When the Disney Dream Cruise Ship began sailing in 2011, it became the third ship in the fleet and the first of what would be known as Disney’s “Dream class” ships. Let’s take a deep dive into all the guest rooms, dining, activities and entertainment onboard this amazing floating resort.

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Disney Dream Ship Overview

An elegant light fixture forms the centerpiece of the three-deck Disney Dream atrium lobby

Image © Disney

The arrival of the Disney Dream in 2011 marked the first expansion of Disney Cruise Line’s fleet since its initial two ships in the late 1990s. It had been about 12 years since the launch of the Disney Wonder, and the Dream’s launch was highly anticipated — not just because of pent-up demand but also because Disney had an additional decade of experience and technological advances under its belt. Still no casinos onboard, but lots of new innovations such as a sort of water coaster called the AquaDuck, interactive artwork that springs to life as you pass by, and much more.

As you step onto the ship, your arrival is announced over the atrium loudspeakers as if you were arriving at a state dinner — the crew and your fellow passengers applaud to welcome you aboard, and your vacation has officially begun!

Inside the grand atrium of the ship which towers three decks in height, you might stop to gawk at the impressive overhead light fixture (22 feet in diameter and 13 feet tall, bedazzled with more than 88,000 Swarovski crystals and 24-carat gold plating).

A large crystal covered light fixture

There are plenty of photo spots here, from the grand staircase to the selfie-worthy statue of Admiral Donald [Duck]. Glass elevators zip up and down, ferrying passengers between 14 passenger decks, each waiting to be explored. Where will you head first?

How Does Disney Dream Compare to Other Disney Cruise Ships?

The Disney Dream is a sister ship to the Disney Fantasy, meaning the two are relatively equal in terms of construction (although similar areas on each ship are usually themed differently from one another). The Dream is significantly larger than the two original ships (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) but is slightly smaller than the Disney Wish.

Maiden Voyage19981999201120122022
Passenger Decks1111141414
Length (feet)9849841,1151,1151,119
Width (feet)106106121121128
Height (feet)171.5171.5216216221
Gross Tonnage84,00084,000130,000130,000144,000
Cruising Speed (knots)21.521.5222219.5
Max Speed (knots)242423.523.523

Based on the expected design of the remaining Disney Cruise ships currently being built, the Disney Dream should settle in as one of the “mid-sized” ships in the Disney Cruise fleet — larger than the classic ships, but well below the gigantic ship that Disney is planning to launch in Singapore in 2025.

As to onboard experiences, the Disney Dream is one of only two ships in the fleet to offer the AquaDuck water coaster, the Remy adult-exclusive fine dining restaurant, and virtual portholes (with live camera views of the outside) for its inside staterooms.

How Does the Dream’s Size Affect the Onboard Experience?

There are pros and cons to both types of ships — larger and smaller — but it really depends on your personal preference.

The smaller ships such as the Magic and Wonder are certainly easier to navigate on foot – you’re just a short walk away from virtually anything onboard. My wife and I tend to prefer the smaller ships for this very reason — but the difference is certainly not significant enough to be a dealbreaker. As a matter of fact, Katie and I have sailed onboard the Disney Dream more than any other Disney Cruise Ship despite generally preferring the smaller ones.

We at MagicGuides also tend to recommend smaller ships for first-time cruisers as they might feel a bit cozier when you’re trying to get your feel of the world of cruising — but again, it’s not a major consideration. My first Disney Cruise (and my first cruise ever, for that matter) was on the Disney Dream; I never felt overwhelmed during my maiden voyage and you likely won’t either.

Larger ships such as the Dream might not be able to dock in smaller ports; this is usually not a concern thanks to savvy itinerary planning on Disney’s part, but some ports are so small that almost every cruise ship has to rely on tenders (smaller boats to ferry you between the ship and shore).

A bigger ship means more passengers, so you’ll find that all of the onboard venues are larger, too. Expect larger restaurants, larger theaters, and larger pools. Fortunately, the additional passengers are well absorbed by these so it rarely feels crowded. And thanks to clever design such as the use of forced perspective, there are still plenty of cozy spots onboard so you never really feel like you’re in a giant cavernous gymnasium.

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Disney Dream Staterooms

A bed, couch, and desk, in front of a sliding glass door leading to a verandah balcony

Image © Disney

One of the biggest decisions to make for your cruise is your own private room onboard the ship. Your stateroom (passenger cabin) serves as your hotel room at sea.

The Disney Dream has 1,250 staterooms, most of which offer an outside view via either a porthole window or a verandah balcony. There are four primary types of staterooms on the ship; each of those four types is further divided into multiple categories and subcategories. Your choice of stateroom is one of the biggest factors in the how much a Disney Cruise costs, because the per-person cost can increase depending on the stateroom category.

Here is a consolidated list of the room types offered onboard. They’re listed here generally from least expensive to most expensive, though there may be some price overlap. For a more in-depth look at each of these room types, see the descriptions and photos posted in our Disney Cruise Staterooms article.

Inside Staterooms on Disney Dream

An inside stateroom on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Image © Disney

Inside Staterooms are the smallest Guest rooms on the ship, but are still larger than those found on some other cruise lines. And thanks to some smart design, there’s still plenty of room for everyone and their luggage.

