Atlantis Bahamas has been hailed as one of the most luxurious Caribbean resorts, but is it worth its high price tag? This blog post examines what the Paradise Island resort offers and whether it best suits kids, adults, couples, or families. We’ll also discuss cost, convenience, accommodations, activities, overall value, and other factors that may influence your decision. Through our knowledge, we’ll analyze what makes this iconic destination so appealing while evaluating whether or not it’s truly worth the money. So keep reading to find out if Atlantis Bahamas is worth it!

Atlantis Bahamas: Is It Worth the High Price?

Let’s get straight to it. Atlantis Bahamas is an upscale, family-friendly resort offering a variety of aquatic activities, fine dining, and a beautiful setting. It’s expensive, but Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for family fun in the Caribbean.

Located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, this resort provides an abundance of luxurious accommodations and amenities that create an unforgettable tropical getaway. Its prime location allows guests easy access to some of the world’s most stunning beaches and coves, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, sunning, and more fun outdoor activities. Plenty of other great opportunities are available at Atlantis, such as the giant water park and the chance to encounter stingrays and dolphins up close.

Divers exploring underwater ruins as giant rays swim past

Image © Atlantis

Atlantis features adventure and exploration activities, award-winning restaurants and nightlife options, and plenty of pools and slides that guarantee hours of entertainment. And with five hotels offering budget-friendly rooms to lavish suites, there’s something suitable for everyone. With its luxurious amenities combined with countless fun and educational activities, it’s clear why Atlantis Bahamas is the perfect destination for families looking for a warm-weather escape.

The resort may be expensive, but Atlantis Bahamas’ unparalleled services and attractions make it worth the price. However, it’s not suitable for everyone. For instance, while Atlantis is a worthwhile destination for families, one of the Sandals Resort locations may better suit couples looking for a quiet, all-inclusive adult getaway.

The next step is determining whether Atlantis is a good value based on its cost.

Analyzing the Cost of Atlantis Bahamas

It’s important to consider how much Atlantis Bahamas costs before deciding if it’s worth the splurge. Five hotels are available at the resort (as of 2023), and each offers different price points. Choices within your control primarily determine the amount you spend. For example, which hotel and room you choose, your travel dates, and the type of food and activities you select can significantly affect the cost of your trip. It only takes a few simple choices to change the overall cost by thousands of dollars.

Room Rates at Atlantis Bahamas

A family of four can expect to pay $300 to $800 for a night at Atlantis Bahamas. However, prices often rise above this average as demand increases and supply shrinks. For 2023, The Coral has the cheapest accommodations, with rooms starting at $206 per night in the off-season. The Harborside Resort typically costs $300 on their cheapest dates, while The Royal and The Reef usually charge $350-$400. Those seeking luxury should consider The Cove, an all-suite option that costs at least $600 per night. During peak weeks, prices can easily double or triple, so choose your dates wisely. Rates fluctuate based on demand, so working with a travel agent makes sense to find the best travel dates.

Image © Atlantis

Total Cost of an Atlantis Bahamas Vacation

Typically, two adults can expect to pay between $525 and $825 per day or approximately $4,725 for a week-long stay. Similarly, a family of four will require $900 – $1,700 daily, or roughly $9,100 per week. This estimate includes accommodation costs at the resort, food expenses (meals & drinks related), flights to the Bahamas, and some luxury activities like snorkeling or kayaking. It also includes hidden fees like VAT, resort fees, gratuities, and other service costs.

What Does the Cost of an Atlantis Stay Include?

A resort fee of $64.90 per room per night applies to The Coral and The Royal and $77.00 per room per night for The Reef and The Cove. As part of this fee, guests have free access to the Aquaventure waterpark, where they can enjoy water slides, water rides, and more. Additionally, individuals can take complimentary gaming lessons (and participate in slot tournaments) at The Atlantis Casino, have unlimited free calls/wifi, and have complimentary access to movies at the Atlantis Theatre. The state-of-the-art fitness center and various free fitness and wellness classes are available to those who wish to stay active during their vacation. The resort also offers free access to beautiful beaches and the underwater aquarium The Dig, Paradise Lagoon, Predator Lagoon, Dolphin Cay, and other marine life habitats.

Next, we will examine who will most likely enjoy Atlantis Paradise Island.

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Is Atlantis Bahamas Worth It for Kids?

With the thrilling 141-acre water park, kiddie pools, and waterslides, your little ones will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Aside from the attractions, the resort also offers several dedicated programs for children.

Guests aged 3 to 6 can enjoy the Sea Squirts program, a 40 to 45-minute experience that lets them interact with marine animals up close. Kids learn about and hand-feed baby stingrays, sharks, and schools of fish. One adult must accompany their child during this one-of-a-kind marine life experience.

Kids can also join Atlantis Kids Adventures, which provides a wide range of engaging activities tailored to children from 3 to 12 years old. Kids can enjoy coloring, cooking, arts and crafts classes, science experiments, and even interactive theatre workshops hosted by experienced Adventure Guides.

Children aged 6-10 can interact with exotic marine life through the thrilling Junior Ultimate Trainer for a Day Program, where they will have a memorable and educational experience that lasts all day.

