Editorial Policy

At MagicGuides, we are committed to providing our users with accurate, unbiased, and valuable information to assist them in planning their travel experiences.

As an independent travel planning website, we maintain strict editorial standards to ensure the integrity and reliability of the content we provide.

By adhering to these editorial policies, we aim to maintain the trust of our users and provide them with valuable, unbiased, and reliable travel-related information.

Editorial Independence

This site is not, in any way, affiliated with Disney, Universal, Atlantis, Beaches, Sandals, or any other theme parks, cruise lines, or resort hotels – including subsidiaries and parent companies – hereinafter referred to as the “Travel Providers”. As such, our editorial team retains full independence in creating and curating content, free from any external influence or bias by Travel Providers.

MagicGuides writers and contributors do not typically receive free admission, room nights, food, or other free items from Travel Providers. In the unlikely event that we do receive these, it will be prominently disclosed in any resulting coverage.

While MagicGuides may receive information and coverage requests from Travel Providers, we maintain final editorial control as to our content.

MagicGuides does not publish content from writers or contributors who are active employees of Travel Providers at the time the content is produced. Some writers and contributors may be former employees of Travel Providers; this will always be disclosed in the contributor’s biographical information displayed on the site.

Accuracy and Objectivity

We strive to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of the information we present. Our writers, contributors, and editors conduct thorough research, fact-checking, and cross-referencing of sources to provide reliable and up-to-date content. It is our policy to correct material omissions and errors of fact in a timely manner once we discover or are notified of the issue.

We make every effort to verify the accuracy of details such as prices, schedules, availability, and destination information. However, it is essential to note that travel-related details may change frequently, and users should always double-check information with the respective Travel Providers or a trusted Travel Agent before making any travel arrangements.

Unbiased Recommendations

We do not favor any specific Travel Provider. Our recommendations are based on editorial judgment, user reviews, expert opinions, and our team’s personal experiences. We strive to present a balanced view, showcasing a variety of options and alternatives to cater to different travel preferences and budgets.


We believe in being transparent with our users. When appropriate, we disclose any relevant affiliations, partnerships, advertising/sponsorship relationships that may exist. Such partnerships, if any, do not influence our editorial decision-making process.

We occasionally recommend consumer products for travelers. MagicGuides is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases, but any product recommendations are made solely on merit.

User-Centric Approach

Our primary focus is on the needs and interests of our users. We aim to address a wide range of travel-related topics, including destination guides, travel tips, pricing/budgeting information, itineraries, recommendations, and reviews. Our content is tailored to provide valuable insights and assistance to travelers, helping them make informed decisions.

We are committed to continuously improving our content and user experience. We actively seek feedback from our users and appreciate their input in identifying any errors, omissions, or areas for improvement.