It might be the first Disney Cruise ship, but thanks to continued updates (plus a major refurbishment in 2013), the Disney Magic is still a great ship. Onboard you’ll find spacious guest rooms, ample dining, lots of lively activities and entertainment, and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the open ocean. Here’s our complete guide to the Disney Magic Cruise Ship.

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Disney Magic Ship Overview

The lobby atrium of the Disney Magic, with a unique glass light fixture overhead and a statue of Mickey Mouse in the corner

Image © Disney

The Disney Magic is the cruise ship that started it all for Disney Cruise Line. With its maiden voyage in 1998, the world was introduced to an entirely different kind of cruising. In an industry that seems to be increasingly focused on mind-numbingly huge mega ships boasting roller coasters, bumper cars, and casinos, the Disney Magic holds its own and offers a unique experience that – while perhaps a bit more low-key – still has something to entertain the entire family.

After stepping onboard to the applause of the Crew and your fellow passengers, you’re immediately enveloped in the grand atrium of the ship, where a statue of Helmsman Mickey makes a popular photo spot. A glance around reveals art deco touches and hints of the sea itself, all invoking the early days of seafaring ocean liners.

How is Disney Magic Different From Other Disney Cruise Ships?

As the first-ever ship for Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Magic broke all kinds of long-standing norms for the cruise industry – introducing fireworks at sea, rotational dining, and many more innovations.

Now, with five ships in the fleet and more Disney Cruise ships under construction, you might think the Magic is a relic of the past. Not so.

The ship receives frequent updates, most recently in 2023 with the addition of a new lounge onboard. Its biggest upgrades came in 2013 when the ship underwent an overhaul so massive that they actually had to put in additional buoyancy capabilities to handle the added weight!

Thanks to this kind of attention, the Magic still has plenty of innovations and unique experiences that can only be found onboard this ship. For example, it’s the only Disney cruise ship on which you’ll find the AquaDunk drop-style water slide (added during the ship’s 2013 “re-imagination”).

The Disney Magic is a sister ship to the Disney Wonder, meaning the two are relatively equal in terms of construction (though similar areas on each ship are themed differently from one another). They’re the smallest ships in the fleet, easily outsized by other Disney ships.

Maiden Voyage19981999201120122022
Passenger Decks1111141414
Length (feet)9849841,1151,1151,119
Width (feet)106106121121128
Height (feet)171.5171.5216216221
Gross Tonnage84,00084,000130,000130,000144,000
Cruising Speed (knots)21.521.5222219.5
Max Speed (knots)242423.523.523

Does the Smaller Size Make Disney Magic Better or Worse?

There are pros and cons to both types of ships, but it’s really going to come down to personal preference.

The smaller size of the Disney Magic means it’s much easier to navigate on foot – you’re just a short walk away from virtually any point on the ship. My wife and I prefer smaller ships such as the Magic for this very reason — it’s great to know that we can get pretty much anywhere onboard with a 5-10 minute walk and not be exhausted when we get there.

On the larger ships, I feel like I have to factor in “commute time” for dinner and shows. For the Disney Magic, it feels like I’m just walking around the corner. This makes the Disney Magic a great option for your first-ever Disney Cruise — it might not feel quite as overwhelming as a larger ship could.

This smaller ship is also able to visit ports that are inaccessible to larger ships, so you’re able to experience some fun itineraries and ports you might not be able to visit on a larger ship. In years past, the Disney Magic would actually sail straight right past the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy! (Cruise ships have since been prohibited from doing so, but it certainly was a sight back in the day.)

The Disney Magic has never really felt “small” to me — just “small in comparison.” If you’re more-accustomed to mega ships, you might prefer other Disney ships such as the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, or Disney Wish; on the other hand, you might appreciate the easier access to everything that comes with a smaller ship. It’s worth noting that while the larger Disney ships tend to upsize everything — meaning that theatres, dining rooms, and pools might be bigger — most of the ships still have relatively equal offerings. As an example, the Magic (smaller) and Dream (larger) both have three major restaurants, a night club district, kids clubs, pools, waterslides, a water ride, a spa, and live shows — just with differences in size, layout, and theming.

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Disney Magic Staterooms

A bed and couch in a Disney Cruise stateroom, leading to an outdoor balcony verandah

Image © Disney

Let’s first focus on your own private room onboard the ship. Your stateroom (passenger cabin) is essentially your hotel room at sea, so it’s an important choice to make!

