Since first welcoming guests in 1955, Disneyland has delighted millions of people with its sense of wonder and imagination. However, as a pivotal revenue driver for The Walt Disney Company, it’s natural to wonder: how much does Disneyland make per day?

While Disney does not publicly disclose financials for individual parks, we can estimate Disneyland’s daily figures using available data and industry benchmarks. Our research suggests:

  • In 2022, Disneyland’s estimated daily revenue was approximately $17.21 million, with a daily income estimate of around $4.47 million.
  • In 2023, estimated daily revenue for Disneyland is $19.95 million, with an estimated daily income of about $5.49 million.

This article sheds light on these financial estimates and analyzes Disneyland’s year-over-year growth. By examining information from Disney’s SEC filings and industry comparisons, we’ll explore the key drivers of revenue and profitability, from theme park admissions to merchandise sales.

Let’s dig into the magic behind the numbers!

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Putting Disneyland in Context: A Major Player in the Theme Park Industry

Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle, the icon of Disneyland in California | Image © Disney

To understand Disneyland’s finances, it helps to view it within the broader theme park industry. Globally, theme parks generated $73.5 billion in revenue in 2019 prior to the pandemic. The industry is rebounding strongly and is expected to reach $89.2 billion by 2025.

Within this market, Disney Parks and Resorts is the global leader in both attendance and revenue. In the United States, the Orlando and Anaheim metro areas dominate as top theme park destinations.

Disneyland Resort is a major park in Anaheim. It competes with other California parks like Universal Studios Hollywood. The resort comprises two theme parks – Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure – as well as three onsite hotels.

This immersive Disneyland complex keeps guests engaged with the parks and resort amenities all day and night. As a result, Disneyland Resort is a significant driver of revenue and attendance not just for Anaheim, but for Disney Parks worldwide.

Disneyland’s 2022 Attendance & Estimated Financial Performance

Disney does not disclose park-level financials, but we can estimate Disneyland Resort’s contribution based on its attendance and the overall performance of The Walt Disney Company’s Parks, Experiences, and Products division.

According to an AECOM report, 115.7 million people visited Disney Parks worldwide in 2022. Of that total, 25.88 million visits were to Disneyland Resort – giving it a 22.37% global attendance share.

Meanwhile, Disney Parks brought in $28.09 billion in total revenue and $7.29 billion in operating income.

Applying its 22.37% attendance split, we can estimate Disneyland Resort contributed $6.28 billion of Disney’s theme park revenue and $1.63 billion of operating income for the year.

Dividing by 365 days, we can project Disneyland Resort itself likely generated approximately $17.21 million in daily revenue and $4.47 million in daily operating income during 2022.

This underscores Disneyland’s vital role as a revenue and attendance driver for Disney Parks overall.

[Revenue Calculation = 22.37% of $28.085 billion divided by 365 days = $17.21 million per day]

[Income Calculation = 22.37% of $1.63 billion divided by 365 days = $4.47 million per day]

Analyzing 2022: Disneyland’s Diverse Revenue Streams

Mad Tea Party at Disneyland Park

Mad Tea Party at Disneyland Park

Disney’s 2022 SEC filing reveals a comprehensive breakdown of revenue streams for the entire Disney Parks division. This provides valuable information about the various areas that contribute to its financial success. By considering Disneyland Resort’s estimated market share of 22.37%, we can make an approximate calculation of its contribution to each segment.

Theme Park Admissions

  • Global Revenue: $8.602 billion
  • Estimated Disneyland Contribution: Approximately $1.92 billion. It’s no surprise that ticket sales are a primary revenue driver for Disneyland.

Parks & Experiences Merchandise, Food, and Beverage

  • Global Revenue: $6.579 billion
  • Estimated Disneyland Contribution: Around $1.47 billion. Merchandise and dining are critical components of Disneyland’s revenue.

Resorts and Vacations

  • Global Revenue: $6.410 billion
  • Estimated Disneyland Contribution: About $1.43 billion. The resorts and vacations Disney offers are a significant part of its revenue mix.

Merchandise Licensing and Retail

  • Global Revenue: $4.609 billion.
  • Estimated Disneyland Contribution: Nearly $1.03 billion. This highlights the extent of Disney and Disneyland’s brand beyond the park boundaries, including income from merchandise sold outside the parks.

