If you’re planning a Disney cruise, you have several options for traveling between Orlando and Port Canaveral. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is 45 miles from Disney’s Port Canaveral Cruise terminal, so you will need a travel plan before arriving in Florida. This guide covers the best ways to get to Disney cruises in Port Canaveral, including detailed information on:

  • Disney shuttle service between MCO and the DCL terminal
  • Non-Disney transportation between Orlando and Port Canaveral
  • Ridesharing and taxi services
  • Car rentals and driving your own car
  • Most practical and affordable transportation options

Here are the six best ways to travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral, whether you seek the fastest route, the most budget-friendly option, or something else.

1. Uber and Lyft

In the age of rideshare apps, more and more people are choosing private transportation over shuttles.

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are the best way to travel between Orlando International Airport and the Disney Cruise Line terminal. They provide direct transportation to Port Canaveral and are usually the least expensive option for groups between 3 to 5 people. Additionally, you don’t need advance reservations for Uber and Lyft.

The cost of Uber is usually less than half that of a taxi. For instance, the trip from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral costs approximately $60 each way for an Uber Connect or $90 for an UberXL. As a result, the ride costs $15 to $22.50 per person round trip for a group of four. This price is competitive with the cheapest shuttle service, but it’s much more convenient (no need to book in advance), you have the vehicle all to yourself, and you won’t have to worry about late shuttles.

Uber Screenshots

Uber ridesharing app | Image © Uber

Here’s what you can expect to pay for a one-way Uber fare from MCO to Disney Cruise Line Terminal – Port Canaveral:

  • Connect – $57.15
  • UberX – $65.95
  • Uber Green – $65.95
  • Uber Pet – $69.82
  • Comfort – $75.08
  • UberX Car Seat – $75.95
  • UberXL – $89.40
  • UberXL Car Seat – $99.40
  • Black – $149.40
  • Black Car Seat – $159.40
  • Black SUV Car Seat – $186.29
  • Black Hourly – $158.08
  • MT Connect – $201.40

Price estimates are subject to change. Check the Uber Price Estimator for the latest fares.


Uber and Lyft are the best ways to get to Disney cruises in Port Canaveral. Once you’ve downloaded the app, Uber and Lyft are very affordable and extremely easy to use. They will take you directly to Disney’s Port Canaveral terminal and return you after your cruise. Plus, you won’t need reservations!


The only major drawback of Uber vs. a shuttle service is that prices can change depending on traffic and surge volume. The Uber app predicts those factors before you hail a ride, but it may be too late to change your plans if you don’t have shuttle reservations.

Another downside could potentially be the type (size) of vehicle you request. A smaller Uber or Lyft may not be sufficient if you have a lot of luggage. Consider your options carefully when ordering a car.

Despite these downside risks, ridesharing is the best way to get to Disney cruises in Port Canaveral.

2. Independent Shuttle Companies

Many shuttle companies provide transport between Orlando and Port Canaveral. After all, the port’s ferry terminal is the second busiest in the world (right behind the Port of Miami), and the Florida Disney cruise terminal is a busy place. There’s plenty of business to go around!

Like Disney’s own shuttle service, independent shuttle services are usually shared (ie, you share the bus with other guests). However, unlike Disney, independent shuttle companies provide a wide range of vehicle options. These range from sedans and limos to minivans and large motor coaches.

Listed below are the shuttle companies providing service between Orlando International Airport and the Disney Cruise Line terminal at Port Canaveral. Click on any link to visit the company’s website.

