Adventures by Disney trips can be costly, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to save. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best Adventures by Disney discounts, deals, promotions, travel hacks, and savings strategies to help you find a way to make your dream trip a reality. Read on for details on each tip, plus a real-life example where following our suggestions would save more than $6,000!

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1. Look For Official AbD Offers and Promotions

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The most straightforward way to get cheaper fares on an Adventures by Disney trip is to book one of its departures which is covered by an official special offer.

So what type of discounts does AbD itself provide? It varies based on the time of year and travel demand.

Per-Person Discounts

Adventures by Disney will occasionally offer discounts – typically in the range of $250 to $500 per person – off of the regular price of select trips. These offers usually have time limits associated, and might be available only on certain departure dates of a particular trip.

Because they reduce the overall cost per person, their value as a savings tool really depends on the size of your travel party.

Returning Traveler Promotions

Disney may offer special rates or discounted extras to their so-called “Adventure Insiders,” Disney’s name for people who have traveled on an Adventures by Disney trip in the past. To qualify for these rates (when offered), you’ll usually need to book within a certain number of days after your last trip, or by another pre-set deadline.

Adventure Insiders also get other perks including early booking windows on Adventures by Disney trips and even Disney Cruises.

Check with your travel agent or the Adventures by Disney website to find the latest official special offers.

2. Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards

A red Disney Gift Card with a smiling Mickey Mouse on front

Image © Disney

This tip feels like cheating, but it’s perfectly legal. So it’s time we let you in on one of the best-kept secrets for getting Disney discounts!

Some stores and warehouse clubs may allow you to buy Disney Gift Cards at a lower price than face value.

For example, Target’s RedCard / Circle Card program offers 5% off of most purchases, including Disney Gift Cards. So you can buy a $100 Disney Gift Card for $95, or a $500 Disney gift card for $475.

One of the most straightforward Adventures by Disney discounts is to purchase discounted Disney Gift Cards through Target's RedCard

Things To Consider When Using Gift Cards

The maximum value allowed on any single Disney Gift Card is $1,000 so you’ll need to purchase several. If you buy smaller-value cards, you can usually consolidate them via the Disney Gift Card website into just a few cards of $1,000 each. You don’t have to do so, but it certainly makes using the accumulated funds easier.

Either way, plan ahead! You may run into daily transaction limits from the store or your bank. You don’t want to come skidding into the Target parking lot at 10PM on the night your final payment is due and hope it all works out.

Another caveat: if your plans change and you’re owed a refund, the money goes back onto the original method of payment (in this case, the Disney gift card). So if you cancel your trip, you could be “stuck” with thousands of dollars worth of Disney Gift Cards, which can only be used for Disney-related purchases.

And it probably goes without saying that you should only try this hack at a legitimate store or reputable online retailer; I personally wouldn’t trust any cheap gift cards I found on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

Is It Worth Going to the Trouble?

Purchasing gift cards at a discount – and then using those gift cards to pay for your Disney Adventures – might seem complex at first. But 5% of the overall cost of an Adventures by Disney trip can be a significant amount of cash. With a $30,000 fare very much within the realm of possibility for a family of four, this hack alone could save you $1,500. So it’s well worth the effort.

Beyond the cash savings, many folks like this hack because it lets them save up for their trips over time, buying a new gift card every few weeks (and yes, it works just as well for Disney Cruises and Disney World vacations).

3. Save up to $1,500 More with The Vacationeer

Our favorite Disney Travel Agency, The Vacationeer, offers additional discounts of up to $1,500 for its clients who book an Adventures by Disney trip. Why do they do this? Much like a cruise onboard credit, it’s a booking incentive from the travel agency to encourage you to book your Adventures by Disney vacation through them.

How the Offer Works

Your dedicated Vacationeer will start by finding the best possible price on your Adventures by Disney trip using any available promotions and discounts. Once they’ve gotten the price as low as possible, The Vacationeer will provide an additional discount based on the total trip fare.

You’ll still need to pay the entire initial deposit amount (typically 10% to 15% of the trip price) when you book, and pay the balance due (minus The Vacationeer’s discount) before your final payment deadline. Other terms may apply, so be sure to ask your Vacationeer for details.

