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disney world transportation map

Our Disney World Transportation map shows all the transportation options throughout Disney World.  Click on your Resort and see the travel times to each Disney Park.

Looking for a little advice and assistance with planning your next Disney World vacation? Talking to a reputable Disney Travel Agent is your best bet.  Take a look at our list of top Disney Travel Planners!

Our Disney World Crowd Calendar will help you know which is the best time of year to visit Disney World to maximize your time on the rides and minimize your time in line.

Free Disney World Stock Photos!

disney world stroller rentals

Wondering what to do about Strollers at Disney World? Should you bring your own?  Rent a stroller? How much does it cost?   Look no further.  Here’s our complete guide to Strollers at Disney.

packing list for disney world

A great Disney Packing List will help you make sure you don’t forget to pack anything important.  Our packing list includes all the items you’ll need for a great trip!

A closeup image of the red funnel smokestack of a Disney Cruise Ship, with a white Mickey Mouse silhouette and blue wave background design

Love the theme parks and considering a cruise? Whether it will be your first time ever on a ship, or just your first Disney Cruise, we have everything you need to know about cruising with Disney.


Pop Century

Disney’s Value Resorts are the entry level price point into a magical Disney themed vacation.  Stay on Disney’s property and experience all that Disney has to offer, all the time.  Here are our top Disney Value Resorts ranked.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Moderate Resorts are the next step up in luxury and amenities in your magical Disney vacation.  Stay on Disney’s property with improved transportation and resort amenity options.  Here are our top Disney Moderate Resorts ranked.

DIsney's Grand Floridian Resort hotel

Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are the pinnacle in Luxury on offer at Walt Disney World.  Stay on Disney’s property and experience only the best and most luxurious amenities & transportation options.  Here are our top Disney Resorts Resorts ranked.

Our Complete Disney World Resort Comparison Guide

Have you ever wondered how many people actually visit Disney World and other Theme Parks?  Well, here’s the Total Annual Park Attendance data from the major U.S. Theme parks for 2018.  It’s pretty enlightening information and can help you understand where the majority of vacationers are choosing to spend their vacations. (source)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom – 20.859 Million
Disneyland – 18.666 Million
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – 13.75 Million
Disney’s Epcot – 12.444 Million
Disney’s Hollywood Studios – 11.258 Million
Universal Studios Orlando – 10.708 Million
Disney’s California Adventure – 9.861 Million
Island’s of Adventure – 9.788 Million
Universal Studios Hollywood – 9.147 Million
Sea World (FL) – 4.59 Million


Festivals at Disney World

Planning a Disney World vacation but not sure when to go? Between seasonal events, weather, school and work schedules, it can be a tough decision.  Here’s our guide to help you choose the best time of year to go to Walt Disney World.

what to do when it rains at disney world

Florida is nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” but the weather at Disney World isn’t always predictably sunny. But don’t fret – In the event of bad weather, there are still plenty of Disney attractions to escape the rain until the sun returns. We’ll help you plan ahead so you won’t get drenched.

become a disney travel agent

Are you interested in becoming a Disney travel agent? It seems like the ultimate job for a Disney fanatic because you get paid to talk about Disney all day long. But is it really as fun and rewarding as it seems? We’ll give you all the information you’ll need to decide if this career is right for you.

Disney Trivia

Throwing a Party with Disney Friends? Running a Trivia Night? Just love Disney? Well, we have some great Disney Trivia that we think you’ll find amazing!

Free Things To Do at Disney

A Disney Vacation can be very expensive. Here are some things at Disney World that you may not have known are absolutely FREE!

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