If you plan to visit Disney World in March 2025, then this guide is for you. We’ll cover weather, crowds, pricing, and events during the spring break season. We’ll also share experiences from our family’s trip last March to Disney World. If you’re unsure about visiting in March or need assistance planning your trip, we’ve got you covered!

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The March Advantage: Disney World 2025

Visiting Disney World in March 2025 offers a distinctive set of advantages. The weather during this time of year is typically mild, allowing for comfortable exploration of the parks. March is also when Disney’s much-anticipated Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival gets into full swing, offering stunning horticultural displays, outdoor kitchens, and live concerts. It’s an exciting time to experience Disney’s unique blend of magic and nature.

Another significant advantage is the timing; families often choose March for their Disney World trip to coincide with school spring breaks, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the resort. With the right planning and strategies in place, a March visit to Disney World can be a rewarding and memorable experience.

On the downside, March can bring above-average prices and larger crowds due to Spring Break (and Easter, depending on the year). We’ll talk more about the impact of crowds and pricing in March later in this guide.

Disney World Key Events and Dates, March 2025

Colorful flower patches line a grassy hillside leading to a waterway at EPCOT. Some of the flowers are arranged into patterns such as a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

Here are some important dates and events for your Disney World trip in March 2025:

  • Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival (Throughout March): This annual festival welcomes spring with a colorful array of blooms, charming topiaries, delicious food, and lively music. 2024’s festival started on February 28, so the entire month of March encompassed the event. 2024’s festival end date is May 27, 2024. The dates for 2025 aren’t yet published, but should be generally similar.
  • Spring Break (Throughout March): March is the peak spring break season, a time when most schools in the United States give students a week off. This leads to high crowds at Disney World throughout the month.
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Events (mid- to late-March 2025): This period typically hosts several athletic events at ESPN Wide World of Sports, including many high school and college spring training events. These events sometimes coincide with spring break, potentially contributing to increased crowd levels (especially at value resorts like All-Star Sports).
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2025): Although Disney World doesn’t have extensive celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, you may find unique food and drink offerings around the parks and resorts.
  • Easter (April 20, 2025): While Easter sometimes falls in March, that’s not the case for 2025. Easter 2025 is in late April. Due in part to its floating nature, Easter is not as significant event at Disney World as is, say, Halloween or Christmas. The week leading up to Easter offers the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny at Magic Kingdom, a short “pre-parade” at Magic Kingdom on Easter weekend, plus unique treats and chocolate egg displays at some resort hotels.

These events and dates could affect crowd levels and hotel availability during your March 2025 visit. Consult with The Vacationeer to find the best time to visit Disney World.

Plan Your Disney World Visit in March

The spring season in Disney World is filled with seasonal events, varying prices, and busy schedules. If you plan to visit in March, you will need to plan ahead. Working with an experienced Disney travel agency makes the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

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A key feature of their service is finding the best prices. They’re skilled at spotting discounts, using promotions, and setting up Disney payment plans.

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Disney World Weather in March: What to Expect

March at Disney World sees a gentle transition from winter to spring, with average highs warming up to around 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 degrees Celsius) and average lows hovering around 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12.2 degrees Celsius).

Graph showing the average high and low temperature for each month of the year at the Kissimmee monitoring station near Walt Disney World (Source: National Weather Service)

Florida’s Mild Spring: While I’m used to unpredictable spring weather in Massachusetts, Florida’s March climate is pleasantly consistent. Be prepared for the cooler evenings with a mix of light clothing and a few extra layers.

Dodging Summer Heat: While the temperatures in March start to climb, the intense summer heat of Florida is still a few months away. This makes March an ideal month to enjoy Disney World’s outdoor activities.

Rainfall: Disney World typically experiences five or six days of precipitation in March, totaling a little more than 3 inches of rain on average. However, the precipitation often occurs in brief, sporadic showers rather than as steady rain throughout the day.

