Senses Spa is the premier spa and salon available on all five Disney cruise ships: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and the new Disney Wish. Specializing in luxury, relaxation, and rejuvenation, it offers a variety of spa treatments, salon services, and private spa suites. But is Senses Spa worth it on Disney cruises? This comprehensive guide explores everything Senses Spa offers, including its locations, pricing, booking details, and tips, to help you decide whether it provides the ultimate pampering experience during your cruise.

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What is Senses Spa & Salon?

Senses Spa is an upscale spa providing guests with a tranquil resort style retreat away from the excitement of the cruise. Its amenities and services aim to soothe the senses through aromatherapy, music, touch, and visual beauty.

Pedicure chairs face large oceanview windows at Senses Spa on Disney Magic. Senses is offered on all Disney cruises.

Image © Disney

Spa treatments range from massages, body wraps, facials, and scrubs to acupuncture, teeth whitening, and hairstyling. The spa features private villas, steam rooms, saunas, experience showers, and luxury relaxation areas. There is also a separate spa just for teens called Chill Spa.

The Rejuvenation Spa located within Senses Spa offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures like wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, skin tightening, and body contouring. These services require an initial consultation with the onboard physician.

Where is the Senses Spa Located on Disney Ships?

  • Disney Wish: Deck 5 Forward
  • Disney Magic & Disney Wonder: Deck 9 Forward
  • Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy: Deck 11 Forward

Senses Spa Pricing Guide

Senses Spa’s offerings vary in price, from $39 for a men’s haircut to over $900 for a couples massage in a spa villa. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing ranges for some of the common Senses Spa services:


  • $149 – $199 for 50 minutes
  • $259 – $369 for couples/75 minutes


  • $149 – $199 for 50 minutes

Body Treatments

  • Scrubs: $65 – $179
  • Wraps: $141 – $209

Salon Services

  • Haircut: $39 – $79
  • Updo: $59+
  • Manicure: $45 – $69
  • Pedicure: $65 – $79

Spa Packages

  • Pass for 1: $69 – $144 for 3-7 days
  • Pass for 2: $102 – $193 for 3-7 days

Spa Villas

  • Villas for 1: $399 – $649
  • Villas for 2: $479 – $949

Rejuvenation Spa

  • Consultation: Complimentary
  • Treatments: $450 – $3000+

*Note: Prices are subject to change.

While Senses Spa’s prices are higher than those of most land-based spas, strategic booking, and special promotions can result in some savings for Disney Cruise Line guests. Discounts like port day specials (20% off), as well as savings for Disney Visa and Castaway Club members (10-20% off), can help lower costs. Of course, you’ll want to review any discount policies that might apply.

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Best Senses Spa Treatments for Relaxation

Indulge in a spa treatment at Senses

Indulge in a spa treatment at Senses

I reached out to our Disney friends to discover their favorite treatments at Senses Spa. Based on their feedback, here are some of the standout treatments that have been praised for delivering pure relaxation and indulgence:

  • Aroma Stone Therapy Massage: Heated stones melt away tension
  • Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage: Customized therapeutic massage
  • ELEMIS Facials: State-of-the-art techniques give amazing results
  • Senses Spa Villas: Total privacy with whirlpool and verandah
  • Rainforest hydrotherapy: Heated loungers, multi-sensory showers, saunas
  • Spa Villa Couple’s Indulgences: Side-by-side massages and treatments

Senses Spa on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish features a newly designed Rainforest and Spa at Senses on Deck 5. It includes:

  • Open-air relaxation areas with ocean views
  • Spa treatment rooms
  • Rainforest hydrotherapy experience with heated loungers, saunas, experience showers
  • Luxury spa villas for treatments
  • Rejuvenation Spa
  • Fitness center
  • Salons

The Rainforest on Disney Wish

The rainforest is the real standout of Senses Spa on the Disney Wish. While prior ships offered a “rainforest room,” the Wish expands this concept by also adding an outdoor rainforest “deck.” It’s a significant expansion of the rainforest room concept that cruisers have loved for years.

A quiet outdoor retreat for before or after your spa treatment

A quiet outdoor retreat for before or after your spa treatment

With its expansive rainforest and treatment offerings, the Wish’s Senses Spa provides guests with an even more immersive spa experience than (already amazing) offerings found on Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy.

