Guests with mobility issues often wonder if they can rent a wheelchair at Disney World.

The answer is yes, Disney does offer wheelchair and Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) rentals at most of their theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.

In this article, we’ll discuss wheelchair rentals at Disney World –  where to rent wheelchairs, how much they cost, and whether you can bring your own wheelchair to the resort. We also discuss renting ECVs and everything you’ll need to know about these mobility vehicles for people with disabilities.

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How Much do Wheelchair Rentals Cost at Disney World?

Wheelchair rentals are quite affordable.

Here’s how much it costs to rent a wheelchair at Disney World (2023):

Walt Disney World Theme Parks
  • Daily Rental: $12
  • Length of Stay (multi-day): $10 each day
Disney World Water Parks and Disney Springs
  • Daily Rental: $12
  • A refundable deposit of $100 is required for these locations

Additional Disney World Wheelchair Information:

  • Limited Availability: Be advised that wheelchairs and ECVs are subject to availability (it’s usually not a problem but quantities are limited)
  • Daily rentals: Wheelchairs are transferable between locations within the resort but guests only need to pay once for that day’s wheelchair rental
  • Length of Stay Rentals: Guests can save time and money when they rent a wheelchair for multiday visits. Length of Stay wheelchairs are only transferable between Disney theme parks. Please be aware that Length of Stay wheelchair rentals may be unavailable during peak (busy) periods at Disney World.
  • Disability Access Service: For those with conditions affecting their ability to wait in line (even with a wheelchair or ECV), the Disability Access Service offers the opportunity to select a return time and wait elsewhere.

How to Return a Wheelchair Rental at Disney World

Wheelchairs are not to be removed from the location where they are rented.

When exiting the theme park, water park, or Disney Springs, rented wheelchairs are to be returned to the rental counter.

Rentals at a Disney water park or Disney Springs require a $100 deposit. The deposit will be returned when the wheelchair is returned. When visiting the next destination, guests simply present their rental receipt in order to pick up another wheelchair.

Tips for Renting a Wheelchair at Disney World

  • There are NO reservations available for wheelchair rentals
  • Wheelchairs are rented on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Because quantities are limited, we suggest you arrive early for the best selection
  • Guests must be 18+ to rent a wheelchair. A valid photo ID is required
  • There is a 350-pound maximum weight limit for Disney’s wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs are designed to hold only one person

Can You Bring your Own Wheelchair to Disney World?

Yes, Disney allows its guests to bring their own wheelchairs to Disney World. Personal wheelchairs can be used throughout Walt Disney World Resort, including in theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, restaurants, and resort hotels.

Please remember that personal belongings such as wheelchairs, ECVs, luggage, and strollers should never be left unattended in the corridors or hallways. Store your belongings insider your hotel room.

Renting EVCs from ScooterBug

Can you rent an EVC at Disney World?

Yes, Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECV) rentals are available throughout Disney’s theme parks, water parks as well as Disney Springs.

Guests who use mobility devices (like ECVs) have a few options: bring your own, rent one at Disney World through ScooterBug—the Disney Featured Provider, or rent from another third-party provider in the area.

You can see our Best Stroller Rental Companies at Disney World article for several third-party options.

As for ScooterBug, this private mobility rental company is the “Disney Featured Provider,” meaning that they are an exclusive ECV and stroller vendor at Disney’s theme parks and Disney Springs. They also provide the Length of Stay rentals for those staying at one of Disney Resort hotels.

ScooterBug works directly with Disney Resort Cast Members to facilitate the delivery and return of ECVs and stroller rentals. This means guests don’t have to be present when the mobility equipment is delivered to their Disney Resort hotel. In fact, Scooterbug is the only company Disney allows to pick up/drop off their mobility devices without meeting the guest.

Guests can make their pre-orders and deliveries of ECV rentals by visiting by calling (800) 726-8284, visiting, or via your Disney travel agent.

We recommend working with the Disney travel advisors at The Vacationeer. They can help you plan and book every aspect of your Disney trip, including your ECV reservations, at no additional charge to you.

How Much do ECV Rentals Cost at Disney World?

Walt Disney World Theme Parks

  • Daily Rentals: $50
  • Guests are required to pay a refundable $20 deposit at these locations

Walt Disney World Water Parks and Disney Springs

  • Daily Rentals: $50
  • Guests are required to pay a refundable $100 deposit at these locations

Daily ECV rentals are transferable between all Disney locations and you only need to pay once for the day.

Unlike wheelchair rentals, Length of Stay Rentals are NOT available for ECVs.

How to Return ECV Rentals at Disney World

ECVs cannot be removed from the park or destination where they were rented. Simply return the ECV to the rental counter as you exit and you will receive your deposit.

If you are leaving one theme park and visiting another one, simply present your rental receipt to secure another ECV rental.

Tips for Renting ECVs at Disney World

  • ECV rentals are first-come, first-served
  • Quantities are limited (we suggest you arrive early)
  • Guests must be 18+ to rent (and operate) an ECV. A valid photo ID is required.
  • There’s a maxim weight limit of 450 lbs
  • Only one person is allowed on an ECV
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own ECV to Disney World and use it throughout the resort
  • ECVs must be stored in your hotel room and not left outside in corridors or hallways.

Learn about how to navigate the park with disabilities here. For more information, you can contact Disability Services at [email protected]. or (407) 560-2547.  Or, better yet, speak with someone at The Vacationeer!

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