These staterooms have no porthole window and no balcony, but on this ship they do have so-called “magical portholes.” These are circular video screens which offer live video views of the outside, along with occasional character sightings.

Inside staterooms are offered in standard and deluxe versions, with standard being the smaller of the two. The standard version is also the only regular stateroom category on the ship which does not feature a split bathroom configuration; a split bathroom has a toilet/sink in a separate room from the shower/sink, allowing two people to get ready at the same time.

  • Category 11 — Standard Inside Stateroom
    • 11C:  Deck 2
    • 11B:  Decks 5, 6, 7
    • 11A:  Decks 8, 9, 10
  • Category 10 — Deluxe Inside Stateroom
    • 10A:  Decks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Oceanview Staterooms on Disney Dream

An oceanview stateroom with bed and couch on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Image © Disney

Oceanview staterooms offer an outside view through a porthole window which does not open.

There are two major choices within this category: a Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom which is similar in layout to many other staterooms on the ship, and a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom which is larger (holding more people) and offers many additional features geared toward larger families.

  • Category 9 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom
    • 9D (obstructed porthole with limited ocean view):  Decks 6, 7, 8
    • 9C (obstructed porthole):  Decks 7, 8
    • 9B:  Deck 2
    • 9A:  Decks 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Category 8 — Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom
    • 8C: Decks 5, 6
    • 8B: Decks 7, 8, 9
    • 8A: Decks 5, 6
A large porthole window with padded seating

A giant porthole with padded cushion, found in some Family Staterooms | Image © Disney

Verandah Staterooms on Disney Dream

Deck chairs and a small table on a Disney Cruise Ship verandah

A typical stateroom verandah layout | Image © Disney

Verandah staterooms offer a private outside balcony which can be accessed through sliding glass doors. Most verandahs have see-through railings (with clear plexiglass for safety), but a few categories have solid metal partitions or are otherwise somewhat obstructed.

  • Category 7 — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 7A:  Decks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Category 6  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Whitewall Verandah (Limited Views)
    • 6B: Decks 5, 6, 7
    • 6A:  Decks 8, 9
  • Category 5  — Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 5C:  Decks 6
    • 5B:  Decks 7, 8
    • 5A:  Decks 9, 10
  • Category 4 — Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 4E (oversized verandah, some with whitewall):  Deck 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    • 4C:  Deck 6
    • 4B: Decks 7, 8
    • 4A:  Decks 9, 10
Deck chairs on an enclosed verandah

Category 7A Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah | Image © Disney

Concierge Staterooms on Disney Dream

A lush bed and inviting verandah

Concierge Family Stateroom | Image © Disney

Concierge staterooms offer additional personalized services, concierge staff, and access to an exclusive Concierge Lounge and sun deck.

  • Category 3 — Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah
    • 3A:  Decks 11, 12
  • Category 2 — Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
    • 2B:  Decks 11, 12
    • 2A:  Deck 12
  • Category 1A — Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah
    • 1A:  Deck 12

A plush bed and sofa with a verandah balcony

Concierge One-Bedroom Suite | Image © Disney

An expansive suite living room and dining room with wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows

Concierge Royal Suite | Image © Disney

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Disney Dream Dining and Lounges

Disney Cruise Food - Chilean Sea Bass served with a seared scallop and vibrantly-colored vegetables on a dark plate.

It’s generally well-known that food is a big part of the cruise experience, and the Disney Dream is no exception. With three sensational main dining restaurants, two elegant adult-only dining options, multiple lounges/nightclubs, and plenty of places to grab a quick meal or a snack on the go, you certainly won’t go hungry onboard this ship.

Rotational Dining Restaurants on Disney Dream

Like all Disney Cruise Ships, the Disney Dream offers rotational dining during the nightly dinner service. This Disney Cruise Line dining innovation pre-schedules you to visit a different restaurant on each night of the cruise. You’ll have the same servers each night, so they’ll get to know you and your food preferences.

Dinner at these three restaurants is included in the cost of your Disney Cruise.

Animator’s Palate

A themed dining room with columns shaped like giant paintbrushes

Animator’s Palate is the flagship dining experience on the first four Disney ships, including Disney Dream. Animator’s Palate offers a fan-favorite menu along with a taste of the magic of animation.

Menu items are inspired by Asian, Pacific, and Californian cuisine. Some examples of items you’ll find include black truffle pasta purseittes (a favorite of repeat DCL passengers), butternut squash soup, wild mushroom risotto, polenta cake with tomato and mushroom, lemon-thyme marinated chicken, beef tenderloin, and many more.

Your dinner also includes a tribute to animation – Undersea Magic features interactive digital animation of the Finding Nemo characters in a show that’s reminiscent of EPCOT’s Turtle Talk with Crush. It’s a fun digital twist on the usual concept of dining with Disney characters.

Enchanted Garden

The use of “enchanted” in this restaurant’s name is no mistake: the atmosphere of this French countryside conservatory magically changes from daytime to sunset to nighttime during the course of your dinner, while light fixtures transform and flowers “bloom.”

