Are you planning a February 2025 trip to Disney World? Our guide will help you navigate the details. We discuss important dates, weather patterns, expected crowd sizes, and the best booking strategies. Not sure if February is a good time to visit Disney? We’ll shed light on that too. Additionally, we share a personal story from someone I know well to give you an insider’s look. This information is all about making your February Disney World vacation planning as simple and straightforward as possible.

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The February Advantage: Disney World 2025

One of the key advantages of February is its affordability: it is one of the cheapest months to visit Disney World, at least in terms of hotel pricing. In January and early February, hotel rates are typically the lowest of the year. The price usually rises considerably after this period of time, reaching a peak around Presidents’ Day. In addition, early February is generally the time when the tickets are the lowest.

So, if budget is a concern, the start of February is an ideal period to experience the magic of Disney World without stretching your wallet.

Aside from cost benefits, visiting Disney World in February offers several other advantages. The weather is generally mild and enjoyable, making it comfortable to spend your day exploring the parks. Moreover, February marks the occurrence of unique events such as the Epcot International Festival of the Arts and the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Disney World Key Events and Dates, February 2025

Consider these key dates and events for your Disney World trip in February 2025:

  • Epcot International Festival of the Arts (until mid- to late-February): This relatively new arts festival allows guests to explore various artistic disciplines – visual, culinary, and performing arts. 2025 dates have not yet been announced, but the 2024 offering was from January 12 to February 19; 2025 dates should be somewhat similar. It is not merely an entertainment event but also an educational one, which makes it an excellent pick for families and art lovers.
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Events (Throughout February): The ESPN sports complex hosts various athletic events during February, contributing to the surge in crowds, particularly in value resorts like All-Star Sports. It’s an excellent opportunity for sports enthusiasts to witness competitive athletics in a Disney setting.
  • Presidents’ Day (February 17, 2025): This national holiday leads to an influx of guests from the preceding Friday until the following Tuesday, with the crowd peaking over the weekend. Even though there are no special celebrations at the resort on this day, the large crowds give the impression that it is a major holiday. I recommend avoiding this time if you are uncomfortable with crowds.
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon (February 20 – 24, 2025): A 5K, 10K, and half marathon will be held in February 2025, attracting Disney fans as well as fitness buffs. While the crowd size tends to decrease during race weekends (rather than increase), this does not significantly affect the park experience. Even if you don’t participate, you can watch from the sidelines (if you don’t mind getting up very early).
  • Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival (possible on the last few days of the month): In 2024, February included an unexpected taste of EPCOT’s primary springtime event. The Flower and Garden Festival typically begins in March, but for 2024 it kicked off a few days early on February 28. It remains to be seen if this will happen again in 2025, or if it was just a quirk of the 2024 calendar. Expect beautiful topiary and floral displays, along with gardening demonstrations and taste-tempting outdoor kitchens at this festival.

These dates and events may affect crowd sizes and resort availability in February 2025.

Plan Your Disney World Visit in February

The month of February is one of the most popular at Disney World because of its exciting events, pleasant weather, and affordable prices. However, you should plan ahead because availability and prices vary.

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Disney World Weather in February: What to Expect

Disney World in February experiences mild winter weather, with average highs hovering around 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) and average lows approximately 51 degrees Fahrenheit (about 11 degrees Celsius).

Graph showing the average high and low temperature for each month of the year at the Kissimmee monitoring station near Walt Disney World (Source: National Weather Service)

Florida’s Cold: The “cold season” in Florida is different from what we experience in the rest of the country. My wife and I hail from Massachusetts, and we find Florida’s February weather to be delightfully mild. But we’ve learned to pack a few extra layers to fend off the chill during the evenings.

No Summer Heat: Florida’s intense summer heat is usually absent in February, making it the ideal time to explore Disney World’s outdoor attractions. Make sure you pack clothing that will keep you comfortable.

Rainfall: Disney World typically experiences five to six days of precipitation in February. The hurricane season ends before February, which aids in making this month relatively dry.

Graph showing Disney World's average rainfall for each month according to the National Weather Service's Kissimmee monitoring station

Planning for Rain: While February is usually dry, it can occasionally rain or downpour. Pack ponchos and appropriate footwear, just in case, rather than planning your Disney World trip around rain forecasts. Our Disney Attractions to Escape the Rain page provides excellent ideas for rainy-day activities.

February’s weather at Disney World makes it a great time for a visit, providing you prepare for the occasional cold snap or unexpected shower. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared!

Will Disney World be Crowded in February?

Knowing the trends and key events that affect crowd sizes can be helpful. Though February was once viewed as a low-crowd season, it has evolved into one of Disney World’s busier months.

