Disney Cruise Line offers outstanding vacations all over the world, but which itineraries are the very best? Choosing an amazing itinerary is essential to enjoy a memorable vacation, and Disney cruises offer great options no matter where you want to set sail. From explorations of the Caribbean to delving into the history and culture of Europe to enjoying the natural beauty of Alaska to celebrating the vibrancy of Mexico, there are magical cruises setting sail everywhere you want to go, but certain options do stand out above others.

About Disney Cruise Itineraries

While every Disney ship is a destination in and of itself, the cruise itinerary is the travel route along which the magic will happen. Not only does this include time aboard the ship on various sea days, but also the ports visited and how much time is spent in each one. Longer port visits permit more opportunities for port adventures, and longer, destination-rich itineraries can bring travelers to many different locations on a single, convenient cruise.

Disney Cruise Line offers itineraries worldwide, from the Caribbean to Canada, the Mexican Riviera to Alaska, Hawaii to Europe. Cruise lengths range from 3-12 nights, with both shorter and longer options available in many destinations. But how to choose between them?

Each itinerary offers something unique for travelers to explore, but we’ve curated the very finest of Disney’s cruise itineraries for the most magical getaway.

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Best Disney Cruise Line Itineraries Worldwide

Disney offers cruise itineraries to suit every interest, budget, and vacation dream. But which itineraries are the best of the best? It depends on where you want to set sail.

Note: Example itineraries are subject to change; quoted prices are the starting rate for two adults and include applicable port taxes and fees. Contact The Vacationeer for updated pricing, additional itineraries, and more information for these 2022-2023 itineraries or any Disney cruises.

Disney’s Best Caribbean Itinerary

The Caribbean is a rich, diverse region with many different nations that make up the island-hopping experience. From tropical forests and sun-drenched beaches to mountains, waterfalls, and lagoons, the natural beauty of the Caribbean can be explored on every island, and cruise guests are often able to mingle with stingrays, dolphins, and other engaging wildlife through port adventures and swim experiences.

For guests who prefer to stay on dry land, historic tours, shopping centers, bike rides, and culinary experiences are all available, while more adventurous guests might try parasailing, kayaking, or zip lines for an exhilarating adrenaline rush. But which cruise itinerary offers the best options to do it all?

Disney Cruise Line’s best Caribbean itinerary is its 7-night Western Caribbean sailing from Port Canaveral. The closest cruise port to Orlando and just an hour from Walt Disney World, this cruise is a great choice for combining with theme park visits for a well-rounded, once-in-a-lifetime Disney getaway.

After setting sail, the ship – Disney Fantasy in 2022 and early 2023 – will visit the most desirable Caribbean destinations. Guests will experience the friendly vibrancy of Cozumel, Mexico; enjoy the rich elegance of Grand Cayman; and delight in the warmth and charm of Jamaica, all on one cruise. Furthermore, the itinerary also includes a stop at Disney’s private island in The Bahamas, Castaway Cay, where guests will find even more Caribbean-inspired magic.

DCL Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, a port of call for Disney Cruise Line | Image © Disney

In addition to the amazing options inherent in this diverse itinerary, Disney Cruise Line is also offering theme sailings along this route. In 2022 and 2023, options include:

  • Pixar Day at Sea – 2023 Dates: January 14, January 28, February 11, February 25
  • Very Merrytime (Christmas) – 2022 Dates: November 19, December 3, December 17
  • Halloween on the High Seas – 2022 Dates: September 10, October 8, October 22

Prices start at $3,225 for two adults in an inside stateroom; $3,575 for an oceanview, and $3,981 for a verandah (balcony), including all port fees and taxes.

Disney’s Best Alaska Itinerary

One of the most sought-after cruise destinations in the world, Alaska is a dream destination for its unparalleled natural beauty and pristine wonder. From sailing past mountains and glaciers to experiencing authentic Alaskan native cultures to diving into some of the best seafood in the world, Alaska is a unique and enchanting place to visit.

Though the Alaska cruise season runs just from late April through early October, Disney Cruise Line offers a stunning way to see the Last Frontier on its 7-night sailing from Vancouver, British Columbia aboard Disney Wonder.

DCL Skagway

Skagway, AK, a Disney Cruise Line port of call | Image © Disney

This cruise hits all of Alaska’s top cruise ports – Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway. In Juneau, Alaska’s capital, whale watching tours are always popular, while in Ketchikan, the quirky, fun, and even educational Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show is a good time for the whole family. In Skagway, the White Pass and Yukon Railroad offers a great train ride through impressive scenery and a glimpse of the state’s gold rush history. After the ride, don’t miss the fry bread at the Klondike Doughboy in downtown Skagway!

In addition to the ports of call, this cruise also features scenic cruising by Dawes Glacier, one of the most impressive glacial formations in Endicott Arm fjord. The breathtaking beauty and extreme isolation of the glacier is sure to be a stunning memory all Disney cruisers will cherish.

This 7-night Alaskan adventure aboard Disney Wonder starts at rates of $3,281 for two adults in an interior cabin during 2023 departures. Rates for 2022 sailings are as low as $3,424 for an inside stateroom, $3,698 for an oceanview, and $5,034 for a verandah, with sailing dates in the early fall being the most affordable rates.

