What Rides Are Closed at Disney World? 2024/2025 Refurbishment & Re-Opening Calendar

It's an inconvenient fact: every theme park has to occasionally close its rides, shows, and restaurants for maintenance. Smaller regional parks that are closed each winter can do these refurbishments without affecting Guests. But for year-round theme parks such as those at Walt Disney World, virtually every closure has to be happen while the [...]

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The Best Age for Disneyland: A Family Guide

When planning the perfect Disneyland family vacation, one crucial factor defines the experience: choosing the best age for Disneyland. For countless families, this trip represents a magical rite of passage. So, what is the ideal age for kids to completely soak up that Disney magic? Let’s find out. Prefer To [...]

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Discover the 7 Best Beaches Near Disneyland

Imagine combining the enchantment of Disneyland with the serene beauty of California's beaches! Nestled in Anaheim, Disneyland isn't just a realm of fairytales and thrilling rides; it's also conveniently close to some of California's most picturesque beaches. This comprehensive guide explores the top 7 beach destinations closest to Disneyland Resort to help you plan [...]

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How Much Does Disneyland Make Per Day?

Since first welcoming guests in 1955, Disneyland has delighted millions of people with its sense of wonder and imagination. However, as a pivotal revenue driver for The Walt Disney Company, it's natural to wonder: how much does Disneyland make per day? While Disney does not publicly disclose financials for individual parks, we can estimate [...]

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Best Time to Visit Disneyland Resort (2024)

Planning a Disneyland trip can be challenging, especially if you want to avoid crowds. In this guide, we’ll show you the best time to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure so that you can enjoy seasonal events, pleasant weather, and reasonable pricing without worrying about long lines and large crowds. We will also advise [...]

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Disney World Height Requirements for Rides

While the majority of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World are open to guests of any height, there are dozens of theme park and water park rides that do have minimum height requirements. There are even a few with a maximum height requirement. So if you are planning a Disney World vacation with children, it's important to [...]

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Is the Disney VIP 50th Anniversary Tour Worth the Price?

NOTE: This tour is no longer being offered. For information on current VIP 50th Anniversary Tour tour offerings, visit our Guide to Disney Private VIP Tours, and our article Are Disney Private VIP Tours Worth It? Walt Disney World has introduced an incredible way to celebrate its 50th year: the Disney 50th Anniversary VIP Tour. This [...]

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Is California Adventure Bigger Than Disney?

Did you know that Anaheim is home to not one but two of the most incredible Disney theme parks in the world? While the original Disney park Disneyland continues to be the most popular theme park in terms of attendance and influence, Disney's California Adventure is a truly great alternative to consider. It has [...]

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