The crowd patterns in February at Disney World are typically consistent, except during Presidents’ Day. This holiday falls between winter and spring breaks, drawing a significant number of visitors to Disney World during that week and weekend. If possible, we suggest avoiding this period.

Apart from Presidents’ Day, February feels a bit like an early spring season at Disney World. Crowds begin to increase earlier than they did in the past, but they are still not as large as the spring break crowds seen in March and April.

In recent years, we’ve observed an uptick in visitors during February. We’re uncertain why this trend is occurring and whether it will persist. In response to this growing popularity, Disney has reduced the discounts typically offered during February.

In summary, if you want to dodge large crowds, it’s best to steer clear of Presidents’ Day weekend (and week) in February. The rest of the month is generally busy, but the crowds are manageable.

Keep in mind that crowd trends can shift yearly or even daily. Flexibility is just as crucial as being prepared. For more advice, check out our Disney Crowd Calendar and our guide on avoiding lines at Disney World.

Disney World Prices in February

Disney World’s February prices are generally average, but they are affected by dynamic factors. The month’s growing popularity and key events like Presidents’ Day weekend and the start of spring break can cause price fluctuations. Further, February 2025 ticket price increases have chipped away some of the savings found in Februarys of prior years. The saving grace is that 2025 hotel prices have remained relatively steady vs. 2024, keeping intact some savings.

Theme Park Tickets

The lowest-priced theme park tickets for the February 2025 are on February 1-2 & 6-9, starting at $154. Ticket prices for February 3-5 and 14-22 start at $169, which is at the highest published price of the year (tied with spring break weekends, the Easter Holiday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). This graph shows starting prices for a one-day base ticket at the cheapest theme park (usually Animal Kingdom); prices increase based on the park chosen and the addition of options such as park hopping.

2025 Ticket Price Graph - February

February 2025 Starting Ticket Prices

February’s starting price of $154 is a fairly significant increase versus 2024, which offered at least a few days as low as $134. And of course these prices are well above the lowest ticket prices of the year ($119, available only on weekdays in late August and most of September).

Graph showing ticket prices and seasonality for Walt Disney World in 2025

2025 Disney World Ticket Prices


Early booking can help secure better hotel rates. There are a variety of Disney resort hotels available, ranging from budget-friendly Disney Value Resorts to luxury Disney Deluxe Resorts – and Disney Moderate Resorts in between.  Your choice of accommodation is a key factor that can be managed to control overall expenses.

Here’s sample pricing for a standard room at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, a Disney Value Resort. Although prices will increase depending on the type of hotel and room chosen (and how long you wait to book), this gives an example of the “seasonality” at play.

2025 Hotel Rate Graph - February

February 2025 starting hotel rates

The earlier dates such as February 3-5 start at $117 — that’s the lowest price point of the entire year (tied with many weekdays in January). Weekdays later in February generally match weekday price points in the remainder of spring and fall, but weekends in late February are among the highest weekday rates outside of the expected spike during the holiday season (though those rates haven’t yet been released).

Graph showing starting prices for hotel rooms at Disney World in 2025

2025 Hotel starting prices

A look at the year-round calendar shows Disney’s hotel pricing strategy in which weekends are costlier, but it’s not quite as straightforward as “Saturdays and Sundays cost more.” Weekends tend to be priced on a sort of “shoulder” model.  Mondays-Wednesdays are cheapest, followed by an increase for Thursday nights. Fridays and Saturdays are higher still, then prices dip a little lower on Sunday nights before returning to the lower rates again for the next Monday night.

Overall Costs

In 2024, the overall average cost for a week-long Disney World vacation for a family of four is around $6,559. This includes accommodations at a Disney Value Resort, six-day standard theme park tickets, Genie+ service, and quick-service meals. 2025’s prices average prices are expected to be a bit higher overall, due in part to ticket price increases and some hotel seasonality changes.

In conclusion, while February at Disney World sees a dynamic cost pattern due to its rising popularity, early bookings, and strategic planning can ensure an affordable and memorable trip. Our Disney World Cost Calculator can provide a more detailed understanding of pricing throughout the year.

Typically, February discounts are announced around October. They can vary by hotel, room type, and availability. Consider reaching out to The Vacationeer for expert assistance.