About The Vacationeer

Because they’re an Earmarked Diamond level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, you can be assured that your trip will be handled with the professionalism and expertise that can only come from booking with an agency that specializes in Disney vacations.

The Vacationeer doesn’t charge any planning fees to plan your trip for you, and they don’t hike up their prices to trick you with phony discounts.

They’re our official Travel Agency partner here at MagicGuides – we know you’ll love them because they take care of all the logistics so you can have a stress-free planning experience.

So stop dreaming about your bucket list vacation and actually make it happen!

4. Choose Cheaper Travel Dates

Much like airfare, hotels, or cruising, when you choose to travel can have a big impact on the cost of your Adventures by Disney trip.

Let’s look at just one example. At the time this article was published, these were the starting rates for the 8-day Italy land adventure on a few different departure dates:

  • June 2, 2024 departure: $8,999 for adults and $8,549 for kids.
  • June 9, 2024 departure: $8,199 for adults and $7,789 for kids.
  • March 6, 2024 departure: $7,399 for adults and $7,029 for kids.

Based on these prices, a family of four (2 adults, 2 children) could save $3,120 just by shifting their travel dates seven days – or save $6,240 by changing from a summer vacation to a spring trip.

The more flexible you can be with your travel dates, the better you’ll be able to take advantage of seasonal price swings and possibly save some major cash.

5. Book Shorter “Escape” Adventures

Fall in love with the cities of the world on Adventures by Disney Escapes | Image © Disney

Image © Disney

So-called “Land Adventures” make up the bulk of Adventures by Disney’s offerings each year. These are the trips that made AbD famous, usually lasting between 8 and 14 days and truly immersing travelers in a country and its culture.

But did you know that AbD also offers shorter “Escapes” that are more like a long weekend?

These shorter trips will still give you the biggest highlights of a destination, but do so at a more affordable price point.

An example: at the time this article was published, a 10-day Australia land adventure had a starting price of $7,849 per adult. But a 4-day “Sydney Escape” was $3,699.

Escapes are typically focused on one city (such as Rome, Paris, Sydney, or London) rather than an entire country, but still offer a great taste of the local flavor at a lower price.

6. Leverage Child Pricing on AbD Packages

ABD Junior Adventures

Image © Disney

Adventures by Disney has a surprisingly low threshold for adult pricing. Anyone age 12+ pays the adult price for a trip – only those age 11 or younger at the time the trip begins will pay the child fare. (Note that despite this pricing rule, “Adult Exclusive” departures are still limited to ages 18+ only.)

If you’re considering taking the family on an Adventures by Disney trip, it’s worth doing so before at least one of the kids hits age 12. The savings won’t be that much when compared to the total cost of the trip – probably a few hundred dollars – but every little bit helps.

Adventures by Disney does go out of its way to ensure kids stay entertained on their trips, so there’s no need to worry that your kids aren’t mature enough to enjoy it. Just follow the recommended minimum age for each departure.

7. Stack Discounts to Save Even More and Get the Cheapest Price

Any extreme couponer knows that one of the biggest ways to unlock extra savings is to know when coupons can be ”stacked” – that is, using multiple coupons for a single item.

The great thing about all of the tips and discounts we’ve shared here is that they can usually be combined to save a significant amount of money on Disney vacation packages! Here’s a real-world example using actual pricing and promotions that were available at the time this article was written.

Let’s say we’re a party of two adults interested in going on the 12-day Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia adventure in March 2024.

  • We’re considering the March 25, 2024 departure. It’s $17,598 total for our party of two.
  • We notice that the March 11, 2024 departure is significantly cheaper – $13,398 for our party of two (a savings of $4,200). The new date happens to be an adult-exclusive departure, but that’s fine with us because we only have adults in our party. Our vacation dates are flexible, so we pick this trip instead.
  • Our travel agent at The Vacationeer tells us the new date is eligible for an AbD Special Offer with a $350 per-person discount – that drops the price to $12,698 for our party of two (another $700 in savings).
  • Because we’re booking through The Vacationeer, they’ll provide an additional discount on the $12,698 fare (saving us almost $650 in this case). We’ll owe the remaining $12,048.
  • We’ll buy Disney Gift Cards to cover the remaining balance. Because we’re buying them at Target using our 5% RedCard / Circle Card discount, we’ll get $12,048 worth of Gift Cards for around $11,445 (about $603 in savings versus face value).

