Universal Orlando Resort has a variety of different on-site hotels with different themes, price points, and room options. If you are traveling with your whole family, multiple generations, or if you are just a couple looking for some extra space, getting a suite at one of these hotels might be a great option for your Universal Vacation. This guide will take you through everything you need to know, including which Universal hotels have suites, what they include, and how much it could cost. We want you to have all the information you need so you can pick the best hotel and room as you plan your dream Universal Orlando Vacation.

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Hotels at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has hotels with different themes and locations at different price points all around Universal Orlando Resort.

Two guests look out an upper floor window of Aventura Resorts toward the distant Volcano Bay water park

Aventura Hotel | Image © Universal

Budget is often one of the most important aspects of planning a Universal Vacation so it’s important to pick a hotel in the ‘tier’ that best fits your needs and room that you can afford. Each Universal tier generally represents differences in price points and available amenities, but there are great hotels and rooms available at all levels. Universal Orlando has four tiers of hotels:

  • Value Hotels – 💲
  • Prime Value Hotels – 💲💲
  • Preferred Hotels – 💲💲💲
  • Premier Hotels – 💲💲💲💲

The hotels are all priced differently and with those prices come different experiences and benefits. Although, each tier has their own variety of room options including suites, so you will be able to find a great room at any of these price points. Let’s start by looking at the value hotels and the suites offered.

Important Note: Before we begin, all the prices included in this article are based on research from the time of publication (September 2023) and can vary significantly depending on seasonality, crowds, and more. Always make sure to check with your Universal travel agent or the Universal Hotel website for updated prices when you are planning your trip!

Value Hotels at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has two value hotels: Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites, and Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites. Each of these hotels has a large number of guest rooms and suites, so there is often availability when you are planning your vacation.

Exterior nighttime image of the pool at Universal's Endless Summer Resort

Endless Summer Resorts | Image © Universal

Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites

Dockside Inn and Suites opened in 2019, making it Universal’s newest hotel. The hotel has 2,050 guest rooms, and of that number, 1,059 are 2 bedroom suites. The suites can sleep up to six people, so this is a perfect hotel for even a larger family to sleep comfortably. Our family has stayed in the Dockside Inn and Suites in the two bedroom suite option, and we had more than enough space. Granted, I only came with my wife and two kids so we had space for two more people in the suites, but even if we brought two more people the rooms would have comfortably slept 6.

The suites here are large and tend to have three Queen-sized beds, a desk, dining table, bathroom, and more spread out across two rooms. The design is modern and light so even though you are staying at one of the value hotels it can still feel like you are enjoying a premier-level hotel experience.

The hotel also comes with many amenities like:

The price of booking a suite here varies on the season and crowds at Universal. Booking a two bedroom suite starts at $144 a night, but these prices can fluctuate depending on the season and crowds. Planning your trip at the right time can save your family a lot of money, so always make sure to check crowd calendars and compare hotel prices as you make your bookings.

Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites

Surfside is the sister hotel to the Dockside Inn and Suites and is Universal resort’s second value hotel. It’s much smaller than Dockside and has a beach & surf theme, so you can really embrace the feeling of summer and relaxation while you are on your Universal vacation! Like Dockside, this hotel has both a standard room option and two bedroom suites that can sleep up to six people. The hotel comes with amenities like:

  • Resort-style pool
  • Poolside Bars
  • Beach-Style Cafe
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Universal Studios Store
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Early Park Admission, and more

The suites at Surfside are almost identical to those at Dockside, just with a slightly more beachy theme. In the suit you will have three queen-sized beds, desks, tables, televisions, and more spread out between two rooms. The theme is light and the walls will often be covered with surf photos or paintings.

Booking here tends to cost about the same as Dockside. The price of a two-bedroom suite can start around $144 per night, but this can, of course, vary depending on how busy the resort is.

