterooms on Disney Wonder

An oceanview stateroom with large round porthole window

A typical Oceanview Stateroom configuration on Disney Wonder | Image © Disney

Oceanview staterooms offer an outside view through one or two round porthole windows which do not open. Window sizes vary, but larger windows are more common than smaller windows. The smallest windows are on Deck 1.

  • Category 9 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom
    • 9D:  Deck 1
    • 9C:  Deck 2
    • 9B:  Deck 2
    • 9A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
An oceanview stateroom with two smaller porthole windows

Category 9D Oceanview Stateroom with two smaller porthole windows | Image © Disney

Verandah Staterooms on Disney Wonder

Deck chairs and a small table on a Disney Cruise Ship verandah

A typical stateroom verandah on a Disney cruise ship | Image © Disney

Verandah staterooms are the most popular room types onboard, with a private balcony just outside your stateroom. Most verandahs offer see-through railings with a clear safety plexiglass covering, but a few categories have solid metal walls or are completely enclosed except for an open-air cut-out.

  • Category 7 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 7A:  Decks 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Category 6  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Whitewall Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 6A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
  • Category 5  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 5C:  Decks 5, 6
    • 5B:  Decks 6, 7
    • 5A:  Deck 7
  • Category 4 — Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 4E:  Deck 8
    • 4B:  Deck 8
    • 4A:  Deck 8

The navigator's verandah on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder cruise ships, offering an enclosed balcony area with large open-air cutout allowing views of the sea.

Category 7A Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah with Open-Air Cutout | Image © Disney

Category 6A Whitewall Verandah

Category 6A Whitewall Verandah | Image © Disney

Concierge Staterooms on Disney Wonder

The living room and bedroom of a concierge one-bedroom suite

Concierge One-Bedroom Suite | Image © Disney

As the priciest staterooms on the Disney Wonder, the Concierge categories offer additional personalized perks, access to concierge staff, and an exclusive lounge and sun deck that’s accessible only to passengers in these categories.

  • Category 3 — Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 3A:  Deck 8
  • Category 2 — Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
    • 2B:  Deck 8
    • 2A:  Deck 8
  • Category 1B — Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
    • 1B:  Deck 8
  • Category 1A — Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah
    • 1A:  Deck 8

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Disney Wonder Dining and Lounges

The dining room of Animator's Palate, with oversized art brushes and colorful light fixtures resembling an artist's paint palate.

Image © Disney

The dining experience on the Disney Wonder includes three delightful main restaurants, an adult-exclusive dining location, several quick-service options, and even free room service! Here’s everything you need to know about dining onboard the Disney Wonder.

Rotational Dining Restaurants on Disney Wonder

The heart of the Disney Cruise Line dining experience is its nightly dinner service. And on the Disney Wonder (like all Disney Cruise Ships), dinner is scheduled through something called rotational dining. You’re pre-scheduled to visit a different restaurant each night — no need to make a reservation ahead of time — but you’ll still have the same servers each night.

Your cruise fare includes dinner at these three restaurants at no additional charge.

Animator’s Palate

A large video screen on the wall in Animator's Palate

A screen at Animator’s Palate | Image © Disney

Animator’s Palate is one of the most popular dining experiences throughout the Disney Cruise fleet, and the Disney Wonder is no exception. Repeat cruisers love its menu, and its whimsical and lively atmosphere is pure Disney.

Popular menu items here include one of my favorites, the black truffle pasta purseittes (I sometimes ask for a double helping — you can do that at no additional charge!). My wife enjoys their butternut squash soup. Other offerings include wild mushroom risotto, a polenta cake with tomato and mushrooms, beef tenderloin, and a lemon-thyme marinated chicken. There are plenty of other options, too, most inspired by the cuisines of California, Asia, and the Pacific.

