If you’re planning to drive to Universal Orlando Resort or rent a car it’s important to know about parking. This complete guide to parking at Universal Orlando Resort will cover everything from parking location, prices, valets, RV parking, and more. Once you get the boring details out of the way you can focus on enjoying the theme parks instead of worrying about how to get there!

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Parking at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando has a variety of parking options available depending on where you are staying, what type of vehicle you’re driving, and whether or not you want priority parking. The resort has parking garages at all the hotels, and one main complex with easy access to CityWalk. This main parking complex is what you would use to access Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, because you enter these theme parks through the CityWalk entrance. You can also park here to visit Volcano Bay, but you will be directed to a shuttle to get to the water parks because it is such a long walk.

It’s important to note that in general, there is going to be a parking location near wherever you are planning on spending your time. So before you arrive at the resort, check the walking distance or transport options so you can decide whether you want to park at a hotel or closer to one of the theme parks.

Parking Fees at Universal Orlando

There are four main categories of parking in the Universal main parking complex, all of which vary in price depending on the time of the year and the crowds. Per vehicle, the fees are as follows:

  • Regular Parking: $30
  • RV/Bus Parking: $40
  • Prime Parking: $50-$60
    • Upgrade from Regular: $20-$30
  • Valet: Price varies

The address of the parking garage is 6000 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819 and should be very easy to find using Google/Apple maps, and even just with signs once you’re close to the garage. The parking fees listed above apply to the main parking complex near Universal CityWalk. You should use this complex if you are looking to spend time at CityWalk, Universal Studios, or Islands of Adventure because it will be your closest option if you aren’t staying at a hotel. Like I said earlier, you can still park here if you are going to spend the day at Volcano Bay, but instead of a long walk to the park, you can follow signs in the garage to the designated Volcano Bay parking section that comes with free shuttle transportation to the water park. Now, let’s break down the details of each of these parking categories.

Regular Parking at Universal Orlando

Costing $30 per day, regular parking lets you use one spot in the Universal Studios parking complex. This option will be perfectly fine for most people and it’s what my family and I always use when we drive to the resort, unless we are staying at a hotel.

By paying for regular parking and not prime parking, you might be at a higher level in one of the garages or have a bit of a longer walk to the exit (though you’ll still benefit from moving walkways for part of the journey), but in my opinion this isn’t much of an inconvenience.

Prime Parking at Universal Orlando

For between $50-$60 a day, prime parking will give you a shorter walk to Universal CityWalk. With prime parking, your car will still be in the Universal main parking complex, but you will most likely be near an exit or on one of the lower floors. This will save you a few minutes of walking time on your way into the park and at least 10 minutes at the end of the day when everyone is leaving.

Is prime parking worth it? I never use it myself because it’s almost double the cost of regular parking and it only seems to save us a few minutes, but if parking as close as possible is important to you then go for it!

Prime Upgrade

Prime upgrade is exactly what it sounds like — for $20-$30 you can upgrade from regular parking to prime. If you get to the garage and the regular parking spots aren’t to your liking, then you can pay this fee to park in one of the prime spots. This fee also applies if you have “free” access to regular parking and want to upgrade to Prime. There’s no discount here — the price is the difference between regular parking and the prevailing rate for Prime Parking that day.

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RV/Bus Parking at Universal Orlando

Similar to parking designated for Volcano bay, RV/Bus parking is in the same complex as regular parking, but has its own designated area. The fee for this parking ticket is normally $40, so while it is a bit more expensive than a regular car it’s a great price for an RV.

Something to keep in mind is that RV parking is limited because they only have so many spaces, so if you’re planning to come to Universal with an RV or Bus you should call ahead to check availability. I also recommend making an extra effort to get to Universal early in the morning to ensure that you will be able to get one of the available spots.

Hotel Parking at Universal Orlando Resort

Each Universal Orlando hotel has their own parking complex, so if staying at one of these hotels you won’t need to worry about finding parking in other places throughout the resort.

Unfortunately, parking isn’t free at these hotels even if you’re a guest. Depending on the tier of the hotel you are staying at, parking prices can range from $20-$30 a day.

This extra expense can add up if you’re spending several days at Universal, so I would recommend adding it to your trip budget. Although, if you are staying at these hotels you will either be close enough to walk to the parks every day, or free transit will be available from your hotel to the theme parks.

If you’re just a day guest, meaning you are not actually spending the night at the hotel, prices can vary from $30-$45 depending on the hotel tier.

Valet parking is also available at all of the Universal hotels for an extra fee, but I’ll cover that more in the next section.

Valet Parking at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

There is no better feeling than handing your keys to someone and saying something like “take care of her,” and then walking off like you’re James Bond. I’m joking of course, but valet parking is definitely a treat and an added convenience when you are traveling.

My wife and I never use the valet parking option because we don’t mind the extra effort of finding a spot, but if you are looking to save some time and look cool while you do it, this will be a great option for you. For the main resort parking complex, valet parking typically costs:

Before 6pm

  • $30 for 2 hours
  • $65-$75 for more than 2 hours

After 6pm

  • $30 for 2 hours
  • $40-$75 for more than 2 hours
  • $75 for more than 2 hours on Halloween Horror Night event nights

These prices will vary depending on how busy the park is. At hotels, valet parking is generally the same as listed above so if you want to pull up in style to one of the Universal hotels, you can!