What Does Senses Rejuvenation Spa Offer?

For those seeking more dramatic anti-aging and contouring treatments, the Senses Rejuvenation Spa offers cutting-edge non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This exclusive spa within the main Senses Spa provides treatments like dermal fillers, skin tightening, and fat reduction.

Guests can restore youthful facial contours, soften wrinkles, plump lips, tighten sagging skin, and eliminate stubborn fat deposits. An onboard physician administers treatments like Dysport, Restylane, Thermage, and CoolSculpting.

An initial 30-minute complimentary consultation is required to determine the best treatment plan and pricing. Results are visible in days or months, depending on the procedure. With quick, noninvasive options that bypass surgery, the Rejuvenation Spa makes it possible to refresh your appearance from head to toe while at sea. These cutting-edge solutions provide dramatic anti-aging effects that can help turn back time.

  • Dysport: Temporarily relaxes facial muscles to soften frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.
  • Restylane: Replaces lost volume in lips and facial contours to smooth smile lines, marionette lines, and plump lips.
  • Thermage: Tightens and contours sagging skin on the face, neck, jawline, and stomach.
  • CoolSculpting: Freezes and eliminates stubborn fat on the stomach, thighs, arms, and double chin.

So, in summary, Senses Spa offers a truly luxurious, relaxing experience that is likely worth the splurge for Disney cruisers seeking pampering and indulgence. Strategic booking, packages, and promotions can offset the high prices. It’s ideal for couples, and teens have their own separate spaces as well. Plan ahead and treat yourself to this unique oasis while cruising with Disney.

How to Book Senses Spa & Salon

DCL Senses Spa and Salon

Image © Disney

Spa treatments can be reserved ahead of your cruise through the Disney Cruise Line’s Planning Center website, allowing you to secure your preferred times and services. Pre-booking online is highly recommended, as appointments tend to fill up quickly.

If you need assistance with the booking process, your Disney travel agent can help. For trustworthy and expert service, we recommend consulting with The Vacationeer.

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While spa appointments can be booked before your cruise, salon appointments cannot be pre-booked. These must be scheduled onboard, with bookings opening after 1 pm on the first day of your cruise.

If you prefer, you can also book spa treatments in person at the spa after 1 pm on embarkation day. But remember, early booking is key to ensuring you get the times and treatments you want. Waiting until the first day of your cruise might be too late to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Please be aware that cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid incurring a 50% cancellation fee.

Additionally, take note that Rejuvenation Spa treatments require an initial consultation with a physician. This consultation must be scheduled separately from, and prior to, any treatment appointment.

Is Senses Spa and Salon Worth the Cost?

The luxury ambiance and personalized service make Senses Spa worthwhile for many Disney cruisers, although the higher prices may deter some. My wife Jaimie and I recently decided to indulge in the Senses Spa experience during our last cruise on the Disney Magic. Though we usually save our splurges for specialty dining on Disney cruises, we felt it was time to try something different.

I opted for a haircut, which turned out fantastic (if I do say so myself), while Jaimie pampered herself with a pedicure and a deep tissue massage. The entire experience was a blend of luxury and relaxation that we hadn’t anticipated. Our friend Larissa, a huge fan of Senses Spa, praises the “attention to detail, personalized service, and calming environment that make Senses Spa on Disney Cruises so special.’ She’s particularly fond of the aromatherapy sessions and Spa Villas, which she describes as having a serene ambiance.

Here are the pros and cons to help determine if booking treatments is right for you:


  • Access to high-end spa and salon services not offered elsewhere on the ship
  • Incredibly relaxing, upscale environment
  • Rejuvenation Spa non-surgical treatments produce dramatic results
  • Pre-booking ensures you get your preferred time and service
  • Port day discounts help lower costs
  • Spa credits through Disney Visa and Castaway Club provide savings
  • Our personal experience confirms exceptional service, as noted during our recent visit, which turned out to be a wonderful splurge.


