Upcoming Rides, Attractions, Refurbishments, and More!

Are you ready to learn about the latest developments at Disney World for the coming year? We’ll take a closer look at the thrilling new rides, attractions, resort renovations, and more that Disney World has in store for its visitors.

As we explore what’s new at Disney World in 2024 and 2025, I’ll also share my family’s insights, expectations, and tips, which we’ve gained through our frequent visits to the park.

We can’t wait to experience all the amazing new features and upgrades first-hand, and we’re thrilled to share our enthusiasm with you. Come along with us as we journey into the future of Disney World and discover all the fantastic things that await. Let’s begin!

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New Rides and Attractions at Disney World (2024)

During the 2024 season, Walt Disney World Resort plans to open several new rides and attractions. They are as follows:

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

  • Opened: June 28, 2024
  • Location: Magic Kingdom, Frontierland
  • Experience: Musical, Cultural Exploration
  • Description: An adventure through the bayous that promises to be as vibrant and soulful as the movie it’s inspired by.
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages, especially families and fans of “The Princess and the Frog.”
Concept Art: boats at

Concept Art | Image © Disney

In the summer of 2024, Magic Kingdom introduced an exciting Magic Kingdom ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. It replaces the recently closed Splash Mountain ride.

This new Disney World ride is set in the lush bayous of Louisiana and inspired by “The Princess and the Frog.” It promises to immerse guests in a world of music, culture, and Princess Tiana’s enduring spirit. The ride’s story picks up where the film’s “final kiss” left off and features powerful music from the movie (plus a brand new song).

As a family deeply fond of Tiana’s tale, we’re loving the chance to join Tiana and Louis on this musical adventure. My wife and I couldn’t wait to experience this new Disney ride for the first time with our children.

Country Bear Musical Jamboree

  • Opening Date: July 17, 2024
  • Location: Magic Kingdom, Frontierland
  • Experience: Animatronic Stage Show, Musical Comedy
  • Description: A refreshed version of this classic that’s sure to entertain with its blend of humor and new musical styles.
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages, particularly those who appreciate Disney’s nostalgic charm.
A musical act poster showing each of the characters of the Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Image © Disney

The original Country Bear Jamboree was a popular Frontierland attraction that had been entertaining guests for many years. Starting in the Summer of 2024, the bears will perform a brand-new act featuring Disney songs reimagined in a variety of musical styles, from country to rockabilly and bluegrass. With the change comes a slightly new name… Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

My family has a special fondness for the original show, which we always made sure to see on every visit. We loved the quirky humor and catchy tunes, and we’re excited to experience these familiar characters in a new light with updated music that promises to be both fresh and nostalgic. It demonstrates Disney’s commitment to revitalizing its classic attractions for new generations.

The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure

  • Opening Date: Fall 2024
  • Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animation Courtyard
  • Experience: Theatrical Performance, Musical
  • Description: A spellbinding show that brings Ariel’s story to the stage with all the beloved songs and characters.
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages, perfect for families and fans of Disney musicals.
Concept art of Ariel and Eric in a boat as part of a live show

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Our family is thrilled to learn that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will open “The Little Mermaid—A Musical Adventure” in the Fall of 2024. As fans of Ariel’s undersea journey, we cannot wait to watch a new show that brings the beloved story and songs to life in a whole new way.

Our daughter, Ava, has grown up adoring the classic film and its music, and she is ecstatic at the opportunity to see “Part of Your World,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” and other iconic songs performed live.

The Disney brand excels at creating immersive, emotionally moving experiences, and I have no doubt that this new Disney stage show will capture the magic of Ariel’s world. I’m looking forward to experiencing the exciting Hollywood Studios attraction with my kids.

New Scenes in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

  • Opened: April 5, 2024
  • Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Experience: Simulator Ride, Space Adventure
  • Description: Now featuring characters and stories from the latest Star Wars series.
  • Who It’s Best For: Families, teens, and adults; a must-do for Star Wars fans.

The Star Tours attraction has been updated with new adventures featuring characters from “Ahsoka,” “Andor,” and “The Mandalorian.” This is great news for Star Wars fans, and my family loves visiting Star Wars destinations and attractions, so I’m excited to see these recent stories and characters included in the Star Tours experience. What’s exciting is that there are over 250 different adventures to experience, so every visit will be unique and exciting.

It’s worth noting that Star Wars: Galactic Spectacular and Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple at Hollywood Studios have permanently closed.

