When planning a group Disney cruise, a common question is whether Disney offers discounted group rates. This guide covers everything you need to know about booking a cruise for a large party. It includes Disney’s policies for group reservations, tips for saving money and coordinating a big group, recommendations for ships/itineraries, and what to expect onboard. Whether you’re organizing a family reunion, friends getaway, wedding party, or other large gathering, this article will help you plan the ideal group Disney cruise by providing requirements for booking multiple staterooms, strategies for creating a magical experience, and answers to frequent group cruise questions.

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Does Disney Offer Group Rates for Cruises?

This is one of the most common questions for large parties looking to take a Disney cruise. Unfortunately, Disney Cruise Line does not offer any official group rates and discounts for booking multiple staterooms.

However, there are ways you can create your own group experience:

  • Disney allows up to reserve up to 4 staterooms together on one reservation. For larger parties, you’ll need to make multiple reservations.
  • After booking, you can link separate reservations to coordinate dining times, youth activities, etc.
  • If booked early, you may be able to get multiple reservations with staterooms located close together.
  • Get connecting staterooms with inside doors to easily move between cabins.
  • Plan group events like cocktail hours, trivia, and crafting activities in reserved lounges.
  • Meet up for shows, character greetings, meals, or at a designated spot to head ashore together.
Disney Characters and Cruise Passengers dance together on the deck of a Disney Cruise Ship

Image © Disney

Why Doesn’t Disney Offer Group Rates?

Unlike other major cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line does not offer discounted block rates for group bookings. There are a few reasons behind this policy:

  • High demand: Disney cruises maintain very high occupancy levels year-round. They simply don’t need to offer group discounts to fill ships.
  • Families are the priority: Disney caters to families and multi-generational travel. Groups outside this demographic are a lower priority.
  • Capacity limits: Disney ships have smaller guest capacities than other cruise lines. It’s more difficult to accommodate large blocks of staterooms.
  • Service standards: Disney has very high service standards. Large groups spread out over the ships can strain staff resources.

While it may be disappointing, focusing on crafting your own group experience rather than discounts allows you to have an amazing Disney cruise regardless!

Best Disney Ships for Group Cruises

There’s much to consider when choosing a ship for your group cruise with Disney Cruise Line. Each of their five vessels offers a distinct experience tailored to diverse guest needs. Here are some pros and cons to help guide your choice::

Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream

The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship at sea

Image © Disney

The larger Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream ships are packed with onboard activities and can each hold up to 4,000 passengers.


  • Lavish Broadway-style shows like Disney’s Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.
  • Adult-exclusive venues ensure something for every age group.
  • AquaDuck waterslides for thrilling onboard entertainment.
  • Wide range of dining options, from casual to upscale Palo and Remy.


  • Potential for crowded common areas during peak seasons.
  • It may feel less personalized due to the ship’s larger size.

Disney Wonder and Disney Magic

The Disney Wonder sails past a sunset

Image © Disney

The smaller Disney Wonder and recently renovated Disney Magic each accommodate 2,713 passengers:


  • Classic cruise ambiance with the charm of Disney characters.
  • Unique offerings like Tiana’s Place (Disney Wonder) and Lumiere’s (Disney Magic).


  • There are more limited entertainment and recreation options compared to larger ships.
  • There are fewer adjoining rooms than the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish.
  • Fewer tech-forward amenities.

Disney Wish

Disney Wish at Port Canaveral | Image © Disney

Image © Disney

The Disney Wish, a new Disney Cruise Line ship that launched in 2022, is jam-packed with amazing new experiences and can sleep up to 4,000 guests.


  • New and modern ship with tech-savvy features.
  • First-ever Disney attraction at sea: AquaMouse.
  • Awesome, family-friendly dining experiences like Frozen and Marvel-themed dinners.
  • Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge offering unique themed experiences.
  • Offers a wide range of stateroom options to suit various group sizes and budgets, including concierge-level staterooms and connected rooms.


  • Being a new ship, it might command higher prices initially.
  • Popular attractions could have longer wait times.

