Have you ever wondered if Disney travel agents earn a commission on the sale of Annual Passes? The answer may surprise you.

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In short, Disney travel agents do not receive a commission on Annual Pass sales. In fact, Disney does not allow travel agents to sell Annual Passes at all. These passes are sold directly by Disney to consumers and are not available through travel agencies.

However, agents can still earn a commission on regular theme park tickets when they are sold as part of a larger vacation package. Let’s dig into the details of commissions and Annual Passes for Disney theme parks.

What Does This Mean for Disney Travel Agents?

Since Disney travel agents are not permitted to sell Annual Passes and cannot earn a commission on these sales, they typically focus on selling comprehensive vacation packages to their clients. There are a few reasons why Disney may have chosen to handle Annual Pass sales directly:

  1. Annual Passes are often purchased by local residents or frequent visitors who may not need the additional services of a travel agent, such as booking accommodations or dining reservations.
  2. Most regular tickets are date-sensitive, whereas an annual pass is a more broad product with different usage rules.
  3. By selling Annual Passes directly, Disney can maintain a direct relationship with these Passholders, which allows for targeted marketing and communication efforts.

However, by booking accommodations, tickets, Disney Dining Plans (which are commissionable, even though individual dining reservations are not), and other add-ons, agents provide a more complete and personalized service while maximizing their earning potential.

Sarah, an experienced planner at a leading Disney travel agency, shares her perspective:

“While it would be nice to earn commission on Annual Pass sales, I understand Disney’s decision to handle those directly. As a travel agent, my goal is to help my clients plan the perfect Disney vacation, and I can do that best by focusing on vacation packages that include everything they need for a magical trip.”

This approach not only helps agents increase their income but also allows them to provide exceptional value to their clients.

If you’re wondering how much Disney travel agents can make, our article on how much Disney travel agents make per year explores this topic in-depth.

What If a Client Insists I Sell Them an Annual Pass?

Because you’re not able to sell annual passes, all you can realistically do is sell them a multi-day ticket (which will be date-restricted), and have the client upgrade it in-person, on-site at a Disney World Guest Relations location.

What Do Disney Travel Agents Earn Commission On?

Disney travel agents typically earn commission on vacation packages, which often include:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Park tickets (3-day tickets or longer)
  • Disney Dining Plans (though at a lower commission rate than the rest of the package)
  • Select enhanced experiences like Disney VIP Tours

There are certain items that are not commissionable, such as:

Despite not earning commission on Annual Passes, Disney travel agents can still make a good income by selling vacation packages. According to our research, a dedicated full-time Disney travel agent working with a reputable agency can realistically expect to earn $40,000 to $60,000 per year, with top performers potentially earning even more.

For a more detailed breakdown of Disney travel agent earnings, check out our article on how much Disney travel agents make for each trip they sell.

Choosing the Right Disney Travel Agency to Work For

If you’re considering becoming a Disney travel agent, it’s crucial to partner with a reputable agency that offers competitive commission splits, comprehensive training, and strong support. Two excellent options we recommend are The Vacationeer and EnchantAway Travel.

  • The Vacationeer is perfect for exceptional candidates seeking a full-time career in the industry. As an Earmarked Diamond-Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, they provide agents with a steady stream of leads, offer competitive commission splits of up to 80%, and offer more opportunities for free trips (FAM trips) to Disney destinations compared to most other agencies.
  • EnchantAway Travel is ideal for both new agents and those looking for part-time opportunities with plenty of flexibility. They offer a supportive environment for agents to grow and succeed in the industry, with commission splits of up to 80%.

Before applying, be sure to review our guide on how to become a Disney travel agent and our list of essential character traits for success in this role.


While Disney travel agents do not earn commissions on Annual Passes and are not permitted to sell them, they can still build a successful career by focusing on selling complete vacation packages. This restriction on Annual Pass sales does not diminish the value that travel agents provide to their clients in planning magical Disney vacations.

By partnering with the right agency and dedicating themselves to providing exceptional service, agents can turn their passion for Disney into a thriving business. Despite the challenges and limitations, being a Disney travel agent is worth it for those who love sharing the magic of Disney with others and helping them create unforgettable memories.

Are you ready to start your journey as a Disney travel agent? Apply now with The Vacationeer or EnchantAway Travel and take the first step toward turning your passion into a rewarding career!