Disney Dreams That Soar (Limited Time Only) at Disney Springs

  • Opened: May 24, 2024
  • Closing Date: September 2, 2024
  • Location: Disney Springs West Side
  • Experience: Drone Show
  • Description: Light-up, choreographed drone show featuring a Disney movie soundtrack
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages; fans of nighttime spectaculars
Logotype reading

Image © Disney

This limited-time nightly show promises to light up the skies over Disney Springs with a unique spectacle — choreographed light-up drone formations! Disney previously offered a popular (but also limited) drone show during the 2016 holiday season. Now, some 8 years later, we’ll see how far the technology has come. I have high hopes for this one — they incorporated drones into a recent Disneyland Paris fireworks show and it was absolutely breathtaking!

Communicore Hall and Plaza

  • Opened: June 10, 2024
  • Location: EPCOT, World Celebration
  • Experience: Festival Center, Interactive Exhibits
  • Description: Designed as the new heart of EPCOT’s festivals, offering diverse experiences from food to art.
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages, especially those who enjoy EPCOT’s festivals and culinary experiences.
Concept Art of a singer on a stage at Communicore Plaza

Concept Art | Image © Disney

EPCOT has launched Communicore Hall and Plaza in its World Celebration neighborhood. As festival enthusiasts who have enjoyed everything from the Food and Wine Festival to the Festival of the Arts, we are particularly excited about this development. The idea of having a dedicated space that brings these beloved events into the heart of EPCOT is thrilling.

The establishment of an outdoor stage, a demonstration kitchen, and exhibition spaces suggests a year-round hub of creativity and culinary excellence. Our family’s tradition of exploring EPCOT’s festivals together is about to get even better, offering new ways to connect with cultures, cuisines, and art from around the world.

Mickey & Friends Meet-and-Greet

  • Opened: June 10, 2024
  • Location: EPCOT, Communicore Hall
  • Experience: Character Interaction
  • Description: A magical spot to meet Mickey and friends, promising unforgettable moments for the little ones.
  • Who It’s Best For: Families with young children and Disney character enthusiasts.
What's new at Disney World: Concept art of the exterior of a Mickey and Friends meet-and-greet

Concept Art | Image © Disney

The new Mickey & Friends meet-and-greet location at Communicore Hall is now open. The space is dedicated to character interactions and is expected to offer one of the best character meet-and-greet experiences at Disney World.

We are thrilled about the new addition to Disney, and for us, it’s personal. During our son Ben’s last visit to the park, Mickey Mouse gave him a warm hug, which we captured in a video we shared with our family and friends. With the new meet-and-greet location, we look forward to creating even more magical moments for our family. We can’t wait to visit and add it to our list of must-see Epcot attractions.

¡Celebración Encanto! (Limited Time Only) at EPCOT

  • Opened: June 10, 2024
  • Closing Date: September 6, 2024
  • Location: EPCOT’s Communicore Plaza Stage
  • Experience: Live Entertainment
  • Description: Live musical sing-along show inspired by Disney’s Encanto
  • Who It’s Best For: All ages; fans of this heartfelt and lively film
Guests seated in front of a stage with performers

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Get ready to talk about Bruno during this limited-time summer sing-along show. Multiple shows daily feature Mirabel, Bruno, and live performers in a show that encourages the audience to participate.

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors

  • Opened: June 9, 2024
  • Location: American Heritage Gallery, The American Adventure, EPCOT
  • Experience: Museum Exhibit
Former President George W. Bush paints a collage portrait of several military veterans

Image © Disney / George W. Bush Presidential Center

This new exhibit brings together more than 60 full-color portraits painted by Former President George W. Bush of service members and veterans who have served the nation with honor since 9/11, and whom the President has come to know personally since leaving office. Each painting is accompanied by the inspiring story of the veteran depicted, written by the President.

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Coming Attractions at Disney World (2024 & 2025)

Test Track (Reimagining)

  • Reopening Date: Possibly January/February 2025 (prediction only; see below)
  • Location: EPCOT
  • Experience: Thrill Ride, Automotive Design
  • Description: A reimagining that will blend cutting-edge technology with nostalgia from its predecessor, World of Motion.
  • Who It’s Best For: Thrill-seekers, automotive enthusiasts, and fans of classic EPCOT attractions.
Concept art of a vehicle in the updated Test Track ride

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Test Track is undergoing a reimagining that will blend cutting-edge technology with nostalgia from its predecessor, World of Motion. Our family is excited about this update as we’ve always enjoyed Test Track’s thrilling portrayal of automotive innovation. It will be exciting to see how Disney reinterprets the original attraction using cutting-edge technology.

The prior version of Test Track closed on June 17, 2024. A reopening date has not yet been announced, but a similar refresh in 2012 took almost eight months; that leads us to estimate that the ride would reopen around January/February 2025, but that is not certain. It very well could take longer.

