My partner Jaimie and I have been fortunate to take several magical Disney cruises as a couple and later as a family with our young kids, Ben and Ava. We’ve sailed the sparkling Caribbean and awe-inspiring Alaska, becoming Disney cruise packing pros over multiple family vacations at sea.

This complete Disney cruise packing list guide covers everything you need to pack for a hassle-free Disney cruise, including:

  • Travel documents
  • Toiletries and medications
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Costumes and themed items
  • Electronics and chargers
  • Extras like reusable water bottles

Follow this ultimate Disney cruise packing checklist to prepare your family for a seamless, fun-filled voyage!

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Essential Travel Documents to Pack for Your Disney Cruise

A passport being held up for the camera in front of a Disney Cruise Ship

When packing for any trip, the first things that should go in your bag are your travel documents and identification. For a Disney cruise, here are the essentials:

  • Photo ID: All guests (18+) must present a valid government-issued photo ID to board the ship at the start of a cruise.
  • Passport and Entry Visa: You may also need to show a valid passport and travel visa for certain international trips. Even if your cruise doesn’t require a passport, it’s wise to have one — you’ll need it to board a plane if you miss the ship in an international port or have an emergency and need to fly home from overseas.
  • Documents for Minors: Minors can use a passport or birth certificate to check in. Additionally, A minor traveling without a parent or legal guardian needs an Authorization for Minor to Travel form signed by their parent or guardian.
  • Disney Cruise Documents: Your check-in form, reservation confirmation, passenger registration forms, and cruise contract should be packed or accessible electronically.
  • Travel Insurance Documents: Be sure to pack your travel insurance policy information in case you need to make a claim during your trip.

Pro Tip: Photocopy all documents and leave a set with family or friends at home.

Must-Have Toiletries to Pack for Disney Cruises

Don’t let forgotten toiletries ruin your Disney cruise. Be sure to pack:

  • Prescriptions: Bring ample quantities of medications in original bottles.
  • Motion sickness relief: Sea-Bands, Dramamine, and ginger candies can ease nausea.
  • Pain relievers: For headaches, cramps, sore muscles — ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin.
  • Sunscreen: Water resistant SPF 50+ to protect skin in tropical climates.
  • After-sun aloe vera gel: Soothes sunburns and skin irritations.
  • Specific personal care items: Contact solutions, cosmetics, sanitary products, etc.

Pro Tip: Purchase travel-size toiletries to conserve luggage space. Items over 3.4 oz (100 ml) can’t fly. Sundries are sold onboard the ship, but they’ll be much cheaper if purchased on dry land before your cruise.

Clothing & Accessories to Pack for Disney Cruises

Disney Packing List Luggage

My family and I are often surprised by how much the temperature can fluctuate, particularly at night. Therefore, it is crucial to pack for any scenario. Additionally, it’s essential to keep in mind that the dress code on Disney Cruise Line ships is casual during the day but can become formal at night. Below are some clothing and accessory must-haves that we always pack:

  • T-shirts, shorts, pants, and dresses: Pack casual basics for daytime wear. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Swimsuits and cover-ups: Bring at least two swimsuits per person, plus cover-ups for the pool deck. Consider rash guards for sun protection.
  • Layers: Even warm-climate cruises can have a sort of “wind chill factor” due to the ship’s forward motion. Bring warm clothing such as jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts for the cooler evenings. Our kids love snuggling up in a hoodie for the movies.
  • Rain jackets or ponchos: These are handy if you encounter rain during port excursions.
  • Formalwear: Pack cocktail attire or suits/dresses for a formal night. Check your ship’s dress code.
  • Footwear: Pack sandals, pool shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, and slippers.
  • Hats: Both sun hats and Disney ears are must-haves for us!
  • Nightwear: Robes and slippers are provided for comfort, but you may want to bring pajamas to lounge in your cabin.
  • Basics: Socks, undies, and undershirts seem obvious… until you forget to pack them!
  • Baby supplies: If you are cruising with a baby, pack regular and swim diapers, bottles, food, pacifiers, rash cream, stroller, games, baby hat, bibs, and blankets.