As good as the food is, the real highlight of dinner here is a tribute to the art of animation. A finale show called Drawn to Magic tells the story of how an animated feature goes from early sketches to a full-fledged film. The dining room itself — and your servers — even take on a bit more color during the dinner service, which includes a special visit from Sorcerer Mickey.

On longer cruises, you might also experience Animation Magic, a different show which allows you to draw your own character and see it animated on the screens during the show! You’ll start by drawing your character on a special paper placemat which is whisked away before service begins; then later in the evening, Sorcerer Mickey does his stuff and your drawing leaps off the page and into motion!

Guest-Drawn Cartoons dance on a screen

My drawing (left) dances on-screen with other Guest-drawn cartoons at Animator’s Palate

Clearly I won’t be winning any awards, but it was still fun to see my name in the credits at the end of the show.

A list of guest names scrolls on a screen

I made it, ma!


Triton's on the Disney Wonder cruise ship -- A table is set for dinner in a yellow-lit room with blue circular light fixtures overhead

Image © Disney

Triton’s is located immediately off the main atrium lobby of the ship, just behind the statue of Ariel. As you’d expect, the restaurant is themed to The Little Mermaid, though elegantly so.

For those feeling a bit adventurous, try the escargot. It doesn’t cost anything extra so you’re not out any money if you hate it — and you might be as surprised as I was to learn that you love it and want to order it on every cruise! If you’d rather stick with Les Poissons, there’s an oven-baked salmon. You might also find chilled jumbo shrimp, a crispy roasted duck breast, and other tempting entrees on the menu. Finish your meal with a dessert of the ever-popular Grand Marnier soufflé or the Instagram-worthy (though admittedly a bit underwhelming taste-wise) Apple Tarte Tatin.

Disney Cruise Food - Tarte Tatin

Outside of dinner service, Triton’s is also the non-buffet option for breakfast (French Toast, omelets, crepes) and lunch (whitefish, pork ribs, chicken breast) on most days.

Tiana’s Place

Performers in brightly-colored Mardi Gras costumes at Tiana's Place on the Disney Wonder cruise ship

Image © Disney

She’s no longer just almost there — she’s made it! This lively restaurant celebrates Tiana’s journey to becoming a restaurant owner with New Orleans décor and great live jazz music and storytelling. While it’s not quite a full-fledged character dining experience, you’ll still have a chance to see Tiana and possibly say hi to her on the way in. And don’t be surprised if you see a certain musical gator galivanting about!

The menu is a tribute to southern cuisine and the flavor of Louisiana. Try the New Orleans seafood pepper pot, shrimp jambalaya, and Cajun-spiced sea bass — or steer your way toward milder fare. Dessert includes Tiana’s famous beignets and a chocolate bread pudding.

Adult-Exclusive Dining on the Disney Wonder

The Adult-Exclusive offerings onboard Disney Wonder include a famed Italian restaurant that many repeat cruisers swear by.


Palo is the perfect spot for a memorable meal featuring fine Italian food. Giant windows allow you to gaze at the moonlight reflecting on the ocean surface as your tastebuds are tempted by the restaurant’s bill of fare.

Dinner menu items at this specialty dining location include dover sole (fileted tableside), butternut agnolotti, and seared sea scallops. The restaurant’s signature chocolate soufflé is a popular finish to your meal.

A tremendously-popular brunch service is also typically offered on Sea Days, but it can be tough to snag reservations. Try to book book as early as your onboard booking window allows.

Dining at Palo requires an upcharge, around $45 as of June 2023. Adding a wine pairing costs a bit more.

Casual Dining on the Disney Wonder

Breakfast and lunch onboard your Disney cruise ship is usually a casual affair – and there are even low-key options for dinner.


Cabanas is the buffet-style restaurant onboard the Disney Wonder, which offers an eclectic menu featuring great tastes from around the globe.

At breakfast, you’ll be able to pick your favorites from nearly a dozen different food stations. There are plenty of ready-made options such as Mickey Waffles, eggs, sausage, and bacon; you can also opt to spend a few minutes to allow the professional Omeleteer to whip up a custom omelet just for you, filled with the ingredients you selectr.