Graph showing Disney World's average rainfall for each month according to the National Weather Service's Kissimmee monitoring station

Planning for Rain: Though March is generally dry, there can be surprise showers. Your Disney packing list should include a raincoat/poncho and appropriate footwear. Our Disney Attractions to Escape the Rain page offers some excellent suggestions for what to do when it’s raining.

With its mild temperatures and fewer rainy days, March’s weather at Disney World makes it an appealing time for a visit, provided you are ready for the occasional cool evening or surprise shower. As we always say, it’s best to come prepared!

Will Disney World be Crowded in March?

March at Disney World is traditionally the busiest month of the entire year. Two factors mainly drive this surge in visitor numbers.

The first is that March coincides with spring break in the United States, a time when many families opt for a trip to Disney World. This holiday period allows families to take advantage of school breaks, making Disney World a popular destination.

The second reason is the typically mild and enjoyable weather in March. The temperatures during this time are often more attractive to visitors than the intense summer heat or the chillier winter months, resulting in more guests throughout the month.

However, despite the overall busy nature of March, there may be a few days that are less crowded. Predicting these quieter days can be tricky due to the fluctuating crowd sizes. The start of March might see slightly fewer guests, but the general trend for the month remains high in terms of visitor numbers.

It’s also worth noting that St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t usually cause a significant increase in crowds. Instead, crowd levels tend to stay relatively steady, as spring breaks across the country occur at different times throughout the month.

Further easing some crowding in 2025 is that Easter will fall in April rather than March.

For those considering a March visit, we highly recommend checking our Disney World Crowd Calendar. This tool gives you an estimated crowd size, assisting you in better planning your visit.

Disney World Prices in March

In March, Disney World experiences peak prices due to spring break and events such as the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival. Consistent with this pattern, the prices in March 2023 and March 2024 stayed relatively high, although there was a slight dip between spring break and Easter, hinting at potential opportunities for cost savings.

Theme Park Ticket Pricing in March 2025

March has consistently high theme park ticket pricing.

In 2025, there are only three March days (March 4-6) which are below $159. Several days are at $169.

2025 Ticket Price Graph - March

The highest-priced days in the month are right in line with the costs of other major holiday periods such as President’s Day week, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas/New Years. Further, the weekday pricing throughout the month is among the highest of the entire year — it even surpasses the ticket price of most days during the busy summer months!

Graph showing ticket prices and seasonality for Walt Disney World in 2025

Keep in mind that all prices shown here are starting prices; prices will go up depending on which theme park you choose (Magic Kingdom could be $10-$25 higher than the prices shown here). You’ll also pay more to add options such as park hopping and Genie+.

Hotel Prices in March

Choosing the right accommodation can play a significant role in your overall expenses, with options ranging from budget-friendly Disney Value Resorts to luxury Disney Deluxe Resorts, and Disney Moderate Resorts offering a middle ground.

There are so many variables which affect hotel pricing — the hotel chosen, the type of room, and prices that change based on the amount of rooms left — that it’s hard to really nail down a baseline price. But you can get an idea of the way the seasonality works by looking at just one example: the All Star Sports resort in a standard room.

2025 starting hotel prices follow a predictable pattern, with the lowest prices on Mondays-Wednesday ($191), minor bumps on Thursday/Sunday nights ($204), and the highest prices on Friday/Saturday nights ($236). There’s a bit of a low-price outlier on the last two days of the month ($173 and $160).

2025 Hotel Rate Graph - March

March hotel pricing offers some price breaks for midweek stays and remains significantly lower than the maximum prices typically seen during the Christmas season.

Graph showing starting prices for hotel rooms at Disney World in 2025

Overall Pricing

For a family of four in 2024, the year-round average Disney World vacation cost was around $6,559. This estimation includes accommodation at a Disney Resort, six-day theme park tickets, Genie+ service, and quick-service meals. 2025 prices will be a bit higher due to overall ticket price increases from year to year. March trips generally cost more than the year-round average, due to higher hotel rates and near-peak ticket prices.