Preteens aged 7-12 have just as much fun with Aquaventure waterpark, underwater video arcades, and themed adventure playrooms that excite their imaginations.

Countless fun, engaging, and educational activities are available to keep children entertained. If you’re looking for an unforgettable family vacation filled with incredible memories, Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for kids!

Is Atlantis Bahamas Worth It for Teens?

Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for teens aged 13 to 17. This incredible resort provides them with all the adventure and excitement they could want on a family vacation.

Teens will love the excitement of Aquaventure water park, getting up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins, or viewing the shark-filled lagoons at a distance. But that’s not all! After dark, they can flock to the arcade or the island’s exclusive teen nightclub, CRUSH! With 14 thousand square feet of floor space, including an internet lounge, this truly is the perfect destination for active teens.

Atlantis - Aquaventure - The Surge Waterslide

Aquaventure – The Surge Waterslide | Image © Atlantis

Is Atlantis Bahamas Worth It For Adults?

There is no doubt that Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for adults. There are plenty of dining options, with 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges. Various luxury accommodations are available, including The Royal, which offers a unique experience with easy access to the Mandara Spa, the fitness center, the casino, and Nobu restaurant. If you’re feeling adventurous, charter a yacht, go snorkeling, swim with the dolphins, or go shopping at Marina Village. If golf is your thing, then the Ocean Club Golf Course has everything you need. Complimenting these adventures are vacation packages designed specifically for couples or golfers who want to unwind in paradise. Whether it’s adventure or leisure you’re after, Atlantis Bahamas has it all.

With so many great activities for the whole family, Atlantis Bahamas is the perfect place to spend time with loved ones. At Atlantis, your kids can be dropped off at the Atlantis Kids Adventures or have a babysitter attend to their needs while you enjoy all the resort offers.

On the other hand, if couples are looking for something more romantic and intimate, one of the Sandals resort locations may be a better option since these resorts offer an adult-only Caribbean beach experience.

For help deciding between Atlantis Bahamas and the best Sandals resorts, contact The Vacationeer today. The Vacationeer is renowned for finding the perfect travel destination, whether at Atlantis Bahamas, Sandals Resort, or even Disney Destination. Don’t wait – get your free price quote today!

Is Atlantis Bahamas Worth It for Couples?

Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for couples seeking adventure, fun activities, and beautiful beaches. With five miles of coastline, finding a beautiful place to relax is easy.

As a couple, you can enjoy a couples massage at Mandara Spa, a tour of Nassau, fine dining, lounges, nightclubs, golf, the comedy club, or enjoy a poolside cocktail. If you want luxury accommodations, Atlantis has that too.

Be aware that Atlantis tends to be family-oriented and may not be the most intimate and quiet place to stay. Instead, consider Sandals resorts if you want an extraordinary experience with beachfront views and service tailored for adults. For example, the best Sandals Resorts in Jamaica feature swim-up suites, all-inclusive dining (and drinking), golf, tropical excursions, and no kids running around! It’s up to each couple to decide which resort is worth it, but Caribbean vacations are always a good idea!

Is Atlantis Bahamas Worth It for Families?

Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for families, as it offers numerous activities that kids and adults can enjoy together. Many of the best activities at Atlantis are free and tailor-made for family fun. Everything from complementary elements, such as 5 miles of beaches for strolling and swimming, to kiddie pools and regular pools, to the 141-acre Aquaventure waterpark make Atlantis Bahamas worth the visit. Families can also explore The Dig, Predator Lagoon, or Dolphin Cay for a fun-filled and educational day. Additionally, there are multiple fee-based experiences like snorkeling and kayaking with dolphins.

Kids and parents can also have fun when they separate. Kids programs provide an excellent opportunity for young ones to explore their passions under the care of an experienced instructor. Adults will find entertainment at the casino, Jokers Wild comedy club, nightclubs, or on the golf course.

With a great selection of family-friendly restaurants, kids’ menus, and dining plans that include discounted rates for children aged 7-11 (and complimentary breakfast and dinner for those under six! ), there’s something for everyone, and families can save too.

Families will enjoy Atlantis because the resort is designed specifically for them. For this reason, Atlantis Bahamas is worth it!

Is the Atlantis Dining Plan Worth It?

Deciding if the on-site dining plans at Atlantis Bahamas resort are worth it is a personal decision. The following information will help you decide.

  • The Trident Plan, which includes a full American or Continental breakfast, and a three-course dinner, will cost $135.00 per day per adult (age 12 and up). Kids ages 7-11 are $57.00 per day.
  • The Aqua Plan costs slightly less, with a two-course dinner for $114.00 per day per adult. Dining plans do not include lunch. Kids ages 7-11 are $44.00 per day.
  • Children 6 and under eat free!

The dining plans at Atlantis are worth considering if you want a partially inclusive dining experience, especially since children six and under eat for free. If you don’t have kids and are a light eater, you may find that paying out of pocket or eating at off-site restaurants might be a much cheaper option than investing in full-service dining plans. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and the experience you want to have during your stay at Atlantis.