A fountain with Mickey Mouse atop serves as the centerpiece of a conservatory-themed dining room

Image © Disney

Enchanted Garden offers farm-fresh continental cuisine; menu options may include lobster ravioli, an Ahi tuna and avocado tower, curried carrot & apple soup, sea bass, marjoram-scented chicken, and pork tenderloin. Round out the meal with a tempting dessert of steamed lemon buttermilk pudding, banana sundaes, chocolate tortes, and almond meringue cake.

Outside of dinner service, Enchanted Garden is also an alternate option (versus the primary onboard buffet Cabanas) for breakfast and lunch on most days. You’ll find a less ambitious menu during those meal periods: the usual sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast; salads, soups, burgers, grilled items, and pizza at lunch.

Royal Palace

Dining tables in an elegant dining room, with a royal tile mosaic on the floor

Image © Disney

You’re invited to a royal banquet at this elegant restaurant inspired by the ballroom scene in Disney’s Cinderella and other animated classics: beautiful marble floors with a royal design, tiara-topped porthole windows, and hand-painted portraits of Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White.

Your four-course royal feast includes options such as pomegranate-glazed duck breast, jumbo shrimp, spinach soufflé, avocado citrus salad, French onion soup, angus grilled beef tenderloin, roasted wild boar, lobster medallions, and Dijon-crusted rack of lamb. For dessert, indulge in the famed crème brûlée or enjoy a peanut butter mousse.

Adult-Exclusive Dining on the Disney Dream

Disney cruises are certainly family-friendly, but adults don’t need to worry that there’s nothing for them onboard. One of the great things on the Disney Dream that’s available exclusively to adults is a pair of elegant adult-exclusive restaurants. So send the kids off to the youth clubs, put on some nice duds, and enjoy a lovely kid-free date night at Palo or Remy!


Reserve a table at Palo for a delightful meal featuring memorable Italian cuisine. The stunning venue includes giant windows overlooking the ocean, providing a perfect backdrop for your meal.

Dinner menu items include seared sea scallops, tableside-fileted dover sole, butternut agnolotti, tiramisu, and a signature chocolate soufflé that’s considered one of the most popular items across the entire Disney Cruise fleet. On sea days, a tremendously-popular brunch service is typically offered.

Dining here requires an upcharge and space is usually in high demand; book as early as your onboard booking window allows.


The elegant dining room of Remy on the Disney Dream/Fantasy cruise ships

Image © Disney

The finest onboard dining experience is at Remy. Named after the diminutive chef in Ratatouille, this restaurant transports you to the heart of Paris for a gastronomic experience like no other. You might be seated in the main room, or perhaps in the 900-bottle wine room. Or opt for ultimate luxury: the private Gusteau room (complete with a custom multi-course menu).

Dinner begins with a signature champagne cocktail prepared at your table. Then, it’s a gourmet culinary adventure designed in part by Chef Scott Hunnel (of Disney World’s Victoria & Albert’s) and Chef Arnaud Lallement (recipient of three Michelin stars and voted by other Michelin-starred chefs as one of the 10 best chefs in the entire world). A gourmet cheese trolley and selections such as duck, elk, Kobe beef, langoustine, and sablefish are hallmarks of the menu.

On certain cruises, there’s also a highly-demanded champagne brunch as well as a 5-course dessert experience.

Dining here requires an upcharge. You’ll want to book as early as possible to have the best chance of securing a spot.

Casual Dining on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Tables in a tropical themed dining room, with columns shaped like palm trees and a giant oceanview window in the background

Cabanas | Image © Disney

Breakfast and lunch are casual meal periods onboard the Disney Dream. So come as you are (just cover up any swimsuits) and grab a bite at Cabanas.


This restaurant offers a mix of American, Asian, and European favorites in an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast and lunch buffet served from nearly a dozen food stations.

Breakfast is exactly what you’d expect from an American perspective – custom-made omelets, bacon & sausage, Mickey Waffles, hash browns, and the like. There are also some international offerings such as rice and miso soup. For me, this is always a great chance to expand my culinary horizons with things I can’t normally get at home. My usual morning fare on the ship includes a giant healthy bowl of fresh muesli with dried fruits and nuts — admittedly usually with a few Mickey Waffles and bacon on the side (it’s all about the balance, you know).

Lunch at Cabanas is a constantly-changing mix of jumbo iced shrimp & crab claws, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, freshly-grilled meats, veggies, and much more.

Cabanas also offers an alternative dinner service most nights. It’s not buffet style at night; a server will present you with a menu and bring your food to you, and it’s usually a rather quiet meal. My spouse and I will sometimes plan to have dinner here on formal night if we don’t feel like packing dress clothes for the cruise.

Lounges, Bars, and Snacks on the Disney Dream

There’s always a place to grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink onboard. Whether you’re looking for a nibble, just want a soda, or are seeking something with a bit of alcohol, you’ll easily find it onboard. Here are just a few highlights:

Beverage Station

There’s no need to purchase a separate drink package on a Disney Cruise, as most non-alcoholic drinks are included at no additional cost (a rarity in the cruise industry). This self-service beverage station located near the pool offers unlimited refills of sodas, teas, coffees, and other non-specialty beverages.

Cove Café

An adults-only retreat that focuses on specialty coffees and teas during the day, with cocktails in the evening.


