Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge

10 Batuu-Bounding Ideas for Disney Theme Parks

There is no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in the story at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This Hollywood Studios land is all about bringing the movies to life, and one of the best ways to do that is by Disneybounding as your favorite characters. Here are ten ways to try Star Ways Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

How to Disneybound at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

For those who don’t know, Disneybounding” is when guests at Disney theme parks dress up in everyday clothes that are inspired by their favorite Disney characters. It’s a subtle and fun way to show off your love of all things Disney without wearing a full-blown costume. This can be as simple as wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with jeans or choosing colors and patterns that represent your favorite character. It’s up to you. As long as you follow Disney’s costuming guidelines, you can be as subtle or bold as you like.

Disneybounding has become especially popular at Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Its immersive setting and attention to detail make it the perfect place to show off your Jedi style. It’s no wonder that Disney’s Star Wars land has become the premier destination for Star Wars fans worldwide!

Disneybounding vs. Batuu-Bounding

For those not in the know, “Batuu-bounding” is a subset of Disneybounding, which is when you create a look designed to resemble a character from a Disney movie or theme park. Whereas regular Disneybounding can be based on any Disney character, Batuu-bounding specifically refers to looks inspired by the fictional planet Batuu, which is the setting for the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

While you don’t need to be as elaborate as some of the dedicated cosplayers, a little attention to detail can go a long way in making your look more immersive. Using traditional clothing items, you’ll be able to create a recognizable tribute to Star Wars characters by pairing them together. Wearing Batuuan attire means wearing muted tones, vests, layers, and gear inspired by the villagers of Batuu. The following are some general style suggestions for Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge:

  • Earthy, Monochromatic Colors
  • Vests
  • Belts
  • Closed-toed Shoes or Boots
  • Infinity Scarves
  • Wrist Warmers or Leather Cuffs
  • Stocking Hats
  • Hiking Accessories

While there is no wrong way to Batuu-bound, there are a few things to consider. Those planning to wear Resistance clothing will need military-looking clothes – earth tones, vests, v-neck shirts, khaki or military green colored pants with lots of pockets, and cargo pants. To dress as a member of the First Order, you’ll need clean, simple designs and cuts, black colors, cardigans, and so forth. Once you’ve put together a solid Disneybounding outfit with regular clothing, you can finish it off with some accessories.

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10 Disneybounding Ideas for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

There’s no denying that Galaxy’s Edge is one of the most immersive experiences at Disney World. And what better way to show your love for the films than with a Star Wars-inspired Disneybound outfit?

Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge is a great way to get extra attention while you’re at the park. You can do a few things to make your costume more creative and fun. First, consider which of your favorite Star Wars characters you want to try to emulate. Then, find a creative way to put together a costume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

You can choose a subtle or bold approach depending on your style. Die-hard Disneybounding fans will tell you to dress approximately 75% like the character you are portraying and 25% in regular clothes. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding this ratio. Whatever you do, make sure your costume is comfortable and easy to move in so you can enjoy all the fun Galaxy’s Edge has to offer!

Below are some tips on dressing as your favorite Star Wars character at Galaxy’s Edge. We’ve also included some clothing and accessories to help you achieve the perfect Batuu-bounding look.

1. Han Solo

Looking to dress like your favorite scruffy nerf herder when you visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney? Here’s what you’ll need to pull off the look.

First, you’ll need a loose-fitting, off-white shirt with a 1970s vibe. A 3/4 sleeve shirt with a V-neck and half-collar would work perfectly. Next, you’ll need a black vest to complete the look. And don’t forget the leather holster belt – no guns allowed, of course. Finally, knee-high black boots will complete the ensemble. You can either buy a full costume or piece together an outfit yourself. Just make sure you’re comfortable – because you will be doing a lot of walking around in that outfit!

Full Costume

Linen Shirt

Ranger Vest

Costume Belt

2. Princess Leia

Part of what makes visiting Galaxy’s Edge so great is the opportunity to do some serious cosplay. And one of the most popular outfits people wear is Princess Leia.

Leia is an excellent choice for several reasons. First, she’s an iconic character who is immediately recognizable. Second, Leia is not your typical princess. She’s tough, bold, and rebellious – which makes her perfect for Galaxy’s Edge (after all, you are technically in the middle of a war zone).

To pull off the look, you’ll need a few essential items:

  1. Wear a white dress with long sleeves and a hood.
  2. You’ll need white boots (or comfortable white shoes).
  3. Make your ensemble complete with a white belt.
  4. Style your hair in Leia’s signature side buns, and you’re good to go!

So if you’re looking for a great Star Wars Disneybounding costume idea, consider going as Princess Leia. Just make sure to leave out the plastic gun, and you’re sure to be a hit!

Child’s Costume

Hair Buns

White Boots

Costume Belt

3. Rey 

Rey is a popular choice for Batuu-bounding, and with good reason – she’s a strong female character who embodies the spirit of adventure. To channel her desert scavenger style, start with a light tan or light gray t-shirt and pair it with grey leggings. Add a brown or tan drape over the shoulders and a leather or leather-like belt. Accessorize with some simple jewelry, wristband/arm cuffs, and a sling bag. Finally, choose boots that look like they’ve seen better days – the more beat up, the better! With just a few simple choices, you can easily become Rey for the day and stand out from the other guests on Batuu.

Child’s Costume


Sling Bag

4. Poe Dameron

One of the most popular characters to cosplay is Poe Dameron. He is the commander of the Resistance Starfighter Corps and one of Leia Organa’s most trusted agents. So how do you Batuu-bound as Poe Dameron? For his orange X-Wing pilot suit look, you can wear an orange shirt, dark pants, and dark boots. For his leather jacket look, you’ll need an off-white shirt, dark pants, and dark boots. A hip belt bag is always a great way to accessorize at Galaxy’s Edge, especially if you’re Poe Dameron.

