Disney Cruise Lines are perfect for families looking to enjoy quality time together. But with so many different categories and subcategories, how do you know which stateroom is right for you? Let’s investigate how to select the best staterooms on a Disney cruise for your family vacation.

Not familiar with the term “stateroom”?  Disney Cruise Line refers to the individual passenger rooms on its cruise ships as “staterooms.”  You might have heard these previously referred to elsewhere as “cabins.”

The Disney Cruise Line offers four main types of staterooms: Concierge (the most expensive), Veranda, Oceanview, and Inside (the least expensive). In each category and within each ship, there are different options (subcategories). Category 1 is typically the most costly, followed by Category 2, etc. Category 11 is the least expensive. Within each category, subcategory A is typically more expensive than subcategory B, and so on.

The amenities and size of the room usually correspond to the price, with Category 1 being the biggest and best while Category 11 has the smallest rooms with the fewest features.

Within each numbered category, the letter subcategories typically designate more preferable locations on the ship’s deck plan (rather than differences in stateroom amenities).  For example, a 4A stateroom might be in a better location than a 4C stateroom, but the interiors of both staterooms will be virtually identical. Note that some Concierge staterooms are an exception to this rule; Category 1A is a drastically different stateroom versus Category 1B.

Generally speaking, rooms located on higher decks or the middle of each deck plan (known as midship or mid) are considered more preferable than lower decks or staterooms that are forward (front of the ship) or aft (rear of the ship). Which side of the ship the room is on (port side or starboard side) generally does not factor into stateroom category.

Also note that some stateroom categories cater to different travel parties. Some staterooms might only sleep up to a family of four, whereas others can hold five or more.

Please note that this guide does not include accessible suites, which offer the same level of convenience and comfort to guests with disabilities. For questions about accessible suites or any of the below-listed rooms, please get in touch with The Vacationeer.

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Now, let’s look at the best staterooms on a Disney Cruise ship.

Concierge Staterooms (Most Expensive Main Category)

DCL Concierge Wish Tower Suite

The stunning Concierge Wish Tower Suite stateroom on the Disney Wish | Image © Disney

The Concierge category offers the most luxurious – and expensive – accommodations on Disney Cruise Line. Each room has a large private verandah and premium amenities and services.

The Concierge Wish Tower Suite and the Concierge Royal Suite are the ship’s most spacious and lavishly appointed rooms. Additionally, the Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite is a more modestly priced option that still offers an incredible experience. For families, the Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom provides plenty of space and convenient access to all of the ship’s family-friendly amenities.

Concierge-level staterooms in categories 1, 2, and 3 include additional perks, such as access to priority seating for excursions and events and exclusive access to the Concierge Lounge, where you can relax with complimentary coffee, tea, and pastries or enjoy evening hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Here’s a breakdown of the categories found in the Concierge category.

Category 1A – Concierge Wish Tower Suite (Disney Wish cruise ship only)

The Wish Tower Suite on Deck 14 and 15 is the Disney Cruise Line’s most luxurious room. It has two bedrooms, a space for children with two bunk beds, and a library that can convert into two more rooms. Aside from the four full bathrooms and the half-bath off the living room, the suite has floor-to-ceiling windows on both decks, providing a great view of the ship from the suite.

Eight guests can stay in this 1,966 sq. ft. suite. It has a wow factor like no other!

RecommendationThe Concierge Wish Tower Suite is the perfect choice for families or groups who have the money to spend and won’t settle for anything less than the best. Nothing out-competes the luxury of this stateroom.  It truly is the best stateroom on a Disney Cruise.

DCL Concierge Wish Tower Suite Exterior

The location of the Concierge Wish Tower Suite | Image © Disney

Category 1A – Concierge Royal Suite w/ Verandah (Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, & Wonder cruise ships)

The Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah stateroom is the largest and most luxurious suite offered on Disney’s Dream, Fantasy, Magic, and Wonder. The Magic and Wonder ships can accommodate up to 7 guests, and the Dream and Fantasy ships can accommodate up to 5 guests.