A compelling open-air bar on Deck 13 offering expansive views and delightful cocktails. Adults only.

D Lounge

This family-friendly venue hosts interactive events for all ages. Karaoke, trivia, game shows, and even dance parties can be found here on a daily basis.

A large lounge area with a stage, and the word

District Lounge

A relaxed piano bar offering cocktails and nightly entertainment. Non-alcohol options are also available for those who want to enjoy the live music in a “drier” way.


Evolution lives up to its name. During the day, it welcomes cruisers of all ages for games, activities, and dance classes. At night, it evolves into a vibrant adults-only nightclub with a lively bar scene.

DCL Evolution Night Club

Evolution | Image © Disney

Eye Scream Treats and Frozone Treats

Cool down with all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream cones (included in the cost of your cruise!), or spend a bit extra to enjoy a specialty smoothie.

Flo’s Cafe: Fillmore’s Favorites, Luigi’s Pizza, and Tow Mater’s Grill

For a quick grab-and-go snack poolside, check out these quick service windows. You’ll find pizza, chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.

Meridian Lounge

Supplement your elegant meal at Remy or Palo by having cocktails at this upscale travel-themed lounge conveniently located directly between those two fine dining establishments. Cigars are also offered for purchase.


A serene lounge on Deck 14 in the forward funnel (red smokestack). This spot is often overlooked due to its secluded location, so it’s a quiet retreat with compelling views (and a great wedding venue, too!).

An secluded lounge with deeply rich colors



This Champagne and Wine bar pays tribute to all things bubbly, featuring a private-label Tattinger champagne created and bottled exclusively for this spot. Tip: look closely enough at the bubbles along the wall and you can spot pink elephants here even without having a drink!

Disney Cruise - Pink Champagne Bar with bubble décor implying the inside of a champagne bottle

Pink Wine & Champagne Bar (Disney Dream)

Pub 687

This contemporary sports bar offers live matches via satellite (when available) and comfortable lush seating. Open to everyone during the day, and adults only at night. The pub’s name is a nod to the ship’s hull number at the shipyard where it was created.

Senses Juice Bar

Enjoy a healthy quaff at this retreat near Senses Spa and Salon. Fresh fruit and vegetables give their all for these nutritious protein- and vitamin-packed beverages.


This adults-only bar provides scenic views of iconic city skylines around the world. Thanks to a little Disney magic, the view out the “window” changes to a different city every fifteen minutes.

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats

Purchase hand-scooped gelato, baked goods, and candy in this shop inspired by Wreck-It Ralph. Fees apply.

Room Service on Disney Dream

Almost all of the Disney Dream’s Room Service menu is offered at no additional charge – you’ll only have to pay for a few specialty items and to tip the crew member who delivers the food to your room.

The standard room service menu typically includes soups & salads, chicken tenders, burgers & dogs, sandwiches & wraps, and hot wings.  You’ll also typically find a few flatbreads or pizzas and perhaps some pasta. Dessert — usually cookies, cake, or pie — is also offered.

A favorite among repeat cruisers is the All Hands on Deck, a plate of assorted cheese, fruit, and crackers. Kids (both actual and adult) will be pleased to know you can also request a Mickey’s Premium ice cream bar – the same kind found in the theme parks.

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you can add on specialty items such as beer, wine, canned soft drinks, deluxe coffees, juices, and pre-packaged snacks such as candies.

Best Bets for Each Meal on Disney Dream

Below we list each of the main meal periods onboard the ship, and your best options for each.


  • Primary option: Cabanas is the number one breakfast spot onboard thanks to its long hours, expansive options, and all-you-care-to-eat service style. Mornings can be rather hectic here, but there’s rarely difficulty in finding a seat.
  • Secondary option: One of the three rotational restaurants (typically Enchanted Garden) usually offers a table-service breakfast, complete with a server who will bring your food and keep your drinks refilled. The menu is a bit more limited than at Cabanas, but it’s usually a much quieter option to start your day.
  • Other options: Room service is available, but there are two things to know. First, you’ll need to order in advance via a menu card that you hang on your doorknob the night before. Second, know that the breakfast menu is extremely limited. There’s no “hot breakfast” (no bacon, eggs, sausage, or oatmeal); instead, it’s a continental sort of menu with juices, coffees, pastries, and cold cereals. I personally find the room service breakfast to be too limited, though I’ll admit there’s a certain charm to coffee and a light pastry while enjoying the sunrise from my verandah.


  • Primary option: Like at breakfast, Cabanas is the best lunch option thanks to its wide selection. Iced jumbo shrimp and crab claws are a signature menu item most days and I usually eat my fill of them at least once during the cruise; you’ll also find freshly grilled meats, a wide variety of side items, some interesting international selections, and lots of tempting desserts.
  • Secondary option: Spending the afternoon by the pool? There’s no need to dry off and head inside when you get a rumbly in your tumbly. Drip dry and head over to the food service windows at Flo’s Café for burgers, dogs, sandwiches, and unlimited ice cream cones. These windows often offer extended hours, which makes them a good failsafe for folks who miss lunch hours at Cabanas or get hungry before their late dinner service.
  • Other options: Enchanted Garden typically serves lunch with open seating. Room Service is another good option, though there’s sometimes a lunch rush which can delay your food’s arrival a bit. The cloche-covered dishes sometimes mean that fried items such as wings might not arrive quite as crispy as you’d like.


