You can meet characters within the Walt Disney World parks and select restaurants, with both casual and planned interactions available to Guests.  If you’re planning a trip with a checklist of characters you want to meet, first think about the kind of experience you want to have with them.

  • Do you want to meet a Disney character and have the time to share a hug and a picture with them?
  • Do you want to see as many different characters as possible?
  • Would you prefer to encounter them over food and drinks?

Much like deciding what attractions you want to ride, knowing what you want out of a character meet and greet is half of the battle. Read on to see what types of opportunities are available, or skip to the end to find out where you can see everybody.

Note:  While the past few years have been tough for fans of Disney character interactions as the COVID-19 pandemic severely limited the kind of experiences we’ve come to expect, Disney has once again (as of April 18, 2022) begun allowing their characters to interact, hug, and take pictures for fans of all ages.

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What are character experiences at Disney World?

Character experiences at Disney World allow Guests to meet their favorite stars personally with a set time and location.  These character experiences (or traditional character meet and greets) offer kids and adults the chance to see these magical stars up close, talk to them, and maybe even give them a hug. The characters are also available to sign autographs and take pictures with.

Another popular way to encounter them is through a character dining experience. Make a reservation at one of the locations that hosts character dining experiences, then sit down and enjoy yourself. Characters will come out to the restaurant, making a point to visit every table for greetings, pictures, autographs, and hugs.

Where are the character meet and greets at Disney World?

There are select locations in all of the Disney World parks for character meetings. They include a mix of personal meet-and-greets, dining experiences, live entertainment, and parades.

  • At the Magic Kingdom, be sure to stop by the Town Square Theater on Main Street, USA, to meet Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, as he prepares to dazzle and entertain his Guests throughout the day.  Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is a popular destination for some of Disney’s most notable characters. Visitors can see two Disney princesses within the hall during each experience. Historically, Princess Fairytale Hall has hosted a number of Disney princesses. Guests can currently meet Princess Tiana and a visiting princess within the hall.
  • Fans of Disney princesses should add EPCOT to their vacation itinerary, as there are a number of them located throughout the park. Guests can find Belle in France, Jasmine in Morocco, Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany, and Anna and Elsa in the Royal Sommerhus at Norway. If you’re more of a fan of cartoon characters, you’ll find a number of classic characters near the main entrance, while Donald Duck is hanging around Mexico and Vanellope is at ImageWorks. Finally, Pixar fans can meet Joy within ImageWorks as well.
  • Young children will be thrilled to meet many of their favorite Disney Junior pals at Hollywood Studios at the Animation Courtyard. Elsewhere in the park, Mickey and Minnie welcome Guests at the Red Carpet Dreams attraction, and Frozen fans can meet Olaf at the Celebrity Spotlight before heading over to Echo Lake where characters perform their sing-along celebration, For the First Time in Forever.
  • Keep your eyes peeled around water at Animal Kingdom, as a number of characters ride the river and entertain Guests all day at the park, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pocahontas, or friends from The Lion King.
Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant Entrance

Can you meet Disney characters outside of the park?

Disney offers several opportunities to meet characters without buying a ticket to a theme park. One way to do it is through the character dining experiences offered at Disney resorts.

At the Contemporary Resort just outside of the Magic Kingdom, you can eat at Chef Mickey’s with family-style breakfast or dinner meals as Mickey, Minnie, and their other famous close friends visit tables on a regular basis.

Over at the Wilderness Lodge resort, visit Story Book Dining at Artist Point to see Snow White and her dwarf friends along with the evil Queen while you enjoy a themed menu that includes wild mushroom bisque, herbed chicken, poached fish, and even a “poison” apple for dessert.

Head over to the Riviera Resort near EPCOT to eat at Topolino’s Terrace, a rooftop restaurant with a view where you can enjoy French and Italian cuisine. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy visit Topolino’s Terrace during the breakfast hours with unique fashions suited for the occasion.

While the character dining experiences remain limited at this point, there will likely be more locations and interactions available in the future as COVID protocols continue to ease. There are also some character dining experiences available within the theme parks.

Do the Disney characters go to Disney Springs?

Disney characters do not appear at Disney Springs, but some shops do offer other special character experiences, such as the polar bear appearing at the Coca-Cola Store, or Santa Claus visiting during the Christmas holiday season.

Disney Springs is one of the area’s premiere locations for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Visitors can spend the day (and a decent amount of money!) there enjoying a variety of options, whether it’s building your own dino at the Build-a-Bear shop, seeing Cirque du Soleil at the Drawn to Life show, or dining along the water at the Boathouse.

How do you meet all the characters at Disney World?

Guests can use the My Disney Experience app to find and meet all of the characters who appear at Disney World. With 60 animated movies and even more series, shorts, and spin-offs, Disney has dozens of popular characters appearing throughout its many parks and resorts on any given day.

My Disney Experience is your handy guide to all of the experiences available at Disney World. The app has updated schedules and locations for all of the available characters on any given day. Depending on the type of experience you’re looking for, it will also give you the ability to book a time with your favorite character, such as dining experiences or a Disney princess located indoors.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to meet all of the Disney characters. First of all, certain characters are only located at certain parks, so you’ll need to purchase a park hopper pass or plan multiple days to visit all of the parks on your wishlist.

It’s also a great idea to plan ahead. Disney allows you to book dining experiences, including the character meals, 60 days in advance of your trip. Take the time to strategically book dining reservations where you can comfortably see as many characters as you can.

