Best Disney Value Resorts

Are you dreaming of a Walt Disney World vacation in the coming year? While the thought of meeting your favorite characters and riding thrilling attractions may be exciting, the cost of such a trip can be daunting. But fear not, as there are ways to save money on your Disney trip and one of the easiest is by staying at a Disney Value Resort.

As someone who has personally stayed at these resorts with my family, I can attest to the excellent perks and great value they offer for budget-conscious families. While they may lack the amenities of Disney’s Moderate Resorts – and especially Disney’s Deluxe Resorts  they make up for it with lots of character and fun themes.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Disney Value Resorts. We’ll start by defining Value Resorts and highlighting their key features, including affordability, location, and privileges. Then, I’ll share the top 5 best Disney Value Resorts for 2024 or 2025 based on my family’s experiences and research, providing you with an overview of each resort and its unique features. Whether you’re going as a couple or a family, I’ll help you determine which resort is the best fit for your travel style, size, and budget.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of Disney Value Resorts and learn from my family’s experiences, let’s get started!

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What are Disney Value Resorts?

Disney Value Resorts are a budget-friendly tier of accommodations on Disney property, known for their fun themes and basic comforts. They offer an economical option for guests to enjoy close access to the magic with added on-site advantages.

Disney officially classifies five hotel properties under its “Value Resort” banner. 

  • Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
  • Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Here are some of the key features of Disney’s Value Resorts:


Standard rooms in the Value category start at just $133 per night during low-crowd seasons, making them the most affordable and budget-friendly accommodations on Walt Disney World property. However, during peak dates around holidays and summers, prices can exceed $300 per night (and even $400 on the highest-demand dates).

Family suites in the Value category start at $336, but their prices can double or even triple during peak times.

Please note that the prices mentioned are for the year 2024 and are subject to change. Therefore, it is always best to check with a trusted Disney travel agency like The Vacationeer for current pricing and promotional rates.

Location & Transportation 

Disney’s Value Resorts are located a little further from the theme parks than some of the other Walt Disney resorts. However, they are still situated within the Walt Disney World property, which is an advantage over staying at an off-site resort. Guests staying at Disney’s Value Resorts can access all the Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs through the free Disney transportation system.

Pop Century and Art of Animation resorts have their own dedicated bus service to and from the theme parks. All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies share a bus line to and from the parks, picking up and dropping off passengers at each All-Star resort along the way. Buses run from early morning until late at night, and bus stops are conveniently located in front of each resort entrance.

Additionally, both Pop Century and Art of Animation are on the Skyliner gondola system, which conveniently connects Disney’s Hollywood Studios and International Gateway at EPCOT to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Art of Animation Resort, and Pop Century Resort.


As far as Disney World resorts go, Value Resorts are the most “Disney-ish,” kid-friendly resorts in the park. Each resort has its own overall theme with each building/wing of the resort having a theme around a Disney movie, musical style, sport, decade, or some other specific element. Here are five more Value Resorts and their themes:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – features themed family suites based on popular Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Cars.
  • Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort – easily recognizable by its gigantic icon statues of beloved Disney characters from the company’s film history.
  • Disney’s All-Star Music Resort – features five different music genres, including country, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, calypso, and Broadway.
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort – has sports-themed rooms based on football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and surfing.
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort – celebrates the decades of the 20th century with larger-than-life icons, including a giant Big Wheel and a Rubik’s Cube.

These themed areas and elements are sure to provide a memorable experience for both kids and adults alike!

Room Decor

The Disney Value Resorts are known for their fun-themed exteriors. However, the interior design is kept simple and functional, with minimalistic room decor. Depending on the resort’s theme, there are subtle decorative elements that vary.

For instance, Disney’s All-Star resorts have barely-there-themed accents, while the rooms at Disney’s Pop Century resort feature retro posters of Mickey and fun Pluto headboards. Disney’s Art of Animation resort has the most decorative rooms, with bright colors and animated features to match the suite’s theme.

The rooms at the Value Resorts are basic, offering essential amenities such as a table and chairs, a dresser, and a bathroom with a shower/tub combo. Standard rooms have limited closet space, with only a basic shelf and towel rod in the bathroom, while suites offer more space. All rooms come equipped with cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms at the Value Resorts have exterior access, except at the Art of Animation resort, which has interior hallway access to each room. The rooms have a typical Motel 6 look but with a touch of Disney magic.