  • Primary option: Your assigned rotational dining restaurant is the heart of Disney Cruise dining and shouldn’t be missed. Your dedicated service team follows you all voyage long and will likely become your favorite Crew Members onboard the ship (my wife and I made such a connection with our servers on a 2019 cruise that we still remember their names to this day!). Add in special themed menus and other thoughtful touches, and you’ll quickly see why this is a highlight of each day onboard.
  • Secondary option: As an alternative to your pre-scheduled rotational dining restaurant, you might opt to experience Cabanas in a totally new way. Dinner at Cabanas is an entirely different experience than the free-for-all buffet-style offerings that are the mainstay of breakfast and lunch. A host seats you at your table, and a server presents you a menu featuring some of the most popular selections onboard.
  • Other options: Many cruisers enjoy dedicating at least one night of their cruise to an adult-exclusive meal at Palo or Remy. Otherwise, you can always grab something from the quick-service windows on the pool deck, or order room service.

Off-Hours Eating and Snacking

  • Primary option: For cravings outside the main meal periods, your best bet is Flo’s Café on the pool deck. Their generous hours and snack-friendly offerings make them a great choice to tide you over between meals. Individual portions tend to be “snack sized” (perhaps 2 or 3 chicken tenders and a few fries), so you won’t spoil your dinner unless you want to by asking for a larger portion.
  • Secondary option: Room Service is available 24/7, up until about 1:30 AM on the last morning of your cruise. It’s the only option for overnight snacking. I’ll occasionally order a few warm cookies and some milk at bedtime, but you can also order 1:00 AM buffalo wings if your antacid game is strong.

Book Through The Vacationeer and Get Free Spending Money To Use Onboard

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Disney Dream Pools and Water Slides

Two riders on a raft are propelled by water through elevated tubes on the AquaDuck, a water ride on some Disney cruise ships

Image © Disney


The AquaDuck is the premier water attraction onboard the Disney Dream. This first-of-its kind (water coaster on a cruise ship) attraction takes its guests on a wild adventure high above the upper decks of the ship.

Guests board a raft and are propelled by jets of water through 765 feet of tubes and open-air slide segments; along the way, you’ll experience a 4-deck drop, a careening curve over the edge of the ship, and a journey through one of the iconic red smokestack funnels.

There’s no additional charge to ride the AquaDuck, but you will have to wait in line. There is no FastPass, Lightning Lane, or Genie+ onboard the ship. Lines tend to be longest on Sea Days and shorter when the ship is in port. Riding earlier or later can also help avoid crowds – just don’t forget to check the operating hours each day in the Navigator app.

To ride solo, Guests must be at least 54″ tall and at least 7 years of age. Children under the age of 7 who are at least 42″ tall and toilet-trained may ride with a companion who is at least 14 years of age.

Pools and Splash Pads

Donald’s Pool

This pool offers a shallow wading area with a deeper center. This is a perfect place to enjoy Disney movies on the giant 24′ x 14′ FunnelVision screen nearby. This pool is sometimes closed during special on-deck events, covered with a retractable floor to offer more deck space.

A rectangular pool in front of a stage and large video screen

Donald’s Pool | Image © Disney

Funnel Puddle

A shallow (approximately 1-foot deep) family friendly pool that’s far removed from the raucousness of the Donald’s and Mickey’s pools. This is the closest thing you’ll find onboard to a “quiet pool” that’s still open to all ages; but there’s still a small water fountain feature in the middle that kids love to splash in.

Mickey’s Pool & Slide

The shape alone clearly communicates this is designed for kids; The deeper zones of this still-shallow pool are shaped like the friendly face of everyone’s favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. Meanwhile, one of Mickey’s signature white gloves supports a bright yellow waterslide for kids aged 4 to 14 / height 38″ to 64″. May be closed during deck parties.

Mickey-shaped pool and bright yellow waterslide

Mickey’s Pool | Image © Disney

Nemo’s Reef

This toddler-friendly splash zone features PIXAR characters spraying water, a child-sized Mr. Ray waterslide, and more — all in a shaded, enclosed, and “accidental tumble”-friendly soft surfaced area. Ages 3 years or younger; swim diapers are required.

Water jets and Pixar characters in Nemo's Reef

Nemo’s Reef

Quiet Cove Pool

A serene oasis for those 18 and up to get away from the kids for some quiet time. There’s a three-circled pool of varying depths, lounge-style seating in the shallowest segment, a whirlpool spa, and of course plenty of adult beverages nearby.

Quiet Cove Pool and Bar

Quiet Cove Pool

Satellite Falls Pool

One of the most unique water spaces onboard, Satellite Falls is an adults-only wading pool that features a cascading (ok, rapidly dripping) waterfall directly underneath one of the giant satellite domes on the ship’s upper deck.

