Best Disney World Souvenirs

We buy souvenirs as mementos of the places we visit. Because there is a certain magic in the air at Disney, the Disney World souvenirs are a bit more special than your ordinary vacation souvenirs. While the magic of Disney is hard to define, the best Disney World souvenirs have the power to reconnect us to that magical feeling we experienced at the park.

When budgeting for a Walt Disney World vacation, the cost of purchasing souvenirs is one factor that is often overlooked. The countless Disney souvenir shops – with endless amounts of charming keepsakes – have a way of enticing vacationers. Choose your souvenirs wisely so you stay within your budget. We believe the best Disney souvenirs are usually those which have special meaning and will stand the test of time. Any Disney World souvenir that will get packed away in a closet – or thrown out when you arrive home – is probably not worth the expense.

15 Best Disney World Souvenirs

While some Disney souvenirs can only be purchased inside Walt Disney World, others may be purchased – often for less money – before or after your trip. For your consideration, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular Disney World souvenirs and included a few suggested items you may purchase online (before or after your trip) and pack them in your backpack to bring with you. Here is a list of the 15 Best Disney World Souvenirs list.

1. Mickey Ears Hats

Mickey Ears are the quintessential Disney World souvenir. These iconic Disney relics date back to the Mickey Mouse Club television show, which had its first broadcast in 1955.

To this day, the popularity of these hats remains, and they are still the staple, must-have Disney World souvenir. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents sport their Mickey Ears around Disney parks.

If the traditional black hat with an embroidered patch isn’t your cup of tea, Disney offers a variety of other designs, colors, and themes to suit your tastes. Consider having your Mickey Ears monogrammed at Mouse Gear (Epcot), Five and Dime (Hollywood Studios), or The Chapeau on Main Street USA (Magic Kingdom).

These souvenirs can adorn your bedroom dresser, office desk, and anywhere else you wish to showcase them. Plus, Mickey Ears can be reused on your next magical trip to Walt Disney World.

If you want to arrive at Walt Disney World in style, consider purchasing your Mickey Ears before your departure. Amazon sells a variety of Minnie and Mickey Mouse Ears headbands, as well as the classic black Mickey Ears hat with elastic chin strap and embroidered patch. Sizes for both kids and adults are available.

2. Autograph Books

Disney-themed autograph books are another must-have Disney World souvenir.

One of the magical things about being at Walt Disney World – especially for kids – is the ability to meet and interact with your favorite Disney characters. It’s a truly magical sight to see a child’s face light up as they are greeted by Disney personalities!  Whether it’s Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, or Mickey Mouse, the experience of getting autographs personally signed by famous Disney characters is always a memorable one.

Disney autograph books help to preserve those moments – and thus – are a top Disney World souvenir.

While autographs are free, Disney autograph books are not. You may find it more convenient and cost-effective to purchase a Walt Disney World-themed autograph book ahead of your trip. Here is the most popular Disney World autograph book on Amazon.

3. T-Shirts

T-shirts are often among the most commonly purchased Disney World souvenirs. There is no better way to say, “I love Disney World” than by wearing a Disney theme across your chest.

If you want to explore the ultimate Disney souvenir shop, head over to the World of Disney at Disney Springs. With over 50,000 square feet of Disney merchandise, the World of Disney is the world’s largest retail location of Disney items and offers a wide variety of t-shirts and other clothing.

While you are at Disney Springs, stop by Design-a-Tee to customize a Disney t-shirt. So much fun!

Don’t forget to also check out the selection of resort-specific t-shirts during your vacation. Each Disney World Resort offers clothing with its own logos and designs.

But why wait until your trip? Save a few bucks and purchase official Disney-licensed clothing before your vacation.  Check out Amazon’s selection of fun and affordable Disney t-shirts.

4. Memory Maker
disney world souvenirs

A visit to Walt Disney World creates lasting memories. But memories can be more vivid with photographs to remind you of those magical moments.

While you will most likely have a camera or cell phone to snap some photos during in-park days, you should also consider purchasing the Memory Maker service.

