Disney Cruise activities have been specially created to offer child and family-friendly setups that can cater to both indoor and outdoor fun. Whenever someone wants to book a Disney Cruise, they’re entitled to some standard features including new ships made using the latest technologies ideal for travel and play.

From the beginning, the Disney Cruise Line decided to retain its principles of adhering to family-based entertainment on vessels that have enough space for everyone to make memories and celebrate. The company also took into account client recommendations.

As such, there are no casinos on a Disney Cruise — a major difference of a Disney Cruise versus a Carnival cruise. 

Why Did Disney Decide on a No-Casino Policy?

Disney refused to include casinos and gambling in its organization to protect its brand image and retain trust among its target customers of families and children. The current ships have been designed to promote flexible experiences and positive interactions amongst travelers. Disney’s ships offer a variety of travel experiences for children and adults, including deck parties, dining, fitness, recreation, movies, lounges, shopping, and a spa. 

The Disney Wish Cruise Ship began sailing in the summer of 2022, offering an exciting world experience. One of the ship’s unique features includes the AquaMouse, Disney’s first attraction at sea—a unique water ride.

The Disney Cruise Line was founded to be one of the world’s largest providers of entertainment, travel, and information. The fleet includes the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Wish ships, all of which are unique and promote the company’s various aspects of fun, entertainment, and community.

With different artistic and child-friendly designs, Disney has managed to work within their core principles of operation and cater to its central age group children aged three to twelve. The ships are crafted to cater to the amusement of this age group and promote a kid-friendly atmosphere. 

What Games and Activities Does Disney Offer?

Bingo is a popular game on the ships; children are welcome to play along, but only adults can actually purchase entries or claim prizes. Of course, prizes are also able to be won across various Disney Cruise games, competitions, and activities.

Other onboard activities to keep families entertained include an array of live shows, including musicals and variety acts; character experiences among dining rooms, kids clubs, and other areas of the ship; and, of course, the renowned Disney fireworks show, which, yes, still takes place at sea on select voyages.

Disney’s youth clubs include The Hideaway, the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab, Edge Club, Vibe Club, and even the “it’s a small world” nursery for the youngest guests. So, although there may be no casino on board, families with kiddos of all ages are sure to stay well entertained throughout the entire magical voyage!

In Summary

The Disney Cruise Line caters directly to everyone. It stays true to the Disney brand by focusing on families and children but design their ships with parents in mind and provide adult-only events.

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