Disney knows how to bring that extra oomph needed to make any vacation feel both magical and memorable. This is why people are always in search of where to book a Disney Cruise and want to know if there is a military discount for Disney Cruises. 

The company’s exquisite taste and top-notch customer treatment have made the Disney Cruise Line one of the most beloved family retreats. Staterooms (cabins) provide comfort and privacy, driving home that the Disney Cruise Line was created to wow every guest

Why the Disney Cruise Line Is a Great Experience 

Since its first cruise in 1998, the Disney Cruise Line has enjoyed an ever-growing fan base that loves the cozy staterooms and scenic ocean views the ships offer. Even in the inside staterooms on some ships, virtual “Magical Portholes” reveal the world outside of the ship and allow passengers to stay connected with nature. 

While on board, the cruisers get surprise visits from beloved Disney characters, adding to the delight. The line also has cruises themed around iconic movie franchises like Pixar and Marvel, guaranteeing a unique and fun experience. There is also the 3:1 ratio of guests to crew members – this means customers are guaranteed exceptional services while on board, even when the ship is full. 

What to Do While on a Disney Cruise

Go to the Spa

The spas on Disney Cruise ships always have a nice assortment of treats available. For instance, during your spa visit, you can get a sensory shower or enjoy the private hot tub overlooking the ocean. 

Ride the AquaDuck, AquaMouse, or Aqua Dunk

If connecting with your inner child is something you have your heart set on, then the AquaDuck, AquaDunk, and AquaMouse rides on the Disney Cruise can offer you just that – they’re unique water slides/rides only available on Disney Cruise ships, and they ensure you have a unique, memorable experience at sea.

Watch a Live Show

On a Disney Cruise, it’s easy to watch live shows while on board. There is a new show every night that offers guests a Broadway-like experience. They also screen Disney movies that fans can enjoy.

Run a 5K

Similar to the 5Ks offered during the popular Disney World marathons, the Castaway Cay 5K is a great way for people to enjoy Disney’s private island before everyone else arrives. In addition to some exercise, you can also get a keepsake medal.

Dress Up

Although dressing up like a princess, pirate, or other Disney character might sound goofy, it’s actually one of the best ways to have a good time when you cruise with Disney. Dressing up to fit the theme onboard is an easy and fun way to participate in the Disney magical experience. Dress like a pirate and you’ll receive your own bandana and can enjoy a pirate night with Mickey or Jack Sparrow.

Join a Fish Extender Exchange

On each Disney Cruise, some passengers coordinate a gift exchange activity in which different families bring gifts to one another throughout the voyage. Children get to learn the importance of sharing, and the entire process builds excitement and connection for everyone.

Let the Kids Join the Disney Cruise Kids Club

The Disney Cruise has kids’ and teens’ clubs—a good way of ensuring that kids get to socialize while onboard.  Just be warned – they may not want to leave!

Attend the Sail Away Party

There is no denying that Disney knows how to throw a party – this is why passengers have unlimited options when it comes to celebrations. For instance, the Sailing Away Deck Party occurs when Mickey Mouse and his friends take to the center stage and lead everyone in a dance to officially start their vacation.

Stay Up and Watch the Fireworks

Disney fireworks are a sight to behold and certainly live up to their reputation. Disney was the first cruise line to offer fireworks at sea, typically provided on one night only, and only on select itineraries.

Final Thoughts

The Disney Cruise Line experience doesn’t only consist of just beautiful, grand ships – the entire experience provides endless Disney-themed, family-friendly options that ensure you and your loved ones never run out of options to make new memories at sea. 

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