A group enjoys a meal at Sip Sip

Image © Atlantis

Bottom Line: Is Atlantis Bahamas Resort Worth It?

Atlantis Bahamas is worth it for all ages, given its many activities, such as a water park, beaches, spa, golf course, kids clubs, restaurants, movie theatre, and marine exhibits. The resort is especially worth it for families with kids, as so many activities are perfect for making memories with the whole family that can last a lifetime.

Though not remotely in the budget category, there are cost-saving options available, with the best time to visit Atlantis being during off-seasons. Even though it is expensive, if you time it right and choose modest options, it’s not as expensive as its reputation suggests.

Travelers should consider their vacation goals when looking at Atlantis Bahamas since couples may want something more intimate and romantic than can be found here; Sandals Resorts would serve them better in this case. Either way, guests should take advantage of what Atlantis offers with its diverse activities and great value for families.

Is There A Way to Make Atlantis Bahamas Budget-Friendly?

Given that Atlantis is quite an expensive resort, is it worth $1300 per day on average for a family of four? The answer to that is up for debate as it depends on who is going and why. However, there are plenty of ways to save money at Atlantis Bahamas, provided you choose a cheaper hotel during the off-season and limit your fee-based activities.

With some planning, there is a way to make Atlantis Bahamas budget-friendly.

Start by checking with an Atlantis travel agent; they can help you find packages that include discounts for military members, nurses, teachers, and first responders. Stay in the off-season or midweek to get the best deals and take advantage of all the free activities, such as the water park, pools, beaches, movies, and marine exhibits. Dining plans may be worth it depending on your food preferences and eating habits, so consult a travel agent before making a decision. You may save money by applying last-minute deals or golf or couples packages to your trip. Search dates with a travel agent and compare them to find the lowest rates possible. With careful planning, your trip to Atlantis Bahamas can be budget-friendly!

Ways to Save Money at Atlantis Bahamas - External view of resort and waterslides

Image © Atlantis

Are There Better Alternatives To Atlantis Bahamas Resort?

Atlantis does not have to be the only option. Several excellent all-inclusive resorts, such as Sandals Resorts, are available for intimate couples’ getaways without the kids. If you are looking for a family-friendly all-inclusive getaway, the best Beaches Resorts are worth considering.

Or, how about setting out on a Caribbean Disney Cruise Line voyage? You might even be able to spend a day at Atlantis as a shore excursion during your cruise.

Those who desire an even more exclusive experience should consider Adventures by Disney group tours, where you can travel the globe with an Adventure Guide.

Then there’s the ultimate family vacation destination, Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando Resort is also worth a visit – it has grown in popularity over the last few years and is pretty impressive!

If you can’t decide which type of getaway to go for, reach out to The Vacationeer travel agency; they offer free expert advice on these potential destinations.

Why is Atlantis Bahamas So Popular?

Atlantis Bahamas is a popular destination for families, offering gorgeous weather and idyllic beaches perfect for family bonding. You’ll never get bored exploring its unique marine habitats, visiting the interactive water park, or relaxing on the beach.

What’s more, the resort offers access to delicious dining options and world-class accommodations at a reasonable price. Although Atlantis isn’t all-inclusive, many experiences are complimentary with your stay, so you can enjoy this beautiful setting without going over budget.

Atlantis - Pool - Aerial

Image © Atlantis

How Many Days Do You Need in Atlantis?

Atlantis Bahamas statistics show that many visitors consider a 5-day stay the ideal amount of time in this tropical paradise. It will give you enough time to relax and enjoy what Atlantis offers without feeling rushed. Plus, package deals often require a minimum 5-night stay, so you will get the most out of your money if you stay at least five days. Of course, you could make a shorter trip, but you will want to give yourself enough time to explore all Atlantis has to offer.

Can You Swim in the Ocean at Atlantis Bahamas?

Atlantis Bahamas provides five miles of beautiful white sand beaches. A total of six distinct beaches are available to guests of the resort: Atlantis, Cove, Royal, Paradise, and Paradise Lagoon Beaches, as well as the private Dolphin Cay Beach.

Each beach offers complimentary access where visitors can swim, sunbathe, stroll or create treasured memories with their families building sandcastles. With breathtaking views from anywhere along the shorefront, Atlantis Bahamas is a must-visit destination for any beachgoer looking to experience a peaceful yet enjoyable day at the seaside.

Can You Go to Atlantis if You Are Not a Guest?

Staying at Atlantis is worth it, even if it may be more expensive than other hotel options. Guests have free access to attractions such as Aquaventure, Dolphin Cay, marine habitats, and beaches, and they can also enjoy discounted rates or packages. When staying off-property, this value is lost, and you must purchase an Atlantis Day Pass for everyone in your family, which can add up fast. The cost of an Atlantis Day Pass fluctuates based on supply and demand, but it’s often over $200 for adults and half that for kids!

The convenience of having everything within your reach makes it worth the extra expense. If you stay on-site, you don’t have to worry about how you will get back and forth since there’s no need for outside transportation. Enjoy a stay that grants access to all the thrilling experiences of the Atlantis resort while potentially even saving money on your vacation!

Are You Ready to Book Your Atlantis Bahamas Vacation?

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