Thanks to the cruise line’s international clientele, you’ll also find some breakfast offerings not typically found here in the states — rice, miso soup, smoked fish, and such. For me, this is a fun way to step out of my eggs-and-bacon comfort zone and start my day with something I can’t easily find stateside such as a bowl of muesli (“fresh” granola) topped with fruits, nuts, and grains.

Lunch at Cabanas is an ever-changing mix of menu-items. Typical choices include: a wide array of freshly-grilled meats; a carving station featuring selections such as prime rib, roast beef, or ham; jumbo iced shrimp and crab claws; sandwiches and wraps; pizza; and plenty of desserts such as cakes, pie, cheesecake, and hand-dipped ice cream.

Cabanas is also open for dinner, offering an alternative for those who want to skip their assigned rotational dining for the evening. Dinner is table service — not buffet-style — with a somewhat limited menu of items such as salmon, chicken, steak, and the like.

Lounges, Bars, and Snacks on the Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise Dining - Daisy's De-Lites service window, with a case of sandwiches and fresh fruit | Image © Disney

Image © Disney

There’s always a place to grab a quick bite to eat or a refreshing drink onboard Disney Wonder. Here are just a few highlights:


Dance the night away at Azure, the Disney Wonder’s liveliest night club in the heart of the After Hours district onboard. Earlier in the day, all are welcome to enjoy family-friendly activities. In the evening, it’s adults-only featuring specialty cocktails and an energetic nightlife.

Beverage Station

Most non-alcoholic drinks are included in the cost of your cruise, so there’s no need to purchase a drink package if you just want a soda, tea, coffee, milk, or water. This soda station near the pool offers unlimited free self-serve drinks all day long.

Cadillac Lounge

Classic Hollywood, classic cars, and live piano combine to bring back the 50s in this moody hideaway. You can practically hear Frankie and Dino warming up.

Cove Café

This adults-only lounge serves specialty coffees and teas by day. At night, enjoy cocktails, wine, and a light nosh.

Crown & Fin Pub

Settle into this traditional English public house for a lively evening of drink and fun. Catch the latest sports via live TV (when available) while quaffing your choice of more than a dozen beer choices (including some British favorites) or other specialty beverages.

D Lounge

D Lounge is a family-friendly venue that hosts interactive entertainment for everyone. Play trivia here, sing Karaoke, or enjoy a live game show.

Daisy’s De-Lites, Pete’s Boiler Bites, and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

These poolside quick service windows offer grab-&-go goodies. Pizza, hamburgers & hot dogs, tacos, sandwiches, chicken tenders, and other quick bites are on the menu here.

Eye Scream Treats

Cool down with all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream from this popular location. I personally can rarely pass by here without grabbing a cone, no matter how full I am.

French Quarter Lounge

Not far from Tiana’s Place is French Quarter Lounge, a unique location with décor that includes a New Orleans street car. A gazebo stage and wrought-iron accents combine with hot music and hot beignets to complete the Louisiana theme. Kids are welcome earlier in the day to enjoy family-friendly games and character visits.

Room Service on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Many passengers are surprised to learn that Room Service is included in the cost of your Disney Cruise.

The standard Room Service menu on the Disney Wonder includes selections such as soups & salads, hamburgers & sandwiches, flatbreads, pasta, and chicken tenders. You can also select from a few desserts, such as the cake-of-the-day and the ever-popular Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream bar.

I usually get an order of hot wings, though the journey they take from the galley to my room sometimes leaves them a bit less crispy than I’d like. I’m also fond of the All Hands on Deck, a plate of assorted cheese, fruit, and crackers that makes an enjoyable snack while sitting on my verandah watching the ocean roll by.

While all of the above is included at no additional cost, you will have to pay extra for specialty items such as beer, wine, canned soft drinks, deluxe coffees, juices, and pre-packaged snacks/candies.