Disney Treasure and Other Future Ships

Artist rendering of the Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

Artist Rendering © Disney

Disney is currently building three new ships. Depending on how far in advance you’re planning, they might be available for your planned group cruise.

The Disney Treasure will have its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024. It is expected to be generally similar to the Disney Wish, but with some specific differences (a Coco themed restaurant instead of a Frozen-themed restaurant, for example).

The other two ships, the Disney Adventure and Disney Destiny, are expected to launch sometime in 2025.

Our Personal Favorite

My wife, Jaimie, and I have been lucky enough to take several Disney cruises over the years. Each one has been incredibly memorable, though the new Disney Wish ranks as our favorite so far.

Even so, every Disney ship has its own special magic. From the activities to the dining and entertainment, they all offer something unique while still delivering that signature Disney experience.

You can’t go wrong with choosing any vessel in the fleet for your group cruise. Just keep your party’s size and interests in mind when deciding.

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Best Disney Cruise Itineraries for Groups

From quick weekend getaways to exotic global adventures, Disney cruises offer a wide selection of itineraries perfect for groups:

Short Bahamian and Caribbean Itineraries

A Disney Cruise Ship docked in the crystal waters of Castaway Cay

Three and four-night cruises to Nassau and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay are great for groups looking for a quick, easy getaway:

  • Relaxing beach day on Castaway Cay.
  • Fun shopping and casinos in Nassau.
  • Lower cost makes it possible to take a larger group.
  • OPTIONAL: Add a pre or post-stay at Walt Disney World for a combo land and sea vacation.

Caribbean Itineraries

A thatched-roof building along the water in Cozumel, Mexico

Image © Disney

One-week Eastern or Western Caribbean cruises offer more ports of call and activities:

Eastern Caribbean

  • Family-friendly ports like St. Thomas, Turks and Caicos.
  • Stops at Castaway Cay.
  • Itineraries often include St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands.

Western Caribbean

  • Adventure and culture in ports like Cozumel, Costa Maya.
  • Snorkeling at Castaway Cay.
  • May visit Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Honduras.

European Itineraries

Image © Disney

Disney’s European cruises take you to iconic destinations, from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe.


  • Explore rich history and culture.
  • Overnights allow in-depth port visits.
  • Experience food, art, and architecture.

Northern Europe

  • See majestic fjords and glaciers.
  • Overnights in cities like Copenhagen, Oslo, and St. Petersburg.
  • Marvel at centuries-old castles and cathedrals.

Alaska Cruises

A Disney Cruise Ship in port at Skagway, Alaska, with the White Pass Railway train nearby

Disney’s Alaskan cruises allow you to see America’s last frontier by sea and land:

  • Cruise past glaciers and majestic mountains.
  • Spot wildlife like whales, eagles, bears, and moose.
  • Combine with a land tour to see more of Denali and the Canadian Rockies.

Other Itineraries

A mountain abuts the water against a pink-blue sky on Nawiliwili, Hawaii

Image © Disney

Disney also offers more exotic cruises to destinations like Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Australia, and more! Check our full list of 2024 Disney Cruises and 2025 Disney Cruises to get more destination inspiration.

Booking Group Cruise Staterooms with Disney

Ready to book your group cruise? Here are some key tips for reserving staterooms:

  • Disney allows up to 4 staterooms on one reservation. For more, you’ll need multiple reservations.
  • Book at least a year in advance for the best stateroom availability and location.
  • Choose your dates and ship first before staterooms – less flexibility if you pre-pick rooms.
  • Stateroom numbers can be misleading. Review ship deck plans to find rooms close to one another or near amenities.
  • Focus on specific categories like verandahs (rather than prioritizing room numbers) to avoid disappointment.
  • Get connecting staterooms with inside doors to easily move between rooms. Deck plans (or a savvy travel agent) will help you find those.
  • After booking, link reservations to coordinate dining, youth activities, etc.