Just like that, what started out as a $17,598 trip now costs $11,445. That’s a total savings of $6,153 versus the original estimate – easily enough to cover the cost of airfare plus some other travel expenses!

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8. Book Early… or Late… for the Lowest Prices

This one is admittedly hard to accurately predict. But if everything else works out, this tip might save you a few dollars more.

Like many other things in the travel world, Adventures by Disney trip fares may be lowest when travel dates are first announced. Booking early may be to your advantage because it’s possible that trip fares can increase as space becomes more limited. Booking early lets you lock in your prices and secure your desired travel dates before things start to fill up. (Worried about missing out on lower prices later on? A good travel agent such as The Vacationeer will keep an eye out for new discounts and automatically apply them to your trip even after you’re booked! It’s one of many reasons you should be booking with a Disney travel agent!)

On the other hand, we’ve also seen “last minute” travel deals for itineraries which are lagging in bookings. These can save you some money on the trip fare itself — just make sure you’re not unwittingly locking yourself into high-priced last-minute airfare that will offset (and even eclipse) your trip fare savings. Waiting too long also runs the risk of sellouts on your desired trip or trip date because AbD tour groups are quite small… typically around 40 people per departure date. Unless you’re very flexible with travel plans, waiting to book probably isn’t the best savings strategy.

9. Get Clever With Airfare

A Delta jet parked at an airport

Airfare from your home city is not included in the cost of your Adventures by Disney trip. You do have the option of booking a flight (at additional expense) as part of your vacation package, but you might be able to buy it on your own at a better rate.

Of course all of the usual tips apply, such as using your frequent flier miles or reward points to cut down on the cost. But we have a few more tricks up our sleeves.

Search Wisely for Savings

Most people know about the big travel search engines – Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, and the like. But have you heard of ITA Matrix? It’s a robust search engine for finding airline deals that allows you to search for a number of different parameters. Another good option is Google Flights. You can also sign up for Airfarewatchdog alerts to get real-time alerts on special offers and flight deals between your departure city and your destination.

And remember, many Adventures by Disney trips start in one city and end in another, so you might be booking “open jaw” flights. There’s absolutely no rule that says you have to fly on the same airline in both directions. Shop around for the cheapest fare to get to your AbD trip; then abandon that carrier for another on the way home if it’s more affordable.

Try a non-U.S. Carrier for International Trips

Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons a bit when it comes to airlines, either. If you’re flying to Italy from the United States, don’t just check Delta or United – also price out ITA Airways. You might find a decent rate by flying with “the home team.”

Some international carriers are even subsidized as part of their country’s overall tourism strategy. If you’re traveling to Europe, IcelandAir(!) can be an unlikely ally. First, they offer surprisingly cheap airfare between the U.S. and Europe – I’ve seen it as low as $200 for a seat on a flight from NYC to Paris! Second, their layover policy is incredibly advantageous; every flight stops in Reykjavík and there’s no additional airline charge to change your brief layover into a multi-day extended “stopover.” That means you can extend your vacation on the cheap, adding in Iceland’s stunning natural beauty (and maybe even a glimpse of the Northern Lights) for just the cost of a hotel and meals.

10. Book Pre/Post Tour Accommodations Separately

It takes a brave traveler indeed to book an international flight that arrives just a few hours before their Adventures by Disney group tour begins. At best, you’ll have weapons-grade jet lag; at worst, flight delays will mean you’re stuck at LAX while your Japan adventure begins in Osaka without you.

It’s much wiser to book some time before or after your trip at a hotel in the destination city. Adventures by Disney offers an optional extra hotel night pre- or post-tour (at an additional cost) to help streamline the process. But if savings are a bigger concern than a simplified experience, you can always book pre/post nights on your own to possibly save some cash.

Consider Short-Term Rentals

I’ve personally had really good luck with Airbnb-type accommodations in Europe; my wife and I spent half-a-month in Italy earlier this year without setting foot inside a hotel until the night before our 9AM flight back home.

The apartments we picked were clean, safe, and infinitely cheaper than a hotel; three nights in a flat within walking distance of the Vatican on Easter Weekend cost us less than one night at the Rome Airport Hilton later that week!