Also don’t forget to tip the crew member who delivers the food to your room.

Best Bets for Each Meal on Disney Wonder

Below we list each of the main meal periods onboard the ship, and your best options for each.


  • Primary option: Cabanas is the best breakfast spot onboard thanks to its long hours, wide selection of food, and all-you-care-to-eat atmosphere. It’s not a quiet meal by any stretch, but given that almost everything is hot and ready on the buffet, you can quickly eat here and move on to a quiet lounge chair in no time flat.
  • Secondary option: One of the three rotational restaurants (typically Triton’s) usually offers a table-service breakfast most days, complete with a server who will bring your food and keep your drinks topped off. Although Cabanas will have a wider variety to choose from, dining here instead allows for a much more relaxed start to your day.
  • Other options: Room Service has a breakfast option, but you’ll need to pre-order it the night before and choose from an extremely limited menu. The offerings are more along the lines of a continental breakfast (juices, coffees, pastries, cold cereals), with no real “hot breakfast” (no eggs, bacon, sausage, or oatmeal).


  • Primary option: Cabanas is the best lunch option (and the most crowded) due to its tremendous selection. Iced jumbo shrimp and crab claws are a signature menu item most days; you’ll also find freshly grilled meats, a wide variety of side items, some interesting international selections, and plenty of dessert. Snag a table outside on the deck to enjoy a beautiful seaside lunch.
  • Secondary option: The food service windows on the pool deck are a great option at any time of day, especially if you’re enjoying the day poolside. You don’t even need to change out of your sopping-wet swimsuit to grab a meal. These windows are usually open well after Cabanas has stopped serving lunch, so they’re a great late afternoon option.
  • Other options: Triton’s usually serves a lunch option on most days if you want a sit-down meal but don’t want to wade through the crowds at Cabanas. Room Service is another good option.


  • Primary option: Your assigned rotational dining restaurant is your best bet for dinner. Dining at these locations is the highlight of each day onboard the ship, thanks to the themed menus, specialty décor, and personalized service from a dedicated wait staff who remains with you each night of the cruise. (They’re likely to become your favorite Crew Members onboard — Katie and I still talk about Potchara and Heny, our servers from a 2019 Alaska Cruise on the Disney Wonder).
  • Secondary option: As an alternative to your pre-scheduled rotational dining restaurant, you might opt to dine at Cabanas, which is totally different at night. While breakfast and lunch there can feel a bit hectic, Dinner at Cabanas is much more relaxed. No carrying around your plate and searching for a seat — a server presents you with a menu and brings food to you. This is a great option if the menu for one of your assigned restaurants doesn’t look that appealing to you, or if you’re not keen on dressing up for Formal Night.
  • Other options: Many cruisers enjoy dedicating at least one night of their cruise to an adult-exclusive meal at Palo. Otherwise, room service and the poolside quick-service windows are a good choice.

Off-Hours Eating and Snacking

  • Primary option: For cravings outside the main meal periods, I recommend the quick-service windows such as Pete’s Boiler Bites, Daisy’s De-Lites, and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria. Their grab-and-go convenience makes them a great choice to tide you over between meals. Individual portions are a bit smaller so you won’t spoil your dinner (unless you want to, because it’s still all-you-can-eat).
  • Secondary option: Room Service is available day and night, up until about 1:30 AM on the last morning of your cruise. So if it’s 3AM and you suddenly find yourself in desperate need of a hamburger, it’s the only way to go. As a slightly less extreme example, there’s something delightful about having warm cookies and milk delivered to your room just before bedtime.

Book Through The Vacationeer and Get Free Spending Money To Use Onboard

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Disney Wonder Pools and Water Slides

People swim in a pool on the deck of the Disney Wonder while the ship sails through a fjord

Image © Disney

Twist ’n’ Spout Water Slide

Part of the AquaLab (see below), Twist ‘n’ Spout is a bright yellow double-looping waterslide. You’ll twist and turn over almost 250 feet before a thrilling splashdown. Guests must be at least 38” tall to ride, and adult supervision is required for kids under age 16.

