One question I’m frequently asked is “why should I use a Disney travel agent to book my Disney vacation?” Below are just some of the reasons to use an authorized Disney travel planner for your next trip to Disney World.

Why You Should Use a Disney Travel Agent to Book your Disney Vacation

My non-Disney friends are always asking me questions like “which Disney restaurants are best?” “what rides and attractions are the highest priorities?” “which resorts are good for young kids?”,  “how much does a Disney World vacation cost?”, and that sort of thing.

Most have my answers are never clear-cut because there are so many factors at play. Everyone has different interests, different goals, schedules, and budgets.

When I start talking about the importance of making your hotel and Advance Dining Reservations as early as possible, I always get a look of confusion. They say, “I’m not going to remember this.”

The truth is, there’s simply too much information for newbies to learn in a short amount of time, and too many dates to book.  If you lead a busy life and don’t know too much about Disney World, then this whole process can be overwhelming.

So when I tell them to find a good Disney travel agency to work with, their immediate response is to dismiss the idea because they don’t want to pay extra fees for help.

Then I tell them that it won’t cost them a dime. And that’s when I get a look of disbelief.

Yes, it’s true. As a client, the services of Disney travel agents are totally free of charge. Disney pays out a small commission to the agency for doing the booking legwork, but that cost is never passed on to you.

So what are the reasons to choose a Disney travel agent rather than booking your own trip?

We have outlined the answer on our Disney Travel Planners page. However, I thought we should discuss the main points again since this topic is so misunderstood.

Let’s go through some of the key advantages of using an Authorized Disney Travel Agency (like The Vacationeer).

Reasons for Using a Disney Travel Agent

  • Disney travel agents know the ropes

People don’t just become Disney travel agents on a whim. No way.  The people who become Disney travel agents always seek out this job because they are passionate about all things Disney and love sharing their knowledge with others.

There is no better job for a Disney fanatic than to be a Disney travel agent. Likewise, there’s no one better to work with – and seek advice from – than an authorized Disney travel agent because they know all the ins and outs of WDW.

Got questions? They have the answers. Confused about what to book and when? They’ll assist you with that, or just book everything for you.

Disney travel agents are looking out for your best interests. You ultimately call the shots, but their personalized advice will prove invaluable.

Your Disney travel specialist will craft the perfect itinerary that is specifically tailored to your family’s vacation goals.

  • Disney travel agent discounts – they will monitor promotions to get you the lowest price

Disney travel planners are tasked with monitoring new Disney World discounts and special promotions.

When you book your trip, your Disney travel agent will find the best rates available to apply to your trip. You can search for yourself, but I think there is much more peace of mind knowing that a Disney travel expert is handling it. They have the inside scoop and access to all of the deals, and they’ll get you the absolute lowest price. Plus, they can modify your reservation if discounts spring up AFTER the trip has been booked (so you can secure the less expensive rate).

Having someone on the lookout for extra ways to save you money is a huge advantage.

  • Relax – because they will do the work for you

Disney travel agents will book your ticket/hotel/dining plan package and process your payments. They can even set up a payment plan so you’ll only pay a deposit upfront and then pay installments as you get closer to your departure date.

Your Disney travel specialist will book your hotel, Advance Dining Reservations, add-ons (like Disney Genie+ and Character events), and any other time-sensitive reservations.  This is extremely helpful because it will save you lots of time and headaches. Any delay in booking these reservations can mean that you lose out as other guests take your spot.

If you would prefer to do most of the booking yourself (and let your Disney travel agent handle just some of it). then you may certainly do this as well. The ball is in your court. However, it’s nice to just sit back and let someone else take care of the details. They do this for a living so you know it will be done correctly.

  • Yes, Disney travel agents are free!

Many people just assume there will be extra costs associated with this level of service. There isn’t. The services of an authorized Disney travel agent are 100% free of charge.

Disney travel planners do receive a small commission from Disney, but this expense never trickles down to you, the client.  And by using a Disney travel planner, you will have the best shot at receiving the absolute lowest rates offered to the public. What’s not to like??!

Disney Travel Agents are clearly the way to go. Enjoy your trip!

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