Satellite Falls pool underneath a large white dome

Satellite Falls | Image © Disney

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Disney Dream Kids Clubs and Teen Clubs

Children are trained by a Jedi master

Image © Disney

Much of Deck 5 on the Disney Dream is dedicated to spaces especially designed for younger passengers, and there are plenty of other youth-friendly spaces onboard. Here’s a preview.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is the primary kids activity onboard the ship. It’s the place where your kids will probably spend most of their time onboard. For some families, it’s not uncommon for the kids and adults to part ways at breakfast and regroup at dinner, with the Kids Club filling the gap between.

This secure facility is accessible only to kids aged 3-10 and trained youth activities staff — but there are pre-scheduled open houses to allow parents and kids to tour the location together. Inside there are tons of kid-friendly spaces and activities, and it’s all included in the cost of your Disney cruise! This amazing kids club is one of the reasons we consider Disney to be the best cruise line for children.

Andy’s Room

Kids are immersed in the world of Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story movies in this play area.

Disney Infinity Game Room

Enjoy interactive video games and activities in this high-tech space.

Disney’s Once Upon a Time

Disney characters come to life in this bookmaking and story time experience.

Jedi Training: Experience the Force

Learn the ways of the Force with this interactive training experience.

Pixie Hollow

This forest-themed area is the perfect place for storytelling, playing dress-up, and arts & crafts.

Puzzle Playtime with Mickey

Mickey and pals drop in for fun and games.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

The “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” is ready for adventure! Hop into the cockpit and zoom through the stars, the forests of Endor, and more.

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab

A partner facility to the Oceaneer Club, the Oceaneer Lab offers lots of hands-on activities and experiences for kids ages 3-10.

Red stools at animation tables

Image © Disney

Animator’s Studio

Learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters – or just entertain your own creative instincts.

Anyone Can Cook

Learn how to measure and mix ingredients and bake a batch of fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Craft Studio

A spot perfectly prepared to indulge creative urges with hands-on creations.

Get the Hook!

A 3-day search through multiple crime scenes to find Captain Hook’s… well, you know.

Media Room

Disney movies, video games, and occasional structured activities are the order of the day here.

Piston Cup Challenge

Bars of soap form the chassis of your custom-made race car in this fun, hands-on race.


Put on battle gear and join forces with The Avengers to take on super villains.

Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess

Meet a world-famous scientist with a penchant for unashamedly messy experiments.

The Wheelhouse

Home of Tides of Fortune, a multi-player Pirates of the Caribbean game that can only be found on a Disney Cruise. A major component is piloting your pirate ship through the Caribbean Sea via video simulation.


Tweens and young teens (ages 11 to 14) have a space all to themselves onboard the Disney Dream, and it’s in one of the coolest spots on the entire ship: inside the iconic red smokestack funnel on Deck 13! Edge is the perfect place to relax as tweens see fit — a huge video wall, a dance floor, karaoke machines, a game room, and photo booths. The furniture can even be moved around so Guests can make the space their own. A mix of planned activities and unstructured free time keeps things interesting.


Those aged 14 to 17 have a unique indoor/outdoor space made just for them, complete with a super secret entrance! Indoors, teens will find plenty of TVs, video games, and tablets, plus dance parties, karaoke sessions, and group activities. Or, they can head outside to a private sundeck at the bow of the ship to enjoy deck games, splash pools, and sunbathing.

The outdoor sundeck of Vibe, with small pools and game tables

Vibe outdoor sundeck

it’s a small world nursery!

Tiny cruisers are well cared for in it’s a small world nursery!, an onboard babysitting service for infants and toddlers aged three and younger.

Disney youth counselors watch over the tykes, playing with them, feeding them, and handling diaper duty.

Nominal fees apply, charged by the half-hour (with a one-hour minimum), and there are discounts for multiple children in the same family. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Note that there are no in-room babysitting services onboard.

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Disney Dream Entertainment and Activities

Image © Disney

Disney is an entertainment company at heart, so it’s no surprise that the shows and experiences onboard the Disney Dream are top notch.

Broadway-Style Shows in the Walt Disney Theatre

Each night of your cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a live show in the beautiful Walt Disney Theatre. This includes at least three Broadway-style shows during your cruise, along with other additions (such as family-friendly comedians, magicians, and hypnotists) on longer voyages.

Show times are opposite your dinner time onboard. So if you have early dining, you’ll see the late show — and vice versa.

Beauty and the Beast

This show brings a tale as old as time to the stage. Innovative puppetry and stunning special effects combine with skilled actors and memorable music to bring you an unforgettable evening.

Disney’s Believe

A true stage spectacular, featuring 300+ costumes, 200+ scenic elements, and a cast of characters assembled to help a daughter provide her hard-working father a bit of perspective on what’s truly important in life.

The Golden Mickeys

It’s awards night onboard the Disney Dream! Experience all the glitz and glamor of the red carpet as the crowd clamors to guess who will win the coveted titles of “Most Romantic” and “Most Heroic.” Meanwhile, there’s a problem… the emcee is missing! Fear not — these things usually have a way of solving themselves. This fan-favorite musical features songs from about a dozen different Disney films.

Mickey’s Color Spin Dance Party

This offering, presented on select cruises, features a 90s throwback themed dance party on deck. Start the show off with a group sing-along of Into the Unknown, then spin the color wheel to reveal a series of high-energy performances and easy-to-learn dances and group actions. Mickey, Minnie, and even Max are along for the party.