Pro Tip: Limit footwear to three or four versatile pairs to save luggage space.

Fun Specialty Items to Pack for Disney Cruises

In addition to your regular cruise attire, there are some specialty items that can add to your Disney cruise experience. Here are some fun things to consider packing:

  • Themed costumes: We always bring a Disney, pirate, princess, or superhero costume for themed parties and events for the kids, and Mickey Mouse ears for everyone, including us adults!
  • Autograph books: Our kids love collecting drawings and signatures from Disney characters.
  • Decorations: We pack Disney door magnets and lightweight props to customize our cabin.
  • Snorkel gear: Bring your own for Castaway Cay to save on rental fees.
  • Inflatables and water toys: These make the pool deck more fun for kids. Disney sells branded options. (Note that Pool Noodles are prohibited.)

Pro Tip: Purchase Disney cruise accessories and toys ahead of time for the best selection and prices. Specialty items sold onboard can be pricey. Also, please remember that costumes must be family-friendly — not violent, offensive, obstructive, or objectionable.

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Packing Essential Electronics for Your Disney Cruise

Screenshot showing the DCL Navigator App

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Technology helps keep your Disney cruise relaxing and hassle-free. Here are some of our must-pack electronics:

  • Smartphone: We use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app and take plenty of photos! Connect to the ship’s WiFi.
  • Camera: Capture family memories with a DSLR, action cam, or point-and-shoot.
  • Headphones or earbuds: We use them at night so we don’t disturb the sleeping kiddos.
  • Memory cards: You’ll take more pics than you expect (my co-worker Jackie snapped nearly 3,500 photos on his last Alaska cruise)! Have extra storage to ensure you don’t miss a single moment.
  • Portable chargers: We use these a lot since our kids have iPads onboard.
  • Electronics organizers: Use packing cubes, bags, or kits to corral cords, chargers, batteries, and memory cards.

Pro Tip: Purchase high-capacity memory cards before your trip to avoid running out of space for photos.

Helpful Extras for Your Disney Cruise Packing List

In addition to your clothes and electronics, here are some miscellaneous but useful items to pack for a Disney cruise:

  • Refillable water bottle: We stay hydrated using the ship’s filtered water stations.
  • Travel mug or tumbler: Take your coffee, tea, or soda on the go.
  • Lanyard or DisneyBand+: Keep your Key to the World card or DisneyBand+ handy to unlock your stateroom.
  • Hanging Organizer: Make the most of cabin storage by using hanging shelves, shoe organizers, or a clothesline and clips to hang damp swimsuits to dry after multiple swims. (Note that Disney forbids anything which hangs “over-the-door”.)
  • Portable Fan or White Noise Machine: Provides white noise and/or air circulation in your snug stateroom. (May need to be inspected by the ship’s electrician before using.)
  • Travel first-aid kit: Bandages, medicines, supplements, motion sickness relief, and other healthcare items.
  • Guidebooks: They can provide information about ports of call to help you plan excursions.
  • Ziploc bags: Keep items like wet clothes contained.
  • Laundry bags: Keep dirty clothes separate for sending out to the laundry service or just to keep from fouling up your suitcase.
  • Mini umbrella: We pack one for unexpected rain showers at ports of call.

Pro Tip: Pack a couple of magnetic hooks to conveniently hang hats, keys, or towels in your cabin.

What Prohibited Items Should I Leave at Home?

Forbidden items range from the obvious to the somewhat surprising. Here’s just a small sampling of what is not allowed on Disney cruise ships:

  • Weapons
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Medically-Prescribed Marijuana
  • CBD Oils
  • Baby Bottle Sterilizers/Warmers (but Guest Services will let you borrow one for free)
  • Electric Irons (the ship has irons in the laundry room)
  • Surge Protectors / Power Strips / Extension Cords
  • Christmas Lights
  • Pool Noodles
  • Many, Many More Items

You should thoroughly review Disney’s extensive list of prohibited and restricted items before you pack your suitcase, even if you can’t possibly imagine that you’d pack something prohibited. As I said, some items on the list might surprise you.