Room Size and Configuration

Standard Rooms:

  • Pop Century and the 3 All-Star resorts have rooms that are 260 square feet
  • Art of Animation offers rooms that are 277 square feet
  • This compares to 314 sq ft for Moderate Resorts and 380 sq ft  for Deluxe Resorts on average
  • Standard rooms have either two double beds or one king-size bed
  • Maximum occupancy is four people
  • A baby under the age of 3 can also be accommodated in a crib

Family Suites:

  • All-Star Music and Art of Animation both offer family suites
  • Family suites at All-Star Music are 520 square feet (1 queen bed and 2 queen pull-down beds)
  • Family suites at Art of Animation are 565 square feet (1 queen bed, 1 double-size table bed, and 1 double-size sleeper sofa)
  • Maximum occupancy is 6 people
  • A baby under the age of 3 can also be accommodated in a crib


All five of the Disney Value Resorts have their own food court, where you can enjoy Quick Service meals. Although none of these resorts offer Table Service meals, their food courts provide an extensive range of meal options, including American-style dishes, unique choices, and special dietary requirements.

Despite its name, the food courts at Disney Value Resorts are not your typical mall food court. You can find a variety of delicious meals that will satisfy the hunger of everyone in your group.

It’s important to note that if you have a Disney Dining Plan that includes Table Service credits, you can still use them at other locations within the park.

Pools, Arcades, and Play Areas

Pools are one of the most exciting amenities when staying at a resort, especially for children. Although none of the Disney Value resorts have waterslides, each has its own uniquely themed main pool, which is accessible to guests staying at the resort.

The All-Star resorts feature two heated pools each, while Pop Century and Art of Animation offer three pools each. In addition, kiddie pools are located in close proximity to the larger pools for added convenience.

When it comes to the size and amenities of the pools, Disney Value Resorts generally have smaller ones with fewer features compared to Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. However, Art of Animation is an exception to this rule, as it boasts the biggest and one of the best pools in Disney World, called the Big Blue Pool.

All Value resorts have their arcade room, jogging trail, and playground for kids, providing plenty of entertainment options for families.


Disney Value resort guests enjoy a range of benefits, just like Moderate and Deluxe guests. These advantages are available because they are staying at an on-site resort owned by Disney.

Some of the privileges include:

While there are many great options for off-site resorts, these on-site Disney resort perks are a significant advantage and can make a stay worthwhile in and of itself.

Let’s see what The Vacationeer (our favorite Disney YouTube Channel) has to say about Disney World resorts.

On to our list of the 5 best Disney Value resorts!

List: Top 5 Best Disney Value Resorts

5.  All-Star Movies Resort

Disney Value Resorts


  • Standard Room prices range from $133 (low season) to $305 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Preferred Rooms range from $162 (low season) to $342 (peak holiday season) [2024]

Theme: Disney Movies

Location: Animal Kingdom Resort Area

Areas: 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Fantasia, The Mighty Ducks, Herbie: The Love Bug

Rooms: 1920

Suites: None

Transportation: Shared bus service

History: First opened on January 15, 1999, and has recently undergone refurbishments.

Best For: Ideal for movie buffs wanting rock-bottom pricing with a cinematic flair.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Disney movie buffs will feel at home in All-Star Movies.

The resort’s larger-than-life Disney characters (from Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, The Mighty Ducks, and Herbie: The Love Bug) adorn the exteriors and interiors of their respective wing.

In fact, some of the characters reach 40 feet tall, creating the perfect photo opportunity for your family to cherish as a Disney souvenir.

The most notable features of the resort include the World Premiere Food Court (with 5-movie “marquees” serving a variety of tasty foods throughout the day), the Fantasia-themed pool where Sorcerer Mickey sprays water on guests, and the nightly outdoor screening of the Disney “Movies Under the Stars.”

*All rooms at All-Star Movies are standard size.

food court at all-star movies resort
all star movies hotel
Bottom Line:

All-Star Movies is a great resort option, especially if you’re a fan of classic Disney films. It has the best theming among all the All-Star resorts, giving you a distant Disney feel as you walk around the grounds. The food court is also designed like a movie lobby, which is a nice touch.

This resort is also a great value for the price, but there is a downside. As the last stop on the All-Star bus route, you might have to deal with crowded buses that have already picked up passengers from All-Star Sports and Music resorts before reaching All-Star Movies. This can be an inconvenience for some guests.