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Prime Value Hotels at Universal Orlando

Prime value hotels at Universal Resort at one level above the value option. They tend to offer slightly better facilities, dining options, and rooms, but that comes with a slight bump in price. Universal has two prime value hotels: Universal’s Aventura Hotel and Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Universal’s Aventura Hotel

Exterior view of the gleaming glass tower of Aventura Hotel, with a crystal blue pool at the base

Image © Universal

The Aventura only opened a few years ago in 2018 making it one of the newest hotels at Universal. The hotel is built to stand taller than all the other hotels in Universal, which often have more elongated floor plans. This means that most rooms in the hotel are going to have sweeping views of all the theme parks throughout the resort. The hotel has amenities like:

  • Rooftop Bar (Bar 17 Bistro)
  • Pool Bar (Bar Sol)
  • Lobby Bar (barVentura)
  • Food Hall
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Coffee Shop
  • Early Park Admission, and more

Alongside its standard room selection, the Aventura offers “Kids Suites” which have a unique design perfect for families up to 5 people. The Kids Suites have a sleek modern design that has beds spread across two rooms. One room has a king size bed and couch that can be converted into a bed and the other, smaller room has two single beds that are perfect for kids. This layout is great for families because it gives both the adults and kids some privacy along with accessibility throughout the night.

Two twin beds in front of a tall window

Image © Universal

There are a few different types of kids suites in the hotel including standard kids suites, skyline view kids suites, mobility accessible kids suites with a tub, and a standard accessible suite. Once you begin the process of planning your trip, check the options and availability through your travel agent to see which option is the best for your needs.

I stayed here in 2020 and I loved the hotel’s design and feel. It’s new, modern, and a perfect place to relax in between theme park sessions. Booking one of these suites will likely cost around $230 per night, subject to increase or decrease depending on the crowds at Universal. This is definitely a step up from the Endless Summer Resort prices, but you get what you pay for with the views, modern looks, and great amenities!

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando

Cabana Bay is Ben and Ava’s favorite hotel at the resort. Between the pools, lazy rivers, and bowling alley, the kids just can’t get enough of it and I think it’s the best hotel for families at Universal Orlando. The hotel has a retro Florida theme, which doesn’t appeal to me as much as the modern looks of the Aventura, but it has a fun summery vibe that can’t be beat. The hotel has amenities like:

  • Bowling Alley
  • Fitness Center
  • Poolside Cabanas
  • Game Room
  • Pools
  • Lazy River
  • Poolside Bar & Grill (Atomic Tonic)
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Early Park Admission, and more

Like the Aventura, Cabana Bay has a variety of suite options to accommodate accessibility needs. The Standard Family Suite fits up to six people in a large room with a privacy partition in between the bedroom and the living space. The room comes with two queen size beds and a pull-out couch, where the pull out can be separated by the partition.

The suite is a bit smaller than those at the Aventura but there is still enough space for six, and the rooms come with a small kitchenette. For a more affordable price than the Aventura, you can get a family suite here starting at just $180 a night (subject to change of course depending on crowds). This is one of the best deals in Universal and I always recommend Cabana Bay to families looking for a fun place to stay while not breaking the bank.

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Preferred Hotels at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has one preferred level hotel. This is the second-highest tier of hotel at the resort, and with that you will continue to get even better amenities and experiences.

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

Universal Orlando - Sapphire Falls

Image © Universal

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort has a tropical theme, and walking around you can see waterfalls, lush gardens, and Caribbean restaurants all while listening to the steel drums in the background. Some of the hotel’s amenities include:

  • Water Taxi Transportation (A personal favorite of mine)
  • Caribbean Restaurants and Bars
  • Rum Bar (Strong Water Tavern)
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Walking and Jogging Paths
  • Pool
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Early Park Admission, and more

One of the biggest features that sets this hotel apart is the environment. Sapphire Falls really sells the island feel, and with all the great restaurants, bars, and music you feel like you’re on a Caribbean beach. Suites here can vary in size from 529 square feet, which is already bigger than suites at Cabana Bay, up to 1,353 square feet. You can choose between King Suites, Kids Suites, Hospitality Suites, Sapphire Suites, and Accessible Suites. Let’s go over the details of each quickly.

King Suites feature a king side bed with a separate room designed as a living area, and would be the perfect retreat for a couple.

Kids Suites come with one king sized bed and two twin beds, which make this perfect for a family of four. The twin beds are in a separate bedroom which gives the parents and the kids a little privacy during the stay.

Hospitality Suites are designed for meeting with friends and family, for while it only has one king size bed, the suite has a huge living area with couches, chairs, dining room tables, and more. This would be the perfect place to gather if you come to Universal with a big group.

Next, we have the Sapphire Suites. These rooms feature a king size bed and a large bedroom, with a spacious side room with couches, a dining room table, and more.

Lastly we have the Accessible Suites which are perfect for anyone who needs special accommodations for mobility, hearing, or more. One of the accessible options is an accessible version of the Kids Suite, and the second option is the Presidential Suite.

