Disney Private VIP Tour Sharing

Don’t have 10 People? Here is a way to Partner with other Guests to Share the Cost of Disney World’s Private VIP Tours!
Disney VIP tour sharing

The cost of Disney World’s Private VIP Tours makes them out-of-reach for most people. But have you ever considered partnering with other couples or families to share the expenses of these amazing experiences? After all, Disney allows up to 10 guests per tour and nothing says you can’t form your own group – with other interested Guests whom you don’t personally know – to share the costs equally. A strategy of sharing Private VIP tours would allow you to participate these unique multi-park experiences while also making them much more cost-accessible to the average family on a budget.

With that said, let’s first discuss the benefits of Disney VIP Tours and why they are considered the crème de la crème of Disney World experiences. Then we will examine how you can participate in The Vacationeer’s unique Private VIP Tour Sharing Program (https://thevacationeer.com/share-private-vip-tours) to lower the cost.

What are Disney World’s Private VIP Tours?

Disney World Private VIP Tours

As part of the VIP Tour Services program, Disney offers Private VIP Tours as a way to fully maximize your Disney World experience. Think of them as the ultimate Disney choose-your-own-adventure: you customize your own multi-park itinerary and then embark on your personalized dream adventure with practically no wait times at all.  You will receive an array of special perks including expedited door-to-door transportation to the parks, expedited entry onto most attractions of your choosing, and a knowledgeable Disney tour guide to accompany you at every step.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Pre-arrival planning and customization
  • Explore the theme parks with your own personal Disney VIP Tour Guide
  • Expedited access onto your desired attractions via FastPass+ for everyone in the group
  • Ability to visit multiple theme parks per day
  • VIP treatment including private vehicle transportation to and from your hotel
  • Special reserved viewing areas for parades, select stage shows, and nighttime spectaculars
  • Flexible start and end times (7-hour minimum)

Disney’s Private VIP Tours – Cost, Reservations, Services

Share VIP Tours

Pricing of Disney VIP Tours

Disney VIP Tour Services offers a few tours on a per hour/ per person basis . These include The Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour, Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour, Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tours).  Private VIP Tours, on the other hand, work a little differently.

Here are some details of Private VIP Tours:

  • Depending on the season, tours cost is between $425 and $750 per hour, per group (not per person)
  • Valid admission is required for each theme park (not included as part of tour cost)
  • A minimum of 7 continuous hours is required per day
  • A maximum allowance of 10 guests per Private VIP Tour
  • VIP Tour Services allows you to book up to 180 in advance (recommended)

While Disney’s Private VIP Tours are the ultimate way to spoil yourself at Disney World, they are also an easy way to spend cash.

Sharing VIP Tours Equals Saving Money

As we mentioned, Disney allows your group to include up to 10 guests. This is an important detail because the 10 guest allowance opens up a lot of possibilities. By sharing Disney VIP Tours with other interested couples and families, you could effectively reduce a $3000 or $5250 overall expense down to as low as $300-$525 per person.

Sounding good! But how do you go about forming a 10 person group?

Neither Disney nor any other Disney travel agencies currently offer such a guest-matching program. However, our recommended Disney travel agency The Vacationeer has just launched a new pilot program (called the Disney Private VIP Tour Sharing Program) which aims to match guests to lower the cost.

Let’s take a look a The Vacationeer’s new Disney Private VIP Tour Sharing Program.

The Vacationeer’s new Private VIP Tour Sharing Program

Disney VIP Tours

Our preferred Disney travel agency – The Vacationeer – has just launched a new pilot program called the “Disney Private VIP Tour Sharing Program.”  The idea behind this unique program is the follow:

✔️ Lots of people want to experience a Private VIP Tour, but the high cost prevents them from actually booking one

✔️ Since Disney allows up to 10 people per tour, why not partner with other interested parties to reduce the cost?

✔️ There are currently no other matching services for Disney VIP Tours, so The Vacationeer decided to fill the void with this service

✔️ Fill out the contact form on The Vacationeer’s website to start the matching process

✔️ Once a match is made for the date(s) you select, The Vacationeer will work with all parties to craft an itinerary that works for everyone

✔️ The Vacationeer will handle all of the leg-work including making arrangement and booking with Disney

✔️ As part of booking through The Vacationeer, there are absolutely no fees for this service

✔️Depending on how many people join a tour, the cost will be adjusted downward accordingly and equally based on the number of Guests up to 10

How much money will the Disney VIP Tour Sharing Program save you?

Here is a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the cost-savings of this program. Let’s say that 7 people join a Private VIP Tour sponsored by The Vacationeer for March 10th. And let’s say Disney’s fee is $525 per hour for this particular date. Based on this scenario, then how much would a Private VIP Tour cost each person?

You would divide $525 by 7 people to arrive at $75 per person, per hour. Then – since a tour must be at least 7 continuous hours – you would multiple $75 by 7 hours and arrive at $525 per person as a total cost. This should give you an idea of how much you could potentially save by joining The Vacationeer’s Private VIP Tour Sharing Program.

Ready to get started? If so, then head over to TheVacationeer.com and fill out the Disney Private VIP Tour Sharing Interest Form.  Add your travel date(s) and a Vacationeer Disney travel agent will be in touch!

We hope our Disney VIP Tours Sharing page has been helpful and encourage you contact The Vacationeer.  They will explain how you can participate in their unique sharing program and, ultimately, save money.

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Thank you for reading our page, and we hope you have a magical Walt Disney World vacation!

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