In the booking process for your Disney cruise, you’ll have the option to choose a Concierge stateroom or suite. Understanding the benefits of the Disney Cruise Concierge Level will help you decide whether it’s worth the extra cost. Here are the 12 benefits of Concierge Level to help you decide.

What is Concierge Level on Disney Cruises?

Disney Cruise Line’s Concierge Level offers various services and amenities that may appeal to guests looking for a more luxurious and personalized cruise experience. For an additional cost, Concierge Level guests can enjoy perks such as priority boarding, access to a private lounge, concierge assistance, enhanced amenities, and other premium services. 

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Concierge Level Disney Cruise Benefits

Let’s now look at Disney’s Concierge Level’s 12 benefits.

1. Pre-Arrival Services

Disney Concierge guests can take advantage of pre-arrival services that help smooth the vacation planning process. Additionally, you’ll get priority bookings on Disney Cruise Line.

Concierge Guests can go online and pre-reserve many onboard activities and services up to 130 days before the sail date. You can inform the Concierge Team (or your Disney travel agent) of your preferences. As soon as the 130-day booking window opens, the Concierge Team will make the bookings on your behalf. This way, guests can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that all details have been taken care of.

Pre-Arrival Services for Concierge guests:

  • Port Adventures
  • Specialty Dining and Character Dining reservations (Palo, Remy, Royal Tea, etc.), spa treatments, and nursery stays
  • Requests for dining room seating
  • Celebrations and special occasions
  • Special requests ranging from pre-arrival to post-cruise

Whether booking a table at Palo or securing a cabana on Castaway Cay, the Concierge Team is ready to assist guests in any way possible.

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2. Priority Boarding and Disembarkation

Concierge Level guests have access to an exclusive check-in area on embarkation day, bypassing the long lines for regular guests and being the first to board the ship when it’s ready. Concierge passengers can also disembark before regular passengers as soon as the ship docks.

This perk can save you time, avoid crowds, and let you fast-track your tired or impatient children onto the ship. The Concierge Level may be worth it if you’re looking for a more relaxing and hassle-free cruise experience.

3. Private Disney Concierge Lounge

A private lounge is available to Concierge Level guests on Disney cruises. The Concierge Lounge is the perfect place to relax with a drink in hand or to enjoy a light meal or snack. It’s rarely crowded and a great place to meet other Concierge Level guests. Plus, there’s always at least one Concierge Host in the lounge to answer your questions.

Concierge Lounge Hours

The Concierge Lounge is typically open as early as 7:00 am and remains available until around 10:00 pm.  Operating hours can vary based on port times, itinerary, etc.

Food at Concierge Lounge 

The Concierge Lounge serves food throughout the day.  Here’s a typical schedule:

  • 7:00 am to 10:30 am: Continental breakfast items
  • 11:00 am to 4:30 pm: Lunch offerings
  • 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Dinner offerings
  • 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm: Desserts

Concierge guests can choose from various light bites, hot a la carte menu items, and non-alcoholic beverages daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Bottled water, soft drinks, milk, juices, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are always available. Packaged popcorn is also often available to take to your stateroom, the movies, the shows, or to enjoy in the lounge.

Reminder: All Concierge Lounge food and drinks are complimentary, including alcohol.

Open Bar at Concierge Lounge

5:00 pm to 10:00 pm: Complimentary selection of beer, wine & spirits

An open bar in the Concierge Lounge runs continuously from 5–10 pm daily. Guests can take their drinks anywhere on the ship, including to dinner.

4. Private Sun Deck

Disney Cruise Line concierge guests have privileges to a secluded sun deck, accessed through a private entrance from the Lounge area. These quiet, hidden outdoor spaces make them the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Concierge sun decks feature comfortable lounge chairs, umbrellas for shade, complimentary suntan lotion, towels, and refreshing drinks. There are hot tubs on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy sun decks, while you can find a hot tub and wading pool on the new Disney Wish.

5. Special Gifts

On a Disney cruise, concierge guests often receive special gifts throughout their cruise. These gifts vary but may include items like a fruit basket, a bottle of champagne, or fresh flowers in your stateroom. Plus, your nightly turndown service will include special cookies or chocolates.

Guests can expect a more substantial souvenir from your Concierge Host on the final night. These gifts are usually exclusive Don “Ducky” Williams prints, but sometimes there are other surprises. While they aren’t guaranteed, these special surprise gifts add a touch of magic to your Disney Cruise Line vacation.

6. Upgraded Stateroom Amenities for Disney Concierge Level

Depending on the ship, Concierge staterooms range from a regular Category 4 type that sleeps five to a giant Royal Suite that sleeps seven. They all have upgraded amenities, including upgraded linens and sofas/chairs that are more comfortable than you find in standard staterooms. Guests can also choose which type of pillow they want to use: feather, hypoallergenic, or therapeutic memory foam.