DVC Member Lounge (Magic Kingdom)

  • Opening Date: TBD
  • Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom
  • Experience: Lounge Space
  • Description: A “pioneer-inspired” space for Disney Vacation Club Members to relax.
  • Who It’s Best For: DVC Members.

Disney has confirmed that it will be replacing the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade attraction with lounge space for Disney Vacation Club (timeshare) Members. The attraction’s last day of operation was June 23, 2024; an opening date for the new lounge has not yet been announced.

Disney Resort Refurbishments Planned for 2024

There are always small-scale refurbishments underway at Disney resorts — room linen/furniture refreshes, pool closures, and the like.

But occasionally, there are massive projects underway which add major new elements to resort hotel. Here’s a look at a few such undertakings currently underway.

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness

  • Reopening Date: July 1, 2024 and beyond
  • Location: Magic Kingdom Resort Area
  • Experience: Cabin Stay, Nature Retreat
  • Description: These upgraded cabins offer a unique way to experience Disney World, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  • Who It’s Best For: Adventure-loving families looking for a rustic getaway.
Artist rendering of updated exteriors for Wilderness Cabins

Concept Art | Image © Disney

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness offer a unique way to experience Disney World, surrounded by the beauty of nature. After undergoing a significant renovation and reclassification as a Disney Vacation Club property, these upgraded cabins are scheduled to reopen on July 1, 2024, with additional work underway on more units for a few months later. They promise an upgraded stay with a touch of rustic charm, making them ideal for families looking for a blend of comfort and adventure in a rustic setting.

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Our family has had the pleasure of staying at The Cabins at Fort Wilderness in the past, and we’re eager to experience the modern comforts and amenities that the upcoming renovations will bring.

New Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

  • Opening Date: December 2024
  • Location: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Experience: Luxury Stay, Tropical Paradise
  • Description: An expansion bringing new rooms and enhanced amenities to one of Disney’s most beloved resorts.
  • Who It’s Best For: Families and couples seeking premium accommodations with a South Pacific flair.
Artist concept of a giant hotel building with Polynesian theming

Concept Art | Image © Disney

The Polynesian Resort is set to expand with the addition of a new Disney Vacation Club “Island Tower” in December 2024. This expansion will bring new rooms and enhanced amenities to one of Disney’s most beloved resorts. Families and couples seeking premium accommodations with a South Pacific flair will have even more reason to visit this tropical paradise.

The Polynesian Resort has always been one of my favorite Disney Deluxe Resorts, and I’m excitedly waiting to see how this expansion will turn out. With this expansion, we’ll have more opportunities to explore the lush landscapes and immersive theming of this resort. The thought of enjoying the fireworks from an infinity-edge pool overlooking the Magic Kingdom is a dream I can’t wait to see become a reality.

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Additional Coming Attractions at Disney World

In addition to the previously-mentioned “concrete” coming attractions, a few more are supposedly in the works but aren’t yet fully scheduled or confirmed.

Here’s a look at some future attraction updates, along with information on their status.

Zootopia Tree of Life Show at Animal Kingdom

  • Opening Date: TBA (2024 or 2025 likely)
  • Experience: 4-D Theater Show
  • Description: A new animated theater show at Animal Kingdom, housed within the base of the Tree of Life.
  • Who It’s Best For: Families, fans of Zootopia, and guests seeking immersive entertainment.
Zootopia characters appear to come out of the screen in a 4D show

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Animal Kingdom is a theme park that focuses on animal conservation. Recently, the park announced a new show based on the popular movie Zootopia. The show is expected to be both entertaining and educational, in line with the park’s mission. The show will replace the current “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” show sometime in 2024 (or later) — and it’s a safe bet that the new show will be a bit less heebie-jeebie-inducing for little kids and squeamish adults versus the current offering. I’m excited to see what this new show has in store!

Tropical Americas (Dinoland Re-Theming) at Animal Kingdom

  • Opening Date: TBA (2025 or later likely)
  • Experience: Entire Land with Attractions, Dining, and More
  • Description: Replacing current buildings and rides with new experiences influenced by several Disney movies and a Tropical Americas theme
  • Who It’s Best For: TBA (awaiting confirmation on new attractions and experiences)
Aerial view concept art for Tropical Americas at Animal Kingdom

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Another potential update for Animal Kingdom is the possible re-theming of Dinoland to an area with multiple movie influences. These would likely include an Indiana Jones re-theming of the Dinosaur attraction, and areas devoted to Disney’s Encanto.

