EPCOT is a unique Disney World theme park focused on global culture, cuisine, innovation, and nature. With recent transformations, many wonder if EPCOT is worth visiting compared to the more classic Magic Kingdom. This guide will highlight the best that this reinvented EPCOT has to offer to help you decide.

We’ll provide an overview of EPCOT’s four distinct neighborhoods, top attractions for all ages, details on world-class dining, insider tips to maximize your time, and whether EPCOT is worth it for adults, couples, and families with kids. Read on to see why EPCOT shouldn’t be missed on your 2024 or 2025 Walt Disney World vacation.

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Exploring EPCOT’s Four Distinct Neighborhoods

EPCOT is now divided into four distinct areas, with the former Future World divided into three new neighborhoods: World Discovery, World Nature, and World Celebration. The World Showcase remains unchanged. Here is a breakdown of the four neighborhoods:

  • World Celebration – The park’s main entrance focused on imagination and the arts – home to iconic attractions like Spaceship Earth.
  • World Discovery – High-tech rides and exhibits showcase innovation.
  • World Nature – Connect with the natural world through family-friendly ecology-based rides and exhibits.
  • World Showcase – Immerse yourself in the cuisine, culture, and entertainment of 11 countries of World Showcase around a scenic lagoon.

Now let’s explore each neighborhood at EPCOT in more detail:

World Celebration

The silver geosphere of EPCOT's Spaceship Earth is bathed in blue light

World Celebration serves as EPCOT’s main entrance area, with Spaceship Earth remaining the anchor. This neighborhood honors global human creativity, connection, imagination, and the arts.

Don’t miss:

  • Spaceship Earth – Journey through time in this iconic giant geosphere ride, tracing how communication methods evolved throughout history.
  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment – Explore the wacky Imagination Institute before Figment takes you on a zany tour.
  • The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival – Enjoy three delightful animated shorts at this 3D movie experience.

The Pros of World Celebration:

  • Home to several iconic EPCOT attractions like Spaceship Earth and Figment.
  • Inspires creativity and imagination through the arts.
  • Creations Shop sells Disney World souvenirs, while Connections Eatery serves Italian, French, and Asian cuisine.

The Cons of World Celebration:

  • Lacks classic Disney characters and theming found at other parks.
  • Heavier educational focus may bore younger kids.
  • Attractions are spread out, requiring lots of walking between them.

Best For:

Tweens, teens, adults, and anyone seeking moderate thrills paired with innovation.

Our Thoughts:

Jaime, my wife, enjoys the educational aspect of World Celebration. I am particularly fond of the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. Our 5-year-old daughter Ava finds Figment endearing, but our 8-year-old son Ben occasionally becomes bored here.

World Discovery

Riders queue up to board the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at EPCOT

World Discovery features stories about space, science, technology, and intergalactic adventures. Home to most of EPCOT’s high-tech thrill rides.

Must experience:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – Blast off on Disney’s first reverse launch coaster into an intergalactic adventure alongside the Guardians in the newly added Wonders of Xandar pavilion (formerly home to Universe of Energy).
  • Test Track – Design your own virtual concept vehicle, then ride along as it zips through sharp turns and straightaways, reaching 65mph on a thrilling outdoor test track.
  • Mission: SPACE – Blast off on an immersive spinning ride simulating a realistic space mission to Mars or orbiting the Earth. Choose the “Orange” side for the full experience with actual G forces, or the “Green” side for less intense training (no spinning).
  • Space 220 – Dine with celestial views at this restaurant simulating dining aboard a space station 220 miles above Earth.

The Pros of World Discovery:

  • Home to several of Disney’s most thrilling rides.
  • Innovative exhibits bring science and tech to life in hands-on ways.
  • Space 220 provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The Cons of World Discovery:

  • Thrill rides like Mission: SPACE may be too intense for some guests.
  • Mostly focuses on science and technology rather than Disney characters.
  • Spread out, requiring extensive walking between pavilions.

Best For:

Thrill-seekers, science buffs, and anyone fascinated by innovation.

Our Thoughts:

Jaimie dislikes the intensity of Mission: SPACE, but it’s one of my favorites. Our 8-year-old son Ben loves the thrills of Test Track and the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster. We all enjoy dining at Space 220, surrounded by simulated views of space. Ava raved about her Cosmic Cupcake!

World Nature

World Nature spotlights conservation, sustainability, ecology, and our connection with the natural world.

Don’t miss:

  • Soarin’ Around the World – Feel the wind in your hair on this aerial hang glider ride soaring over iconic global landmarks.
  • Living with the Land – See experimental greenhouses showcasing innovative agriculture techniques on this peaceful boat tour.
  • Awesome Planet – Discover Earth’s majestic biomes and the impact of climate change in this stunning on-screen documentary in The Land pavilion.
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Spot real marine life on this undersea ride through a giant saltwater aquarium (the 2nd largest aquarium in the US).