At best, packing a prohibited item may result in it being confiscated and your checked bags being held until late in the evening on your first day onboard; at worst, it could result in severe criminal penalties.

In addition to the completely prohibited items, other items are restricted, meaning they’re allowed only in certain quantities or only after inspection by the crew. The list linked above covers those, too.

How to Book the Perfect Disney Cruise Vacation

With your Disney cruise packing list complete, it is time to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Whether you dream of sun-kissed beaches in the Caribbean, the mysteries of a Hawaiian voyage aboard the Disney Wonder, or the enchantment of Disney cruises with special themes, there is an itinerary perfect for you and your family.

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FAQ: Packing List for Disney Cruises

How many bags can you bring on a Disney cruise?

Disney allows each passenger to bring up to two checked suitcases, one carry-on bag, and one personal item like a purse or backpack. This offers plenty of room for packing needs.

Can you bring alcohol on a Disney cruise?

Yes. Guests who are 21 years and older are allowed to bring a maximum of two unopened bottles of wine or champagne (not exceeding 750 ml) or six beers (not exceeding 12 oz) with them at the beginning of the cruise and at each port of call. Passengers must carry their alcohol on the Disney ship by hand and not pack it away in their checked luggage.

Should I bring a reusable water bottle for my Disney cruise?

Yes, packing a refillable water bottle is highly recommended. Disney has filtered water stations on their ships, so you can fill up for free. This saves money and reduces waste.

Should I pack beach towels for my Disney cruise?

No need – Disney provides towels at the pool decks and on Disney’s private island of Castaway Cay (and the new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point). Packing your own towels just takes up precious luggage space.

How much cash should I bring for my Disney cruise?

We recommend bringing $200-$500 in cash for port purchases, excursion tips, and any other incidentals. You won’t need cash onboard since Disney cruises are cashless.

Do you get shampoo and shower products on a Disney cruise?

Yes, Disney provides shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and hand soap in staterooms. You’re welcome to bring your own preferred products, but Disney’s are high quality.

Can I bring full-size toiletries in carry-on luggage for my cruise?

Yes, unlike air travel, there are no restrictions on the size of toiletries for Disney cruises. However, liquids over 3.4 oz cannot be in checked luggage at the airport.

Can I keep the Disney Cruise Line robe as a souvenir?

Unfortunately, the plush robes and slippers provided in some staterooms are not meant to be taken home as keepsakes. But they sure are comfy during your trip! If you want a Disney Cruise robe of your very own, check the onboard shops or look into the luxury/romance packages offered through the Onboard Gifts program.

What’s the dress code during Pirates Night on a Disney cruise?

Disney encourages passengers of all ages to dress up in pirate costumes or wear pirate-themed accessories to fully embrace the pirate theme party. You can purchase costumes onboard or bring your own. While all of this is fun, it is not required — you can dress however you like (within the normal cruise dress code).

How strict is the formal night dress code on Disney cruises?

For formal nights, cocktail dresses or suits are encouraged but not required in the main dining rooms. Jeans and polo shirts meet the minimum dress code, but most guests like to dress up. You can also skip out on the formal dinner and enjoy a casual meal elsewhere on the ship. Check the Navigator for details.

Final Thoughts: Disney Cruise Packing List Essentials

With this comprehensive Disney cruise packing checklist, your family will be fully prepared for a seamless, magical experience at sea. We’ve covered all the essentials – from organizing travel documents and stocking up on sunscreen to packing themed costumes and cameras to capture priceless memories.

By following these Disney cruise packing tips, you’ll avoid the stress of forgotten items and be ready to make the most of family fun on the ship and incredible destinations. No matter your age, a Disney cruise is guaranteed to be a fantastic family experience!

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