Disney has announced concepts for this potential land — but has not yet fully committed to the actual timeline for building the individual elements. That said, recent permit filings indicate that Walt Disney Imagineering is about to take up residence in this area, strongly suggesting that things will begin moving rapidly — and soon!

Pirates-Themed Tavern at Magic Kingdom

  • Opening Date: TBA (2024 or 2025 likely)
  • Experience: Dining Experience
  • Description: A new tavern in Magic Kingdom offering a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed dining experience with themed meals and entertainment.
  • Who It’s Best For: Pirate enthusiasts and anyone looking for themed dining.
Concept art of a pirates tavern

Concept Art | Image © Disney

Walt Disney World has recently announced the opening of a new Pirates of the Caribbean lounge in Adventureland, Magic Kingdom. The tavern is inspired by the popular Magic Kingdom ride and promises an immersive dining experience centered around the high seas. Visitors can expect a fun atmosphere where they can enjoy tales of treasure while enjoying their meals. The new addition to Disney World’s dining options is sure to be a hit with visitors. I’m looking forward to stopping over for a refreshing beverage with my wife.

Magic Kingdom “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain”

  • Timeline: TBA

At 2023’s Destination D23 event, Walt Disney Imagineering discussed some vague concepts for a gigantic new land at Magic Kingdom. There’s no real information on what it would entail if it ever were built. But the general idea is to explore what lies “beyond Big Thunder Mountain” with a large-scale land similar in scope to Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge. It would, in theory, house new attractions, food, shopping, and more. There have been no firm announcements nor any estimates of when this could occur — though a report from parks guru Scott Gustin indicates that the first permits should be filed soon.

Wondrous China at EPCOT

  • Opening Date: TBA
  • Experience: 360-Degree Film
  • Description: An all-new film offering a panoramic journey through China’s landscapes and cultural landmarks.
  • Who It’s Best For: Guests interested in cultural experiences and stunning visual storytelling.

Plans for a “Wondrous China” film update to the China pavilion (one of the countries in EPCOT’s World Showcase) have been circulating for a while, but Disney hasn’t announced an official opening date yet. The updated film promises an immersive journey into the heart of China’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes through a seamless 360-degree format. As someone who is interested in learning about different cultures, I’m really looking forward to experiencing the beauty and diversity of China’s geography and heritage through this update.

Sadly, little progress has been reported thus far so we don’t know when the update will occur.

New “Play” Pavilion at EPCOT

  • Status: Doubtful
  • Experience: Interactive Exhibits
  • Description: An interactive area with games and activities where guests can engage with Disney characters and stories.
  • Who It’s Best For: Children and families looking for interactive play experiences.

EPCOT previously announced plans to build a new “Play” Pavilion that would be a hub of interactive fun and innovation. Built on the site of the former Wonders of Life pavilion, the Play pavilion would create an immersive city with activities and experiences centered around beloved Disney characters. My wife and I are excited about the possibility of using technology and play to provide our children with unique creative experiences.

That said, this pavilion’s future is admittedly doubtful. Very little progress (if any) has been shown. Further, Disney recently referred to the June 10th opening of Communicore Hall/Plaza and the Mickey & Friends meet-and-greet as the “finishing touches” of a “fully transformed EPCOT.”

Those words very well may imply this proposed pavilion could fall by the wayside, either temporarily or permanently.

Mary Poppins Attraction at EPCOT

  • Status: Postponed/Doubtful
  • Experience: Flat/Spinner Ride
  • Description: A spinning teacups-style attraction, similar to Magic Kingdom’s Mad Tea Party
  • Who It’s Best For: Fans of the classic film

Though announced in 2019 at the D23 Expo, there’s currently little real hope of this attraction coming to pass. The ride was announced for EPCOT’s U.K. pavilion with great fanfare; concept art was released, models were shown. And then, absolutely nothing happened. In 2022, Disney began referring to the ride as being “postponed.” Will it ever happen? We don’t know for sure, but it’s looking less and less likely that it will happen anytime soon.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

  • Status: Unknown

Disney has previously released concept art for a potential refresh of Disney’s Spaceship Earth. Not much else has been discussed, and it’s unclear when — or if — this project will proceed.

Beyond 2025

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro promises that “over the next decade, we’re going to have more projects underway than at any point in our history.”

I’m frankly not surprised.

Universal fired a gigantic cannonball across Disney’s bow with their plans for the new Epic Universe theme park. Based on that park’s announcements and concept art, I feel that Epic Universe will completely change the base level standard for themed entertainment in the Orlando area.

On one hand, Disney has claimed that all of their major launches over the past decade — Galaxy’s Edge, Pandora, TRON, and more — were all built in anticipation of the arrival of Epic Universe.