Pools and Splash Pads


This multi-level water playground is a great place for kids to cool off during their cruise. It includes a small wading pool, plenty of geysers and pop jets, pouring “paint” cans and showerheads, leaky pipes, and Donald’s Boiler (a character-shaped contraption that occasionally blows its top, drenching everyone). Intended for ages 3+; adult supervision required for those under age 16.

Goofy’s Pool

Goofy’s Pool on deck 9 serves as the family pool onboard and is the ship’s largest pool area. The giant FunnelVision video screen and a large stage are nearby, so there’s always something to enjoy while swimming. Intended for ages 3+ (must be toilet trained), with adult supervision required for those under age 16. This pool is occasionally closed so it can be covered and used as additional deck space for the sail-away party and other major events.

Dory’s Reef

Toddlers aged 3 years or younger can enjoy this 400-foot splash deck featuring spraying water and pop jets. Swim diapers are required, and children must be supervised by an adult.

Quiet Cove Pool

A serene oasis for ages 18+. A pool and whirlpool tubs are the main features, along with ample lounging space and easy access to the adult beverage of your choice.

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Disney Wonder Kids Clubs and Teen Clubs

DCL Oceaneer Club

Image © Disney

You might be surprised by how much time your kids will want to spend away from you during your Disney Cruise! One of the main reasons Disney Cruise Line is the best cruise line for kids is its fantastic youth activities spaces, including a substantial portion of Deck 5 which is dedicated solely to passengers under the age of 12.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is the place where your kids will likely spend a large amount of their time onboard. This secure facility is accessible only to kids aged 3-10 and trained youth activities staff (though adults are welcome to visit during established Open House hours). Inside, kids will find specially-themed spaces and kid-friendly activities. Best of all, it’s all included in the cost of your Disney cruise!

Andy’s Room

Kids are immersed in the world of Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story movies in this unique multi-level play area including the Slinky Dog Slide.

Marvel Super Hero Academy

Kids visit a top-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, and learn to summon their inner Super Hero. There’s plenty of time for freeform play, with occasional structured activities including visits and training with real Super Heroes.

Disney Junior Area

A favorite of younger Oceaneers, the Disney Junior area features games, characters, and more.

Frozen Adventures

Join Olaf for games and activities celebrating Summer, or prepare for the royal coronation with Anna and Elsa!

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab

The Oceaneer Lab offers hands-on activities and experiences for kids ages 3-10. It’s connected by an internal hallway to the Oceaneer Club, so it’s easy for kids to swap between the two.

Animator’s Studio

Learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters – or just entertain your own creative instincts.

Anyone Can Cook

Learn how to measure and mix ingredients and bake a batch of fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Captain’s Workshop

Enjoy movies and video games in a spacious play area.

Pluto’s Pajama Party

This slumber party with Mickey’s pup pal Pluto is sure to be a hit.

Stitch’s Space Goo

Join Experiment 626 and the professor to make a batch of intergalactic ooze.

The Wheelhouse

Take the wheel of a large video screen navigation simulator and see if you have what it takes to steer a Disney Cruise Ship.


Tweens and young teens – ages 11 to 14 – have a space all to themselves onboard the Disney Wonder. Edge is the perfect place to relax thanks to its moody boiler room feel. There’s a huge 98″ video screen for watching Disney movies, a dance floor, plus plenty of video games and crafts. A mix of planned activities and unstructured free time leaves plenty of opportunities for socializing.


Climb right inside one of the Disney Wonder’s iconic red smokestack funnels to reach this teens-only retreat. Passengers aged 14 to 17 can enjoy a specialty coffee or smoothie while relaxing with newfound friends in a safe environment. For techy types, there are plenty of TVs, video games, and tablets. Meanwhile, active teens will enjoy dance parties, karaoke sessions, and group activities.

it’s a small world nursery!