Disney’s Best European Itinerary

Europe is a special destination for many Disney fans, as the phenomenal castles and landscapes so beloved in many Disney films have been inspired by European architecture, history, and literature. To that end, every European itinerary offered by Disney Cruise Line can be filled with extra special experiences.

For the best introduction to Europe and the most diverse exploration of the region, the best European Disney cruise itinerary is the 9-night Mediterranean voyage that includes the Greek Isles. This sailing, which is one-way between Barcelona, Spain, and Rome, Italy, stops in world-renowned destinations throughout the Mediterranean, including Marseille, France; Pisa, Italy; Santorini, Greece; Pompeii, Italy, and more.

Sailing aboard Disney Dream, this cruise will be a dream come true for anyone hoping to sail the ancient and storied waters of the Mediterranean. Prices start at $7,652 for two adults in an inside stateroom, $8,228 for an oceanview, and $9,128 for a verandah.

DCL Santorini Greece

Santorini, Greece, a Disney Cruise Line port of call | Image © Disney

Yet any ranking of European sailings is incomplete without at least mentioning other options that give Disney cruisers even more opportunities to embrace the elegance and history of the region. Other popular and outstanding European 2022 sailings include:

  • 7-night British Isles from Dover aboard Disney Magic, visiting Stonehenge, England; Cork, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland, and other incredible ports.
  • 7-night Norwegian Fjords from Southampton aboard Disney Dream, visiting ports of call in Netherlands and Norway.
  • 10-night Iceland, Norway, and France voyage aboard Disney Dream, sailing from iconic Southampton and including visits to Cherbourg, France; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Alesund, Norway, ending in Copenhagen.

Disney’s Best Mexican Itinerary

Guests interested in the warm, vibrant culture of Mexico can do no better than visiting aboard a Disney cruise, where the magic of the ship will combine with the south-of-the-border style for a uniquely memorable getaway rich in music, tastes, and flair. Disney Cruise Line offers visits to Mexican ports both from the Caribbean as well as the Pacific side of the country, with itineraries of various lengths and including other ports along the way.

The very best Disney Cruise Line Mexican cruise itinerary is the 5-night Baja cruise from San Diego, visiting the quaint port of Ensenada as well as the picturesque Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. This relaxed itinerary still enjoys abundant time in port as well as two days at sea to experience all the fun of Disney Wonder, the ship currently offering this vacation.

DCL Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, a port of call for Disney Cruise Line | Image © Disney

As an added bonus, in 2022 this sailing features holiday extras as a “Halloween on the High Seas” itinerary departing on September 23 or October 16, as well as “Very Merrytime” sailings departing December 18 or December 23.

Prices for two adults start at $1,808 for an inside stateroom, $1,978 for an oceanview, or $2,628 for a verandah stateroom for the Halloween sailings, or $2,518, $2,808, or $3,848 respectively for the Christmas sailing dates.

Disney’s Best Bahamas Itinerary

For a quick getaway, nothing beats a cruise to The Bahamas, and even a short sailing can be infused with all manner of classic Disney magic. While no cruise – even the longest one – could possibly explore the more than 3,000 islands, islets, and cays in The Bahamas, a short jaunt can offer great opportunities in the country’s charming and colorful capital city, Nassau.

DCL Nassau

Nassau, Bahamas, a Disney Cruise Line port of call | Image © Disney

Disney Cruise Line sailings, however, offer even more with a stop at the line’s award-winning private island, Castaway Cay. One of the most popular ports of call with repeat cruisers, Castaway Cay offers fun photo opportunities, one-of-a-kind port adventures, nature trails, an observation tower, relaxing beaches, water play areas, a snorkeling lagoon, and much more to explore.

The best Bahamas cruise itinerary is the 4-night sailing from Miami that includes stops in both Nassau and Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay. This popular cruise is offered throughout the year on two Disney cruise ships, sailing on Disney Dream in 2022 and early 2023, and Disney Magic beginning in June 2023. Select sailing dates also feature “Halloween on the High Seas” and “Very Merrytime” themes.

Prices start as low as $1,251 for two adults in an inside stateroom, $1,283 for an oceanview, or $1,379 for a verandah stateroom, including all taxes and fees.

Choosing Your Perfect Itinerary

With so many outstanding destinations to choose from, how is it possible to pick just one best Disney Cruise Line itinerary? Whether you’re a frequent cruiser or searching for that once-in-a-lifetime sailing, keep the key traits of your ideal vacation in mind when you’re choosing an itinerary:

  • Does your dream vacation involve warm, tropical vibes? Go to the Caribbean or The Bahamas!
  • Do you want to see the most amazing wildlife and natural scenery? Visit Alaska!
  • Are you interested in a food-rich destination? Try the many flavors of Mexico!
  • Are you a history, art, or literature buff? You can’t go wrong in Europe!
  • Do you want a private, exclusive experience? Don’t miss Castaway Cay!
  • Want minimal hassle getting to the ship? Sail from a nearby port! (Texans can board a Disney ship from Galveston, for instance).

Above all, it is important to be aware that even during the best of times, itineraries can and do change due to port regulations, weather conditions, ship maintenance, or other factors.

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