Exact costs for March 2025 are challenging to predict due to dynamic pricing based on supply and demand. However, using tools like our Disney World Cost Calculator and planning ahead can help manage these costs effectively.

Typically, Disney announces its March discounts towards the end of the previous year, and these can vary based on the hotel and room type, subject to availability. Working with a professional Disney travel agency, such as The Vacationeer, can prove highly beneficial in navigating these shifting prices and securing the best deals when they become available.

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Ride Maintenance, Refurbishments (Closures), and Openings in March

While Disney World may begin the month with some holdovers from the winter renovations, significant ride renovations are rare as peak season begins in March. You may also be able to benefit from the first few months in operation of some of the newest attractions at Disney World. Here, are the projects are in the works:

Theme Parks and Attractions

  • Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom): The ride typically reopens in either March or April following an annual extended winter maintenance period.
  • Test Track (EPCOT): Closed starting June 17, 2024 for a major refresh. Opening date not yet announced, but a similar refresh in 2012 took almost 8 months; if this refurbishment follows the same pattern, it would reopen around January/February 2025.
  • Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (Magic Kingdom): The Splash Mountain replacement should be fully up and running in time for your March 2025 trip, having opened in Summer 2024.
  • The Little Mermaid — A Musical Adventure (Hollywood Studios): This updated stage show, which replaces Voyage of the Little Mermaid, should be fully operational for your March 2025 trip, having opened in Fall 2024.

Resort Hotels and Amenities

  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Significant refurbishment work to Guest rooms is scheduled from September 2024 to September 2025. While the resort will remain open, Guests will likely see and hear construction work throughout the Bay Lake Tower building. Guests are advised to allow extra travel time when walking in the area, as alternate paths may be used.
  • Disney’s All Star Movies Resort – Fantasia Pool: Closed from January 2025 through April 2025.
  • Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts – Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool: Closed from January 2025 through June 2025.
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: Some Guest rooms will be under refurbishment from January 2025 through May 2025. Most resort amenities will remain available, but Guests may see or hear construction during daytime hours.
  • Other Disney Resort Pools: Seasonal refurbishments are possible throughout March.

Transportation, Water Parks, Golf Courses, and More

  • Disney Water Parks: Only one of the two parks (Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon) typically operates at a time, with the other being closed. See Water Parks section below for further info.

Maintenance plans and schedules are subject to change at any time. For the most current and accurate information on ride and hotel closures during your visit, we suggest contacting Disney World customer service or your travel planner (we recommend The Vacationeer).

Disney World Water Parks in March 2025: What to Expect

Disney’s water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, follow a seasonal schedule that can be difficult to predict. However, recent trends allow us to anticipate what might occur in March 2025:

  • Water Park Schedules: With Blizzard Beach’s surprising closure in the summer of 2023, it appears that Disney is operating one water park at a time going forward. Here’s a recent operating schedule history:
    • November 13, 2022: Blizzard Beach opens and Typhoon Lagoon closes.
    • March 19, 2023: Typhoon Lagoon opens and Blizzard Beach closes.
    • November 6, 2023: Blizzard Beach opens and Typhoon Lagoon closes.
    • March 17, 2024: Typhoon Lagoon opens and Blizzard Beach closes.
  • Projected Operating Months: Assuming these alternating openings continue, Typhoon Lagoon will likely be open from spring to fall and Blizzard Beach from fall to spring.
  • March 2025 Forecast: Unless the water park pattern changes (which is possible in part due to a 2025 perk offering free water park admission on your Disney resort hotel check-in day), we anticipate Blizzard Beach to operate during the first half of the month, with Typhoon Lagoon operating during the second part.

This prediction is an educated guess based on recent trends. Despite uncertainties, expect one water park to be open during your March visit. However, cooler temperatures may cause unexpected closures. It’s wise to have a backup plan in case your water park plans don’t work out.

