Most of us have been staying at home more than ever during the pandemic. If you’re getting bored with your puzzle selection, then it may be time to consider some alternatives. When was the last time you built something with LEGOs? Do you or your kids even have a LEGO set? I have fond memories of playing with LEGO bricks as a kid, but I hadn’t owned any for years (ok, decades). Recently I went searching online to see what LEGO Disney sets are available and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found! Here are the top 8 best Disney Lego sets for 2023.

Top 8 Disney LEGO Sets for 2023, Ranked

LEGO building is a fun activity for the entire family.  It can help kids with problem-solving skills and allows you to share an activity with the ones you love.

Disney fanatics will love the LEGO sets on this list. All of these LEGO Disney sets can be purchased online (links below) and are ranked in order of my preference. Remember, you’re choices may be different from mine.

Here are the 8 best Disney LEGO sets that both adults and children can enjoy.

1. LEGO Disney Castle

Modeled after Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, this structure has a beautiful facade with a stone bridge, arched entrance, balconies, ornate spired towers, and a clock. The LEGO Disney Castle is amazing in its detail.

The set includes a four-story main building and a five-story main tower with Disney-inspired rooms. It comes with 5 minifigures: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Tinker Bell. 

 The LEGO Disney Castle measures over 29”  high x 18.8” wide x 12” deep and includes over 4,000 LEGO pieces. This is a truly magical LEGO Disney set!

2. LEGO Star Wars: Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter

Here’s a spectacular LEGO Star Wars version of the X-wing starfighter from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film. It will allow you to role-play as Poe Dameron, the acting General of the Resistance.

This Star Wars LEGO set is loaded with awesome features like a cockpit for minifigures, stud and spring-loaded shooters, adjustable wings for cruise and attack mode, retractable landing gear, and more!  It includes 3 Star Wars character minifigures – Poe Dameron, Knight of Ren, and Jannah  – and an R2-D2 LEGO droid.

Poe Dameron’s X-wing fighter building set measures over 3” x high x 14” long x 12” wide and contains 761 pieces.  The Resistance build-and-play set will provide endless fun for ages 9+. This would make an epic gift for that Star Wars fan in your life!

3. LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Building Kit

Sticking with the Star Wars theme, here we have the LEGO Star Wars AT-AT building kit.  These bricks will appeal to fans of the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game or simply any child or adult who loves the classic Star Wars trilogy.

With this amazing LEGO version of the AT-AT (75288) Walker, you’ll be able to role-play the exciting Star Wars missions and recreate the Battle of Hoth.

Included are 6 Star Wars minifigures – 2 AT-AT Drivers 2 Snowtroopers, Luke Skywalker, and General Veers –  and the weapons to reenact the Empire versus Rebel Alliance battles. There are AT-AT foldout panels,  a cockpit to fit 3 LEGO minifigures, spring-loaded shooters, bottom hatch, a speeder bike, a winch, and more realistic features.

The AT-AT Star Wars LEGO set includes 1,267-pieces and is appropriate for boys and girls aged 10 and up.

4. LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie Brick Set

Disney fans will love this Steamboat Willie LEGO toy modeled after the one in the Steamboat Willie animated short film directed by Walt Disney (1928).

As you push the boat along, you’ll see its rotating paddle wheels and steam pipes moving up and down, There are lots of authentic details throughout, including an adjustable crane in the back.

The Steamboat Willie LEGO boat measures over 5”  high x 10”  long x 5” wide and comes with 751 pieces. This Disney LEGO set is perfect for kids ages 10+ and big kids of all ages!

5. LEGO Disney: Arendelle Castle Village

This Frozen Disney LEGO set is perfect for any young Frozen fan. The Lego Disney Princess set includes mini-dolls of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, LEGO animal figures, and a 3-story, detachable Disney castle from Disney’s Frozen II.

The Frozen LEGO set will provide your little one with hours of creative play. They’ll be able to role-play with all their Frozen heroes as they mix and match the floors and toy furniture!

The set includes 521 pieces and the castle measures over 11″ high x 11″ wide x 4″ deep. Recommended for children ages 5+.

6. LEGO Disney Olaf Snowman Set

Everyone loves Olaf the snowman from Disney’s movie Frozen II.  Here’s your chance to build Olaf from LEGO bricks!

The buildable snowman will provide your family with hours of pretend play. Olaf’s arms and neck are flexible so you’ll be able to position him however you like, dress him with or without a detachable blue bow tie, and help him write in his journal.

The LEGO Olaf set comes with 122 pieces and is recommended for ages 6+. Olaf measures over 9″ high x 5″ wide x 4″ deep and also makes a great room display.

7. LEGO Toy Story 4 RV Vacation

The Toy Story 4 RV Vacation is the perfect introduction to LEGO building. Your child will love this easy-to-build set and provide hours of LEGO building fun.

Figures of Jessie, Alien, Forky, and Rex are included. The RV’s roof opens up and allows your child to use their imagination and create their own Toy Story adventure!

With 178 pieces, this playset has the perfect amount of bricks to experiment with LEGO building. The recreational vehicle measures over 3″ high x 5″ long x 2″ wide. This set is appropriate for children ages 5+.

8. LEGO Disney Elsa’s Jewelry Box

If your little one loves Elsa. then this LEGO Elsa jewelry box would be a perfect gift. It would be a fun and imaginative arts-and-crafts activity and provide hours of enjoyment.

The playset includes a mirror, drawer, lock, and  2 LEGO toy rings.  Also included are 2 Frozen figures and a turntable for the Elsa and Nokk LEGO mini-dolls to spin around on. It’s functional, too. Your child can store their favorite jewelry or trinkets inside the box.

Recommended for ages 6+. The LEGO Frozen jewelry box measures over 9″ high x 5″ wide x 4″ deep.

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