The Disney Magic has 875 staterooms, most of which offer an outside view via either a porthole window or a verandah balcony. Staterooms on the ship are divided into four primary types of rooms; each of those four types is further divided into multiple categories and subcategories. The type of room you choose is one of the biggest factors in the price of your cruise, because the per-person cost changes as the stateroom category changes.

Here is a consolidated list of the room types offered onboard. They’re listed here generally from least expensive to most expensive, though there may be some price overlap. For a more in-depth look at each of these room types, see the descriptions and photos posted in our Disney Cruise Staterooms article.

Inside Staterooms on Disney Magic

An inside stateroom with a porthole-shaped mirror on the wall

Inside Stateroom with round mirror in lieu of a porthole | Image © Disney

Inside Staterooms have no porthole window and no balcony. They do have a round mirror that sort of looks like a porthole, but all you’ll see through it is your reflection. The standard version of this stateroom is the smallest, while the deluxe version is slightly larger.

The standard version is also the only regular stateroom category on the ship which does not feature a split bathroom configuration; a split bathroom has a toilet/sink in a separate room from the shower/sink, allowing two people to get ready at the same time.

  • Category 11 — Standard Inside Stateroom
    • 11C:  Deck 2
    • 11B:  Decks 5, 6
    • 11A:  Decks 6, 7
  • Category 10 — Deluxe Inside Stateroom
    • 10C:  Decks 1, 2
    • 10B:  Deck 2
    • 10A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
A split bathroom with toilet and sink in one room, shower and sink in another.

Split bathroom configuration | Image © Disney

Oceanview Staterooms on Disney Magic

An oceanview stateroom with large round porthole window

A typical Oceanview Stateroom | Image © Disney

Oceanview staterooms offer an outside view through one large or two small round porthole windows which do not open.

  • Category 9 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom
    • 9D:  Deck 1
    • 9C:  Deck 2
    • 9B:  Deck 2
    • 9A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
An oceanview stateroom with two smaller porthole windows

Category 9D Oceanview Stateroom | Image © Disney

Verandah Staterooms on Disney Magic

Deck chairs and a small table on a Disney Cruise Ship verandah

A typical stateroom verandah | Image © Disney

Verandah staterooms offer a private outside balcony which can be accessed through sliding glass doors. Most verandahs have see-through railings (with clear plexiglass for safety), but a few categories have solid metal partitions or are otherwise somewhat obstructed.

  • Category 7 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 7A:  Decks 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Category 6  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Whitewall Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 6A:  Decks 5, 6, 7
  • Category 5  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 5C:  Decks 5, 6
    • 5B:  Decks 6, 7
    • 5A:  Deck 7
  • Category 4 — Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 4E:  Deck 8
    • 4B:  Deck 8
    • 4A:  Deck 8

The navigator's verandah on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder cruise ships, offering an enclosed balcony area with large open-air cutout allowing views of the sea.

Category 7A Navigator’s Verandah | Image © Disney

A so-called

Category 6A Whitewall Verandah | Image © Disney

Concierge Staterooms on Disney Magic

The living room and bedroom of a concierge one-bedroom suite

Concierge One-Bedroom Suite | Image © Disney

Concierge staterooms offer additional personalized services, concierge staff, and access to an exclusive Concierge Lounge and sun deck.

  • Category 3 — Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 3A:  Deck 8
  • Category 2 — Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
    • 2B:  Deck 8
    • 2A:  Deck 8
  • Category 1B — Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
    • 1B:  Deck 8
  • Category 1A — Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah
    • 1A:  Deck 8

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They even offer a generous onboard credit that can be used toward your purchases on the ship. And best of all, their planning services are free!

So take advantage of free booking help from a Disney Cruise expert — contact The Vacationeer today for a free, no-obligation quote on your dream Disney Cruise!

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Disney Magic Dining and Lounges

The dining room of Animator's Palate, with oversized art brushes and colorful light fixtures resembling an artist's paint palate.

Image © Disney

It’s a well-known fact that cruises feature virtually endless food options, and the Disney Magic is no exception. With three sensational main dining restaurants, an elegant adult-only dining option, and plenty of places to grab a quick meal or a snack on the go, you certainly won’t go hungry onboard this ship.

