Is California Adventure Bigger Than Disney?

Did you know that Anaheim is home to not one but two of the most incredible Disney theme parks in the world? While the original Disney park Disneyland continues to be the most popular theme park in terms of attendance and influence, Disney's California Adventure is a truly great alternative to consider. It has [...]

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Is It Better To Go to Disneyland First or California Adventure?

Is It Better To Go To Disneyland First or California Adventure? If you are visiting the Disneyland parks in Southern California and only have a short time to see everything, you might be wondering which park is best. to visit first: Disneyland or California Adventure. The general consensus in most Disney and travel forums is that [...]

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Can You Wear Just a Sports Bra to Disney?

Like other theme parks, Disney enforces attire rules to keep guests safe and ensure everyone has a good time. Therefore, there are restrictions on what you can and cannot wear. Wearing a sports bra at Disney might seem like a good idea as it can help keep things under control more than a regular [...]

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Are Masks Required at Disney World?

As you’re planning what to pack and how to dress for Disney World, you’ll likely be wondering whether you are required to wear masks at Disney World. Face masks — or “face coverings,” as Disney calls them — have been a major component of COVID-19 policy and response. However, it seems like regulations are constantly [...]

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Longest Rides at Disney World

Have you ever wondered which Disney World rides are the longest? Depending on the pace you wish to set, a long ride may provide you with the most "bang for your buck." You may just prefer the slower type of rides. On the other hand, maybe you're interested in short and sweet rides, the [...]

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Renting Wheelchairs at Disney World

Guests with mobility issues often wonder if they can rent a wheelchair at Disney World. The answer is yes, Disney does offer wheelchair and Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) rentals at most of their theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. In this article, we'll discuss wheelchair rentals at Disney World -  where to rent [...]

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What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie has arrived at Disney World and Disneyland. Disney Genie is a free day-planning app that recommends attractions, shows, and eateries based on wait times and personal preferences.  Let's examine how the new Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ add-on can maximize your time and enjoyment at Disney. [...]

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