37 Best Things To Do at Animal Kingdom (2024)

Welcome to our guide to the top 37 things to do at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2024. This article provides a curated list of the park's best attractions, shows, dining, walks, experiences, and more. Our list includes crowd favorites, hidden gems, touring tips, practical advice, and answers to common questions. We also share firsthand [...]

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Is EPCOT Worth It? A Guide for 2024-2025

EPCOT is a unique Disney World theme park focused on global culture, cuisine, innovation, and nature. With recent transformations, many wonder if EPCOT is worth visiting compared to the more classic Magic Kingdom. This guide will highlight the best that this reinvented EPCOT has to offer to help you decide. We'll provide an overview [...]

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New Study Reveals Most Popular Rides at Walt Disney World

New research reveals the most popular rides at Walt Disney World, with Splash Mountain taking the top spot. The June 2023 research, conducted by our Disney travel planning experts here at MagicGuides, examined every ride from all four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando – Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom, [...]

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Does Disney Height Include Shoes?

Before we answer, "Does Disney height include shoes?" here's some relevant information. Walt Disney World designs its attractions to be as child-friendly as possible. However, there are height restrictions on certain rides for safety reasons. The company strictly enforces height restrictions. Therefore, cast members will always check your child's height at the gate and [...]

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How Do Old People Get Around Disney?

Disney might appear primarily for young families, but the reality is far different. Disney isn't just for younger people -- it's for everyone. After all, you’re never too old to be enchanted by Disney World! With that being said, there are some additional considerations that senior citizens might want keep in mind when visiting the [...]

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Is Ice Water Free at Disney World?

A trip to Disney World can be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience (hopefully more than once, if we're lucky), but that doesn't mean that every aspect of it is perfect. It can be an expensive vacation to take and can be pretty uncomfortable if you're visiting during the hot and humid summer months. As such, anything that [...]

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Can I Wear Ripped Jeans to Disney?

Like other theme parks, Disney World Resorts operates a strict dress code or attire policy to keep guests safe and comfortable. Any form of clothing that violates these principles could get you banned from the park! They may be trendy, but can I wear ripped jeans to Disney? Let’s find out. Can you wear [...]

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