Rotational Dining Restaurants on Disney Magic

Like all Disney Cruise Ships, the Disney Magic offers rotational dining during the nightly dinner service. This Disney Cruise Line innovation pre-schedules you to visit a different restaurant on each night of the cruise. You’ll have the same waitstaff each night, so they’ll get to know you and your food preferences.

Dinner at these three restaurants is included in the cost of your Disney Cruise.

Animator’s Palate

A large video screen on the wall in Animator's Palate

Image © Disney

The flagship dining experience on the first four Disney ships (including Disney Magic), Animator’s Palate offers a fan-favorite menu along with a taste of the magic of animation.

Menu-wise, you’ll find Asian, Pacific, and California influences: wild mushroom risotto, black truffle pasta purseittes (a DCL favorite!), butternut squash soup, polenta cake with tomato and mushroom, lemon-thyme marinated chicken, beef tenderloin, and more.

Your dinner also includes a tribute to animation – Drawn to Magic tells the story of how an animated feature comes to life. Much like a cartoon goes from a pencil sketch to ink-and-paint, the entire dining room goes from black-and-white to color during your meal, thanks to a bit of help from Sorcerer Mickey.

On longer cruises, you might also experience Animation Magic, allowing you to draw your own character and see it animated as part of the dinner show! This is one of those amazingly cool experiences that really sets Disney Cruise Line apart from any other offering at sea.


The dining room at Lumiere's, with a scene from Beauty & The Beast on the wall.

Image © Disney

Lumiere’s offers French cuisine in an elegant setting. Menu options may include a bacon and mushroom tart, French onion soup, escargot, roast duck, avocado citrus salad, sea bass, and lobster mac-and-cheese. Round out your meal with creme brulee or a delightful Grand Marnier souffle.

Outside of dinner service, Lumiere’s is also an option for breakfast and lunch on most days; you’ll find a more-Americanized menu during those meal periods.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table

Disney character Rapunzel reaches for a floating lantern in the dining room of Rapunzel's Royal Table

Image © Disney

You’re invited to a special celebration for Rapunzel in the kingdom of Corona! Thanks to a little Disney magic, your night at the restaurant just happens to fall during the celebration of Rapunzel’s birthday and the anniversary of her return to the kingdom. A true royal feast unfolds… stuffed ravioli, ahi tuna tartare, smoked salmon, lemon & thyme roast chicken, prime rib, and the pun-definitely-intended angel hair pasta with sea scallops.

Dinner here includes a show: singing, dancing, the brusque yet lovable crew from the Snuggly Duckling, and a visit from Flynn and Rapunzel! All together, it makes for a fantastic meal with a hint of character dining.

Adult-Exclusive Dining on the Disney Magic

A Disney Cruise is certainly a family affair, but it’s not by any means just for kids. There are plenty of ways for adults to have fun on a Disney Cruise. One of those is to enjoy an adult-exclusive dinner while the kids enjoy the youth clubs.


Reserve a table at Palo for a delightful meal featuring memorable Italian cuisine. The stunning venue includes giant windows overlooking the ocean, providing a perfect backdrop for your meal.

Dinner menu items include butternut agnolotti, seared sea scallops, dover sole expertly fileted at your tableside, tiramisù, and their signature chocolate soufflé. On sea days, a tremendously-popular brunch service is typically offered.

Dining here requires an upcharge and space is usually in high demand; book as early as your onboard booking window allows.

Casual Dining on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Breakfast and lunch are casual affairs onboard – and one of the best places to enjoy these meals is at Cabanas.


The buffet-style Cabanas restaurant offers a mix of American, European, and Asian favorites in an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast and lunch served from nearly a dozen food stations.

In the morning, enjoy all the expected items – made-to-order omelets, bacon, sausage, Mickey Waffles, and such – along with international offerings that might include Huevos Rancheros, rice, and miso soup. I myself don’t usually include gravlax on my breakfast menu at home, but enjoy it as a nice change on my cruise breakfast plate. And every cruise I look forward to enjoying a giant bowl of fresh muesli with dried fruits and nuts to start my day (alongside a Mickey Waffle or two).

Lunch at Cabanas is an ever-changing mix of freshly-grilled meats, jumbo iced shrimp and crab claws, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

Cabanas also offers a dinner service alternative. It’s not buffet style at night – you’ll have a server at your table – but it’s a nice alternative if you’ve had your fill of the main dining rooms on a longer cruise.