Overall, if it weren’t for the transportation issue, All-Star Movies would have been ranked higher on our list.

 all star movies pool
 all star movies resort at disney world

4.  All-Star Sports Resort

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort


  • Standard Room prices range from $133 (low season) to $305 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Preferred Rooms range from $162 (low season) to $342 (peak holiday season) [2024]

Theme: Sports

Location: Animal Kingdom Resort Area

Areas: Touchdown!, Center Court, Home Run Hotel, Surfs Up!, Hoops Hotel

Rooms: 1920

Suites: None

Transportation: Shared bus service

History: First opened on April 29, 1994, and has recently undergone refurbishments.

Best For: Perfect for sports fans seeking the lowest pricing and good park access.

all-star sports hotel at disney world

All-Star Sports opened in 1994 and was the first Value Resort on Disney World property. The resort celebrates the world of competitive sports with themes to match each wing – baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and surfing. All-Star Sports has plenty of sporty decor on its grounds, including photo-worthy icons of all your favorite Disney characters striking a sporty pose.

The resort has many features that visitors can enjoy, such as a sprawling pool with an elaborate surfboard motif, the sports-themed End Zone Food Court, and nightly “Movies Under the Stars” by Surfboard Bay Pool. Additionally, the All-Star Sports jogging trail, Game Point Arcade, and kids’ playground ensure that boredom will never set in during your stay.

All rooms at All-Star Sports are standard-sized and can sleep up to 4 people, plus a baby under 3.

Disney World budget resorts
Bottom Line:

All three All-Star Resorts offer standard rooms that are comparable, which means there is no clear advantage when it comes to room quality. As for the layout and amenities, All-Star Sports is very similar to All-Star Movies, so it’s difficult to say one is better than the other. Therefore, it all boils down to the theming and transportation.

While my family prefers the theming at All-Star Movies a little bit more than All-Star Sports, this is entirely subjective. However, what sets All-Star Sports apart is its bus transportation. Although you share the bus route with All-Star Music and All-Star Movies, All-Star Sports guests are picked up first and dropped off first upon return. So, if you value a comfortable bus ride like my family does, this resort is an ideal choice.

All-Star Sports is one of the most affordable Value Resorts at Disney World, and it boasts the best transportation of the three All-Stars. This makes it an excellent value proposition for those who prioritize transportation, comfort, and affordability over themes.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that also offers great transportation, All-Star Sports is the perfect choice.

All-Star Sports pool
All star resort at disney world

3. All-Star Music Resort

disney's all star music resort


  • Standard Room prices range from $133 (low season) to $305 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Preferred Rooms range from $174 (low season) to $347 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Family Suites range from $336 (low season) to $696 (peak holiday season) [2024]

Theme: Music

Location: Animal Kingdom Resort Area

Areas: Calypso, Jazz Inn, Rock Inn, Country Fair, Broadway Hotel

Rooms: 1604

Suites: 260 family suites

Transportation: Shared bus service

History: First opened on November 22, 1994, and has recently undergone refurbishments.

Best For: Great for music enthusiasts and groups looking for affordable suite options.

 all star music resort

Attention music lovers! All-Star Music is a Disney Value Resort themed around some of the most popular music genres: rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, country, Broadway show tunes, and calypso.  

Guests will marvel at the massive, music-inspired icons surrounding the buildings and the lighthearted musical elements inside each wing.

The most notable features of All-Star Music include the guitar-shaped pool and the expansive, music-themed Intermission Food Court.

All-Star Music

All-Star Music’s floor plans and standard rooms are similar to other All-Star resorts. However, All-Star Music also has 260 family suites, whereas All-Star-Movie and Sports only offer standard-size rooms. 

The suites at All-Star Music can sleep up to 6 (and one baby in a crib), have two bathrooms, a master bedroom with a queen bed, and a living room area, and are priced higher than standard rooms.

All-Star Music Resort has floor plans and standard rooms that are similar to the other two All-Star resorts. However, All-Star Music is the only one that offers family suites that are perfect for larger groups or families. The suites can accommodate up to six people (plus a baby in a crib), and they feature two bathrooms, a master bedroom with a queen bed, and a living room area. The suites are priced higher than the standard rooms, but they offer more space and amenities.

cheap hotel disney world
Bottom Line:

All-Star Music Resort is our top pick among the All-Star resorts because it offers family suites in addition to standard-size rooms. While All-Star Movie and Sports only provide standard-size rooms, All-Star Music Resort gives you the added optionality of family suites, making it a better choice for larger groups or families. The family suites are equipped with all the necessary amenities, providing more space and privacy for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The price of the standard rooms at All-Star Music Resort is comparable to the other All-Star Resorts, with only a slight difference of a few dollars. Although the suites are more expensive, they are still the cheapest family suites available on Disney property, making them an excellent choice for those looking for more space at an affordable price. The music theme of the resort is great, and the buildings look stunning when they light up at night.