While there’s no in-room babysitting on the Disney Wonder, infants and toddlers aged three and younger are well-cared-for onboard thanks to the it’s a small world nursery!

Youth counselors will happily feed, change, and interact with the little ones while parents and guardians enjoy other parts of the ship.

This nursery service does require a nominal fee, charged by the half-hour with a one-hour minimum. Discounts are available for multiple children in the same family.

Advanced reservations are strongly recommended.

Need Answers But Don’t Want To Wait On Hold?

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Disney Wonder Entertainment and Activities

A stage show with performers wearing gold tuxedo-style costumes and dancewear. A giant silhouette of Mickey Mouse, outlined in tiny popcorn lights, forms the backdrop

Image © Disney

With live Broadway-style shows and lively deck parties, the Disney Wonder offers a wide variety of onboard entertainment.

Broadway-Style Shows in the Walt Disney Theatre

Each night of your cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a live show in the beautiful Walt Disney Theatre. The nearly-1,000-seat theatre hosts three Broadway-style shows during your cruise, with showtimes offered opposite your dinner time; if you have early dinner, you’ll catch the late show… and vice versa. You can even watch a recorded version of the shows on your stateroom television if you don’t want to head to the theatre at showtime.

Passengers on longer voyages will also enjoy other additions such as a magician, hypnotist, or family-friendly comedian on nights when the Broadway-style shows are dark.

Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic

A touching tale of a young girl at the age of not believing – follow along as she learns how to believe in herself thanks to the power of positive thinking along with some help from favorite Disney characters and memorable music.

Frozen – A Musical Spectacular

A lively musical retelling of Anna and Elsa’s journey. Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are all here to join in the adventure, and of course all the familiar songs are there, too.

The Golden Mickeys

It’s awards night with all the glitz and glamor of the red carpet. Who will win “Most Romantic” or “Most Heroic”? And more importantly, who will host the show? The emcee is missing! Something tells me it’ll all get sorted out in the nick of time, and we might even learn a little bit about believing in ourselves along the way. Featuring songs from about a dozen different Disney films, this show is a fan favorite that’s sure to have you humming along.

Special Themed Nights and Deck Parties

Frozen Night

Select 7-night sailings on the Disney Wonder include a Frozen-themed evening, complete with special menus inside the dining rooms, an Anna’s Chocolate Chase scavenger hunt, and a Freezing the Night Away deck party.

Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party with Fireworks

Some itineraries may include a Pirate night. Enjoy a special themed menu at dinner, then head up to the pool deck for a raucous live show with favorite Disney characters and fireworks at sea!

Note: not every itinerary offers a pirate night, and fireworks may be canceled due to weather. Pirate night is never offered on Alaskan sailings due to the fireworks’ impact on wildlife and the natural surroundings.

PIXAR Pals Party

Found only onboard Alaska sailings on the Wonder (in place of Pirate Night), this party features character greetings and lively music from your favorite Disney•PIXAR films.

Disney Movies in the Buena Vista Theatre

First-run and classic favorite Disney, Marvel, PIXAR, and LucasFilm movies are shown all day long in the Buena Vista Theatre. There’s no need to buy a ticket – just drop in at showtime and grab a seat.

If your cruise falls during the premiere of a highly-anticipated Disney film, there will likely be a huge “PremEAR at Sea” showing first in the Walt Disney Theatre. After that, it’ll be shown repeatedly in the Buena Vista Theatre for the remainder of the cruise.

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Disney Wonder Spas and Salons

Disney Wonder offers a full-service spa onboard the ship, plus many other health and wellness services to help you melt away the troubles of the real world during your cruise.