Lounges, Bars, and Snacks on the Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Dining - Daisy's De-Lites service window, with a case of sandwiches and fresh fruit | Image © Disney

Image © Disney

There’s always a place to grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink onboard. Whether you’re looking for a nibble, just want a soda, or are seeking something with a bit of alcohol, you’ll easily find it onboard. Here are just a few highlights:

Cove Café

An adults-only retreat that focuses on specialty coffees and teas during the day, with cocktails in the evening.

D Lounge

This family-friendly venue hosts interactive events for all ages. Karaoke, trivia, game shows, and even dance parties can be found here on a daily basis.

Daisy’s De-Lites, Duck-In Diner, and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

For a quick grab-and-go snack poolside, check out these quick service windows. You’ll find pizza, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken tenders, and even shawarma.

Eye Scream Treats and Frozone Treats

Cool down with all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream cones (included in the cost of your cruise!), or spend a bit for a specialty smoothie.


An undersea-themed lounge that combines cocktails with live entertainment, such as comedy, music, karaoke, and interactive game shows.


An adults-only piano lounge featuring live music in a classy 1950s Hollywood atmosphere. Enjoy beer, wine, and of course martinis.

O’Gills Pub

The Disney Magic’s sports bar. Live matches (when available) are beamed in via satellite to this lively venue. Try the Blarney Stone Tasting Flight, with selections of whisky and Irish coffee.

Soda Station

One major difference between Disney Cruise dining and other cruise lines is that most non-alcoholic drinks are included at no additional cost — no need to purchase a separate drink package! Located near the pool, this soda station offers unlimited refills all day long.

Soul Cat Lounge

Themed to the Disney•PIXAR film Soul. It’s located along the path leading to Rapunzel’s Royal Table, making it a great spot for a pre/post dinner drink and zeppole (fried dough pastry) — all accompanied by live music.

Room Service on Disney Magic

Room Service is included at no additional charge on the Disney Magic – all you’re expected to pay for is a tip for the crew member who delivers the food (and any specialty items you might opt for).

The standard menu typically includes salads, soups, chicken tenders, burgers and sandwiches, and even hot wings.  You’ll also typically find a couple of flatbread/pizza selections and perhaps a pasta dish. Cookies and cake/pie are the standard dessert.

A favorite among Disney Cruise Line’s repeat cruisers is the All Hands on Deck, a plate of assorted cheese, fruit, and crackers. And here’s a secret menu item that’s sure to delight kids of all ages: the famed Mickey’s Premium ice cream bar – yes, the same as those you find at Disney World and Disneyland!

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you can add on specialty items such as beer, wine, canned soft drinks, deluxe coffees, juices, and pre-packaged snacks such as candies.

Best Bets for Each Meal on Disney Magic

Below we list each of the main meal periods onboard the ship, and your best options for each.


  • Primary option: Cabanas is the prime breakfast spot onboard with long hours, a wide variety, and all you care to eat. The downside of this location is that its popularity can make it feel a bit hectic at times.
  • Secondary option: One of the three rotational restaurants (typically Lumiere’s) usually offers a table-service breakfast, complete with a server who will bring your food and keep your drinks refilled. The menu is a bit more limited than at Cabanas, but it’s usually a much more relaxed option to start your day.
  • Other options: You can order room service, but be forewarned that the breakfast menu is extremely limited. There’s no “hot breakfast” (eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal) on the menu, but you can get juices, coffees, pastries, and cold cereals. Elsewhere on the ship, you can likely find a light pastry at one of the cafes onboard, but don’t expect a filling meal.


  • Primary option: Like at breakfast, Cabanas is the best lunch option thanks to its tremendous selection. Iced jumbo shrimp and crab claws are a signature menu item most days; you’ll also find freshly grilled meats, a wide variety of side items, some interesting international selections, and lots of tempting desserts.
  • Secondary option: If you’re spending the afternoon lounging by the pool, there’s no need to dry off and head inside when a craving hits. Just drip your way on over to one of the many food service windows along the pool deck to enjoy a quick meal.  Options are more limited than Cabanas, but you’ll find enough to satisfy that rumbly in your tumbly with burgers, dogs, sandwiches, and unlimited ice cream cones. These windows often offer extended hours – a great option if you missed lunch hours at Cabanas or need a snack to hold you over until a later dinner service.
  • Other options: Lumiere’s typically serves a lunch option with open seating and waitstaff at your table. Room Service is another good option; your menu options won’t be terribly exciting, but you can still get a filling meal without leaving your couch (well, except to answer the door).