Preparing for Disney World’s Spring Break in March 2025

Spring Break at Disney World in March calls for detailed planning. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation:

  • Early Reservations: Spring Break sees a surge in visitors – book hotels and dining early to avoid disappointment.
  • Brace for Crowds: Larger crowds and longer wait times are expected. Patience is key, and consider enjoying lesser-known attractions during peak hours. Also see our Ways to Skip Lines at Disney World article.
  • Embrace Technology: Use the My Disney Experience app and Genie+ for updates on wait times, maps, and reservations. Book Lightning Lane passes on popular attractions. The use of these tools can be a crucial part of your day’s planning and time management.
  • Pack for Variable Weather: March in Florida can be unpredictable. Pack layered clothing, sunscreen, hats, and comfortable footwear.
  • Hydration and Sun Protection: The Florida sun can be intense. Carry water bottles, apply sunscreen, and consider a portable fan.
  • Prepare a Plan B: Unforeseen weather and ride closures can happen. Always have an alternative plan.
  • Rest and Relax: Allocate downtime at your resort. Enjoying the amenities can be a welcome break from the park bustle.
  • Flexibility: Expect minor hiccups. Maintain a positive and adaptable attitude for a memorable vacation.
  • Consider a Travel Agency: A Disney-focused travel agency like The Vacationeer can provide tailored advice, making planning more manageable.

Thanks to 2025’s Easter falling late (in late April as opposed to March), the majority of spring break crowds will hopefully occur outside of March for 2025. But regardless of crowd levels, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your March Disney World visit.

Experiencing the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

When you visit Disney World in March, you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. The 2024 celebration began February 28, 2024 and ends on May 27, 2024. The 2025 dates aren’t yet published but should be similar.

As my wife and I discovered, the festival is a charming mix of visual and culinary delights. Epcot bursts with color as creatively designed gardens and Disney character topiaries fill the park. This transformation into a floral wonderland adds an extra layer of magic to any visit.

But the beauty isn’t limited to the gardens. The Outdoor Kitchens serve an array of delicious foods and drinks, each carefully crafted from fresh ingredients. The experience of navigating these stands felt like a global culinary journey right in the heart of Epcot. It was a dream come true for Disney World foodies like us!

The festival also hosts the Garden Rocks Concert Series, where talented bands deliver toe-tapping tunes. This evening series is presented at the America Gardens Theatre in the American Adventure Pavilion and provides a fun way to end your day.

All in all, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is a unique fusion of Disney enchantment and natural splendor. It stands as a must-do event for anyone considering a Disney World trip in March 2025.

Is March the Best Month to Visit Disney World?

Deciding if March is the best month for your Disney World visit can be tricky, as it largely depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some key factors to consider for a March visit:

  • Weather and Events: March offers pleasant weather, making it an excellent time to explore Disney World’s outdoor attractions. Also, Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival begins in March, a highlight of its calendar.
  • Spring Break: March aligns with most academic spring breaks (especially in the years in which Easter occurs during March), which means it could be a convenient time for families to visit.
  • Crowds: The park sees higher crowd levels in March. If avoiding crowds is a priority for you and if your schedule is flexible, pick a timeframe outside of spring break/Easter, and aim for weekdays.
  • Comparison to Other Peak Times: If your travel dates depend on the academic calendar, your likely alternatives to March are other peak times, like November, December, or the hot summer months. As compared to these periods, March’s crowds are substantial but not overwhelming, and the weather is milder.

In summary, while March brings high crowd levels due to spring break/Easter (depending on the year) and the Flower & Garden Festival, the weather is agreeable, and with proper planning, you can still have a memorable experience. It may be a good choice if it aligns with your schedule and if you’re prepared for the crowds. Reach out to The Vacationeer to discuss your options.

Comparing Disney World in March to Neighboring Months

A comparison of March with its neighboring months, February and April, may be helpful in determining the best time to visit.