The Presidential Suite has two bedrooms, each coming with a queen sized bed and a pool view. The room has an ADA tub, sprawling living area, and more!

The extra luxury in these rooms comes with a bump in price. The suites vary depending on which package you select but here a few prices:

  • King Suite: $382
  • Kids Suite: $462
  • Accessible Suite: $462
  • Sapphire Suite: $542
  • Hospitality Suite: $800
  • Presidential Suite: $1,172

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a variety of different style rooms available within these categories. For example there are kids rooms and accessible rooms available at a variety of price points between $462 and $850 per night. When you are planning a trip, check the availability through your travel agent or on the Universal website and select the room that works best for your needs and budget!

Premier Hotels Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort has three premier hotels: Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, and Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. These are the best hotels that Universal Orlando has to offer, and they each have their own unique theme, world-class dining, and come with a free Universal Express Unlimited Pass with your stay. Now let’s get into the suites!

Loews Royal Pacific Resort

Universal Orlando - Royal Pacific

Image © Universal

The Royal Pacific is a lagoon-style hotel that will make your vacation feel like it’s happening on an island in the South Seas. With the premier level status come even more world-class amenities. A stay here includes:

  • Free Universal Express Unlimited Pass
  • Early Park Admission
  • Water Taxi Transportation
  • Themed Suites
  • Club Level Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Walking and Jogging Path
  • Pool and Water Play Area
  • Fine Dining (Islands Dining Room/Orchid Court Lounge & Sushi Bar)
  • Poolside Bar and Grill (Bula Bar), and more

Now that we are dealing with an island resort, of course there are going to be island-style suites. Each suite available is going to have a beautiful island theme with blues, purples, and beachy colors all over. The hotel has a variety of suites including:

  • King Suites
  • Jurassic World Kids Suite
  • Hospitality Parlor Suites
  • Royal Hospitality Parlor Suites
  • Presidential Suites

The King Suites feature one king size bed and a pull out sofa with a separate living area. These rooms have a sleek design and are perfect for a couples getaway. Prices for this room can start around $1,685 and vary depending on how busy the resort is.

The Jurassic World Kids Suite is the ultimate hangout place for kids. The room has two twin sized beds with Jurassic World bedding, dinosaur wallpaper, and more.

A Jurassic World Kids suite with beds, carpet, and wall art themed to the Jurassic Park/World franchise

Image © Universal

This would be a dream relaxation place for any kid after spending their day in the theme parks. Ever since I showed this room to Ben and Ava they have been asking to stay here – but we are saving it for a special occasion! Half of this suite is for mom and dad where they will have a king sized bed, and then the kids room is attached via door. Prices for this room tend to start around $824, but they go quickly!

There are several types of Hospitality Parlor Suites including one bedroom and two bedroom suites with a variety of views. The suites have huge living areas with couches, desks, and dining room tables The one room suites generally start at $1,685 a night, while the two bedroom suites start around $2,365 a night.

The Royal Hospitality Suites are similar to the normal hospitality suites but they feature Royal Club lounge access throughout your stay. These rooms start at around $2,425 a night and they are great for huge groups and entertaining guests.

The Presidential Suite is the best room you can get in the hotel. The 1,340 square root room will feel like your own topic island as you will have conference areas, dining areas, study areas, a small kitchen, couches, and more at your disposal. This is traveling at the highest level of luxury but you definitely have to pay for it! Prices for this room start around $2,558 per night.

Hard Rock Hotel

Universal Orlando - Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel is one of the coolest places to stay in Universal. Your rock-themed hotel room will have some crazy perks like complimentary rental of guitars, record players, and more while you are relaxing in between park sessions. Walking around the halls you will see some of your favorite rock memorabilia and throwbacks to your favorite bands. Plus, this hotel’s within walking distance of Universal’s theme parks, which means that you don’t even need to take resort transportation unless you want to. Some of the amenities that come with your stay will be:

  • Free Universal Express Unlimited Pass
  • Free Music Rentals with Sound your Stay
  • Music Memorabilia
  • Early Park Admission
  • Water Taxi Transportation
  • Themed Suites
  • Club Level Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Walking and Jogging Path
  • Pool and Water Play Area
  • Fine Dining

The hotel has four different suite options including King Suites, Hospitality Suites, and Graceland Suites, and they even have themed kids suites called Future Rock Star Suites.