  • Primary option: Your assigned rotational dining restaurant is the heart of Disney Cruise dining. Your dedicated service team follows you all voyage long and will likely become your favorite Crew Members onboard the ship. Add in special themed menus and other thoughtful touches, and you’ll quickly see why this is a highlight of each day onboard.
  • Secondary option: As an alternative to your pre-scheduled rotational dining restaurant, you might opt to experience Cabanas in a totally new way. Dinner at Cabanas is an entirely different experience than the free-for-all buffet-style offerings that are the mainstay of breakfast and lunch. You’ll be seated at a table, and a server will present you a menu that features some of the most popular selections from other restaurants. It’s typically very laid back and it makes for a nice alternative, especially if a particular themed night at your assigned restaurant doesn’t sound like your speed..
  • Other options: Many cruisers enjoy dedicating at least one night of their cruise to an adult-exclusive meal at Palo. Otherwise, you can always grab something from the quick-service windows on the pool deck, or order room service.

Off-hours Eating and Snacking

  • Primary option: For cravings outside the main meal periods, your best bet is the quick-service options on the pool deck. Their generous hours and snacky offerings make them a great choice to tide you over between meals. Individual portions tend to be “snack sized” (such as 2 or 3 chicken tenders and a few fries), so you won’t spoil your dinner. But it’s still all-you-can-eat so you can certainly fill up if you desire.
  • Secondary option: Room Service is available 24/7 (up until about 1:30 AM on the last morning of your cruise), and is the only option for overnight snacking. Whether you’re craving buffalo wings at 4:00 AM (no judgment) or just want some warm cookies and milk at bedtime, room service won’t leave you hungry.

Book Through The Vacationeer and Get Free Spending Money To Use Onboard

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Disney Magic Pools and Water Slides

Image of the Aqua Dunk water slide, with a large clear tube coiled alongside the Disney Magic's distinctive red funnels (featuring a white Mickey Mouse silhouette and blue wave design)

Image © Disney


The AquaDunk is a drop-style water slide that’s only found onboard the Disney Magic – not even its sister ship the Disney Wonder has one!

Your adventure begins when you climb the steps to the top of one of Disney Magic’s iconic red smokestack funnels; there, you’ll step into the launch chamber of a 215-foot-long water slide tube. Cross your arms and enjoy the exquisite suspense before the floor drops out from beneath you trapdoor-style, sending you plummeting about forty feet straight down and careening out over the edge of the ship (still safely encased in the clear tube). Seconds later, you’ll splash down in a shallow run-out area that makes it easy to stand up, perform the necessary wedgie extraction (since we’re being honest here), and head out for more fun.

The ride is almost comically short – less than 10 seconds from trapdoor to splashdown – but it’s quite exhilarating.

There’s no additional charge to ride the AquaDunk, but you will have to wait in line (sorry, no FastPass or Lightning Lane here). Lines tend to be longest on Sea Days and shorter when the ship is in port. Riding earlier or later can also help avoid crowds – just don’t forget to check the operating hours each day in the Navigator app.

Guests must be at least 48” tall to ride.

Twist ’n’ Spout

Part of the AquaLab (see below), Twist ‘n’ Spout is a bright yellow double-looping waterslide. You’ll twist and turn over almost 250 feet before a thrilling splashdown. Guests must be at least 38” tall to ride, and adult supervision is required for kids under age 16.

Pools and Splash Pads


The AquaLab on the Disney Magic, with the giant Twist 'n' Spout slide's yellow tubes behind a shallow pool and splash zone

Image © Disney

This multi-level water playground is a great place for kids to cool off during their cruise. It includes a small pool, a “beach” with geysers and pop jets, pouring “paint” cans and showerheads, leaky pipes, and the amusing Donald’s Boiler – a familiar-shaped contraption that occasionally drenches everyone. Intended for ages 3+; adult supervision required for those under age 16.