  • Very expensive, prices higher than most land-based spas
  • Pre-paying without the chance to see the facility first
  • Limited availability as bookings fill fast
  • Young kids are not allowed, so it may be difficult for parents
  • Automatic gratuity (18%) added to the bill

Overall, Senses Spa is worth the splurge for cruisers seeking pure luxury and relaxation during their Disney cruise. Our personal experience reflects that this could be a special treat for those willing to invest in a higher-end spa experience. It may be out of budget for some families, but strategic planning, as our friend Larissa often emphasizes, can help you take advantage of discounts and deals.

Is Senses Spa Worth It for Couples?

Senses Spa offers several indulgences perfect for couples, making it a romantic option for duos looking to relax and reconnect.

  • Unwind in your own private Spa Villa, complete with a whirlpool, shower, and open-air verandah. Add champagne for extra romance!
  • Get treatments side-by-side in the spa suites or cabanas.
  • Choose a couple’s massage choreographed in unison.
  • Relax together in the adults-only Relaxation Lounge before or after treatments.

Couples combo deals like the “Couture Touch Experience” make the spa more affordable when sharing the cost.

Jaimie and I have never tried any of these, but we have several friends who have, and they absolutely love everything they’ve tried. A couples massage is at the top of our list to try on our upcoming Disney Wish cruise.

Senses Spa vs. Chill Spa for Teens

Chill Spa is a specialized area within Senses Spa reserved exclusively for teens between the ages of 13 and 17. With treatments tailored specifically to this age group and available only during designated hours, Chill Spa provides unique perks such as:

  • Spa Services Just for Teens: Options include facials, manicures/pedicures, and hairstyling.
  • A Safe Space: A parent or guardian must be present during the teen’s treatment (parent/teen treatment packages are also offered).
  • Later Hours: Catering to the younger crowd with evening and late-night appointments.
  • Trendy Treatments: Contemporary offerings like hair gems and body bronzer.

Our kids are too young to take advantage of these offerings, but I’m sure my daughter Ava will become a huge fan once she turns 13! I’m already preparing my wallet for that time.

Tips for Booking Senses Spa & Salon

Looking to book treatments at Senses Spa on your next Disney cruise? Here’s how to enhance your luxury spa experience:

  • Book early: Castaway Club members can book ahead: 123 days for Pearl, 120 for Platinum, 105 for Gold, and 90 for Silver. First-time cruisers can book 75 days before embarkation.
  • Be flexible: Check back for cancellations and be open to different dates and times.
  • Aim for port days: Demand is lower on days the ship is docked. Get better availability and a 20% port day discount.
  • Use discounts: Explore port day specials, Castaway Club savings, and Disney Visa perks to cut costs.
  • Purchase package deals: Spa passes, couples packages, and combo treatments save you more.
  • Arrive early: Arrive 15 minutes ahead to enjoy relaxation areas like the herbal tea lounge.
  • Communicate needs: Inform staff in advance of any health conditions, sensitivities, accessibility, or disability requirements.
  • Bring a swimsuit: Required for hydrotherapy areas (saunas, hot tubs, etc.) and for some teen treatments.
  • Consider teens and kids: Chill Spa caters to teens; family spa hours are available.
  • Know it’s eco-friendly: Senses Spa embraces sustainability with organic products.
  • Treat yourself: My wife Jaimie and I found Senses a perfect splurge on our Disney Magic cruise, even as frugal travelers. Our friend Larissa, a huge Senses Spa fan, says, “The Spa Villa offerings are simply unbeatable, so don’t miss them if your budget allows!”

Our personal experience and insights from Larissa affirm that it adds a magical touch to your Disney cruise. Smart planning and leveraging deals can make Senses Spa a reality.

Conclusion: Senses Spa & Salon – Your Oasis at Sea

Senses Spa and Salon, accessible on all five Disney cruise ships, is an oasis of luxury and tranquility. It provides a wide range of spa treatments, salon services, private villas, and rejuvenation options to cater to every preference.

Although the pricing can be on the higher side, strategic booking and special offers make the unique experiences offered at Senses more accessible. If you’re considering the question, “Is Senses Spa Worth It on Disney Cruises?” the evidence seems to suggest a strong yes.

For those yearning for a touch of indulgence and relaxation on their journey, Senses Spa could very well add a magical flourish to your Disney cruise experience.

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