Upon check-in, you will discover soft, comfortable bathrobes and slippers in the Concierge Level staterooms to use during your cruise. All staterooms have upgraded toiletries and a refrigerator stocked with complimentary bottled water and sodas of your choice (restocked every day). These amenities make cruising with Disney even more special and add an extra touch of luxury.

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7. Priority Cabana Reservations on Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay beach cabanas are a hot ticket. Concierge guests (and Pearl/Platinum Castaway Club members) can book a Cabana at Castaway Cay before anyone else. Other guests often have no chance to reserve a cabana before they are all booked.

If a Cabana at Castaway Cay is a top priority, you may consider upgrading to Concierge. The Concierge Level does not guarantee a cabana, but it gives you a much better chance of getting one.

8. Free Internet for Disney Cruise Line Concierge Guests

On most Disney ships, guests staying in a Concierge stateroom get at least one day — if not an entire cruise’s worth — of free onboard Wi-Fi service. This means you can stay connected to your friends and family at home without worrying about racking up a hefty bill.

Note: Guests staying in the super luxurious Royal Suites always get unlimited internet access.

9. Exclusive Character Meet-and-Greet

Concierge guests typically have the opportunity to enjoy a private Disney character meet-and-greet in the lounge. The characters will be more accessible, and you’ll be able to take some great shots without competing with non-Concierge passengers.

10. Priority Seating at Shows

Concierge-level guests now have the option of entering the Walt Disney Theater early to ensure the best seats.

It works this way: The Concierge guests will gather in the Concierge Lounge approximately 30 minutes before the show. Then they will be guided to the theater via a backstage pathway to avoid long lines outside.

As Concierge guests enter the theater, they can select their preferred seats before the doors open to the rest of the audience. Gourmet popcorn is also available as a complimentary treat for Concierge guests.

11. Special Dining Opportunities 

If you stay in a Concierge stateroom with a dining table, you have the option of having dinner delivered to your stateroom from the main dining room. Palo delivery is even available to the Royal Suite guests.

On the last morning, Concierge guests can order breakfast from room service. Room service closes at 1:30 am for all non-Concierge guests.

12. Concierge Host  

Concierge Hosts are available exclusively to Concierge guests during their stay aboard the ship. Your Concierge Host can assist you with any needs you may have rather than waiting at the guest services desk. It’s like having your own personal assistant on vacation!

Concierge Hosts can assist you with checking excursion availability, booking shore excursions, depositing funds into your account, handling your laundry/dry cleaning, changing a dining reservation at Palo or Remy, and booking placeholders for your next Disney cruise. If you have questions, they are also there to answer them.

These Concierge Hosts are exceptional and remarkably attentive to your needs. There is nothing too much trouble for them, and they always do it with a smile. Don’t forget to tip!

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What Disney Concierge Does NOT Offer (but We Wish It Did)

Disney Cruise Concierge is great but costs a lot of extra money. Here are a few things we wish were included with Disney Cruise Concierge to make it even more magical:

  • Having a separate restaurant just for Concierge guests would be ideal.
  • A dedicated area on Castaway Cay for Concierge guests might be an excellent addition.
  • Concierge guests could benefit from priority escort through customs.
  • While waiting for embarkation, Concierge guests should have access to a nice area at the port with food and activities. We are glad to hear that there will be a new Concierge Lounge at Port Canaveral soon!

Is Disney Cruise Concierge Level Worth It?

With so many perks, it’s easy to see why sailing Concierge Level is such a popular choice for cruisers. If you’re looking for a truly magical vacation experience, sailing Concierge Level is the way to go. But is it worth the significant extra expense?

As prices vary according to the season, route, ship, and occupancy, it is hard to determine whether the Disney cruise Concierge Level is worth it. There is no way to calculate the value based on numbers, but logically, a larger room will be more expensive.

As cruise ships charge per person (rather than per room), the value will depend on your family size and priorities. Some are attracted to the open bar, while others want priority reservations for the Cabanas at Castaway Cay or expedited boarding. It is well worth the money if you add priority access and all the additional amenities.

Disney Cruise Concierge level is worth it for families with small children. Extra space, special treatment, and amenities make the experience more pleasant. We recommend upgrading to the Concierge level if you’re looking to book a cruise and have young children (and don’t mind paying extra).

Disney Cruise Concierge Level may not be the best option if you are on a tight budget. However, suppose you don’t mind paying more for priority boarding, reservations, seating, additional space, upgraded amenities, and extra perks such as the lounge and sun deck. In that case, upgrading to Concierge is absolutely worth the money!

Not to mention, you’ll have access to some of the best Cast Members who are always happy to help make your cruise vacation perfect.

Thanks for reading our 12 Benefits of Disney Cruise Concierge Level. Have a wonderful trip!

How to Book Disney Cruise Concierge Level

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