The suite features a living area with a formal dining table and sitting area and a massive verandah with a private hot tub on the Dream and Fantasy ships. The decor in these suites is luxurious and tasteful, making it the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

RecommendationThis is the Crème de la Crème of staterooms on the Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, and Wonder cruise ships. If roominess and luxury are what you’re after, and you have the money to spend, then Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah is a great choice. 

Category 1B – Concierge 2-Story Royal Suite w/ Verandah (Disney Wish)

The Concierge 2-Story Royal Suite with Verandah on the Disney Wish cruise ship is a luxurious and spacious stateroom that spans two decks (decks 12 and 13). The Suite features a spiral staircase, two large bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a large dining and living area, and two large verandahs with a private hot tub.

This stateroom is an impressive 1,759 sq. ft and can comfortably sleep six guests,

Recommendation: The 2-Story Royal Suite is another fantastic offering from the new Disney Wish. Perfect for families and groups of six who want to be treated like kings and queens. 

Category 1B – Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite w/ Verandah (Disney Magic & Wonder)

Disney Cruise Line’s Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah features two separate bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and a spacious sitting area.  The total area is 945 sq. ft., including the verandah, and can accommodate up to seven people. A large verandah is perfect for enjoying the views or relaxing. It is an impressive suite, perfect for a large group or family!

This stateroom is only available on Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

Recommendation: An excellent choice for families who want plenty of luxury and space. Choose the starboard (right) side if you sail to Castaway Cay because you will have better views of Disney’s private island when docked. 

Category 1C – 1-Story Royal Suites w/ Verandah (Disney Wish)

With a classic elegance inspired by Sleeping Beauty, the Disney Wish’s 1-Story Royal Suites with Verandah are perfect for families and groups of up to 6. There are two bedrooms, a living room and dining room, three full bathrooms, and an impressive 1,507 square feet of living space. The wet bar is perfect for entertaining, and the large private verandah with a whirlpool tub is the ideal place to relax.

RecommendationThese beautiful and family-friendly staterooms will make your cruise vacation unforgettable.

Category 2A and 2B – Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite w/ Verandah (All Disney Cruise Ships)

Disney cruises offer a 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah for those looking for a little extra space and privacy on their vacation. The suite sleeps up to 5 people and features a separate bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, and a wet bar.  The main bathroom has double sinks, a rain-style shower, and a whirlpool tub. A large walk-in closet provides plenty of space for storing your belongings.

The main difference between Categories 2A and 2B is location. Magic and Wonder’s 2A suites have a slightly different layout with a longer verandah. Dream and Fantasy’s 2A suites are located between the two connecting Royal Suites and the ship’s front center. The 2A suites of the Disney Wish are located on deck 12 and have a deeper verandah than the 2B suites.

Recommendation: This is an excellent option if you only need one bedroom but still want plenty of roominess and class. 


A Concierge One-Bedroom Suite on the Disney Fantasy | Image © Disney

Category 3A and 3B – Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom w/ Verandah (Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, & Wonder)

The Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Disney cruises is a luxurious private room that sleeps up to five people. This room is complete with a private verandah with beautiful sea views and an abundance of warm woods and custom fabrics.

The stateroom features a queen-sized bed, a convertible sofa, a Pullman bunk bed, and a spacious bathroom with a shower, TV, and a safe. There are just over 300 square feet of living space. Additionally, families have concierge-level guests access to a private lounge and priority boarding.

Recommendation:  Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom is excellent for families that want the luxury and perks of a Concierge-level stateroom but don’t need all the bells and whistles (and expense) of the Category 1 and 2 staterooms. 

Category 3B – Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom (Disney Wish)

The Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom on Disney Wish offers stunning sea views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

A king bed, a single convertible sofa, and an upper-berth single pull-down bed make up this room, which can accommodate up to five guests. There is also a wall pull-down bed in rooms that sleep five. The 357-square-foot room provides plenty of space for the whole family to relax.

Guests staying in a Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom also have access to special concierge services, including priority boarding and seating at shows and restaurant reservations. If you’re looking for a truly magical experience, book a stay in one of these Little Mermaid-themed spaces.