To optimize your effort in seeing as many characters as possible, purchase the Genie+ package as part of your Disney visit. Genie+ is paid add-on (typically $15-$30 per person per day, depending on date/demand/park) where you’ll be able to book activities in advance on the day of your visit. With that booking, you’ll also have access to shorter lines, so you’ll be able to schedule your day better. Reservations  for Genie+ attractions become available every morning at 7 a.m.

Finally, if you’ll settle for at least seeing many characters at once, make plans to watch the daily Disney parades. The Magic Kingdom has a Festival of Fantasy parade that includes princesses and characters from Tangled, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid. The Magic Kingdom also hosts Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire that includes both classic Disney characters with princesses.

Buzz Lightyear

How can I meet my favorite Disney character?

Here is your copy and save guide to where you can find all of the characters at Disney World:

Where is Mickey Mouse at Disney World?

Mickey Mouse is located just within the entrance of the Magic Kingdom at Town Square Theater. In addition, Guests can find Mickey Mouse at Animal Kingdom riding the Discovery River or appearing at the Tusker House; appearing as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice at the Red Carpet Dreams at Hollywood Studios; and greeting Guests at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort and Topolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort.

Where is Minnie Mouse at Disney World?

Guests can meet Minnie Mouse at Red Carpet Dreams in Hollywood Studios. Minnie Mouse also appears at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios, Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort, and Topolino’s Terrace at Riviera Resort.

Where is Donald Duck at Disney World?

Fans can find Donald Duck within the Mexico area at EPCOT. Donald also appears at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House restaurant and rides the Discovery River. Outside the parks, Guests can have character experiences with Donald Duck at the Contemporary Resort in Chef Mickey’s and the Riviera Resort at Topolino’s Terrace.

Where is Daisy Duck at Disney World?

Daisy Duck appears at Topolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort, and within Animal Kingdom at Tusker House and on the Discovery River.

Where is Goofy at Disney World?

Goofy can be found at the Tusker House and Discovery River in Animal Kingdom, as well as Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort.

Where can I meet Pluto at Disney World?

Guests can meet Pluto just inside the entrance to EPCOT.

Where are Chip and Dale at Disney World?

Look for Chip and Dale within Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom or the Garden Grill within EPCOT.

Where are Anna and Elsa at Disney World?

Fans can meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus in EPCOT or around Echo Lake at Hollywood Studios.

Where is Belle in Disney World?

Belle is found at the France pavilion in EPCOT.

Where is Cinderella in Disney World?

Guests can see Cinderella right in the heart of the Magic Kingdom at Princess Fairytale Hall or around her centerpiece castle in the middle of the park.

Where is Princess Elena of Avalor in Disney World?

Princess Elena is one of the visiting princesses in the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall.

Where is Jasmine at Disney World?

Head to the Morocco location at EPCOT to meet Jasmine from the classic Disney movie, Aladdin.

Where is Mulan in Disney World?

Mulan is located within the World Showcase China area at EPCOT.

Where is Pocahontas in Disney World?

You can spot Pocahontas on one of the flotillas riding the Discovery River at Animal Kingdom.

Where is Rapunzel in Disney World?

Go to the Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom to meet Rapunzel from Tangled.

Where is Snow White in Disney World?

You can visit Snow White in the Germany area of EPCOT’s World Showcase, or by eating at the Wilderness Lodge’s Story Book Dining at Artist Point.

Where is Tiana in Disney World?

Visitors can see Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog at the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall, located within the Fantasyland area.

Where is Alice in Wonderland in Disney World?

Guests should go to the United Kingdom area of EPCOT’s World Showcase to meet Alice in Wonderland.

Where are Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs in Disney World?

Currently Guests can meet Dopey and Grumpy along with Snow White and the Evil Queen by eating at the Wilderness Lodge’s Story Book Dining at Artist Point.

Where is Olaf in Disney World?

Frozen fans can meet Olaf in Hollywood Studios, where he can be seen at the Celebrity Spotlight and along Echo Lake.

Where is Kristoff in Disney World?

Visitors can meet Kristoff from the Frozen movies around Echo Lake at Hollywood Studios.

Where is Stitch in Disney World?

Fans of the animated movie Lilo and Stitch can meet the curious blue alien in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

Where is Vanellope in Disney World?

You can meet Vanellope von Schweetz, the popular character from the Wreck It Ralph movies, at EPCOT’s ImageWorks.

Where is Doc McStuffins in Disney World?

You can meet the popular Disney Junior character Doc McStuffins at the Animation Courtyard in Hollywood Studios.

Where is Fancy Nancy in Disney World?

Fancy Nancy greets visitors at Hollywood Studios’ Animation Courtyard.

Where is Vampirina in Disney World?

Fans can meet the Disney Junior character at the Animation Courtyard inside Hollywood Studios.

Where is Buzz Lightyear in Disney World?

Toy Story fans should go to the Tomorrowland area at the Magic Kingdom to meet Buzz Lightyear for an experience that goes to infinity and beyond.

Where is Joy from Inside Out in Disney World?

Visit EPCOT’s ImageWorks to meet Joy from Pixar’s Inside Out.

Where are Monsters Inc. characters in Disney World?

Guests can visit the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios to meet Sully and Mike Wazowski.

Where is Russell from Up in Disney World?

You can find the Junior Wilderness Explorer wandering around Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom.

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