  • Ace Luxury – Ace provides  “VIP Meet and Greet hospitality service” in the form of sedans, vans, and motorcoach transportation. Contact them for rates.
  • Cocoa Beach Shuttle – Cocoa provides sedans, vans ($45 for two people, $85 for 4), a Private 10-passenger Van Service ($150), and motor coaches at various rates.
  • Cortrans Shuttle Service – Contrans offers one-way shuttle transportation between MCO and Port Canaveral for $25 one-way and $50 roundtrip.
  • Go Port Canaveral – The shuttle bus from MCO to Port Canaveral is $29.99 per person ($59.98 RT).
  • Mears Transportation – Mears provides a chauffeured vehicle service to Port Canaveral via their Mears Global Chauffeured Car Service. Contact for price quotes.
  • Space Port Transport – Space Port rates are $98 for one to four people, one way, and $10.00 for each additional person.
  • Star Trans-VIP – Star Trans-VIP offers a wide selection of luxe and corporate sedans, vans, and motorcoach transportation. Contact them for a quote.
  • Tropicana Transport – Tropicana provides shuttle van transportation between MCO and the Disney Cruise Port. Rates are $20 to $27.50 per person, depending on how many people are in the van.


In general, shuttle services outside of Disney are cheaper than Disney’s own ground transportation. Additionally, independent shuttles can be less costly for singles and couples than Uber rates (which start at $60 and go up from there). The same goes for large groups: even though this may seem more luxurious, an entire private van (or even a bus) can be pretty economical if you have a large group.

You will also find that non-Disney providers offer a much wider variety of vehicle types and sizes than ridesharing services and Disney ground transportation.


Despite these advantages, Uber is likely more cost-effective for groups of three to five people. Furthermore, if you don’t mind paying a little extra per person, and all of these options seem overwhelming, you might just consider Disney Cruise Line’s official ground transportation shuttle service. It might be the peace of mind you’re after, and it’s the one way to ensure your experience is as Disney as possible.

Do you still have questions? Let DCL experts at The Vacationeer handle your Disney Cruise Line arrangements. Their services are free to you, and their assistance can be oh-so-helpful. They offer a generous Disney onboard credit program that will save you money when booking a Disney cruise with them. Contact The Vacationeer today to receive a free, no-obligation quote!

3. Disney Ground Transportation from Orlando International Airport or WDW

For those cruising with Disney to The Bahamas or the Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line offers a ground transfer option between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Disney’s Port Canaveral terminal. Transfers are not included in the cost of a Disney cruise and are available on embarkation and debarkation days only.

The cost from MCO to the Disney terminal is $39 per Guest each way, or $78 roundtrip.

DCL provides special luggage tags that streamline getting your luggage onto the ship; be sure to follow the instructions that come with the tags so that the crew members at the airport, port, and ship get your bags to your stateroom.

DCL will pick you up at Orlando International Airport and take you to the Disney Cruise Port. A DCL representative will assist you with your carry-on bags if necessary.

The Disney Ground Transportation experience is pleasant and seamless from start to finish. You can watch a complimentary Disney movie on the shuttle, and you’ll be dropped off right near the the terminal upon arrival.

You can add flights, ground transportation, or hotel accommodations by calling DCL (800) 951-3532. Or, better yet, let The Vacationeer book your Disney cruise and handle the transportation.


DCL handles all arrangements, so there is no worry of being late for the cruise, and you can sit back and let Disney take care of everything for you.


Disney’s shuttle transportation is not the most cost-effective way to get to Disney Cruises in Port Canaveral. Suppose you have a large family or group. Round trip fares to Port Canaveral are $78 per person, meaning the total price will be over $300 for a family of four or five. A private van for up to ten people would cost less than that.

Disney’s cruise shuttle only picks people up from MCO airport and the Walt Disney World resort hotels.  If you’re flying into the SFB or MLB airports near Orlando and going directly to the ship from the airport, you won’t be able to use the service.

4. Taxi Cabs

Taxis are known to be among the most expensive options for travelers. But how much does a taxi cost from Orlando to Port Canaveral?

According to TaxiFareFinder.com, a taxi ride from Orlando International Airport to Disney Cruise Line Terminal – Port Canaveral will cost you $123 without the tip.

Remember that taxi fares do not take the number of passengers into consideration, so if you have 1 or 4 people, the fare will be the same. So, even if you split the fare between four passengers, your taxi fare still comes to about $35 per person when you include a decent tip. Compare this to the least expensive ridesharing options from Uber and Lyft (starting at $60), and you soon realize that a standard taxi is almost double that of a basic Uber or Lyft.