The Pros of World Nature:

  • Family-friendly rides and exhibits focused on ecology and conservation.
  • Peaceful experiences like the greenhouse boat tour.
  • Appealing to younger kids with attractions like The Seas aquarium.

The Cons of World Nature:

  • Not heavy on Disney characters or thrills.
  • Educational focus may not excite all kids.
  • Requires walking between the spread-out pavilions.

Best For:

Families, animal lovers, and those who appreciate nature.

Our Thoughts:

My 5-year-old daughter Ava loves The Seas aquarium and seeing real fish, turtles, and manatees inside. Our whole family enjoys the relaxing Living with the Land boat ride — and gawking at the nine pound lemons, hanging Mickey-shaped watermelons, and the giant tomato “tree.”

World Showcase

Epcot Countries - World Showcase - Italy

EPCOT’s World Showcase whisks you around the globe without ever leaving Florida. This incredible area features 11 country pavilions encircling a lagoon, each authentically representing its culture.

Don’t miss:

  • A large selection of outstanding restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world.
  • Some of EPCOT’s best rides and attractions – Frozen Ever After (Norway) and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (France).
  • O Canada! CircleVision 360 film, showcasing majestic Canadian scenery.
  • American Adventure, a 30-minute Audio-Animatronics stage show about US history.

Pros of World Showcase:

  • Breathtakingly scenic architecture and ambiance
  • Authentic cuisine, shopping, and entertainment
  • Perfect leisurely pace for a culinary world tour

Cons of World Showcase:

  • Limited rides compared to other Disney parks
  • Extensive walking around the 1.2-mile loop
  • Younger kids may get bored without more Disney characters

Best For:

Foodies, cultural explorers, couples seeking relaxation

Our Thoughts:

I have fond memories of strolling around World Showcase hand-in-hand with my wife before we had kids. Now, our children enjoy experiencing the different cultures, having outgrown Kidcot. The sophistication and authenticity create memories to last a lifetime.

With detail and flair, World Showcase makes you feel transported across the world. Its cuisine, entertainment, architecture, and ambiance are pure Disney magic. Disney World Foodies especially love World Showcase for its global cuisine and drinks.

The leisurely pace is perfect for exploring throughout the afternoon and evening. There’s absolutely nothing like feeling a warm evening breeze wafting off the lagoon as giant torches flicker along the waterfront, casting dancing shadows as people walk by. While there are limited rides for young kids seeking lively entertainment, the cultural offerings and cuisine make World Showcase a must-see for most ages.

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Savoring EPCOT’s Global and Innovative Cuisine

Innovative international cuisine at EPCOT

EPCOT boasts some of the finest dining experiences in Disney World. With a diverse range of cuisines available, from festival snacks to quick-service eateries, character dining to upscale sit-down restaurants that offer authentic representation of international cuisine, there is something to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Highly rated restaurants include:

  • Le Cellier Steakhouse (Canada) – Tempting steaks and creamy cheese soup in an airy wine cellar atmosphere.
  • Teppan Edo (Japan) – Watch as chefs theatrically prepare meals table-side on hibachi grills.
  • Via Napoli (Italy) – Outstanding wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza with bubbly blistered crusts.
  • Biergarten (Germany) – Hearty buffet with authentic German fare alongside polka dancing and music.
  • Space 220 (World Discovery) – Dine with celestial views at this restaurant simulating dining aboard a space station 220 miles above Earth.
  • Garden Grill (World Nature) – Innovative Disney Character dining in a revolving restaurant, with produce grown right in The Land greenhouses.

The Pros of EPCOT Dining:

  • Huge variety from quick service to luxury dining.
  • Authentic global flavors.
  • Unique festival serving season bites and delicious beverages.

The Cons:

  • Signature restaurants are expensive.
  • Quick service in Future World is uninspiring.
  • Festival snacks and drinks add up.

Our thoughts:

Jaimie and I love Rose & Crown for appetizers and entrees, but our favorite EPCOT dining experience is trying food from International Food & Wine Festival kiosks. Our children are drawn to Italy for its pizzas. As a family, we have recently discovered two new favorite activities that we can all enjoy: lunch at Space 220 and watching the chefs at Teppan Edo.

Is EPCOT Worth Visiting for Families with Kids?

While adults may visit EPCOT for fine dining and drinks, families can still have a great time if they have realistic expectations. Interactive rides, shows, playgrounds, excellent character meet-and-greets, and hands-on activities are all available throughout EPCOT’s four neighborhoods.

