Disney’s themed cruises are designed for families and often showcase popular movie franchises or holiday celebrations. These are a prime choice for Disney enthusiasts or those searching for a unique cruise experience. This article explores several Disney cruises with special themes, where I’ll emphasize their unique features and reasons they might be perfect for your next trip.

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The Magic of Disney’s Themed Cruises

Disney Cruises are much more than just voyages. They are magical escapades where stories come to life.

While almost every Disney Cruise has a theme night (such as Pirate Night or Frozen Night), those events are limited to only a few hours — typically just dinner and a deck party afterward.

Themed Disney cruises elevate this experience by infusing specific themes into every corner of the cruise, creating an immersive adventure for at least one full day — if not the entire cruise. These include:

  • Unique Atmosphere: From staterooms to dining areas, the entire ship transforms according to the theme.
  • Tailored Entertainment: Witness shows, parades, and fireworks displays tailored to the cruise’s unique theme.
  • Themed Activities: Every activity, whether it’s a treasure hunt or a dance party, is designed to resonate with the theme.

Now, let’s look at the six themed cruises that Disney Cruise Line currently offers and one that may or may not be returning.

Special “Days at Sea” Themed Disney Cruises

Experience enchanting tales come alive with day-long events dedicated to iconic films. Enjoy exclusive meet-and-greets, deck celebrations, and activities that separate these themed cruises.

Marvel Day at Sea

Special onboard offerings may vary from year to year

Step aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship for a journey like no other as the world of Marvel comes alive around you. With the exclusive Marvel Day at Sea, be prepared for a day packed with action, entertainment, and unforgettable memories that cater to fans, young and old.

Essential Details:

  • Set Sail On: Disney Dream
  • Journey Dates: Multiple departures from January to March 2025
  • Route: Luxurious 5-night Disney cruises from Fort Lauderdale, exploring the Bahamas and the Western Caribbean

Highlights & Experiences:

  • Marvel Meet & Greet: Capture the moment with over 30 Marvel legends, ranging from the valiant Captain America to the formidable Thanos.
  • Super Shows: An exclusive, jaw-dropping superhero stunt show, unique to these sailings. Perfect for family entertainment!
  • Deck Extravaganza: Day and nighttime Marvel-inspired deck parties ensure non-stop fun.

Why Marvel Day at Sea?:

  • Exclusive Photo Ops: With both beloved heroes and notorious villains. Perfect for your social media profiles.
  • Epic Entertainment: From unique stunt shows to immersive deck parties, there’s no dull moment.
  • Themed Activities: These activities are suitable for people of all ages. You can dive deep into the Marvel universe, participate in trivia, or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

My friend Luis took his family on a Marvel-themed cruise earlier this year, and they absolutely loved it. The kids were so excited to meet characters dressed up as their favorite superheroes. Luis said the nighttime parties up on the deck were the highlight of the trip for everyone.

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Holiday-Themed Disney Cruises

From mid-September to year’s end, immerse yourself in the festive magic as Disney Cruise Line offers special cruises celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmastime, and New Year’s Eve.

Halloween on the High Seas

Special onboard offerings may vary from year to year

What if Disney combined the magic of Disney with the spookiness of Halloween? Disney’s Halloween on the High Seas does just that. Imagine sailing through the vast oceans while enjoying haunted antics and delicious treats. A cheerful, not-scary theme dominates parties and entertainment on the ships.

Essential Details:

  • Set Sail On: Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish in 2024. 2025 TBD
  • Journey Dates: Numerous departures span September and October
  • Route: Varies by ship; typically Eastern/Western Caribbean or the Bahamas.

Highlights & Experiences:

  • Disney Halloween Meet & Greet: Capture whimsical moments with Disney’s iconic figures donned in Halloween attire. From a spellbinding Minnie Mouse to a ghostly Goofy, they’re all aboard!
  • Signature Spooky Shows: Immerse in exclusive experiences like “The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream” and the renowned Mickey’s “Mouse-querade Party.”
  • Deck Celebrations: Participate in vibrant deck parties imbued with the timeless Halloween spirit.

Mickey Mouse, from a balcony, greets Guests during a Halloween on the High Seas specialty cruise

Why Choose Halloween on the High Seas?

  • Enchanting Photo Ops: Stand beside festively adorned Disney characters.
  • Non-Stop Entertainment: From unique shows to dynamic deck parties, you will have a blast!
  • Diverse Activities: This family-friendly event features ghostly crafts, delicious treats, and a mystical atmosphere.

Jaimie and I enjoyed a “Halloween on the High Seas” cruise a few years ago. The fun deck parties – and mingling with Mickey and friends – remain a treasured memory. Every Halloween enthusiast and Disney fan will love this cruise!

Thanksgiving at Sea

Experience the magic of Thanksgiving on a Disney cruise, where you’ll be surrounded by festive decorations, delicious food, and Disney’s signature hospitality.