  • February or March?: There are noticeable differences between February and March. While February may see a late-month surge, March has consistently high demand due to Spring Break — especially for years in which Easter occurs during March. However, March also brings milder weather and the Flower & Garden Festival. So, if you’re choosing between unpredictability in February and higher crowds but added attractions in March, your preferences play a crucial role in deciding which is better.
  • March or April?: The decision here may mainly depend on when Easter happens in the year you’re considering. Easter 2024 was in March, but Easter 2025 is in April. Easter brings higher crowds wherever it goes, but more and more school systems have been decoupling Easter from Spring break. As a result, both months tend to host Spring Break crowds, regardless of Easter. The weather in April is typically warmer and more stable.

In conclusion, March at Disney World is popular with consistent crowds, appealing weather, and exciting events like the Flower & Garden Festival. However, be prepared for higher prices due to high demand. For personalized advice, consider reaching out to The Vacationeer, a Disney-focused travel agency.

Personal Experiences: Disney World in March

My wife, Jaimie, and I traveled to Disney World in March 2023 with our friends Jess, Alejandro, and their three energetic kids. Despite the higher crowd levels typical of March, the sheer joy of the experience far outweighed any inconvenience.

The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival was in full swing. Although the kids were more excited about the rides and attractions than the flowers, they absolutely loved the international food offerings. The ‘Frozen Ever After’ ride at Epcot was a hit, with Alejandro’s youngest excitedly stating, “Meeting Elsa and Anna was the best!”

Over at the Animal Kingdom, the ‘Kilimanjaro Safaris’ proved to be a memorable adventure for us all. The kids were thrilled to witness the animals in their natural-like habitats, making it a unique and enriching experience.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Studios delivered its share of magic. The kids were swept away by the charm of Toy Story Land, while the adults found themselves spellbound by the immersive Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

And, as you might expect, we all loved the atmosphere and rides at Magic Kingdom!

As for accommodations, we all stayed at the Art of Animation Resort, which was a hit with everyone. Its colorful and fun design – along with the amazing themes – had the kids in awe. For us adults, the comfort of the family suites added to the overall positive experience. Plus, the heated pool was awesome despite the cooler March weather.

Jessica offered advice for those visiting in March 2025. “Do plan ahead. Take advantage of Genie+ and dining reservations to beat the crowds. Remember, patience is key for a great time at Disney.”

Jessica summed it up by saying, “Even with the crowds, it was worth it to see the joy on the kids’ faces. There’s something special about Disney in March.”

Our shared experience underscores the magic that a Disney World trip in March offers, regardless of the crowds.

Final Thoughts for March: Is It Worth It?

March at Disney World is characterized by warmer weather and the spring charm brought by the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. However, this month also ushers in a surge in visitors due to the spring break season.

Epcot’s festival offers a vibrant display of flowers, unique culinary experiences at the outdoor kitchens, and engaging live performances. While this event is a major draw, remember that younger visitors might be more attracted to park attractions, character interactions, and the variety of food and treats available.

The crowd increase in March is primarily due to spring break. While St. Patrick’s Day and Easter (which falls in March during some years) are notable events, they don’t contribute significantly to the increased visitor numbers. The entire month tends to be busy, with increased waiting times for attractions and dining locations. Making use of services like Genie+ and Lightning Lane passes can help manage these busy periods.

The increased demand during March often leads to a rise in prices, so budget-conscious visitors should be prepared for this potential uptick.

When comparing March to its neighboring months, the visitor numbers and costs may be higher due to spring break. However, the warmer weather and spring events in March can make it a more attractive option than the cooler February or the summer heat that arrives in the following months.

In summary, visiting Disney World in March requires balancing several factors, such as weather, crowd sizes, and costs. Even with the potential for larger crowds, the unique experiences of Disney in March can still create wonderful memories. For a smoother trip, consider seeking advice from a Disney travel agency, like The Vacationeer, to help plan and enhance your Disney World adventure.

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