Child’s Costume

Themed Hoodie

Leather Jacket

Hip Belt Bag

5. Chewbacca

Chewbacca is the lovable and furry sidekick everyone needs in their life. For a Chewie Disneybound, start with a brown long-sleeve shirt and pants. Layer on a faux fur vest or coat in a lighter shade of brown. Add some bandolier details with belts crisscrossed over your chest. Finally, add some furry boot covers or shoes to complete the look. Or, keep it simple and wear a Chewbacca-inspired t-shirt that everyone will love.

Toddler’s Costume

Men’s Shirt

Faux Fur Vest

Women’s Shirt

6. Luke Skywalker

How do you replicate a Luke Skywalker look for Galaxy’s Edge? First, you’ll need a white tunic and tan trousers that fit well. You may be able to find these items at a local thrift store, but Amazon has some good ones. Once you have your tunic and pants, the next step is to add some belt and boot accents. For the belt, you can either repurpose an old leather belt or purchase a new one from a store. As for the boots, any brown or tan leather boots will do.

Once you have all the basics down, it’s time to start accessorizing. A Jedi cloak is a must for any Luke Skywalker costume, and you can usually find them for sale online or at costume shops. You’ll also need a lightsaber, of course. And finally, don’t forget to style your hair into Luke’s signature “moisture farm” style, or buy a wig instead.


7. R2-D2

The next time you’re at Galaxy’s Edge, try Disneybounding as R2-D2. You can transform yourself into everyone’s favorite droid with just a little effort. One option is to find a white tee, blue jeans, or shorts, and then accessorize with a white hoodie or jacket and some blue and white sneakers. Another is to find a blue dress or romper and add a white jacket or sweater. If you want to get creative, you can try painting some designs on a plain white tee to give it that authentic R2-D2 feel. No matter which route you choose, make sure to pay attention to the little details, like adding silver accents (for R2’s “rivets”) and making sure your shoes are spotless (R2 is always impeccably clean!).

Mickey Ears

Tote Bag

8. Finn

One of the best characters to Batuu-bound is Finn, the protagonist of the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Dressing like Finn is relatively simple and can be done with clothes you may already have in your closet. To get the look, start with a leather jacket or DIY an old one into Finn’s famous coat. Then add a black t-shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. You can even add some red paint to replicate Finn’s iconic bloodstain. With a bit of attention to detail, you can easily transform into Finn and add even more fun to your visit to Galaxy’s Edge.

Leather Jacket

Themed Backpack

9. Yoda

If you want to feel like the wisest being in the galaxy, Yoda is the perfect character for Disneybounding. To get his look:

  1. Start with a light-green tunic or shirt.
  2. Add brown pants and layers of different green fabrics around your waist to create his robe.
  3. Finish off the look with pointy green shoes and ears
  4. Don’t forget to add some white streaks to your hair for extra authenticity!

Child’s Costume

10. First Order Stormtrooper

For those looking to show their allegiance to the First Order, consider a First Order Stormtrooper Disneybound. Start with a clean, all-white long-sleeve shirt and pants. Add some black accents with a jacket or vest, gloves, and combat boots. That’s all it takes. An even easier way to show loyalty to the First Order is to wear a Stormtrooper t-shirt or hoodie.

Themed Shirt

Be Sure to Follow Disney’s Costuming Rules

Star Wars Disneybounding - Permitted

Clothing types permitted when Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge | Image © Disney/LucasFilm

Star Wars Disneybounding - Not Permitted

Clothing not permitted when Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge | Image © Disney/LucasFilm

Images from: Disney Parks Blog

Guests of all ages will enjoy Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge. When selecting your outfit, please keep the following guidelines in mind. First, there is a no mask and a no full-costume policy for anyone 14 and up. Also, guests must wear proper footwear for safety reasons, and robes or military-style attire are prohibited. Elaborate headwear is forbidden, as are hard items such as body armor, helmets, kneepads, or anything resembling a weapon. However, Guests are still welcome to carry lightsabers as long as they are not pointed at others.

There are a few more rules to keep in mind. You must not wear clothing that is too revealing or has obscene language or graphics. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear excessively torn or loose clothing, as this may pose a trip hazard. Last but not least, if you are wearing multiple layers, you may be subject to a search.

Star Wars Disneybounding is a fun and immersive way to experience Galaxy’s Edge. By wearing a Star Wars-inspired outfit, you can catch the attention of other guests and Cast Members and feel like you’re truly part of the story. Just follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll have a fantastic time Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge!

Note: If you plan to book a stay at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (which includes time at Galaxy’s Edge as part of its itinerary), be sure to read the specifics of what to wear at the Disney Star Wars hotel. There are slightly different costume guidelines for the immersive hotel experience compared to the Star Wars theme park experience. We also have articles about what to pack, the cost, and a guide to the food at the Disney Star Wars hotel.

Where to Buy Items for Star Wars Disneybounding at Galaxy’s Edge

There are many ways to find the perfect Star Wars costume or outfit for your Disney World or Disneyland vacation. We recommend shopping at Amazon, Etsy, eBay, shopDisney, and local thrift shops and party stores to find pieces for your look. When you’re ready to take your cosplay to the next level, consider adding accessories from Amazon, costume shops, and craft stores to stand out. No matter how you choose to Disneybound as your favorite Star Wars character, remember to have fun and may the Force be with you!

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