For a $210 fee (or $185 if you purchase before you arrive), Memory Maker will provide you with some of the best souvenirs from your Disney World vacation. The service allows you access to all photos taken by PhotoPass photographers, including shots of your family on rides, with characters, in front of picturesque Disney World locations, and even some video footage.

Purchase a Disney-themed photo album or scrapbook (here) to create a souvenir album of your Memory Maker photographs.

5. Pins and Lanyards

If this is your first visit to Walt Disney World, you may be surprised to discover the culture surrounding trading pins and lanyards.

To participate in this “sport,” start by purchasing a few pins, put them on a lanyard, and then walk around the park exchanging these collectibles with fellow Disney guests and cast members. Kids especially love to trade these unique Disney souvenirs.  It’s a great way to keep children engaged and excited during their long days at the park.

Without a doubt, most pins purchased on Disney World properties are of high quality. However, with that higher quality comes higher costs.

Basic pins will run you around $8 while special event pins average around $17. If you or your children want to trade pins and lanyards, consider purchasing cheaper versions of these souvenirs online before your vacation.

6. Disney World Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular and endearing Disney World souvenirs.

Holiday magic is extra magical when Disney-themed ornaments and decorations light up your house during the holiday season. There are Disney ornaments of your favorite characters, with Mickey Ears, musical Disney themes, and the list goes on.

Guests can purchase Disney World holiday souvenirs all year long at Disney’s Days of Christmas Shop (Disney Springs) and Ye Old Christmas Shoppe (Magic Kingdom), as well as at most souvenir shops during November and December. For a few more dollars, have your Disney ornaments personalized with names, dates, or other special messages.

If you just can’t wait until your next Disney World vacation – or if you want to save a few bucks – Amazon has is a nice selection of affordable Disney holiday ornaments for your consideration.

7. Pressed Pennies

Pressed Pennies are a popular and inexpensive Disney World souvenir.  You will find pressed penny souvenir stations throughout the resort (visit for locations).

It works by simply adding two quarters – plus a penny – to the pressed penny machine. The machine then flattens, elongates, and imprints a Disney-themed design onto your penny.  For pressed quarters, simply add four quarters – plus another quarter for pressing. Be sure to bring clean and shiny coins with you!

Stopping at each location to collect pressed pennies – while trekking around Disney World – can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. These pressed coins are also great Disney World souvenirs to display. Consider showcasing your different Disney designs in a Disney souvenir coin album.

8. Epcot Passport Kit

The Epcot World Showcase Passport Kit is one of the best Epcot souvenirs for kids.

With the purchase of a kit, you receive a Mickey Mouse button, a blank passport, and stamps for each of the eleven World Showcase countries. Keep documents of your travel with stamps from each country, jot down notes of all your observations and adventures, and receive departure validation when leaving a country.

Since Epcot World Showcase isn’t all that exciting to most children, this kit keeps youngsters more engaged as you travel from one country to the next. It’s also fun and enriching for adults!

9. Haunted Portraits
best souvenirs at disney world

If you are searching for ghoulishly fun souvenirs, head over to the Memento Mori gift shop inside Magic Kingdom. For a $19.95 fee, you can have a haunted portrait created from your own likeness. The portrait may not be flattering, but it’s certainly a unique Disney World souvenir!

It should be noted that haunted portraits allow only one person per photograph, and the fee is not part of the Memory Maker or PhotoPass service. Memento Mori is located near Haunted Mansion (naturally) and offers a fun collection of haunted Disney souvenirs.

10. Souvenir Mugs and Drinkware

Coffee mugs and other drinkware have long been a souvenir standard. Many Disney attractions offer their own versions of these mementos, including The Orange Bird sipper cup at Sunshine Tree Terrace (Magic Kingdom), the Country Bears Jug at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resorts refillable mugs (at onsite resorts), the Lighthouse souvenir cup at The Boathouse restaurant (Disney Springs), and LeFou’s Brew Stein at Gaston’s Tavern (Magic Kingdom).

If you want personalized glassware, head to Arribas (Disney Springs), where you can have your name engraved into a Disney-themed souvenir glass mug.

For cost savings and added convenience, purchase your Disney souvenir drinkware online. Amazon has a great selection of mugs, cups, and glassware with fun Disney themes.