Better still, we felt like we got a much more authentic “local” experience than if we’d been in a chain hotel; we knew we were directly supporting a local family rather than a mega corporation; and most importantly, we were able to get crucial insight from our host about which places the locals go to get the good Gelato.

The Downsides

Booking your own pre- or post-tour nights means that you won’t be able to use AbD’s free ground transfers to get from the airport to your hotel. Those are only offered to people who book their pre/post nights through Adventures by Disney, even if you’re staying at the exact same hotel.

And of course, if something goes askew with your reservation, you’re on your own to try to solve it; Babel and Duolingo may not fully equip you to inquire at the front desk as to how your toilet wound up on the balcony.

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11. Beware of Sneaky Currency Conversion

First, to be clear: Adventures by Disney trip prices are calculated in United States Dollars, so this is not a concern for the trip fare itself. But for everything else surrounding your trip, it’s worth keeping an eye on currency conversion.

Of course there’s always consideration of the relative strength or weakness of the U.S. Dollar versus the local currency of your destination. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re on the lookout for sneaky currency conversion. It’s not illegal, but it can still hurt your wallet.

A Typical Scenario

You’re looking for a hotel room on your own for the night before your AbD tour begins. You find a charming local hotel and – what luck! – the website even shows the prices in United States Dollars. This is a great convenience to you, an American traveler who is not very accustomed to international currency.

What you don’t notice is that this oh-so-helpful USD amount is actually calculated at a pretty lousy exchange rate – much worse than what you’d get in a typical transaction. In other words, you’re paying a hidden upcharge just to complete the transaction in a familiar, “comfortable” currency.

The good news is that with a little looking, you should be able to find the option on their website to have the prices shown in the local currency instead.

Find those prices, check the real bank-to-bank conversion amount (a simple Google search such as “Convert 350 EUR to USD” will do the trick) and see if it looks like a better deal to purchase in the local currency versus whatever the website originally claimed the USD amount was.

You might still pay a small fee through your bank for an international transaction, but those fees are usually just pennies on the dollar.

Where to Watch Out

I’m always suspicious of the U.S. Dollar prices shown for hotel rooms in another country, flights operated by an overseas-based airline, and flights originating at an overseas airport (even if on a U.S.-based carrier).

But by far, the most notorious offenders are during your trip at ATMs and payment terminals at stores/restaurants.

True story: I wanted 300 Euros from an ATM in Rome. The machine read my debit card, recognized it was American, and cheerfully offered to “report” the transaction back to my bank as $375 instead of €300. I wouldn’t have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates or my bank charging me a foreign transaction fee. How convenient!

The only problem with their brilliant plan was that I knew the real exchange rate at the time was about $1.10 per Euro (meaning €300 was worth $330, not $375). I also knew that the bank fee I was supposedly avoiding was about $3 (which my bank would refund anyway).

I declined the conversion to dollars and felt appropriately smug knowing that I had deprived the ATM owner of an undeserved $45.

The good news is that most places are required to offer credit/debit card transactions in the local currency. If you’re standing in a country that isn’t your own and have the choice of paying in dollars or the local currency, always pick the local option.

12. Get More Time To Pay

This last tip may not directly save you any money on an Adventures by Disney trip, but it still might make it easier to afford.

As previously mentioned, Adventures by Disney allows you to put down an initial deposit (typically 10%-15% of the trip fare) and pay the rest on your own schedule as long as you meet your final payment deadline (usually 90-120 days before the trip starts).

If you want to stretch that payment out a bit further, your Disney Visa may be able to help. One of the long-standing perks for Disney Visa cardholders is 0% financing for six months on Disney vacation purchases.

Depending on your credit limit, paying your balance due with a Disney Visa could give you an additional four months to pay for your vacation without any interest charges, especially handy if you’re trying to cover other big expenses such as airfare in advance of the trip.

And of course, purchases on a Disney Visa also accrue reward dollars that can be used on future Disney purchases.

Final thoughts

I’ve never regretted a single penny I’ve spent on travel – I firmly believe in the value of time spent with loved ones, doing amazing things and experiencing the wonders of our world and its people. And the food’s usually pretty darn good, too.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking to save whenever I can. My philosophy has always been to scrimp where I can so I can splurge where I want to.
Not every tip I’ve shared here will work for every traveler or every situation, but I hope you’ve found some information in this article that helps you find ways to make your dream trip a reality.

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