Parks Licensing and Other

  • Global Revenue: $1.885 billion. This segment includes various other income sources related to the parks and experiences.
  • Estimated Disneyland Contribution: Approximately $0.42 billion. Disneyland Resort generates income from various sources related to the parks and experiences.

These estimations illustrate the dynamic financial role Disneyland plays within the broader Disney Parks ecosystem. Each segment, from theme park admissions to merchandise licensing, contributes significantly to Disneyland’s overall revenue.

2022 Financial Insights: Disneyland’s Operating Costs and Net Income

World of Color at Disney California Adventure

World of Color at Disney California Adventure

The SEC filing provides a detailed view of the operating expenses, which are essential to understanding the net income. The total operating expenses for Disney Parks in 2022 amounted to $14.936 billion. Additional costs in selling, general, administrative, and other expenses totaled $3.403 billion, with depreciation and amortization adding another $2.451 billion.

By applying Disneyland’s estimated 22.37% share to these numbers, we can approximate its portion of these expenses:

By applying Disneyland’s estimated 22.37% share to these numbers, we can approximate its portion of these expenses:

  • Disneyland’s Share of Total Operating Expenses: Approximately $3.34 billion. This represents the expenses of managing the parks (staffing, maintenance, daily operations).
  • Disneyland’s Share of Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses: About $0.76 billion. These expenses include broader administrative costs that are not directly tied to the everyday operation of the parks but are essential for the overall functioning of Disneyland Resort.
  • Disneyland’s Share of Depreciation and Amortization Expenses: Around $0.55 billion. This represents the expenses related to depreciation and amortization, accounting for the gradual wear and tear of the park’s assets over time.

These estimates highlight the significant operating costs Disneyland incurs as part of its contribution to the Disney Parks division. They provide a clearer picture of the financial dynamics at play in maintaining and operating a world-class theme park destination.

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Disneyland’s 2023 Estimated Daily Revenue and Income: A Projection

Although complete 2023 financial data for Disneyland is not yet available, we can develop estimates based on the latest results for Disney’s Experiences division, which includes their parks. In fiscal year 2023, The Walt Disney Company reported substantial increases for this segment, with global revenue totaling $32.549 billion, up 16%, and global operating income reaching $8.954 billion, up 23%.

Using the previously established estimate that Disneyland accounts for 22.37% of Disney’s overall parks business, we can approximate Disneyland’s 2023 revenue contribution to be around $7.28 billion. With 365 days per year, this would amount to $19.95 million in revenue for Disneyland per day in 2023.

Estimated operating income for Disneyland comes out to approximately $2.00 billion for the year – or $1.23 million per day for 2023.

While projections, these daily revenue and income estimates for Disneyland provide helpful insight into the park’s strong performance amid Disney’s wider recovery. As 2024 and 2025  progresses, Disney’s subsequent earnings releases may provide greater transparency into the financials specific to their Anaheim flagship.

[Revenue Calculation = 22.37% of $32.549 billion divided by 365 days = $19.95 million per day]

[Income Calculation = 22.37% of $2 billion divided by 365 days = $1.23 million per day]

Key Factors Influencing Disneyland’s 2023 Revenue Growth

The resort’s revenue increased in 2023 due to several factors, including:

  • Higher attendance: Disney attendance has increased significantly in 2023 due to the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the resort’s new attractions and experiences.
  • Increased guest spending: Disneyland experienced an increase in guest spending, primarily due to higher average ticket prices, as well as higher food, merchandise, and other expenditures.
  • Higher overall domestic inflation: The resort also benefited from higher overall domestic inflation, which boosted guest spending.

Disneyland Resort significantly increased revenue and operating income in 2023 due to these combined factors.

Conclusion: Disneyland’s Sustained Financial Success

Although the Walt Disney Company does not disclose financial information for its individual theme parks, Disneyland’s financial performance demonstrates a solid upward trend.

In 2022, the park’s estimated daily revenue was $17.21 million, and its daily income was approximately $4.47 million. In 2023, these figures increased, with daily revenue reaching roughly $19.95 million and an estimated daily income of $5.49 million.

These figures highlight Disneyland’s lasting charm and its significant role in driving the financial success of Disney’s broader Experiences division, demonstrating its ongoing growth and profitability. As Disney continues investing in new lands, attractions, and experiences at Disneyland, we expect the resort to drive further growth for Disney Parks while delighting fans with magical memories for years to come.

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