Mears Taxi

Mears, a central Florida taxi provider | Image © Mears


Taxis are the most convenient transportation option between Orlando International Airport and the Disney Cruise Line terminal in Port Canaveral. You simply exit the building and find taxi cabs lined up to take passengers to their destination: no reservations, no apps, and no sharing the ride. Just hop right in and go directly to Port Canaveral!


Taxis will cost more than most Uber and Lyft vehicle options, especially the Uber Connect and UberX tiers. Taxis are also more expensive than most shared shuttle options provided by independent (non-Disney) transportation companies.

Disney Cruise Line’s shuttle option is more nuanced. At $39 per person each way, Disney’s option is cheaper for 1, 2, or 3 passengers, but a taxi is cheaper for four people on a per-person basis.

5. Drive your Car to the Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral

Several parking options are available near the terminal if you drive to Port Canaveral.

The Port Canaveral Port Authority operates a parking garage adjacent to the DCL terminal. It opens at 10:15 am and does not accept cash payments.

The Disney Cruise Line – Port Canaveral Terminal address is:

9155 Charles M. Rowland Dr.
Port Canaveral, FL 32920

How much does parking at Disney’s Port Canaveral Terminal cost?

  • $68 for a 3-night cruise
  • $85 for a 4-night cruise
  • $102 for a 5-night cruise
  • $119 for a 6-night cruise
  • $136 for a 7-night cruise

Preferred parking is available for an extra charge; it allows you to park closer to the ships in an area that is first-come, first-served.

The Port Authority requires full payment for parking at the start of your cruise, but you can also prepay through the Port Canaveral website. Remember, cash is not accepted at the parking lot.

Many hotels in the Port Canaveral area provide shuttles to the port of embarkation. You may consider arriving the day before the cruise and parking at your hotel until it is over. Even after considering the hotel stay, this may save you money, so make sure you check with your hotel for details. It’s always a good idea to arrive a day early anyway so you won’t have to worry about missing your Disney cruise departure.


Having your car means you can plan your own schedule, and you won’t have to depend on anyone else. When you disembark the cruise, your vehicle will be ready for you. You won’t need to share transportation with anyone but your family.


You must navigate through the port and load and unload luggage on your own. Many people find shuttles, Uber, and taxis less stressful and more convenient. Additionally, the cost of a Disney cruise is already high enough without additional fuel costs and daily parking expenses.

6. Rent a Car prior to Cruising

Car rentals are perhaps the least practical option for getting to Disney cruises departing from Florida.

From Orlando International Airport, it will take approximately 43 minutes to reach Disney Cruise Line’s Port Canaveral terminal. The drive is 46 minutes from Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB),  61 minutes from Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), and 60 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort.

Rental cars usually cost $105 per day from Orlando International Airport. There are plenty of car rental companies to choose from at MCO with flexible terms, including the possibility of one-way car rental.


In some situations, renting a car from Orlando to Port Canaveral can be beneficial. If you plan to tour Florida before or after your cruise, renting a vehicle may be a practical and affordable option. It will allow you to explore the area on your own terms if you don’t own a car.


Parking fees must be considered if you decide to keep your car during your cruise. These can add up easily during longer cruises. With this in mind, car rentals are among the most expensive and least practical ways to get to Disney cruises in Port Canaveral.

There are so many ways to get to Port Canaveral without the need to rent a car.

Unless you want to explore the surrounding area before or after your cruise (and don’t have your own car), it’s best to stick with a cheaper and more convenient option.

Final Thoughts on Getting to Your Port Canaveral Cruise

Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of transportation options for getting to the Port Canaveral terminal, including driving yourself, taking a shuttle, hailing an Uber or taxi, and renting a car. While each option has its own set of pros and cons, we think that ridesharing from Uber or Lyft provided the best in affordability and convenience. However, Disney’s option is great if you want to keep it all Disney, and independent companies might be a better option depending on the size of your party. Whatever option you choose, we are sure you will have a magical time at sea!

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