Top kid-friendly activities include:

  • Getting passport stamps at Kidcot Fun Stops.
  • Meeting beloved characters like Anna & Elsa.
  • Seeing Crush from Finding Nemo chat with toddlers at Turtle Talk with Crush.

World Showcase is a great place for parents with infants and toddlers to visit at Disney World. It has a leisurely pace, ample seating, and rides like Frozen Ever After that allow strollers. This makes it a more relaxing and spread-out experience than busy parks like Magic Kingdom.

Thanks to the variety of tailored experiences, most elementary and middle school-aged children can stay engaged all day long at EPCOT through interactive adventures. However, some toddlers and preschoolers may grow restless, given the extensive walking required around the large park.

Taking afternoon breaks, prioritizing meals, lowering expectations for rides, and focusing on shows and character interactions can help young children recharge at EPCOT. Families can find EPCOT to be a more enjoyable and underrated park if they have realistic expectations.

Why EPCOT Appeals to Adults

While little ones’ patience may wear thin midday, EPCOT was designed with grown-ups in mind. From thrills to fine dining, adults visiting Disney World have plenty of activities catered directly to them.

Top attractions for adults include:

  • Experiencing thrills on rides like Test Track, Mission: SPACE, and Guardians of the Galaxy (ranked as the best roller coaster at Disney World).
  • Indulging in cuisines, drinks, and entertainment from the 11 World Showcase pavilions
  • Exploring seasonal festivals like Food & Wine and Flower & Garden

The sophisticated architecture, live entertainment, and ambiance provide a welcome escape from kid-centric crowds elsewhere at Disney.

Ideal for Couples, Too

With its food, ambiance, and cultural experiences, EPCOT is great for couples without kids.

  • Couples looking for a leisurely stroll and cultural experience will find World Showcase to be ideal.
  • Signature dining and classic rides combine sophistication with Disney magic.
  • Couples can find intimate dining and entertainment that matches their interests, or intimate lounges such as La Cava Del Tequila (Mexico) and Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (Italy).

EPCOT suits couples at Disney World seeking romance, global exploration at their own pace, and thrills with world-class cuisine and drinks.

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Insider Tips to Maximize Time at EPCOT

Use these EPCOT tips to avoid crowds and lines:

  • Book Disney Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane passes to bypass lines at top rides.
  • Visit attractions in World Discovery first, then enjoy World Showcase’s food and ambiance later.
  • See shows and exhibits during the hottest afternoons.
  • Take an afternoon break back at your hotel to recharge.

Careful planning can help you avoid long lines, excessive walking, overheating, and hunger-related meltdowns. Alternate between thrilling rides and air-conditioned exhibits, meals, transportation, and mid-day breaks. This will help you conserve energy and enjoy the entertaining nighttime ambiance of World Showcase. A little EPCOT strategy can go a long way.

Staying Nearby at EPCOT Area Resorts

Surrey Bikes glide across the BoardWalk

If you’re visiting EPCOT and looking for a nearby place to stay, the EPCOT Area Resorts are a great option. Many are close enough to walk to the park, but you can also take a quick boat ride or a unique aerial gondola ride on the Disney Skyliner. Some popular choices include:

  • Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club: You can take a leisurely stroll or a boat ride to EPCOT’s back International Gateway entrance.
  • Disney’s BoardWalk: A short walk from this resort takes you to EPCOT’s back entrance.
  • Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin: These official resorts are between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach: You can use the new Disney Skyliner gondolas to swiftly connect to EPCOT’s International Gateway entrance.
  • Disney’s Riviera: Inspired by the golden age of European travel, enjoy stunning rooftop views and a quick Skyliner ride to EPCOT.

Staying close by will allow you to take mid-day breaks back at your hotel and return quickly for evening activities or dinner at World Showcase.

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Is EPCOT Worth Visiting in 2024 or 2025? Our Conclusion

EPCOT may differ from other Disney World theme parks, but we firmly believe that its one-of-a-kind experiences make it worth your time and money in 2024 or 2025 – for many travelers, at least.

While the slower pace, limited Disney characters, and extensive walking may not suit every visitor, with proper planning, guests of most ages can find aspects to enjoy throughout the day.

The depth of immersive global cuisine, culture, innovation, and attractions provides exceptional value. Where else can you savor tacos in Mexico, pasta in Italy, sushi in Japan, and maple treats in Canada — and feel like you’ve explored nearly a dozen countries — all in one day? While you may crave more quintessential Disney magic and characters elsewhere, EPCOT’s sophisticated offerings provide an indispensable change of pace.

Take advantage of the chance to see Disney done in a whole new way at this unique park. The recent transformation keeps EPCOT fresh while still capturing that World’s Fair-inspired ambiance.

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