Pirate Night / Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party with Fireworks

Pirate night starts with the delivery of pirate bandanas to your stateroom – then the party moves to your scheduled dining location for the evening, where a special themed menu awaits. Then, head up to the pool deck for a raucous show with high-flying pirates including favorite Disney characters. Finally, the grand finale (and another Disney innovation) – fireworks at sea!

Note: not every itinerary offers a pirate night, and fireworks may be canceled due to weather.

Sailing Away Deck Party

The official start to your Disney Dream cruise — your vacation begins when the ship’s horn plays those familiar notes and confetti rains down from the upper decks. Captain Mickey and all his pals are there to join the fun to ensure your trip gets off to a great, high-energy start.

Disney Movies in the Buena Vista Theatre

First-run and classic favorite Disney, Marvel, PIXAR, and LucasFilm movies are shown throughout the day in the Buena Vista Theatre. No need for a ticket — it’s completely free so all you need to do is find a seat at showtime.

Sailing during the premiere of a highly-anticipated Disney film? It’ll be shown repeatedly in the Buena Vista Theatre, likely after a huge “PremEAR at Sea” showing in the Walt Disney Theatre.

Goofy Golf and Sports Deck

If you prefer your entertainment to be a bit more active, there’s plenty of great recreation to be had on Goofy’s Sports Deck, located on Deck 13 aft.

Enjoy a delightfully ludicrous mini-golf course with nine fun-filled, pun-filled holes. It’s completely free and no tee times are required. Just grab a putter and a goofball, er, golf ball — and perhaps a scorecard/pencil if you insist on keeping things official (I don’t bother, as I see no reason to put my lies in writing).

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do onboard the Disney Dream. I just love enjoying a game of mini-golf out on the open ocean, and the sight gags just add to it. Vewy sewious mini-golfers will appreciate that each hole offers two tee locations — one just for fun and one for a slightly more challenging experience.

A miniature golf course hole, complete with silly additions such as an octopus in a bucket of water

Elsewhere on the sports deck, you’ll find other, more mainstream pursuits, such as a basketball court and even a digital sports simulator (fees apply).

Down on deck 4, you’ll also find shuffleboard courts — a classic cruise activity.

Midship Detective Agency

Here’s a great way to explore the ship: sleuthing out a crime! Start your adventure at the agency kiosk on Deck 5 — pick up a badge and deck plan / casebook — and suddenly, the game is afoot!

This extensive adventure will send you all over the ship looking for more than 20 interactive artwork displays, where a series of random events and “choose your own adventure” dilemmas make sure that you can play over and over without getting bored.

A family displays their detective badge to an interactive piece of artwork as part of the game

Image © Disney

Depending on the agency’s caseload, you might help Mickey and pals recover some stolen paintings, try to find 99 missing Dalmatians, or follow Pepe the King Prawn’s clues to solve a zany Muppet mystery.

Not only is this a fun adventure, it’s also an astounding way to orient yourself to everything on the ship! I highly recommend it for first-timers. And because your detective badge tracks your progress, you can play at your own pace, starting and stopping as you like.

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Disney Dream Spas and Salons

Disney Dream offers a full-service spa onboard the ship, featuring many other health and wellness services.

Senses Spa and Salon

Pamper yourself with spa treatments, salon services, and rejuvenation procedures at this restful retreat. Services offered at Senses Spa include Swedish massages, aroma stone therapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, facials, teeth whitening, shampoo/cut/style, manicures, pedicures, and more. Even those who aren’t into spa treatments may enjoy the Rainforest Room with its various themed shower settings. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, showers, lockers, sandals, and robes round out the offerings.

Chill Spa

Exclusively for guests aged 13-17, this special area of Senses offers treatments to teens. A parent or guardian must accompany the teen for the duration of the treatment (solo and combined treatments are offered as an option).

Fitness Center

Perhaps you’re a regular exerciser, or maybe you just want to offset several days of all-you-can-eat meals. Either way, you can stay in shape with the offerings at the Disney Dream’s onboard fitness center. Whatever your preferred equipment — weight machines, cardio equipment, ellipticals, treadmills, and others — you’re likely to find it here. If you prefer a group experience you can join a yoga, Pilates, or aerobics class. Or, opt for personalized one-on-one training and analysis with a professional trainer.

Walking/Jogging Track

If, like me, you’re not keen on a major workout but do enjoy a nice walk after dinner, you’ll be happy to know that the Disney Dream offers an open-air walking/jogging track on Deck 4. I like that it’s low enough on the ship to offer some close-up ocean views — especially handy if you’re lucky enough to see wildlife such as dolphins playing alongside the ship. A leisurely stroll is perfectly fine, but jogging is also fair game here if you don’t want to miss your daily run while onboard.

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Disney Dream Itineraries and Home Ports

Aerial view of a Disney Cruise Ship at Villefranche | Image © Disney

Image © Disney

You can board the Disney Dream from the US and Europe in 2024. But for 2025 and 2026, the Dream settles into Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Disney Dream has a busy schedule of cruises in 2024.