However, the resort doesn’t have the same “Disney feel” as most other Value resorts, which is a downside for some guests. Additionally, some areas within the resort require walking a long distance to get to the main area of the resort, such as the food court or bus. In other words, the layout of the property could be improved to make it more convenient for guests.

Transportation can also be a problem.  Since all 3 All-Star resorts share a common bus to the theme parks – and since All-Star Music is the 2nd resort on the bus line – this means the All-Star Sports guests are already on the bus when you get picked and the bus could be crowded even before you get on.

That said, we give it the advantage because of its affordable suites. If you are just looking for a standard room at a rock-bottom price, you may wish to consider the other two All-Star resorts.

 all star music resort at disney world

2. Art of Animation Resort

disney's art of animation resort


  • Standard Room prices range from $209 (low season) to $413 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Family Suites range from $478 (low season) to $963 (peak holiday season) [2024]

Theme: Disney Characters

Location: ESPN Wide World of Sports area

Areas: The Little Mermaid, Car, Finding Nemo, The Lion King

Rooms: 984

Suites: 1120 family suites

Transportation: Skyliner and dedicated bus services (not shared)

History: First opened on May 31, 2012, and has recently undergone refurbishments.

Best For: For families valuing immersive experiences, willing to pay a bit more for upgraded amenities and theming.

(now a pet-friendly Disney resort)

disney's art of animation pool

Photo Credit: Jayron32 under CC BY-SA 3.0


Art of Animation is one of the newer resorts in Disney World, having opened its doors in 2012. It is considered a “Value Plus” resort, offering guests a slightly more luxurious experience than the other four Value resorts.

The resort boasts the largest pool at Disney World, known as The Big Blue Pool. Additionally, Art of Animation offers spacious family suites to accommodate up to six guests, which are available in the Nemo, Cars, and The Lion King sections of the resort.

The standard rooms are decorated with plenty of Little Mermaid-inspired decor from the classic Disney movie, and each room is accessed via an interior hallway

Disney character touches around every corner make this one of the best Disney World hotels for children, and there are numerous Disney icons throughout the property, perfect for those selfies and family photo opportunities.

And if you enjoy a good meal, Art of Animation’s The Landscape of Flavor offers an amazing selection of counter-service food throughout the day. Hands down, Art of Animation’s food court is the best among the Value resorts.

Art of Animation Resort at Disney World
Bottom Line:

Art of Animation resort has everything you need for a magical Disney World experience. From great theming to comfortable accommodations and convenient transportation options, this resort has it all.

A few years ago, my family and I went on an incredible multi-generational trip to Disney World with my parents. We stayed in the Art of Animation suite which was perfect for our group of six. The suite was beautifully decorated and the resort had an ample selection of dining and transportation options. We absolutely loved the amazing pool, food court, and the theming was spot on.

The resort provided a dedicated bus service to each theme park as well as a stop on the Disney Skyliner gondola, which made it easy for us to navigate around and enjoy everything Disney World had to offer. The grandparents had a great time taking their grandkids to Disney World, and my wife and I were there to make it all possible. Art of Animation turned out to be an excellent choice.

I highly recommend the Art of Animation resort to anyone, especially if you’re looking for great family suites at Disney World. Although it may be a bit more expensive than some of the other Value resorts, the resort’s amenities and transportation options make it well worth the price. However, if finding a low-priced option is more important to you than upgraded amenities, then our top pick might be a better fit for you.

1. Pop Century Resort

pop century resort


  • Standard Room prices range from $183 (low season) to $406 (peak holiday season) [2024]
  • Preferred Rooms range from $202 (low season) to $429 (peak holiday season) [2024]

Theme: 20th-century American pop culture

Location: ESPN Wide World of Sports area

Areas: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

Rooms: 2880

Suites: None

Transportation: Skyliner and dedicated bus services (not shared)

History: First opened on December 14, 2003, and has recently undergone refurbishments.

Best For: Suited for those who enjoy pop culture and prefer a balance of cost and convenience with Skyliner access.

Pop Century pool

Pop Century Resort is a unique hotel that takes you on a nostalgic trip back in time to the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The resort is designed in a way that immerses you in the fashions, toys, dances, and catchphrases that were popular in the second half of the 20th century.