Senses Spa and Salon

Pamper yourself like no place else at Senses Spa & Salon onboard the Disney Wonder. Choose from a comprehensive spa menu, salon services, or rejuvenation procedures at this restful retreat on Deck 9. Offerings include aroma stone therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, facials, acupuncture, teeth whitening, shampooing & cut/style, manipedis, CoolSculpting, and more. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, sandals & robes, showers, and lockers complete the package. Services here require an upcharge.

Chill Spa

This special area of Senses offers treatments exclusively for teens aged 13-17. A parent or guardian must accompany the teen for the duration of the treatment, and parent/teen combined services can be purchased if desired.

Fitness Center

Keep up your workout routine even while you’re on vacation with the Disney Wonder’s Fitness Center. Those looking for an equipment-based workout will find a nice selection of weight machines, cardio equipment, ellipticals, and treadmills. For a group experience, try yoga, Pilates, or an aerobics class. You can even arrange for a one-on-one analysis and training session with a professional personal coach.

Walking/Jogging Track

The Deck 4 promenade of the Disney Wonder serves as a full-circle walking/jogging track. Although I’m no runner, I do enjoy a leisurely walk here at least once per cruise to help break up that sense of “only short bursts of activity” that can set in on a longer sailing. Being on Deck 4 gives you a close-up view of the water — close enough to notice, perhaps, a porpoise breaching the surface. That makes this deck not only a great place to exercise, but also a great place to relax in a deck chair.

a wooden cruise ship deck with white metal railings, a life preserver, and lifeboat

Deck 4 Promenade

A nice side bonus of this track is that as you make the turn to circle around to reach the opposite side of the ship, you’ll get a look at some of the mechanical wizardry that keeps the ship functioning. For someone like me who loves behind-the-scenes gadgetry, it’s a neat perk that helps to nudge me out onto the track.

Large green metal winches and other equipment

Heavy Machinery

Psst… here’s my favorite super secret tip for the Disney Wonder: if you’re on a glacier day during an Alaska cruise and find that the decks are too crowded to get a good view, take the walking path on deck 4 and head toward the back of the ship. As the path transitions from an open promenade to an enclosed area behind the metal walls of the ship, you’ll encounter several giant open air portholes that offer a great view. Few folks know they’re here, so there’s rarely any “competition” for a spot. Don’t tell anyone! 😉

Open-air portholes on the Disney Wonder and Magic cruise ships

Look, ma! No tourists!

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Disney Wonder Itineraries and Home Ports

The Disney Wonder sails through an icy fjord toward a looming glacier in the shadow of steep mountainsides

Image © Disney

The Disney Wonder is on track to become one of the most widely-traveled Disney cruise ships, visiting Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand.


Disney Wonder has a busy schedule of cruises in 2024.

  • January to early February: Australia / New Zealand Cruises from Melbourne and Sydney
  • Mid-February to mid-March: A South Pacific Cruise from Sydney to Honolulu, a Hawaiian Cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver, and a Pacific Coast Cruise from Vancouver to San Diego
  • Mid-March to mid-May: Baja, Mexican Riviera, and Pacific Coast cruises from San Diego
  • Mid-May to late-September: Alaska Cruises from Vancouver
  • Late-September to late-October: A Hawaiian cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu, followed by a South Pacific cruise from Honolulu to Brisbane
  • Late-October to end of year: Australia / New Zealand Cruises from Brisbane, Auckland, Melbourne, and Sydney


Here’s a look at the 2025 Disney Cruises onboard the Disney Wonder.