Learn the Exact Cost of Your Dream Disney World Vacation

February Ride Maintenance/Refurbishments (Closures) and New Ride Openings

February at Disney World is part of the park’s winter refurbishment season. Minor refurbishments and temporary closures are typical during this time. Here are a few expected closures, openings, and updates:

Theme Parks and Attractions

  • Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom): typically closes for annual extended maintenance period starting in mid-January and usually ending by mid-March or early April.
  • Test Track (EPCOT): Closed starting June 17, 2024 for a major refresh. Opening date not yet announced, but a similar refresh in 2012 took almost 8 months; if this refurbishment follows the same pattern, it would reopen around January/February 2025.
  • Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (Magic Kingdom): The Splash Mountain replacement is scheduled to open in Summer 2024, so it should be fully functional and well into its first year of operation during your February 2025 visit.

Resort Hotels and Amenities

  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Significant refurbishment work to Guest rooms is scheduled from September 2024 to September 2025. While the resort will remain open, Guests will likely see and hear construction work throughout the Bay Lake Tower building. Guests are advised to allow extra travel time when walking in the area, as alternate paths may be used.
  • Disney’s All Star Movies Resort – Fantasia Pool: Closed from January 2025 through April 2025.
  • Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts – Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool: Closed from January 2025 through June 2025.
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: Some Guest rooms will be under refurbishment from January 2025 through May 2025. Most resort amenities will remain available, but Guests may see or hear construction during daytime hours.
  • Other Resort Pools: Routine maintenance closures are not uncommon during this time of year.

Transportation, Water Parks, Golf Courses, and More

  • Disney Water Parks: Only one of the two parks (Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon) typically operates at a time, with the other being closed. See Water Parks section below for further info.

Remember that the exact schedules can change, and maintenance plans are sometimes adjusted. For the most current and accurate information on ride and hotel closures during your visit, consider contacting Disney World directly or consulting with your travel planner (we recommend The Vacationeer).

Disney World Water Parks in February 2025: What to Expect:

Disney World’s water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, have seen variations in their seasonal operations over recent years. Based on these trends and operational patterns, here’s what you can expect for February 2025:

  • Water Park Schedules: Disney World seems to be operating one water park at a time recently. This alternating schedule is expected to continue into the future. Here’s a recent operating schedule history:
    • November 13, 2022: Blizzard Beach opens and Typhoon Lagoon closes.
    • March 19, 2023: Typhoon Lagoon opens and Blizzard Beach closes.
    • November 6, 2023: Blizzard Beach opens and Typhoon Lagoon closes.
    • March 17, 2024: Typhoon Lagoon opens and Blizzard Beach closes.
  • Projected Operating Months: It appears each water park may alternate being open in multi-month intervals. The likely schedule would have Typhoon Lagoon operating from spring through fall, and Blizzard Beach from fall through spring.
  • But, There’s a New Perk: Disney announced that all 2025 hotel stays would include free water park admission on your check-in day. It’s unlikely that February temperatures and attendance levels would necessitate opening both parks to handle demand created by the perk — but it’s still a possibility.
  • February 2025 Forecast: Based on what we know right now, we anticipate Blizzard Beach to be the only operational water park in February 2025. It’s possible this could be adjusted depending on how the new Water Park perk shakes out.

These predictions are based on trends and patterns we’ve seen in recent years. Despite uncertainties, you can expect at least one water park to be open during your visit in February. However, remember that colder weather can lead to unexpected water park closures. Therefore, it might be a good idea not to focus heavily on water park activities during your February trip. Having a backup plan in case of closures is a good strategy.

How to Prepare for Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2025

Preparing for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2025 involves more than just warming up for the race. It demands strategic planning, diligent preparation, and prompt registration. As a part of the enchanting Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, this event is slated for February 20th to 24th, 2025.

Registration officially begins on July 30, 2024, through the runDisney website. However, Gold or Platinum members of Club runDisney enjoy an advantage, gaining access to registration a week earlier, on July 23, 2024. As these races often reach capacity quickly, prompt sign-up is recommended.

Completing the 13.1-mile course through the Walt Disney World Resort is not only a physical feat but also a fun-filled experience, with plenty of Disney character sightings and lively entertainment along the route. Registration benefits include a race shirt, a personalized bib, refreshments before, during, and after the race, a virtual goodie bag, a printable finisher’s certificate, and a distinctive medal upon crossing the finish line.

In addition to the marathon, your February visit can be enriched by attending the art festival at Epcot and soaking up the festive atmosphere of Presidents’ Day. So, gear up for a magical adventure filled with fun and excitement, timely register for the half marathon, and plan your Disney journey meticulously.

Comparing Disney World in February (2025) to Neighboring Months”

Comparing February with its adjacent months, January and March, can help you determine if it’s the right month for you.