Saving Money on Your Group Disney Cruise

Disney cruises are expensive. Here are tips to save money as a group:

  • Book early: Book on the first day cruises are released for the best rates and availability.
  • Book during off-peak times: Disney cruises tend to be less expensive when schools are in session since families are less likely to book cruises then.
  • Check for time-sensitive deals: Last-minute restricted stateroom deals can save you money, but availability may be very limited for large groups.
  • Check for resident discounts: See if anyone in your group qualifies for military discounts or Florida resident discounts.
  • Choose cheaper rooms: Go for more affordable stateroom categories, like a Standard Inside Stateroom.
  • Use a travel agent: Booking your cruise through a specialized Disney travel agent such as The Vacationeer can score you valuable onboard credits to save money.
  • Select a shorter cruise: Choose three or four-night Disney cruises to save money compared to week-long sailings.
  • Avoid upcharge dining: Avoid upcharge dining at specialty restaurants – stick to included options.
  • BYOB: Bring your own alcohol to drink in your stateroom vs. buying onboard.
  • Set souvenir budgets: Set a souvenir budget and remind kids to limit impulse purchases.
  • Take advantage of free activities: Take advantage of free activities like movies, live shows, and character meet and greets.

With a little planning, you can find ways for your whole group to save money on your Disney cruise without sacrificing any of the fun.

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Onboard Activities for Large Groups

Once you set sail, the fun really begins! Here are some top activities to enjoy as a group on your Disney cruise:

  • Hold trivia or karaoke contests in one of the lounges.
  • Meet up for family-friendly shows like Disney musicals.
  • Join fun-themed events like Pirate Night. Wear your costumes!
  • Get friendly competition going with mini golf, basketball, and shuffleboard tournaments.
  • Enjoy group meals together, especially themed nights in the dining rooms.
  • Go ashore together on port days for sightseeing, beach trips, or shopping.
  • Take over a pool deck or watch movies under the stars as a group.
  • Get everyone together for farewell celebrations on the last night!

With some creativity, you’ll find many ways to come together and bond as a group throughout your cruise.

Cruise Attire Tips for Disney Group Cruises

Part of the fun of a group cruise is looking the part! Consider these attire ideas:

  • Make custom group t-shirts for each day of your cruise.
  • Purchase matching hats or visors for port days.
  • Coordinate one color each evening for dinner attire.
  • Bring décor items like leis, sunglasses, and necklaces in a signature color.
  • Get buttons made with your group name or cruise dates.
  • Pack costumes, props, and accessories for themed nights.

Looking like an organized, fun-loving group sets the tone for a fantastic trip!

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Disney Cruises

How many staterooms can I reserve together online?

Disney allows up to 4 staterooms on a single online reservation. For larger groups, you’ll need to make multiple reservations. Contact The Vacationeer for assistance.

What’s the best way to ensure our staterooms are near each other and connect?

Book your cruise as early as possible for the best selection of stateroom availability. Disney itineraries are released 15-18 months in advance. Check deck plans in advance to find stateroom numbers near each other. If you book far enough ahead, you should be able to choose your actual individual staterooms in advance, rather than having to wait for Disney to assign them to you based on the category you chose.

A screenshot of the Disney Cruise website showing stateroom selection

Picking your stateroom, like picking an airline seat

Can we get group rates on shore excursions?

No – Disney does not offer discounted shore excursion rates for groups. But you can save by booking third-party excursions on your own.

Is there a place onboard where we can hold private events?

Yes! Once onboard, speak with the cruise staff about reserving lounges or conference rooms for your group to gather or hold private events. Minimum fees may apply.

An secluded lounge with deeply rich colors

Outlook (Disney Dream/Fantasy) is a great space for a private gathering.

Should kids in our group all register for the same youth clubs?

Absolutely! Coordinate ages and schedules so group kids are in the same clubs. They’ll have a blast together!

Can I charter an entire Disney ship for our group?

Disney does not typically offer full ship charters (with the exception of a few internal groups such as Disney Vacation Club). But see our guides on How to Charter a Cruise Ship and How to Plan a Group Cruise for other cruise line suggestions if you need a bigger space, a more intimate experience, or discounted group rates.

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