And don’t forget to tip!

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Free Parking and Discounted Parking at Universal Orlando

There are a few ways to get free parking at Universal, all of which are restricted in one way or another; these perks mainly benefit passholders who can drop in for just a few hours without feeling like they “wasted” the cost of an all-day theme park ticket.

  • Parking in Universal’s main complex is free after midnight on Halloween Horror Nights. This admittedly isn’t much of a freebie, as you will have missed most of that night’s event if you wait until midnight to arrive.
  • Parking in Universal’s main complex is free after 6pm on all other nights. Universal makes parking free after 6pm so people can come and enjoy the bars and restaurants in CityWalk at night without having to pay a big fee for parking. Depending on the time of year, the theme parks might — or might not — still be open.
  • Parking in Universal’s main complex is free when you buy two matinee movie tickets (11am-6pm showtimes) at Universal Cinemark. You will still have to pay for regular parking as normal when you enter, but you’ll be reimbursed when you show your receipt.
  • There are some Passholder parking discounts and freebies, which vary by tier of pass purchased (see below).
  • Some car rental customers get free upgrades to prime parking (see below).

Passholder Parking Benefits at Universal

Most Seasonal / Annual Pass tiers offer parking discounts or freebies while visiting Universal Orlando:

  • Power Passholders get 50% off regular parking
  • Preferred Annual Passholders get free regular parking, discounted prime parking, and 50% off valet parking
  • Premier Annual Passholders get free regular, free prime, and free valet parking

These discounts/freebies only apply to the main parking structures at Universal (not the hotels) and are typically blocked out during special event nights such as Halloween Horror Nights or Mardi Gras concerts. You’ll still have to pay full price for parking during your first visit; discounts and freebies kick in on the second.

Car Rental & Parking Discounts

Renting a car can make sense if you are planning on driving a lot during your visit and thankfully Universal has partnerships with rental companies that come with some benefits both at the rental counter and the resort.

  • Those staying at a Universal hotel can receive up to 25% off an Avis or Budget car rental at Orlando International Airport
  • Those who rent a car from Avis or Budget at Orlando International Airport receive a free Prime parking upgrade once regular parking fees are paid.

Other Ways To Save

If you are looking to save money on parking there are a few things I’d recommend. First of all, rethink how you’re getting to Universal from the airport. I’d consider the option of using rideshare apps instead of renting a car. If you’re flying into Orlando, the price of renting a car everyday and paying for parking will be far higher than using rideshare apps to get to and from the airport plus a few small trips. Although, if you are looking to make some longer trips outside of Universal or if you just really want to have the freedom of renting a car while you are visiting, there are some great options available. Remember that all of Universal’s on-site hotels offer either shuttles or water taxis to the park (and many are even in easy walking distance). Even if you’re staying off-site, you might be able to take advantage of a free hotel shuttle to Universal.

Is There Accessible Parking at Universal?

Like most things at Universal, yes, the parking is accessible in the resort. There is a designated section within the main parking complex for individuals who need accessible parking, so when you arrive just let the attendant know that you require an accessible spot and they will let you know how to proceed! (Note: Check out our guide to Universal Orlando Disability Services for information on accommodations offered inside the parks).

Parking at Universal Orlando: A Delorean vehicle, modified to resemble the vehicle in Back to the Future, sits at Universal Orlando Resort's Universal Studios Florida theme park

Refrain from reaching 88MPH at the parking plaza, or you’re going to see some serious… citations.

Is There a Drop-Off Area at Universal Studios?

If you grab a ride-share to Universal or if a friend is driving you, there is a designated drop-off zone where you can get out and make your way to the parks without having to pay a fee. Once you arrive at the resort, drop off sections will be clearly labeled and easy to find. If you go to the main parking complex, you and your ride will wait in line with the rest of the cars, go through security, and finally make your way to the dedicated drop off zone in the parking garage.

Alternatively, there is a taxi and bus drop off zone next to the transportation hub, where you can be dropped off and then go through security before you enter into the parks.

The process is generally pretty quick, and the pick up/drop off zones function almost like they would at an airport (plus a little added security).

Parking at Epic Universe: TBD

Epic Universe is Universal Orlando’s upcoming theme park and is expected to open sometime in the summer of 2025. The theme park is located a short drive away from the existing resort complex, so some type of special parking arrangement will likely be required.

The opening date and official plans for the upcoming park are still unconfirmed by Universal, but in the future you will likely need to plan your parking carefully considering the extra distance between Epic Universe and the existing resort complex.

The opening date is still some time away and could even be delayed if any issues arise, so I wouldn’t worry about delaying your trip to wait for Epic Universe – just save it for a later visit!


Parking at Universal Orlando is generally straightforward and easy to navigate. If you’re staying at a hotel, I recommend parking there, and if not, I recommend parking in the main complex by Universal CityWalk. Upgrading to Prime parking or Valet parking are great options if you choose to use them, and if not, regular parking is what my family and I use every time we go (and it works perfectly well).

Compared to parking at Disney World or parking in a city for a day, Universal is pretty affordable, especially if you select the regular parking option. If you have any parking questions or concerns during your visit, the staff and parking attendants at Universal are really helpful! That’s all we have for now on parking at Universal Orlando Resort – see you next time!

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