Goofy’s Pool

The main pool onboard the ship, Goofy’s Pool on deck 9 serves as the family pool onboard. In addition to the large main pool, you’ll also find a couple of whirlpool tubs nearby. The giant FunnelVision video screen and a large stage are nearby, so there’s always something to keep you entertained while swimming. Intended for ages 3+ (must be toilet trained), with adult supervision required for those under age 16. This pool is occasionally closed so that it can be covered and used as additional deck space for major events, such as the sail-away party.

Nephews’ Splash Zone

Tiny travelers aged 3 years or younger can splash away the day among a veritable sea of spraying water and pop jets. Swim diapers are required, and children must be supervised by an adult.

Quiet Cove Pool

A serene oasis for the grown-ups. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted in this adults-only escape, not because anything elicit happens there but rather because every age group needs a bit of time to themselves. You’ll find a pool and whirlpool tubs here, along with plenty of lounge chairs and easy access to the adult beverage of your choice.

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Disney Magic Kids Clubs and Teen Clubs

DCL Oceaneer Club

Image © Disney

You might expect a Disney Cruise to be overrun with children. And while there are certainly plenty of kids onboard, they spend a lot of time in the fantastic kids clubs on the ship so you might be surprised at how few kids you see at times. A substantial portion of Deck 5 is dedicated to those under age 12.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is the place where your kids will likely spend a large amount of their time onboard. It’s a secure facility accessible only to kids aged 3-10 and trained youth activities staff. Inside there are tons of kid-friendly spaces and activities, and it’s all included in the cost of your Disney cruise! This amazing kids club is one of the reasons we consider Disney to be the best cruise line for children.

Andy’s Room

Kids are immersed in the world of Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story movies in this unique multi-level play area.

Marvel Super Hero Academy

Themed as a top-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, this area gives kids the chance to summon their inner Super Hero (and visit with a few real ones, too!). There’s plenty of time for freeform play, and occasional structured activities.

Disney Junior Area

A favorite of younger Oceaneers, the Disney Junior area features games, characters, and more.

Pixie Hollow

In this enchanted forest realm – home to Tinker Bell and her fairy friends – kids will find everything they need for a game of dress-up, a special craft project, or storytime.

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab

A partner facility to the Oceaneer Club, the Oceaneer Lab offers lots of hand-on activities and experiences for kids ages 3-10.

Cruise ship simulators with red stools, large ships wheels, and video screens with docking controls, in the Wheelhouse of the Oceaneer Lab on Disney Magic

Image © Disney

Animator’s Studio

Learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters – or just entertain your own creative instincts.

Anyone Can Cook

Learn how to measure and mix ingredients and bake a batch of fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Captain’s Workshop

Enjoy movies and video games in a spacious play area.

Super Sloppy Science

Meet a world-famous scientist with a penchant for unabashedly messy experiments.

The Wheelhouse

Take the wheel of a large video screen navigation simulator and see if you have what it takes to steer a Disney Cruise Ship.


Tweens and young teens – ages 11 to 14 – have a space all to themselves onboard the Disney Magic. Edge is the perfect place to relax thanks to its moody boiler room feel. There’s a huge video screen, a dance floor, plus plenty of video games and crafts. A mix of planned activities and unstructured free time keeps things interesting.


This teens-only retreat is in one of the coolest places on the ship – right inside one of the iconic red smokestack funnels! Those aged 14 to 17 can enjoy a specialty coffee or smoothie while relaxing with newfound friends. For techy types, there are plenty of TVs, video games, and tablets. Meanwhile, active teens will enjoy dance parties, karaoke sessions, and group activities.

it’s a small world nursery!

The tiniest cruisers are well taken care of in it’s a small world nursery!, an onboard babysitting service for infants and toddlers aged three and younger.

Disney youth counselors watch over the tykes and will also feed them and handle any necessary diaper changes.

This nursery service does require an additional (nominal) fee for each half-hour, with a one-hour minimum. Discounts are available for multiple children in the same family. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Note that there are no in-room babysitting services onboard.

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Disney Magic Entertainment and Activities

Stage and seating of the Walt Disney Theatre

Image © Disney

Disney is first and foremost an entertainment company – and that concept continues onboard its ships.

Broadway-Style Shows in the Walt Disney Theatre

Each night of your cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a live show in the beautiful Walt Disney Theatre. This includes at least three Broadway-style shows during your cruise, along with other additions (such as family-friendly comedians, magicians, and hypnotists) on longer voyages.

Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic

A touching tale of a young girl at the age of not believing – follow along as she learns how to believe in herself thanks to the power of positive thinking along with some help from favorite Disney characters and memorable music.

Tangled: The Musical

A lively musical retelling of Rapunzel’s adventures. Sing along with film favorites and learn a few new songs, too! This live stage adaptation of the popular film is sure to wow you – especially when the mesmerizing puppet of Maximus takes the stage.

Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story

And they all lived happily ever after! But what happened after the end of the Disney classic Cinderella? This comedy explores the idea of time-traveling (!) wicked stepmothers and stepdaughters (thanks to help from, who else, a wicked Fairy Godfather) trying to destroy the glass slipper and wreck Cinderella’s marriage.

Pirate Night / Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party with Fireworks

Pirate night starts with the delivery of pirate bandanas to your stateroom – then the party moves to your scheduled dining location for the evening, where a special themed menu awaits. Then, head up to the pool deck for a raucous show with high-flying pirates including favorite Disney characters. Finally, the grand finale (and another Disney innovation) – fireworks at sea!

Note: not every itinerary offers a pirate night, and fireworks may be canceled due to weather.

Disney Movies in the Buena Vista Theatre

First-run and classic favorite Disney, PIXAR, and LucasFilm movies are shown all day long in the Buena Vista Theatre. Best of all? It’s completely free! You don’t even need a ticket – just drop in at showtime and grab a seat.

Sailing during the premiere of a highly-anticipated Disney film? It’ll be shown repeatedly in the Buena Vista Theatre, likely after a huge “PremEAR at Sea” showing in the Walt Disney Theatre.

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Disney Magic Spas and Salons

Pedicure chairs face large oceanview windows at Senses Spa on Disney Magic. Senses is offered on all Disney cruises.

Image © Disney

If you think a massage is relaxing, imagine a massage while looking out over the ocean! Disney Magic offers a full-service spa onboard the ship, plus many other health and wellness services.

Senses Spa and Salon

Pamper yourself with spa treatments, salon services, and rejuvenation procedures at this restful retreat. Experience Swedish massage, aroma stone therapy, deep tissue massage, facials, acupuncture, teeth whitening, shampoo/cut/style, manicures, pedicures, CoolSculpting, and more. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, showers, lockers, sandals, and robes round out the offerings.

Chill Spa

Exclusively for guests aged 13-17, this special area of Senses offers treatments to teens. A parent or guardian must accompany the teen for the duration of the treatment (solo and combined treatments are offered as an option).

Fitness Center

Keep up your workout routine (and burn off the four desserts you ordered at dinner last night) in the Fitness Center. Stay in shape with weight machines, cardio equipment, ellipticals, treadmills, and other equipment; participate in a yoga, Pilates, or aerobics class; or opt for personalized one-on-one training and analysis with a professional trainer.

Walking/Jogging Track

I don’t spend much time in the gym, but I do enjoy a nice walk for exercise. The Disney Magic offers a walking/jogging track on Deck 4 that offers close-up ocean views as well as a neat glimpse of some of the heavy machinery that keeps the ship going (should you be into that sort of thing like I am). It’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll after dinner, or take a jog if you’re so inclined. You might even recognize your stateroom host or dinner server – off-duty, of course – out for a run.

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Disney Magic Itineraries and Home Ports

Disney Cruises From Galveston - two persons sitting on horseback watch as the Disney Magic cruise ship sails by

Image © Disney

There are several places around the US where you can board the Disney Magic; it bounces about between multiple ports throughout the year.


Disney Magic has a busy schedule of cruises in 2024.

  • January to February: Caribbean cruises from Galveston, Texas
  • February: Caribbean cruises out of New Orleans, Louisiana
  • March to Mid-April: More Caribbean cruises from Galveston
  • Mid-April to Mid-May: Caribbean cruises from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Mid-May to early November: Bahamian and Caribbean cruises (most of which visit Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point) from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Mid-November: More Caribbean and Bahamian cruises from San Juan
  • Late November to end of year: More Caribbean cruises from Galveston


Here’s a brief overview of the Disney Magic’s cruise schedule for 2025.

