As a Disney travel agent, your earnings are directly tied to the bookings you make. But exactly how much can you expect to earn per booking? The answer depends on several factors, including the cost of the trip, your commission split with your agency, and any additional incentives or bonuses you may receive.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of how much Disney travel agents make per booking, with insights from experienced agents in the industry. We’ll also explore how you can maximize your earnings and build a successful career as a Disney travel agent. This should help you determine if Disney travel agents make good money and, ultimately, whether being a Disney travel agent is worth it.

Understanding Commission Splits

The primary way Disney travel agents earn money is through commissions. When you book a Disney vacation package for a client, Disney pays a base commission to your agency, which then splits that commission with you based on a predetermined percentage.

  • Base Commission: Disney pays your agency between 10% and 16% of the cost of the trip. Disney World vacations always earn 10%, while Disney Cruises and Adventures by Disney may earn up to 16% depending on how many the agency books each year.
  • Commission Split: Your agency gives you a set percentage of the base commission for each trip you book. Commission splits can vary widely between agencies.
    • Most start around 50/50 for new agents, meaning you’ll receive half of the commission paid by Disney. (Some agencies do give new agents a split lower than 50/50, meaning you earn less than the agency does — so review any job offers very carefully).
    • As you gain experience and prove your value to your agency, your commission split may increase to 60/40, 70/30, or even 80/20 in your favor.
    • You may receive different splits depending on whether you found the client yourself or were provided a lead by the agency.
    • Splits are usually calculated based on the remaining base commission after any booking incentives for clients (such as cruise onboard credits) have been deducted.

After factoring in the base commission rate and subtracting the agency’s share of it, you will typically net between 4% and 12.8% of the cost of each Disney trip you book.

This wide range of possibilities can significantly impact how much Disney travel agents make per year.

Typical Commissions Per Booking

So, what does this look like in terms of actual earnings? Let’s consider a few examples:

For a $5,000 Disney World vacation package (such as a shorter trip):

  • Disney pays a 10% commission to the agency, which equals $500
  • With a 50/50 split, you’d earn $250
  • With a 70/30 split, you’d earn $350
  • With an 80/20 split, you’d earn $400
Graphs showing the difference between an 50/50 Commission Split and an 80/20 Commission Split

Commission split ratios affect how much money you earn

For an average-priced Disney World vacation package, which is estimated to cost around $6,559 for a family of four in 2024:

  • Disney pays a 10% commission to the agency, which equals $655.90
  • With a 50/50 split, you’d earn $327.95
  • With a 70/30 split, you’d earn $459.13
  • With an 80/20 split, you’d earn $524.72

For a $10,000 Disney vacation package (such as longer Disney World, Disney Cruise, or Adventures by Disney packages):

  • Disney pays a 10-16% base commission to the agency, which equals $1,000-$1,600
  • With a 50/50 split, you’d earn $500-$800
  • With a 70/30 split, you’d earn $700-$1,120
  • With an 80/20 split, you’d earn $800-$1,280
Split-screen of Disney cruise ship and Cinderella Castle

Some agencies get higher commission on cruises, which earns you more money than a land vacation at the same price.

As you can see, the higher the cost of the vacation package (and the higher the base commission rate), the more you can potentially earn per booking.

To see more examples of how much you could earn for booking a client’s trip, try our interactive Disney Travel Agent Commission Calculator.

Additional Considerations for Commissions

It’s important to remember that these figures are before taxes and any other fees or expenses you may incur as an independent contractor. It’s also worth noting that Disney travel agents do make a commission on most tickets sold as part of the overall vacation package, but they don’t get paid for making dining reservations, specifically.

Real-World Insights from Disney Travel Agents

To better understand how much Disney travel agents make per booking, I sought the insights of several experienced agents.

Sarah, a full-time Disney travel agent, shares her experience:

“On average, I earn around $300 per booking, but it can range from $100 for a simple hotel reservation to over $1,000 for a deluxe cruise package or an Adventures by Disney trip. It really depends on the size and scope of the trip.”

Nicole, another seasoned agent, notes:

“My earnings per booking have increased over time as I’ve gained more experience and built a strong client base. I now have a higher commission split with my agency, which means I earn more per booking than when I first started.”

When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Disney travel agent, it’s important to factor in not only the earnings per booking but also the possibility of receiving free Disney trips. Although it’s not guaranteed, many agents have the chance to visit Disney destinations firsthand, courtesy of their travel agency, at no extra cost to them. This can be a significant perk of the job.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Disney travel agent, our step-by-step guide can help you get started.

Maximizing Your Earnings Per Booking

To increase your earnings per booking, consider the following strategies:

  1. Encourage clients to book higher-value packages, such as deluxe resorts, suites, or premium experiences like private tours or special events.
  2. Upselling add-ons like dining plans, park hopper tickets, or travel insurance can increase the overall trip cost and, in turn, your commission.
  3. Stay informed about Disney promotions and discounts, which can help you attract more clients and boost your booking volume.
  4. Provide exceptional service to your clients, which can lead to repeat business and referrals, ultimately increasing your earnings over time.

In addition to these strategies, it’s crucial to develop the essential character traits of a successful Disney travel agent, such as passion, attention to detail, and strong communication skills. Investing in the right equipment for Disney travel agents can also help you work more efficiently and professionally.


In conclusion, the amount you can earn per booking as a Disney travel agent varies based on factors like the cost of the vacation package, your commission split, and your ability to upsell and maximize the value of each booking. By focusing on these elements, providing exceptional service, and continually growing your knowledge and client base, you can build a rewarding and profitable career as a Disney travel agent.

Our Recommended Disney Travel Agencies to Work For

If you’re considering becoming a Disney travel agent, two agencies stand out in the industry: The Vacationeer and EnchantAway Travel. Both offer competitive commission splits, comprehensive training, and a strong focus on agent success.

Researching these and other agencies can help you make an informed decision about where to begin your career as a Disney travel agent.

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