Essential Details:

  • Set Sail On: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish.
  • Journey Dates: The exact Thanksgiving Disney cruise dates for 2024 and 2025 aren’t usually officially announced, but they are typically limited to the individual cruises which will be in progress on Thanksgiving Day itself. (Don’t expect every November sail date to include Thanksgiving touches, unlike Halloween/Christmas which tend to “creep” into surrounding months.)
  • Route: Sail from ports such as San Diego and Port Canaveral, exploring the Mexican Riviera, the Western Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

Highlights & Experiences:

  • Thanksgiving Feast: Indulge in a delicious traditional turkey dinner, carefully prepared to evoke the feeling of home.
  • Festive Ambiance: Enjoy the seasonal decorations that adorn every corner of the ship, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.
  • Live Entertainment: Tune into live satellite broadcasts of football and experience the thrill of the game while at sea.

Why Thanksgiving at Sea?

  • Effortless Celebration: Leave the meticulous tasks of cooking, cleaning, and decorating to Disney’s expert crew.
  • Bonding Time: Prioritize quality moments with loved ones as you sail from one enchanting port to another.
  • Unique Festivities: From the traditional turkey feast to the Very Merrytime Cruises’ offerings, there’s always something magical to experience.

Last year, my cousin Rachel and her family went on a magical cruise that combined the wonder of Disney with the cozy warmth of Thanksgiving. They were enchanted by the experience! With Disney’s Thanksgiving at Sea, you, too, can redefine your Thanksgiving traditions.

Very Merrytime Cruises

Special onboard offerings may vary from year to year

Hop on board Disney’s Very Merrytime Cruises for a dazzling holiday experience. Dive into the spirit of Christmas with an unforgettable journey, made even more special by Disney’s magical touch.

Essential Details:

  • Set Sail On: Typically on Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish.
  • Journey Dates: Sailings throughout November and December, from short 3-night trips to extended adventures. Check with The Vacationeer for dates and pricing.
  • Route: Leave from Galveston, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, and more. Travel the sunny beaches of the Bahamas, explore the Western Caribbean, and visit the Mexican Riviera.

Highlights & Experiences:

  • Holiday Deck Show: Enjoy performances by your favorite Disney characters, celebrating the holiday spirit with music and cheer.
  • Seasonal Décor: The ship transforms into a Christmas paradise with sparkling lights, a massive 24-foot tree, and festive decorations everywhere.
  • Santa Claus Visits: Look out for special moments with Santa, always ready to spread happiness and gather Christmas wishes.
A life-size gingerbread house in the atrium lobby of a Disney Cruise Ship

A life-size Gingerbread House may be seen on a Very Merrytime Cruise

Why Very Merrytime Cruises?:

  • Magical Atmosphere: Experience the classic Disney Christmas magic throughout the ship.
  • Time Together: Bond with loved ones as you travel to amazing destinations, all while wrapped in holiday joy.
  • Holiday Activities: From lighting the tree with Mickey and Minnie to festive surprises on board, there’s always something special happening.

For Jaimie and me, this cruise stands out, rivaled only by Halloween on the High Seas. It’s like a Christmas fairy tale!

New Year’s Eve at Sea

Set sail into the new year aboard Disney Cruise Line, where the night sky sparkles with stars and breathtaking fireworks. A joyous voyage that will ensure you end the year in the most beautiful way and launch you into the next with a heart full of happiness.

Essential Details:

  • Set Sail On: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish.
  • Journey Dates: Various sailings, limited to the individual cruises that will be in progress on December 31.
  • Route: 4-7-night Disney cruises from Florida, Galveston, and Sydney; most travel to the Caribbean and Bahamas, stopping at Castaway Cay or Lookout Cay.

Highlights & Experiences:

  • A Night to Remember: The ship decks come alive with music, food, and festivities for revelers of all ages, continuing past the midnight chime.
  • New Year’s Feast: Dive into a special dinner menu designed exclusively for this auspicious evening.
  • Fireworks Display: Look up to the enchanting night sky and witness the dazzling New Year’s Eve fireworks, a spectacle that adds magic to the night.

Why New Year’s Eve at Sea?

  • Unmatched Celebration: Start your year surrounded by Disney’s magic, from the ships’ magnificence to the dedicated New Year festivities.
  • Family Bonding: With activities catered to all ages, it’s the perfect occasion for families to come together and celebrate.
  • Destinations Galore: Sail from enchanting ports, witnessing the first sunrise of the year over horizons ranging from the Caribbean beaches to the Australian coast.

Disney’s New Year’s Eve at Sea is a magical end-of-year experience on the high seas.

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Themed Disney Cruises with Uncertain Futures

Some prior specialty cruises are in limbo at the moment.