  • January or February?: There isn’t a considerable difference between these months in terms of experiences. However, mid to late February usually sees a surge in crowd numbers and prices. It might be best to avoid this period if possible. For that matter, February prices seem to have creeped up for 2025 versus 2024, making January a bit more financially attractive than February versus prior years when there wasn’t much difference. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your personal schedule and the ability to evade major events such as New Year’s, MLK Jr. Day, and the Marathon in January, or the Princess Half Marathon and Presidents’ Day vacation week/weekend in February.
  • February or March?: March generally sees higher crowds than February but also brings several attractions with it. The Flower & Garden Festival may include the last few days of the month, but the bulk of the activities start in March when the weather is milder and less cold compared to February. While March’s high crowds can be a concern, the unpredictable nature of February crowds can make March a more predictable and potentially better overall experience

If you can time your visit away from late-February crowds, February could be an attractive option for some. While it does have cooler temperatures and manageable crowd sizes, remember to factor in potential cold spells and fluctuating schedules. It’s advisable to discuss your options with The Vacationeer to make an informed choice.

Is February the Best Month to Visit Disney World?

Determining the best month for a Disney World visit largely depends on personal preferences, as each month brings its unique advantages and drawbacks. Here are some considerations for a February visit:

  • Crowds: February offers a varied crowd experience. Although the month generally begins with a moderate crowd, numbers can surge during the Presidents’ Day weekend and the Princess Half Marathon.
  • Cost: The prices are generally average, with lower prices at the beginning of the month and higher prices during peak times.
  • Weather: February offers mild weather, a refreshing break from Florida’s intense heat. But remember, it can also get chilly, demanding additional layers of clothing.
  • Attractions: While most attractions remain operational, certain water rides and parks may undergo refurbishments or close due to cooler temperatures.

Would you prefer the hot yet less crowded late summer months, even amid the hurricane season? Or do you lean towards the cooler – albeit potentially crowded – February? Perhaps you’re drawn to festive seasons like Halloween or Christmas?

Your plans might be influenced by weather, school holidays or festive periods, each bringing distinct experiences – from the buzz of holiday celebrations to the lively summer ambiance.

Answering these questions can help you assess whether February aligns with your vision of the perfect Disney World visit. However, considering recent trends, the cooler months from October to January might offer a more comfortable balance of crowd sizes and costs (unless February is your only option). The key is to weigh these factors to make an informed decision.

Personal Experiences: Disney World in February

Recently, I had a chance to speak with my cousin Justin about his family’s trip to Disney World in February 2023. Despite visiting during the crowded Presidents’ Day holiday, Justin, his wife Amy, and their 7-year-old niece had a truly memorable experience.

During the interview, Justin shared, “The Magic Kingdom was a big hit, especially for our niece. She was fascinated by the ‘It’s a Small World” ride and meeting her favorite princesses. At Animal Kingdom, she enjoyed ‘Kilimanjaro Safaris,’ where she was thrilled to see the animals up close in their natural habitats. As for Epcot, the ‘Frozen Ever After’ ride was the absolute highlight of her day.”

Justin added, “Amy fell in love with the ‘Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage‘ at Hollywood Studios. We also enjoyed the moderate weather in February, which was a refreshing change from the cold New Jersey winters and perfect for exploring the parks. Despite the larger crowd due to the holiday, it was a vibrant, lively atmosphere. Yet, we think next time we visit, we should go during non-holiday week.”

Reflecting on his personal favorite, Justin shared, “Walking through the countries at Epcot was an experience like no other. I absolutely loved exploring the cultural exhibits and the international cuisine.”

He concluded by saying, “We all loved our trip in February. Can’t wait to go back soon!”

His family’s Disney World trip provides a glimpse of the joy and unforgettable moments that Disney World can provide, even during peak seasons.

Final Thoughts for February

In February, weather conditions at Disney World are generally mild and pleasant, a break from Florida’s intense summer heat. This makes it a comfortable time for outdoor activities and park exploration.

February also hosts key events such as the Disney Princess Half Marathon and Presidents’ Day week. While these events can create a lively atmosphere, they also draw crowds. Be prepared for larger crowd sizes during this period, especially around Presidents’ Day when families capitalize on the school break.

Costs during February can vary, with the start and end of the month generally offering more cost-effective options compared to the mid-month holiday period. Planning your trip around these times can yield more affordable rates.

Comparing February to neighboring months like January or March, the crowd size and cost can be slightly higher due to the events and school vacation. However, the mild weather of February may be more appealing than the cooler January or the unpredictable weather in March.

In summary, if you’re considering a visit to Disney World in February, it’s essential to weigh the balance of weather, crowd sizes, costs, and events. For those who can navigate the peak times and enjoy the blend of mild weather and unique events, February can be an ideal choice. As always, it’s beneficial to speak with a Disney travel agent to discuss your options and ensure you make the most out of your Disney World trip.

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