  • January through mid-February: Australia and New Zealand cruises from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
  • Mid-February through early March: a series of one-way cruises that take it to Honolulu, Hawaii, followed by Vancouver, Canada, and then to San Diego, CA
  • March through May: Baja California and Mexican Riviera cruises from San Diego.
  • Mid-May: One-way cruise to Vancouver
  • Late May through late September: Alaska Cruises from Vancouver
  • Late September and Early October: Hawaiian Cruise (Vancouver to Honolulu) and South Pacific Cruise (Honolulu to Sydney)
  • Late October through End of 2025: Australia and New Zealand cruises from Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland


Here’s the 2026 Disney Cruise schedule on the Disney Wonder:

  • January: Australia and New Zealand Cruises from Sydney
  • February: a series of one-way cruises, including a South Pacific cruise (Sydney to Honolulu), Hawaiian cruise (Honolulu to Vancouver), and Pacific Coast cruise (Vancouver to San Diego)
  • March through early May: Baja and Mexican Riviera Cruises from San Diego
  • May 7, 2026 and Beyond: Not yet announced

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Disney Wonder Deck-by-Deck

Here’s a look at what’s located on each deck of the Disney Wonder.

Deck 1

  • Services & Shopping
    • Health Center
  • Common Areas
    • Tender Lobbies (ship exit at ports of call)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 9D
    • Category 10C

Deck 2

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 9B
    • Category 9C
    • Category 10B
    • Category 10C
    • Category 11C

Deck 3

  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Azure
    • Cadillac Lounge
    • Crown & Fin Pub
    • French Quarter Lounge
    • Tiana’s Place
    • Triton’s
  • Services & Shopping
    • Guest Services
    • Port Adventures Desk
    • Port Shopping Desk
    • Public Restrooms
    • Sea Treasures
  • Common Areas
    • Lobby Atrium

Deck 4

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Walking/Jogging Track
    • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Animator’s Palate
    • D-Lounge
    • Preludes Bar
  • Services & Shopping
    • Mickey’s Mainsail
    • Public Restrooms
    • Shutters Portrait Studio
    • Vacation Planning Desks
    • Vista Gallery
    • White Caps
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)

Deck 5

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Buena Vista Theatre
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Club
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab
  • Services & Shopping
    • “it’s a small world” nursery
    • Public Restrooms
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5C
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11B

Deck 6

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5B
    • Category 5C
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A
    • Category 11B

Deck 7

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5A
    • Category 5B
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A

Deck 8

  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 1A
    • Category 1B
    • Category 2A
    • Category 2B
    • Category 3A
    • Category 4A
    • Category 4B
    • Category 4E
    • Category 7A

Deck 9

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • AquaLab
    • Dory’s Reef
    • Edge
    • Funnel Vision
    • Goofy’s Family Pool
    • Mickey’s Splash Zone
    • Pool Deck Stage
    • Quiet Cove Adult Pool
    • Whirlpool Spas
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Beverage Station
    • Cabanas
    • Cove Café
    • Daisy’s De-Lites
    • Pete’s Boiler Bites
    • Eye Scream Treats
    • Sulley’s Sips
    • Pinocchio’s Pizzeria
    • Signals
  • Services & Shopping
    • Public Restrooms
    • Quacks
    • Senses Spa & Salon
      • Chill Spa
      • Fitness Area
      • Hair Salon
      • Rainforest Room

Deck 10

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Twist ‘n’ Spout
    • Vibe
    • Wide World of Sports Deck
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Palo
  • Services & Shopping
    • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    • Concierge Lounge
    • Public Restrooms
  • Common Areas
    • Concierge Sun Deck

Deck 11

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Vibe

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Disney Wonder Fact Sheet

Shipyard (Ship’s Birthplace)

Fincantieri – Marghera & Ancona, Italy

Maiden voyage

August 15, 1999

Home Port

Varies by time of year — see Itineraries & Ports above

Ship’s Registry



Approximately 84,000 gross tons


984 feet


106 feet


25.3 feet


171.5 feet


21.5 knots cruising speed

24 knots maximum speed

Fuel Type

Diesel-based electric

Crew Members


Maximum Capacity

2,713 passengers


875 staterooms

  • 613 outside staterooms (70%)
    • 384 verandah staterooms (includes 22 suites)
    • 229 oceanview staterooms
  • 262 inside staterooms (30%)

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How To Book a Cruise on the Disney Wonder

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