Star Wars Day at Sea (Suspended)

Combining the magic of Disney with the allure of a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Day at Sea became an instant hit among cruise aficionados and Star Wars enthusiasts alike. From its inauguration in 2016 up to 2022, these specialized Disney Caribbean cruises set sail on 7-day voyages, punctuated by a special day where Star Wars reigned supreme, complete with characters wandering the decks, movie-themed events, and even the ship’s horn playing the iconic “Imperial March.”

During these 7-Night Caribbean adventures departing from Port Canaveral, passengers were treated to:

  • Epic Encounters: Memorable moments with Star Wars icons, including Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Darth Vader.
  • Out-of-this-World Entertainment: Evening celebrations highlighted by Star Wars music and an unforgettable seaside fireworks display.
  • Galactic Activities: Engagements ranging from costume events, dedicated movie screenings, and trivia to youth club sessions featuring the endearing BB-8.

Unfortunately, as of 2023, this cherished voyage has been put on hiatus. The event’s future remains uncertain despite being a top destination for Star Wars fans from its birth in 2016 to its final cruise in 2022. There is some speculation among fans that the Star Wars cruises were halted due to the launch of the land-locked Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World, but that experience is no longer being offered. Will Star Wars Day at Sea come back?  Know, we do not.

To stay updated – or for suggestions on alternative cruising experiences – we recommend reaching out to The Vacationeer.

Pixar Day at Sea (Suspended)

Pixar Day at Sea was an exclusive Disney Fantasy cruise where fans of all ages could immerse themselves in their favorite Pixar stories.

Highlights & Features:

  • Meet and Greet: Rub shoulders with Pixar legends, from the Toy Story gang to The Incredibles.
  • Dazzling Deck Party: Revel in festivities with The Incredibles, and end the night with a breathtaking fireworks display.
  • Immersive Dining:
    • Hey Howdy Breakfast: Enjoy melodies and meals with Sheriff Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye.
    • Pixar Day at Sea Dinner: Feast on cuisine inspired by iconic Pixar tales.
    • Undersea Magic with Crush: Engage in animated conversations with Crush, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo, amidst a mesmerizing aquatic setting.

Why Pixar Day at Sea?:

  • Diverse Character Interactions: Meet a vast range of Pixar characters that will delight the children.
  • Animation Everywhere: Be swept away by shows, movies, and experiences that cover the spectrum of Pixar’s impressive portfolio.
  • Activities for All: Whether you’re looking to dive deep into Pixar trivia, engage in themed crafts, or simply enjoy the atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.

2024 sailings were 7-night Caribbean cruises between January and early March. This themed cruise has not yet been scheduled for any 2025 departures (despite those already being on sale), and the special sailing has been removed from DCL’s website. We’re waiting to see if it ever returns.

Q & A on Disney’s Special Themed Cruises

Q: How kid-friendly are these cruises?

A: Disney cruises, themed or otherwise, are designed with families in mind. Kids of all ages will find entertainment, activities, and characters catered to them.

Q: Are there adult-only areas on these cruises?

A: Absolutely! While the cruises are family-focused, there are adult-exclusive areas such as Disney’s specialty restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, and spas to ensure that adults have their own sanctuary of relaxation and fun.

Q: Can we still enjoy standard cruise amenities on themed cruises?

A: Yes, the themed cruises offer all the standard included amenities like gourmet dining, entertainment, pools, etc., in addition to the special themed activities and events.

Q: Are costumes allowed or encouraged on these themed cruises?

A: Costumes are encouraged, especially for theme-specific days like Marvel Day or Halloween on the High Seas. However, there are costume guidelines, especially for adults, to ensure a safe and inclusive environment. Don’t wear anything that’s “obstructive, objectionable, offensive, or violent”– and don’t bring anything that looks like a weapon (even a toy one). Costume masks that cover the face may only be worn while standing still to have a photo taken with a character. Make sure you consult all of the costume guidelines as you’re making your packing list so you don’t accidentally bring something prohibited onboard.

Q: What if we are not big fans of the specific theme? Will we still enjoy the cruise?

A: While the themes add an extra layer of magic, Disney Cruise Line offers a robust range of entertainment and activities. So even if you’re not a fan of the specific theme, there’s still plenty to enjoy.

Q: Given the slightly higher cost, are special-themed Disney cruises worth it?

A: Weighing the worth of special-themed Disney cruises depends on individual preferences and what one seeks in a vacation experience.

  • Pros: These themed cruises present world-class entertainment, exclusive events, and one-of-a-kind experiences, catering especially to die-hard fans and those looking for something more than the usual cruise.
  • Cons: The premium price might be a barrier for some, and travelers not particularly enamored with the specific theme might not see the added value.

Final Thought: Disney’s special themed cruises are more than just a cruise; they are an immersive narrative journey that brings beloved stories to life. Jaimie and I love the festive seasons, so Halloween and Christmas-themed cruises are a big deal for us. They are undeniably worth the extra investment.

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