RecommendationThese are fun and family-oriented staterooms on Disney’s newest cruise ship. This is a good option if you want a Concierge-level room at a relatively affordable price.

Verandah (Balcony) Staterooms

DCL Disney Magic Verandah Stateroom

A stateroom verandah onboard the Disney Magic | Image © Disney

Verandah staterooms are Disney’s most spacious non-concierge accommodations, each with its own balcony outside the ship where you can enjoy the fresh air while watching the ocean go by.

Category four, five, six, and seven are verandah staterooms. Some rooms in this category offer partial views, but all provide a comfortable and relaxing space.

Category 4 – Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom w/ Verandah (All Disney Cruise Ships)

The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Disney cruises is the largest stateroom on the ships that are not concierge suites. Roughly 300 sq ft, it sleeps up to 5 and is the only single-room option for a family of 5 on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah is also the most frequently booked option for families of 5 on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

All of these factors considered it’s no wonder that this room type is one of the most popular among families cruising with Disney.

Recommendation: The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom is perfect for families of four or five who value roominess and want to enjoy the ocean breeze from the verandah

Category 5 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah (All Disney Cruise Ships)

The Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Disney cruises is a fantastic choice for your family cruise. With enough space to comfortably sleep 3-4 guests and an unobstructed verandah, this room type is perfect for enjoying the beautiful view.

Magic and Wonder’s cabins are 268 sq ft, while Dream, Fantasy, and Wish are 248 sq ft. The Deluxe Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah come with a queen bed, a sleeper sofa, and a pull-out berth (if sleeping four). This room type also features a sitting area, plenty of closet space, and a private verandah to enjoy the view without leaving your stateroom.

Recommendation:  Among the regular-sized verandah cabins, these are the most common and the most frequently booked for families with four or fewer members. They are an excellent choice!


A Category 5 stateroom on the Disney Dream | Image © Disney

Category 6 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah – Undersized, Obstructed View, or White Wall  (All Disney Cruise Ships)

Category 6 staterooms are located near the back of the ship’s upper deck. Accommodations are nearly identical to those found in Category 5 but have either an undersized, obstructed, or white wall verandah. Those who book a Category 6 cabin on the Magic and Wonder will have full white wall railings, while on the Dream and Fantasy, the white wall only extends halfway up the railing.

All of these staterooms sleep at least three, and many sleep 4.

RecommendationBecause these rooms are nearly identical to Category 5 rooms, they are a terrific way to save money on your Disney cruise. We recommend the Dream and Fantasy 6B staterooms because of their stunning views, and Disney Magic and Wonder’s Category 6 staterooms on Deck 6 have more verandah space, as do 5650 and 5150.

Category 7 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah (All Disney Cruise Ships)

Navigator verandahs on Disney Magic and Disney Wonder feature mostly enclosed balconies with a viewing window cut out. In contrast, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish have a minimally obstructed view from the verandah.

Recommendation: The rooms in Category 7 are nearly identical to those in Category 5 and 6, so they are a good way to save on a Disney cruise if you don’t mind having a partial view. We believe these are the best values in the verandah category, particularly on the Dream, Fantasy, and Wish.

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Oceanview (Porthole) Staterooms


The giant porthole featured in some oceanview staterooms on the Disney Dream | Image © Disney

The Oceanview category of staterooms (Category 8 and 9) features rooms with scenic vistas through genuine porthole windows. The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom is perfect for families, while the Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom provides a more intimate setting.

Category 8 – Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom (Disney Dream, Fantasy, & Wish)

Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish to offer a truly luxurious cruise experience with their Category 8 Deluxe Family Oceanview Staterooms.

These staterooms are much larger than the standard size (around 240 sq ft), sleeping between 3 and 5 people comfortably. In addition, they feature unique round tub-showers (see the video above for Category 4) and large portholes with seating, making them the perfect place to relax and take in the breathtaking views. The exceptions to this are the 8As, which are similar to suites with two large portholes and plenty of space. Families and groups can enjoy Category 8A even more since many have a divider between the bed and seating area. None of them will disappoint.

