Disney Cruise costs per person can vary depending on the time of year, the length of the cruise, and the specific ship and itinerary. A Disney Cruise is typically a bit more expensive than a comparable cruise on another line, thanks in part to the premium experience offered. On average, the price per night per person is between $300 and $700 (based on double occupancy) depending on the time of the year and the location. The package includes the price of the room, food, and entertainment. There are, of course, outliers — especially for longer cruises in peak season at popular destinations.

The cheapest way to book a Disney Cruise is often by booking early and taking advantage of special promotions. You can also save money by sharing a room with another person or family. In this article, we will give an overview of the factors that affect the price of a Disney Cruise and the benefits of booking a Disney Cruise.

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Factors That Affect the Price of a Disney Cruise

There are several factors that affect the price of a Disney Cruise. Here are just some of the things that affect the cost of your cruise.

The first factor is the time of year you will sail – prices are typically higher during peak vacation times, such as summer and winter break.

The second factor is the length of the cruise. A longer cruise, of course, costs more than a shorter cruise. In some cases, longer cruises may be cheaper per day than shorter ones, but longer cruises do include more ports of call, which can increase the cost of the trip due to port fees.

The third factor is the destination. Disney Cruises go to destinations such as the Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe, and each destination comes with a different price. 

Fourth, the type of room you book matters. Rooms with balconies or special features like concierge service usually cost more than standard rooms. The average costs vary, but here’s an example range for a 3-night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral in July 2025, with two people in one stateroom:

  • an Inside room costs at least $3,044 ($507.34 per person per night)
  • an Oceanview room costs at least $3,188 ($531.34 per person per night)
  • a Verandah room costs at least $3,380 ($563.34 per person per night)
  • a concierge room costs at least $5,414 ($902.34 per person per night)

Fifth, you’ll be charged based on who is in the room. The first two people in the room always pay the adult rate, regardless of age (and solo travelers must pay a supplement to cover the “missing” second person). Additional passengers in the same room pay different amounts based on their age group. For example, here are the charges for each passenger in a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom on a 3-Night Bahamas Cruise in April 2025:

  • First two adults: $1,215 each ($405 per person per night)
  • 15-year-old: $651 ($217 per night)
  • 7-year-old: $624 ($208 per night)
  • 2-year-old: $349 ($116.34 per night)

Another factor in the price is when you book. Like airline tickets, stateroom prices can change over time based on demand. Even if the price of a room remains steady, cheaper room categories may be booked earlier (leaving only more expensive options to be booked). Book early for the best shot at a low price per night.

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Benefits of Booking a Disney Cruise

In addition to the high quality of service and attention to detail that Disney is known for, there are several other benefits to booking a cruise with Disney Cruise Line. First, most dining on your cruise is included, which can save you hundreds of dollars on your overall vacation cost.

Second, all-inclusive Disney Cruises offer unique experiences that you won’t find on other cruise lines, such as character meet-and-greets, private island access, and exclusive shows and events.

Third, all of Disney’s cruise ships are playfully themed throughout, with little Disney touches and innovations around every corner. Whether you choose the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, or Disney Wish, you’ll feel right at home on one of these amazing vessels. And more ships are being built, too!

Finally, Disney Cruises are very family-friendly and offer a wide range of activities for all ages. From kids’ clubs to adult-only dining, there is something for everyone on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruises Cost Versus Royal Caribbean

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a cruise line, but one important factor is cost. So, how does Disney Cruise Line stack up against Royal Caribbean?

Let’s compare Disney and Royal Caribbean prices for the following:

  • 3-night Bahamas Cruise
  • Visiting Nassau and the cruise line’s private island
  • Sailing March 7, 2025
  • Two Adults
  • Interior stateroom

Disney cost per person, per night: $387.67

Royal Caribbean cost per person, per night: $285.67

Cruise prices typically include your onboard accommodations, meals, and entertainment.  While Disney Cruises tend to be a bit more expensive than other cruise lines, they offer a unique vacation experience that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, Disney has a private island that is only available to their guests, and they also offer special shows and events not available anywhere else.

If finding a more affordable option is the most important factor, Royal Caribbean International might be a good choice as long as you’re OK with missing out on all the extra magic that Disney brings. Royal Caribbean does offer all-inclusive pricing and a wide range of activities and amenities, such as an adults-only pool area, a casino, and a variety of restaurants.

When comparing Disney Cruises versus Royal Caribbean cruises, Disney is more expensive than Royal Caribbean, but we feel that Disney is worth the additional cost.  That said, both cruises offer a unique and memorable experience.

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