The Future Rock Star Suite is a similar idea to the Jurassic suite in the Royal Pacific hotel. Parents have a king sized bed in one room, while the kids have two twin beds in the other. Although, this room actually sleeps 5 due to a pull out couch. In the room you will get to experience a true rock theme, with the kids room being labeled a ‘private artists room’ and there will even be a color changing stage where everyone can practice their guitar skills. These rooms start at around $1,135 depending on the crowds at Universal, and for the amenities they offer, you could argue it’s worth every penny!

King Suites follow the classic rock theme and include one king bed with an entertainment area and living area.

A vibrantly-colored living room in a King Suite at Hard Rock Hotel

Image © Universal

This suite sleeps three people, but for extra fees, you have the option to connect to other rooms and sleep up to 13! Prices for the suite start around $1,400 a night.

The hotel has both one bedroom and two bedroom Hospitality Suites. Both include sprawling living areas, kitchens, and entertainment spaces. The one bedroom suites start at $1,673 and night while the two bedroom suites start at $2,431 a night.

Lastly we have the Graceland Suite, which is the presidential suite equivalent for the Hard Rock Hotel. The Graceland Suite starts at $3,120 a night, and if you want the Mobility accessible two bedroom Graceland suite, that will start at $4,028. The suite has a fireplace, oversized bathtub, three flatscreen tv’s, dining room, huge living space, small kitchen, bar, and grand piano! This is the ultimate rock star experience, you might end up wanting to spend your time here instead of the parks!

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Universal Orlando - Portofino Bay

Last but not least we have the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. A lot of people are wondering, which universal hotel has the Minion Suite? Well this is it! The Portofino is appropriately themed after Portofino Italy, so during your stay you will feel like you are relaxing in a little Italian village on the Mediterranean. While you are here you will be able to enjoy:

  • Free Universal Express Unlimited Pass
  • Luxury Spa
  • Early Park Admission
  • Water Taxi Transportation
  • Themed Suites
  • Club Level Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Walking and Jogging Path
  • Three beautiful pools
  • Fine Dining (Italian-inspired dining)
  • Waterfront Cafes and Dining

As arguably the most luxurious hotel in Universal Orlando, Portofino offers six suite options: Portofino Suites, Hospitality Suites, Villa Suites, Despicable Me Kids Suites, Governatore Suite, and Presidente Suite.

While the Portofino Suites may be the baseline in this selection, they still evoke style and luxury. The 900 square foot rooms come with either a king size bed or two queen size beds with a variety of view options. The rooms have a cozy living room with a separate sleeping area, flat screen tv, desk, great bathroom, and sleeper sofa. Price points slightly vary depending on your room and view selection, but the rooms generally start around $800.

Next we have the Hospitality Suites. These have both one bedroom and two bedroom options with a variety of views and have a starting price point of $3,128 for the one bedroom and $3,592 for the two bedroom options. These rooms have expansive living room spaces and can often have three or four rooms within the suite including sleeping areas, dining areas, and kitchens.

The Villa Suites are slightly more modest, with a smaller living space compared to the hospitality suites, but compared to any normal hotel room the area is massive. Generally around 1,110 square feet, the room features a separate sleeping area with a large dining room/living room where people can be entertained. These rooms often start around $1,800 a night and can sleep up to three people.

The Despicable Me Kids Suites let the kids have fun while the parents get some privacy in another room! The kids will sleep in a separate bedroom in despicable me themed beds surrounded by memorabilia and decorations from the movie, while the parents enjoy a king sized bed in a separate room. The suite also has a living area to relax when your family isn’t sleeping!

I think my favorite thing about these is that the rest of the suite is perfectly “normal” — the Minion theming is mainly limited to the kids room in the suite. It’s a great way to add some fun for the kids without having to give up too much luxury yourself. These rooms tend to start around $850 but price can vary significantly with crowds.


Booking a suite is perfect if you are traveling with kids, multiple generations, or if you are just looking to splurge on a special couples trip! There are many suite options across all the Universal hotels, and as the hotel increases in quality, so do the suites. Picking the best suite for you will depend on what experience you want from your vacation: whether you want a themed suite for your kids, a hospitality suite designed for entertaining, or a Hard Rock Hotel suite for jamming out. Universal has it all! And if you’re planning to also spend some time at Disney World, be sure to check out the Disney World hotel suites or deluxe villas for similar family-sized accommodations at the house of mouse.

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