RecommendationFamilies looking for affordability and comfort will find the Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom is the right choice.

Category 9 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom (All Disney Cruise Ships)

The Category 9 Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom sleeps 3 or 4 people and is the same size as the category 10’s with a similar layout and features. The Disney Dream and Fantasy Rooms are 204 sq ft, 214 on Disney Magic and Wonder, and 218 sq ft on Disney Wish. Most rooms have a porthole on one of the walls. On the Magic and Wonder ships, the 9D staterooms on deck 1 have two small portholes instead of one large porthole.

A, B, C, and D designations represent Disney’s assessment of the location and view of the room. In Dream, Fantasy, and Wish, the 9C and 9D staterooms typically have obstructed views and are usually located in the front of the vessel.

RecommendationIf you prefer to save money over having a porthole in your room, opt for Category 10. 

Inside Staterooms (Least Expensive Main Category)

DCL Disney Wish Inside Stateroom

An Inside Stateroom on the Disney Wish | Image © Disney

The Inside category features Disney Cruise Line’s base accommodations, with no window (no exterior view) but still featuring a nautical motif. The Deluxe Inside Stateroom is slightly larger than the Standard Inside Stateroom and provides additional storage space and a sitting area.

Category 10 –Deluxe Inside Stateroom (Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, & Wonder)

Rooms in Category 10 are almost identical to those in Category 9, except for being unable to see the outside. These staterooms also have more square footage than those in Category 11.

The Disney Dream/Fantasy Deluxe Inside Staterooms are 204 sq ft, and the Disney Magic/Wonder rooms are 214 sq ft. They can accommodate 3 or 4 people.

Disney Wish does not have a Deluxe Inside category.

Virtual portholes on the Disney Dream and Fantasy ships allow passengers to see what is happening outside (along with a bit of Disney magic thrown in).

There are also a select few unnamed staterooms on the Magic/Wonder ships known in some circles as “secret porthole” staterooms — they actually have porthole windows but Disney decided not to classify them as oceanview rooms because lifeboats or other architectural elements obstruct the views.

Deluxe Inside Staterooms have a split bathroom, with one half having a sink and a shower, and the other half having a toilet and a sink. A, B, and C subcategories are assigned according to their locations, with A subcategories on upper decks or closer to midship, while C subcategories are on lower decks.

Recommendation: Deluxe Inside Cabins/Staterooms are an excellent option for couples or families of 3 or 4 on a budget. 

Category 11 – Standard Inside Stateroom (All Disney Cruise Ships)

Standard Inside Staterooms are typically the cheapest rooms available on Disney Cruise Line.

Standard Inside Staterooms sleep three, and some sleep four.  They’re smaller than other staterooms, but the amenities are the same. The Disney Magic and Wonder rooms are 184 square feet, while the Dream Fantasy and Wish rooms are 169 square feet.

There’s no split bathroom in a Standard Inside Stateroom. The Disney Dream and Fantasy ships feature a Magical Porthole with real-time views, but the other ships do not have exterior views.

Disney divides the rooms into categories A, B, and C based on attractiveness. Category 11A rooms are found on upper decks and near the ship’s middle, while 11B rooms are on lower decks.

Recommendation: The Standard Inside Statement is a small and cheap option, so you shouldn’t expect too much from it. However, this DCL room offers more space than you would get on other (non-Disney) cruise ships of the same class. It allows couples and small families the opportunity to enjoy a Disney cruise at a reasonable price.

As always seems to be the case, the best option for you may not be the best option for another family.

Ask yourself the question: “what’s most important to me?”  Is it having a balcony? Is it experiencing concierge level service in a suite? Is it having additional beds for kids? Is it saving money and just making sure you’re onboard the ship?

Answering those questions, then reviewing deck plans, photos, reviews, and our guide/tips above will help you decide what’s best for you.

No matter your room type, you’re sure to have a magical experience aboard a Disney Cruise ship.

Thanks for reading our Best Staterooms on a Disney Cruise article.  Happy cruising (and don’t forget your passport)!

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