Imagine how amazing it would be to have Disney World all to yourself for a day. Unfortunately, this dream will remain just a dream.

It is impossible to rent out Disney World in its entirety. Closing down the resort for a day would be a public relations nightmare and would severely disrupt how guests could plan and book their trips.

Let’s analyze why you can’t rent out Disney World for the day but how you CAN rent out Magic Kingdom.

Can your Rent Disney World in its Entirety?

Walt Disney World Resort covers an area that’s about two times the size of Manhattan. It is comprised of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, hundreds of restaurants, dozens of resort hotels, golf courses, gift shops, transportation, gift shops, and more. Given its vast size, it would be impossible to rent out all of Disney World for the day. It’s huge! And what’s the point anyways?

For Disney, it’s just not practical to rent the entire park because it would be a logistics mess for the staff.

Plus, imagine the backlash that Disney would receive if it kicked everyone out for a day!  Would you be a happy camper if you had done your research on expected crowds, booked a week-long trip and Disney informed you that, sorry, one of your dates was reserved for someone else,  and to come back the following day? No. That would NOT go over well!

So the answer is no, you cannot rent Walt Disney World Resort in its entirety, even if you’re a billionaire. That said, there is a silver lining.

Partial Rentals at Disney World

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

Back in 2016, Disney introduced Disney After Hours, a ticketed nighttime event.  It allows guests the opportunity to experience more time in the park beyond normal operating hours and with fewer crowds and quicker access (shorter lines) to popular attractions.

Around the same time, Disney launched something they call Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. One such “fairy tale wedding” option allows wedding parties to rent out the Magic Kingdom theme park once the park closes to the general public.

The whole experience is like a fairy tale. Wedding couples say their vows right in front of Cinderella’s Castle and there are add-ons like fireworks and a horse-drawn carriage ride. After the ceremony, everyone in attendance heads over to Fantasyland for a magical candle-lit dinner.

Be warned: A private, after-hours wedding in Magic Kingdom is not cheap.  Packages start at a whopping $180,000, but it’s your chance to rent out Magic Kingdom for the evening.

There are also a number of designated wedding venues throughout the park you can rent. They allow for privacy but none of them include the option of renting out an entire theme park or resort hotel. These weddings packages are much more affordable than the Magic Kingdom wedding package.

Renting Sections of a Disney Theme Park

It’s also possible to rent out a section of a Disney park before or after the close.  For example, we’ve heard of groups renting out a section of World Showcase before it opens at 11:00 am.

Fees vary and logistics must be hashed out with Disney.

Event Spaces and Conference Rooms

Additionally, there’s a variety of event spaces and conference rooms in Disney’s theme parks and resort hotels. Corporate events and conventions are regularly held at Disney World and there are state-of-the-art meeting spaces throughout the resort.

Guests can host their events during normal park hours because the designated spaces are private and won’t interfere with regular Disney operations or other guests.

It’s possible that an event is held in a public space, in which case Disney ropes off the area, but in most situations, guests won’t even realize that an event is happening or about to happen.

Private Holiday Parties

Disney World also plays host to private holiday parties including Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  These events require a special ticket and the theme park is closed for all other people who don’t have the event tickets. It’s not like you’ll have the park all to yourself, but there’s still some exclusivity to these events (and fewer crowds).

I hope this How Much is it to Rent Disney World for a Day article answered your question. Have a magical Disney trip!

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