11. Pick-A-Pearl
disney world souvenirs

As Coco Chanel once said, “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” If you like pearls – or you’re just curious how pearls are formed in nature – head over to one of the four Pick-A-Pearl stations inside Disney parks.

For a $17 fee, you first choose an oyster from the tank, then a cast member cuts open the oyster to reveal your pearl (or maybe two!), and lastly, your pearl is measured, bagged, and given to you to take home. Make your souvenir pearl extra magical by having it set into custom jewelry while you’re there.

The main Pick-A-Pearl locations are inside Mitsukoshi (Japan Pavilion at Epcot), at a kiosk near the Stormalong Bay pool (Beach Club Resort), at Disney Springs (near Once Upon a Toy store), and inside Blizzard Beach. For the most authentic and exciting location, we recommend heading to Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion, where enthusiastic cast members bang on drums as your souvenir pearl is revealed. It’s a lot of fun to watch!

12. Monorail Playset

For most vacationers, a ride on the monorail is an experience that is thoroughly enjoyable and uniquely Disney. Kids are particularly mesmerized by this magical traveling experience. So, what better way to commemorate your child’s first monorail ride than with a fun and interactive monorail playset?

The genuine Disney Parks Monorail Playset is a truly wonderful Disney souvenir. This particular model comes with the monorail, tracks, and eight iconic Disney characters, but you can also add other components (like Cinderella’s Castle and The Contemporary) to recreate an authentically magical Disney scene inside your home.

You can find this playset at Disney resort gift shops (such as at the Contemporary and Polynesian) and at “The World of Disney” or “Once Upon a Toy” at Disney Springs.

Due to its size, traveling back home with this playset may be cumbersome. Consider purchasing your Walt Disney World Monorail Playset online and have it shipped directly to your house.

Also, see our Best Disney Lego Sets page for some amazing LEGO gift ideas.

13. Toys and Games

Toys and games are fabulous Disney World souvenirs. Disney-themed games – like Disney Monopoly board games, Disney Princess games, and Disney trivia games – are fun to play at the hotel or at home once your Walt Disney World vacation has ended. Toys – like stuffed animals of Disney characters – are lovable souvenirs, and babies just adore Disney plush toys. Be sure to keep them safe and secure in toy bin organizers.

Toys and games are great Disney souvenirs because they help to keep the magic of Walt Disney World alive when you get home.  They also make great gifts!

Amazon has a great selection of Disney-related toys and games, so check these items online before pulling out your wallet at Walt Disney World.

14. Mr. Potato Head Parts
best disney souvenirs

For a truly unique Disney souvenir, check out Once Upon a Toy (Disney Springs) to build your own Mr. Potato Head. Here you will find shelves filled with an assortment of exclusive Disney Park accessories to attach to a Mr. Potato Head toy.

Let your imagination run wild and create your own unique version of this iconic toy by adding hats, mustaches, mouths, glasses, feet, Mickey Mouse hands, and more.  Adults enjoy building a Mr. Potato Head almost as much as their kids!

Whether you end up purchasing any Mr. Potato Head-related items or not, the store allows anyone to build a Mr. Potato Head, free of charge.

For a flat fee of $19.95, fill a box full of Mr. Potato Head parts to take home with you. And for around $50, you get to fill a huge container – shaped like Mr. Potato Head, of course – with as many accessories as you can fit inside.

15. Silhouettes
best disney world souvenirs

Disney World silhouettes are a unique way to capture the moment and commemorate your Disney vacation. It only takes 60 seconds for a silhouette artist to draw a portrait, but these Disney souvenirs can last a lifetime. Share the spotlight and have a silhouette drawn of you and your family together in the same picture.

You can find silhouette artists at Epcot World Showcase (near France), Disney Springs, and Magic Kingdom (Main Street and Liberty Square). Single portraits are an affordable $12, doubles are $20, triples are $24, and groups/families of four pay $27.

Each purchase of a silhouette portrait comes with three copies. Frame your silhouette and display it inside your home, or give a copy to friends and family as a personalized Disney World souvenir.

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