  • January through end of April: Caribbean cruises and Bahamian cruises from Fort Lauderdale
  • Early- to mid-May: Transatlantic voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
  • Late May to mid-September: Various European itineraries from Barcelona, Civitavecchia (Rome), and Southampton
  • Mid-September to mid-October: Not yet announced
  • Late October: Transatlantic voyage from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
  • November to end of year: Bahamian cruises and Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale


Here’s an overview of Disney Dream’s schedule of cruises in 2025.

  • January through end of the year: Bahamian and Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale


Here are the Disney Dream sailings in 2026:

  • January through early May: Bahamian Cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • May 2, 2026 and beyond: Not yet announced

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Disney Dream Deck-by-Deck

Here’s a look at what’s located on each deck of the Disney Dream.

Deck 1

  • Services & Shopping
    • Health Center
  • Common Areas
    • Tender Lobbies (ship exit at ports of call)

Deck 2

  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Enchanted Garden
  • Services & Shopping
    • Public Restrooms
    • Self-Service Laundry
    • Vista Gallery
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 9B
    • Category 11C

Deck 3

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Walt Disney Theatre (main level)
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Animator’s Palate
    • Bon Voyage
    • Preludes
    • Royal Palace
  • Services & Shopping
    • Guest Services
    • Mickey’s Mainsail
    • Public Restrooms
    • Sea Treasures
    • White Caps
  • Common Areas
    • Lobby Atrium

Deck 4

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Buena Vista Theatre (main level)
    • Walking/Jogging Track
    • Walt Disney Theatre (balcony level)
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • D Lounge
    • District Lounge
    • Evolution
    • Pink Wine & Champagne Bar
    • Pub 687
    • Skyline
    • Vista Cafe
  • Services & Shopping
    • Port Shopping Desk
    • Public Restrooms
    • Shutters Photo
    • Tiffany & Co.
    • Vacation Planning Desk
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)

Deck 5

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Buena Vista Theatre (balcony level)
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Club
    • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab
    • Vibe
  • Services & Shopping
    • “it’s a small world” nursery
    • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    • Port Adventures Desk
    • Public Restrooms
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Common Areas
    • Atrium (overlook)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4E
    • Category 6B
    • Category 7A
    • Category 8A
    • Category 8C
    • Category 9A
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11B

Deck 6

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4C
    • Category 4E
    • Category 5C
    • Category 6B
    • Category 7A
    • Category 8A
    • Category 8C
    • Category 9A
    • Category 9D
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11B

Deck 7

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4B
    • Category 4E
    • Category 5B
    • Category 6B
    • Category 7A
    • Category 8B
    • Category 9A
    • Category 9C
    • Category 9D
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11B

Deck 8

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4B
    • Category 4E
    • Category 5B
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 8B
    • Category 9A
    • Category 9C
    • Category 9D
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A

Deck 9

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4A
    • Category 4E
    • Category 5A
    • Category 6A
    • Category 7A
    • Category 8B
    • Category 10A
    • Category 11A

Deck 10

  • Services & Shopping
    • Self-Service Laundry
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 4A
    • Category 4E
    • Category 5A
    • Category 11A

Deck 11

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Deck Stage
    • Donald’s Pool
    • Funnel Vision
    • Mickey’s Pool & Slide
    • Nemo’s Reef
    • Quiet Cove Pool
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Beverage Station
    • Cabanas
    • Cove Bar
    • Cove Café
    • Eye Scream Treats
    • Flo’s Café
      • Filmore’s Favorites
      • Luigi’s Pizza
      • Tow Mater’s Grill
    • Frozone Treats
    • Senses Juice Bar
    • Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats
  • Services & Shopping
    • Public Restrooms
    • Senses Spa & Salon
      • Fitness Center
      • Rainforest Room
      • Treatment Salons
    • Whozits & Whatzits
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 2B
    • Category 3A

Deck 12

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • AquaDuck Entrance
    • Funnel Puddle Pool
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Meridian
    • Palo
    • Remy
    • Waves Bar
  • Services & Shopping
    • Concierge Lounge
    • Public Restrooms
    • Senses Spa (additional treatment rooms)
  • Guest Staterooms
    • Category 1A
    • Category 2A
    • Category 2B
    • Category 3A

Deck 13

  • Activities, Pools, & Entertainment
    • Edge
    • Goofy’s Sports Deck
      • Goofy Golf
      • Sports Courts
      • Sports Simulator
    • Satellite Falls
  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Currents Bar
  • Services & Shopping
    • Public Restrooms
  • Common Areas
    • Concierge Private Sun Deck

Deck 14

  • Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Cafes, & Snacks
    • Outlook

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Disney Dream Fact Sheet

Shipyard (Ship’s Birthplace)

Meyer Werft – Papenburg, Germany

Maiden voyage

January 26, 2011

Home Port

Varies by time of year — see Itineraries & Ports above

Ship’s Registry



Approximately 130,000 gross tons


1,115 feet


121 feet


28 feet


216 feet


22 knots cruising speed

23.5 knots maximum speed

Fuel Type

Diesel-based electric

Crew Members


Maximum Capacity

4,000 passengers


1,250 staterooms

  • 1,100 outside staterooms (88%)
    • 901 verandah staterooms (includes 21 suites)
    • 199 oceanview staterooms
  • 150 inside staterooms (12%)

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