You can experience the iconic themes of Lady and the Tramp from the 1950s, The Jungle Book from the 1960s, the Mickey Mouse rotary telephone from the 1970s, the Rubik’s Cube and Sony Walkman from the 1980s, and the cellular phone and computer age from the 1990s.

The resort boasts a variety of fun themes, quirky decor, and unique photo opportunities that make it an enjoyable experience for all ages.

  • The Hippy Dippy Pool is a 1960s-themed pool that features flower-shaped water jets to help you cool off on hot days.
  • The Everything Pop Shopping and Dining area is a groovy food court with seven food stations that offer a range of cuisines, including American, Italian, and Asian, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The resort has a pool bar and a snack bar where you can grab quick bites or refreshing drinks.
Disney's Pop Century Resort

One of the advantages of staying at the Pop Century Resort is that it offers complimentary transportation to all Disney theme parks and water parks, including the new Skyliner gondola system that can take you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This makes it easy and convenient to get around the Disney World property.

It’s worth noting that Pop Century Resort only offers standard rooms (no suites). So, pack your yo-yo and get ready to relive the fun and nostalgia of the yesteryears at Pop Century Resort!

Value Resorts at Disney World
Bottom Line:

Pop Century is a favorite among families who are looking for an affordable yet fun-filled stay at Disney World. The pricing of this resort is competitive, slightly more than the rock-bottom pricing of the All-Star resorts but considerably less than Art of Animation.

My wife and I have been staying at Pop Century since we were dating, and now that we go to Disney with our school-age kids, it’s become one of our go-to resorts. The hotel offers great value for money, with impressive theming, iconic decor, and convenient transportation options that my family loves.

The food court is a step above the dining options available at the All-Star resorts, and the pools are a lot of fun. The rooms may be a bit noisy and have a simple layout, but they offer a comfortable and magical resort experience that will satisfy budget-conscious vacationers.

What’s more, Pop Century now has its own dedicated bus transportation to and from each theme park, making it a lot easier to navigate the Disney World crowds. And if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, the new Disney Skyliner gondola is just a few steps away from the resort, offering you a unique way to explore Disney World. (See our Disney Transportation Map for the route)

If you’re searching for a hotel that is both budget-friendly and has a fun, nostalgic atmosphere, then Pop Century Resort is definitely worth considering. While many people prefer Art of Animation, I believe that Pop Century is the best Disney Value Resort because of its many great features and affordable price. Since the goal of this article is to find the best value, Pop Century comes out on top!

Disney World value resorts

Reasons to Choose a Disney Value Resort

Let’s review the top 4 reasons why people choose to stay at Disney Value Resorts and the top 4 reasons to choose a Disney Moderate or Deluxe instead. 


✅ PriceDisney Value Resorts are the least expensive lodging option at Disney World so they help vacationers stay within their budgets.

✅ Inside the Park: Moderate and Deluxe resorts admittedly have more “bells and whistles.” However, if most of your day will be spent at theme parks and eating outside of the resort, the place you lay your head at night may not be that important. A Value resort allows you to save money on lodging yet still be able to wake up inside Disney World. Plus, you will receive the same in-park perks afforded to Moderate and Deluxe Resort guests.

✅ Themes: There is something very “Disney-ish” to Value resorts that you don’t always get at Disney’s Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. The buildings, grounds, and pool areas are chock full of fun Disney creative themes and character icons. Each wing of these resorts pays homage to a famous Disney movie or another unique theme.

✅ Kid-Friendly: Kids love the themes, the decor, and the character statues. They also love the arcades, playgrounds, and kiddie pools found at each Disney Value Resort.


❌ Limited Transportation: Disney Value resorts are located further away from the theme parks. Bus transportation (free) is your only way to the theme parks.

❌ Smaller Rooms: Standard rooms are about 260 sq ft compared to 314 sq ft at Moderate resorts. The beds are smaller and there are fewer room amenities. Family suites offer much more room, but they are also considerably more expensive.

❌ More Noise: Some people find Disney Value resorts to be noisier than other resorts. This may be due to the external room entrances (as opposed to internal hallway entrances), being kid-friendly (more kids usually means more noise), and the fact that most wings face the pool area.

❌ No Table Service Dining: The Quick Service food courts are great for a quick and satisfying meal. However, there are no Table Service dining options available at Disney Value resorts. Speak with your Disney travel planner to make your Table Service Advanced Dining Reservations elsewhere in the park.

Have a great trip!

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