If you’re considering becoming a Disney travel agent, you might be wondering about the earning potential and how commissions work. One common question is whether Disney travel agents earn a commission on ticket sales.

The answer is yes, Disney travel agents can earn a commission on ticket sales, but it depends on the type of ticket. Generally, 3-day tickets or longer are commissionable, while 1-day and 2-day tickets are not. It’s also important to note that most clients book Disney theme park tickets as part of a larger vacation package that includes accommodations, dining plans, and other add-ons. Ticket-only sales, while commissionable for 3-day tickets or longer, are less common through travel agents.

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Disney Travel Agents can earn commission on most theme park tickets

Factors That Contribute to Commission Earnings

When it comes to earning commissions, vacation packages are the most common way for Disney travel agents to make money. These packages typically include the following (all of which are commissionable):

  • Most Disney park tickets (3-day tickets or longer)
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Disney Dining Plans (currently earn a 5% commission rate, which is lower than the rate for the remainder of the vacation package)
  • Some enhanced experiences, including Disney VIP Tours

It’s important to note that some items are not commissionable:

Although ticket-only sales are less frequent, they are still commissionable for tickets of 3 days or longer. Please note that Disney travel agents do not earn commissions when selling Annual Passes. In fact, they are not allowed to sell them in the first place.

I recently chatted with Dana, a full-time Disney travel agent, about her experience.

“Most of my bookings are vacation packages,” she shares. “While I do have the occasional client who only needs tickets, I really enjoy putting together comprehensive packages that include tickets, accommodations, and other fun extras. Not only does it allow me to maximize my commission, but it also means I can provide a full-service experience for my clients. Seeing their happiness and satisfaction with my work is what makes being a Disney travel agent so rewarding.”

Maximizing Your Earnings as a Disney Travel Agent

To be a successful Disney travel agent, it’s crucial to focus on selling comprehensive vacation packages rather than just tickets. By booking accommodations, dining, entertainment, and other add-ons for your clients, you’ll provide a more personalized and complete experience while also increasing your overall commission earnings.

Remember, your goal should be to assist your clients with all aspects of their Disney vacation. This approach will help you stand out from competitors and build a loyal client base that will lead to more bookings and higher earnings over time.

Contemporary Resort

Don’t just focus on hotels. Offer a comprehensive package of hotel, tickets, dining, and more.

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How Commission Splits Work Between Agencies and Agents

As a Disney travel agent, you’ll typically work with an agency that has a relationship with Disney. Disney pays the agency a 10% commission on Disney theme park tickets and vacation packages, and then the agency splits that commission with you. The exact split can vary, but here’s a general breakdown:

  • New agents often start with a 50/50 split
  • As you gain experience, your split can increase to 60/40, 70/30, or even 80/20
  • In some agencies, you can earn a higher split if you find the client yourself

For example, if you book a week-long Walt Disney World vacation package (including tickets) for a family of four, it will typically cost around $6,600. In this scenario, Disney will pay your agency a $660 commission. With a 60/40 split, you would earn $396, while your agency would keep $264. Not bad for helping someone plan their dream vacation!

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Choosing the Right Disney Travel Agency to Work For

When you’re ready to take the leap and become a Disney travel agent, choosing the right agency to work with is crucial. I highly recommend checking out The Vacationeer and EnchantAway Travel. Both of these Disney travel agencies are excellent choices and offer competitive commission splits of up to 80%, as well as extensive training and support.

  • The Vacationeer is an excellent choice for experienced agents who want to work with a high-volume agency and receive a steady stream of leads. They have an outstanding reputation, and since they are an Earmarked Diamond-Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency, they offer more Disney travel agency perks, such as free trips to Disney destinations (FAM trips).
  • EnchantAway Travel, on the other hand, is a great option for new agents or those looking for part-time opportunities with plenty of flexibility. They provide agents with a supportive environment in which to grow and succeed in the industry, with a focus on work-life balance.

If you’re serious about becoming a Disney travel agent, our step-by-step guide, Getting Started as a Disney Travel Agent, is an essential resource. It’ll walk you through the process and help you determine if this rewarding career path is right for you. And when you’re ready, you can submit your job application using the button below!

Final Thoughts

Becoming a Disney travel agent can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding career choice for those passionate about Disney and helping others create magical vacations. As we’ve explored in this article, Disney travel agents earn commissions on various components of vacation packages, including theme park tickets, accommodations, dining plans, and other select add-ons. While ticket-only sales are less common, they still contribute to an agent’s overall earnings, but only for tickets that are three days or longer.

If you wish to succeed as a Disney travel agent, you must have the right skills, characteristics, and support system. Working with a trustworthy travel agency such as The Vacationeer or EnchantAway Travel can provide you with the necessary training, resources, and opportunities to excel in this competitive industry. If you are passionate about Disney and ready to turn it into a successful career, take the first step today and start preparing your resume!