On the other hand, Disney isn’t exactly known for leaving potential tourist dollars on the table. Will they respond with even more new lands? New and exciting ride systems? Maybe even a fifth theme park? It’s not clear.

But one thing’s for sure: Disney will have to continue to aggressively develop over the next few years in order to keep up.

We’re entering a period in which two gigantic companies — with multi-billion dollar budgets to pour into new mind-blowing attractions — are going to try to out-do one another. That’s fantastic news for those of us who love the parks.

Other Recent Updates at Disney World

1900 Park Fare at Disney’s Grand Floridian (Reopened April 10, 2024)

A long-missed character dining location, 1900 Park Fare had been shuttered since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The eagerly-anticipated reopening finally happened on April 10, 2024. With the reopening comes an updated menu and new characters. Instead of the former appearances by Mary Poppins and the like, the new offering includes visits from Aladdin, Cinderella, Mirabel, and Tiana.

Ending of Park Pass Reservations (Started January 9, 2024)

The discontinuation of the Park Pass reservation system for date-based tickets has been a welcome change in our planning process. The flexibility to visit the parks without the need for reservations has restored a sense of spontaneity to our trips, allowing us to decide on the fly which world to explore each day.

All-Day Park Hopping (Started January 9, 2024)

The return of all-day Park Hopping has brought back the thrill of jumping from one park to another in a single day. Whether we start our morning in the enchantment of Magic Kingdom or end with the fireworks at EPCOT, this restored feature has multiplied the magic of our Disney vacations.

Annual Disney Water Park Refurbishments

In March 2024, Typhoon Lagoon reopened after its annual refurbishment, while Blizzard Beach closed for its yearly maintenance. This seasonal closure and reopening is a regular occurrence for Disney’s water parks.

Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

The fairly-recent discontinuation of FastPass has led to the introduction of new services such as Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lanes passes, which have transformed the way we plan our Disney trips. Initially, we were hesitant, but now we appreciate the flexibility and customization that these services offer. We strongly believe that both Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane passes are worth the investment. With these services, we’ve spent less time waiting in lines, which is especially important when traveling with young children.

Now, Disney has announced that starting July 24, 2024, Guests will again be able to pre-arrange some rides before they arrive.  That would be a bit of a return to the “FastPass+” system that was in place pre-pandemic. I’ll admit I did enjoy knowing for certain, before I even got to the park, that I’d be able to experience a must-do ride. But on the flip side, it did become just another thing to have to keep track of in advance.

For more information on these changes, see any of the Genie+ or Lightning Lane articles linked in the prior paragraph.

Practical Tips for Families

From our numerous trips, here are a few consolidated tips that have enhanced our Disney vacations:

  • Stay Hydrated and Sun-Protected: Florida’s sun is no joke. Pack refillable water bottles and sunscreen to keep your family safe and comfortable. To prepare, see our Disney Packing List and Disney World Weather articles.
  • Mobile Ordering is Your Friend: Use the Disney app to order meals ahead of time, avoiding long lines and hangry moments.
  • Plan for Downtime: It’s tempting to go, go, go, but scheduled breaks can keep spirits high and prevent meltdowns—adults included.
  • Use a Travel Planner: A top-notch Disney travel agency like The Vacationeer can prove invaluable for planning your trip to Disney World. Their services are free, and they will get you the best deal on the trip of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best age for children to visit Disney World?

Any age can enjoy a visit to Disney World, but there’s something magical about experiencing it with young children. Disney World with toddlers is a unique and memorable experience, and the ages of 3-12 are often considered the best age range for Disney World. As parents, you get to see the wonder and excitement through their eyes, creating unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Can you use Genie+ for all new attractions?

Most new attractions offer Genie+, but always check the app for the latest availability. Usually, the select highest-demand attractions are reserved for individual Lightning Lane access (priced separately).

When is the best time to visit Disney World in 2024 and 2025?

The best time to go to Disney World in 2024 and 2025 depends on your preferences. For mild weather, visit from January to March or November to December. For lighter crowds, September, October, and early November are great options. Some months are also cheaper, like January, February, and early September. You can check out our Disney World Crowd Calendar and month-by-month guides to find the perfect time for your visit.

Conclusion on What’s New at Disney World

Reflecting on the new attractions, rides, and resort enhancements at Disney World has left me feeling incredibly excited. I can’t wait to experience all of the latest offerings firsthand with my family and create unforgettable memories together.

From Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to the upcoming Star Tours refresh, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. My daughter is especially looking forward to The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure, and so are her parents!

With so much to look forward to, we eagerly anticipate what the rest of 2024 and 2025 will bring to Disney World.

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