  • January through March: Western Caribbean cruises from Galveston
  • Late March and early April: Bahamian Cruises from Galveston and San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • April and early May: Bahamian Cruises from Fort Lauderdale
  • May through late October: Bahamian Cruises from Port Canaveral
  • Late October through late November: Bahamian and Caribbean cruises from San Juan
  • Late November through end of 2025: Caribbean Cruises from Galveston


Here are the 2026 Disney Cruises scheduled on Disney Magic:

  • January through early April: Caribbean cruises from Galveston, Texas
  • Early April: Panama Canal cruise from Galveston to San Diego
  • April 19, 2026 and Beyond: Not yet announced

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Disney Magic Deck-by-Deck

Here’s a look at what’s located on each deck of the Disney Magic.

Deck 1

  • Services & Shopping
    • Health Center
  • Common Areas
    • Tender Lobbies (ship exit at ports of call)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 9D
    • Category 10C

Deck 2

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 9B
    • Category 9C
    • Category 10B
    • Category 10C
    • Category 11C

Deck 3

  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Fathoms
    • Keys
    • Lumiere’s
    • O’Gills Pub
    • Rapunzel’s Royal Table
    • Soul Cat Lounge
  • Services & Shopping
    • Guest Services
    • Port Adventures Desk
    • Port Shopping Desk
    • Public Restrooms
    • Sea Treasures
  • Common Areas
    • Lobby Atrium

Deck 4

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Walking/Jogging Track
    • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Animator’s Palate
    • D-Lounge
    • Preludes Bar
  • Services & Shopping
    • Crown Jewelry
    • Mickey’s Mainsail
    • Public Restrooms
    • Shutters Photo Studio
    • Vacation Planning Desks
    • Vista Gallery
    • White Caps
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)

Deck 5

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Buena Vista Theatre
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Club
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab
  • Services & Shopping
    • “it’s a small world” nursery
    • Public Restrooms
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5C
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11B

Deck 6

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5B
    • Category 5C
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A
    • Category 11B

Deck 7

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 5A
    • Category 5B
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A

Deck 8

  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 1A
    • Category 1B
    • Category 2A
    • Category 2B
    • Category 3A
    • Category 4A
    • Category 4B
    • Category 4E
    • Category 7A

Deck 9

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • AquaLab
    • Edge
    • Funnel Vision
    • Goofy’s Family Pool
    • Nephew’s Splash Zone
    • Pool Deck Stage
    • Quiet Cove Adult Pool
    • Whirlpool Spas
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Beverage Station
    • Cabanas
    • Cove Cafe
    • Daisy’s De-Lites
    • Duck-In Diner
    • Eye Scream Treats
    • Frozone Treats
    • Pinocchio’s Pizzeria
    • Signals
  • Services & Shopping
    • Public Restrooms
    • Quack’s
    • Senses Spa & Salon
      • Chill Spa
      • Fitness Area
      • Hair Salon
      • Rainforest Room

Deck 10

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • AquaDunk
    • Twist ‘n’ Spout
    • Vibe
    • Wide World of Sports Deck
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Palo
  • Services & Shopping
    • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    • Concierge Lounge
    • Public Restroom
  • Common Areas
    • Concierge Sun Deck

Deck 11

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Vibe

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Disney Magic Fact Sheet

Shipyard (Ship’s Birthplace)

Fincantieri – Marghera & Ancona, Italy

Maiden voyage

July 30, 1998

Major Refurbishment/Renewal

Fall 2013

Home Port

Varies by time of year — see Itineraries & Ports above

Ship’s Registry



Approximately 84,000 gross tons


984 feet


106 feet


25.3 feet


171.5 feet


21.5 knots cruising speed

24 knots maximum speed

Fuel Type

Diesel-based electric

Crew Members


Maximum Capacity

2,713 passengers


875 staterooms

  • 613 outside staterooms (70%)
    • 384 verandah staterooms (includes 22 suites)
    • 229 oceanview staterooms
  • 262 inside staterooms (30%)

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How To Book a Cruise on the Disney Magic

While there are many ways to book Disney Cruise Line vacations, we believe the best way to secure your spot on the Disney Magic (or any other Disney Cruise ship) is to work with one of the Disney Cruise experts at our official travel agency partner The Vacationeer.

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Your cruise won’t cost a penny more than if you’d booked it yourself — and it might even cost less! As a matter of fact, one of the many reasons to book with a Disney travel agent is their excellent knowledge of all the latest discounts.

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