There’s no denying that a cruise is a big expense — a Disney Cruise even more so, given that prices tend to be a bit higher than those of other cruise lines.  But is the price justifiable?  Is a Disney Cruise worth it?  We think so.

Consider What’s Included in the Cost of Your Disney Cruise

It’s easy to get sticker shock when you see a several-thousand dollar price tag for your vacation. But it’s helpful to remember what goes into determining that price.

Your Disney Cruise fare includes:

  • Accommodations (stateroom/cabin.suite) onboard the ship
  • All-you-can-eat meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus unlimited snacks)
  • Live entertainment (Broadway-style shows or other performances) each night
  • Unlimited movie theater usage
  • Pools, waterslides, and activities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Youth Activity Clubs
  • Transportation to a different port each day (the ship starts each day in a different port)

Let’s say you wanted to take a 7-night cruise, and in the middle-tier travel season that might run you around $3,400 for an oceanview stateroom with two passengers.

Now let’s price out a similar trip on land:

  • Hotel room: $150 to $ 200 per night x 7 nights =  $1,050 to $1,400
  • Dining: $50 to $100 per person per day x 7 days x 2 people = $700 to $1400 (and likely not all-you-can-eat)
  • Entertainment and activities: $50 per person per day x 7 days x 2 people = $700 (more if you want to include Broadway-style live performances each day)

Those three things alone are roughly equivalent to the cost of the cruise — and you’d still need to pay for transportation between port cities (unless of course your hotel room can magically teleport you from St. Maarten to Nassau while you sleep)!

A cruise offers a much-more convenient and streamlined all-inclusive price structure than a land vacation.

Now let’s look at some of these categories in-depth.

Disney Cruise Accommodations

Onboard the cruise ship, you’ll be staying in something called a Stateroom — perhaps you’ve heard people call this a “cabin,” though the cruise industry generally frowns upon that term as being a bit too utilitarian.  Disney Cruise staterooms are generally larger than those onboard other cruise lines, and the rooms are thoughtfully designed to make the most out of what can still at times be a cozy experience.  You’ll find plenty of storage, usually a queen bed plus a sleeper sofa, a private bathroom, and all the comforts of home on the high seas.

If you opt for an oceanview stateroom, you’ll enjoy a view from a porthole window; a verandah stateroom gets you your own private balcony.

The ship typically moves to a different port each day, and there’s nothing quite like waking up, opening the drapes, and seeing what new city (or country!) awaits just outside your window.

All-You-Can-Eat Meals

Cruises are for eating.  Period.

Oh, you want details.

Let’s put it another way…. if you go hungry on a cruise ship, there’s no one to blame but yourself.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all-you-can-eat meals where you can either belly up to the buffet or enjoy table-service dining (still with unlimited portions).  Can’t decide between the steak and the chicken for dinner?  Ask for both!  I’m not sure that I have ever ordered just one dessert at dinner on a cruise.

And dining onboard a cruise is a great, safe way to try something that’s maybe just a little scary.  If you’ve never had escargot, give it a try on the ship!  It won’t cost you anything extra, and if you don’t like it, they’ll happily give you another item in its place.

Disney cruises pioneered the concept of rotational dining, in which you’re scheduled for a different restaurant at Dinner each night but your service team travels along with you.  It won’t take long before they know that you like your steak medium-rare and to keep the pomegranate vitamin water coming!  It’s like seeing friends every night.

Surprisingly, even room service is included at no additional charge (just be sure to tip!).  The only think you’ll pay extra for is specialty drinks (alcohol, fancy coffees, smoothies) and adult-exclusive premium dining experiences.

Disney Cruise Ship Entertainment

Thanks to the live entertainment onboard, your Disney cruise stateroom might as well be a hotel room on Broadway.  Each night, you’ll experience either a live Broadway-style musical performance of a Disney-themed show (such as Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, or Beauty & the Beast) — or some other live performance (such as a family-friendly comedian, magician, etc).

Each show is performed twice-nightly, though your dinner will likely fall during the time of one of the performances.  Matinees are also occasionally offered in rare instances.

Beyond the big shows, expect live music in spots throughout the ship, giant deck parties (maybe even with fireworks!), and unlimited viewings of Disney/Marvel/Pixar movies in free cinemas onboard.

Disney Cruises Youth Activities Clubs

For kids, supervised activity clubs are tremendously popular.  Kids can check themselves in and out of the Clubs — on the Disney Wish they literally slide in from one deck up — and the hours are generous enough that parents can enjoy some alone time in the nightclub district while the kids play.  Tweens and teens also have dedicated spots just for them — and everything’s included in the cost of the cruise.

Conclusion: Is a Disney Cruise Worth It?

In our view, taking a Disney Cruise is well worth the expense.  When you factor in everything that’s included — plus the high level of service provided — you’d be hard-pressed to find the same experience for the same price anywhere else!  And booking with a travel agent (see below) can help you stretch your dollar even further.

Ready to Book Your Disney Cruise?

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Speaking of never paying a penny more than needed — did you know that it doesn’t cost anything extra to use a travel agent?  Seriously.  See our Are Disney Travel Agents Free article to learn why using a travel agent won’t cost you anything at all.

Plus — and this is the best part of all — booking through The Vacationer earns you an onboard credit of up to $1,000 to use toward onboard purchases like souvenirs, spa treatments, alcohol, and premium dining experiences.  Talk about being worth it!

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