What Rides Are Closed at Disney World?

Imagine your family heading to Disney World, excited to have the time of your lives, only to find out some of your most anticipated rides are closed – that would be an absolute disappointment during what could be an otherwise perfect vacation. We know that with Disney Vacation packages, it is thrilling to think [...]

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Disney Park Hopper Tickets

If you're a parent, you know how important it is that your kids are happy during a family vacation. A trip to Disney World is a sure fire way to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. Aside from Disney World vacation deals, Disney offers the Park Hopper option to add [...]

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Oldest Rides at Disneyland

13 Opening Day Attractions Still in Use When Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, it featured 35 rides, attractions, and exhibits. Thirteen of the original rides, attractions, and shows are still in operation today. Together, they are credited as the oldest rides at Disneyland. Nevertheless, there is one opening day ride that stands out [...]

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Where to Purchase Disney World Tickets

There’s nothing quite like a Disney Theme Park. Whether you plan to visit one of the multiple parks at Disney World or want to visit the original Disneyland, these magical amusement parks set the standard for immersion and creativity. If you want to purchase Walt Disney World tickets or Disneyland tickets, you’re likely trying [...]

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Is the Disney 50th Anniversary VIP Tour Worth the Price?

Walt Disney World has introduced an incredible way to celebrate its 50th year: the Disney 50th Anniversary VIP Tour. This 8-hour tour is designed to celebrate Disney World's rich history with a planned itinerary that includes theme parks, resorts, and iconic modes of transportation. Sounds fantastic, you might say, but is the Disney 50th [...]

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Rides for Disney Genie Plus

Most people know what Disney Genie+ is, but they don't know which rides are included with Disney Genie Plus. This page will answer that question for you. Below we have created a chart/list to help you select the attractions to prioritize for Disney Genie Plus, and which you'll have to pay for individual access [...]

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Is Disney World Transgender Friendly?

Disney has made "Inclusion" a top priority, but is Walt Disney World transgender-friendly? Disney World strives to make their trans and non-binary Guests feel welcome and accepted. For example, Disney provides Guests with several ways to express their gender identity. There are unisex bathrooms throughout the parks and special events for members of the [...]

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What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is coming to Disney World and Disneyland this fall. Disney Genie is a free day-planning app that recommends attractions, shows, and eateries based on wait times and personal preferences.  Let's examine how the new Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ add-on can maximize your time and enjoyment at Disney. [...]

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Height Requirements for Rides at Disney World

While the majority of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World Resort are open to guests of any height, there are dozens of theme park and water park rides that do have minimum height requirements. There are even a few with a maximum height requirement. So if you are planning a Disney World vacation [...]

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