Internet access and cruising don’t always mix, but if you set sail on a Disney cruise, you have several options to post the occasional picture on Instagram or check your email. Disney Cruise Line offers several internet packages aboard its fleet. All Disney cruise ships have WiFi.

Until recently, all internet packages aboard Disney cruises were priced with a “pay for what you use” model, with data plans based on megabyte usage. With the arrival of the Disney Wish in 2022, Disney announced changes to the Disney Cruise Line internet packages, which are now priced based on the type of internet access you want in a 24-hour period. These changes have now been rolled out on all ships, with the Disney Wonder being the final ship to upgrade to the new system during a September 2023 Dry Dock.

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about how Disney Cruise WiFi works in 2023.

Prices shown below are accurate as of August 2023.

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Disney Cruise Line Internet Packages

WiFi is available in three packages, each with a different level of internet access: Stay Connected, Basic Surf, and Premium Surf:

Chart showing WiFi internet packages on Disney Cruise ships

These packages are based on usage for a 24-hour period, not a calendar day. If the time of day you use the internet matters to you, you’ll want to purchase a plan at a time that will renew when it’s convenient — and not in the middle of a work meeting.

You can share the plan on multiple devices (as long as you log out of one device before using the other) or pay to connect multiple devices simultaneously. And you can save a little money by purchasing for the entire length of your cruise.

Packages previously varied by ship, but these are now the standard packages across the entire fleet: the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, Disney Wish, and Disney Wonder.

Here’s more information about each package, including their prices:

Stay Connected

The most basic internet package on a Disney cruise allows you to access, post, and engage on social media platforms, specifically Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter/X, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.


  • $18 for 24 hours of access
  • $16 per day if purchased for the entire cruise

Basic Surf

This mid-tier internet package allows access to the social media platforms listed above, plus basic browser surfing and email capabilities. Audio WiFi calls are also available with this package.


  • $28 for 24 hours of access
  • $24 per day if purchased for the entire cruise

Premium Surf

The highest internet Disney cruise WiFi plan gives you all the access included in the Stay Connected and Basic Surf plans (with faster connection speeds). Plus, you can stream music and short-form video on apps like Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Video calling through FaceTime and Zoom is also available with this package.


  • $42 for 24 hours of access
  • $34 per day if purchased for the entire cruise

It’s important to know that none of the packages (not even Premium Surf) supports long-form video streaming such as using Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix.

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Does Disney Cruise Line Offer Free WiFi?

There are several ways you can get free WiFi on a Disney cruise:

Use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Disney Cruise Line allows guests to access the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App for free.

Screenshot showing the DCL Navigator App

The app is powered by a free WiFi network (DCL-GUEST) that’s only available onboard the ship.

Screenshot showing the WiFi Connection screen

The app is similar to the My Disney Experience app and includes a host of information about your cruise. You can view your planned activities, excursions, rotational dining assignments, deck plans, entertainment schedules, dinner menus, and much more.

Screenshot showing a dinner menu on the DCL Navigator app

One of the app’s most handy features is the ability to message friends and family who are also on board.

If you want to truly unplug during your cruise vacation, the WiFi access you get through the Navigator app may be all the internet you need during your Disney cruise.

Stay in a Concierge-Level Stateroom

One benefit of staying in a concierge-level stateroom is free WiFi. How much internet you’ll get depends on the type of stateroom you booked. Those staying in Royal Suites get Premium Surf internet for the entire cruise. Concierge Suites get Basic Surf for the whole cruise, too. Other Concierge-Level staterooms get one day of Basic Surf for free.

Use Your Onboard Credit

Many Disney travel agencies offer a free onboard credit that can be used toward purchases you make while you’re onboard the ship. You can spend this on specialty dining, gratuities/tips, spa treatments, souvenirs… and virtually anything else that’s charged back to your shipboard account.

Luckily for you, onboard internet packages are charged to the folio, so onboard credit can be used to pay towards your onboard WiFi package.

The size of your onboard credit depends on the travel agency you pick and the cost of your cruise, but it could easily be enough to cover the cost of your shipboard internet.

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How to Use the Internet on Disney Cruise Line

Internet packages can be purchased through the Disney Cruise Navigator app once onboard and connected to the ship’s WiFi. To buy a plan, click the “more” tab in the app and scroll down to “connect to the Internet.” From there, you can select a package, the number of devices you want to use, and the number of days you wish to purchase. You’ll then be prompted to review the plan and check out. The package will be charged to your stateroom folio. If you have trouble connecting to the internet, the onboard internet help desk can troubleshoot internet and cell phone access onboard.

Can You Share Internet on a Disney Cruise?

You can share one internet plan on multiple devices if you only use one at a time and log out of each device when you’re done using it.

Multiple-device plans are also offered; choosing one of these will save you a bit of money versus the cost of purchasing two separate plans.

How Much is WiFi on a Disney Cruise?

WiFi plans have starting rates between $16 to $42 a day. The price can vary drastically based on the number of days you purchase and the amount of connected devices. You’ll get a slight discount if you purchase a plan for your entire cruise. You also save for each device you add.

Does Disney Cruise Line Have Cell Service?

Whether your cell phone will work on a Disney cruise depends on your carrier and plan. Cell carriers like AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile provide Cellular at Sea aboard Disney cruises, which allows you to use your plan like you normally would in your stateroom. However, you may need to pay roaming charges (which can get very expensive, very quickly) or purchase a special cruise add-on from your carrier. Your data allotment (cellular internet) also may be much more limited than on land. It’s best to check with your individual cell phone carrier before your cruise to determine how cell phone data usage will work while onboard.

How Good is the WiFi on Disney Cruise Ships?

While the internet speed on cruise ships has improved drastically over the years, it’s slower than the web surfing you’re used to at home.

Disney warns cruise guests that onboard internet may sometimes be slow, interrupted, or completely unavailable. This is especially true on at-sea days; the final sea day of a Disney Alaska cruise is notoriously bad for internet due to the ship’s position and direction of travel.

However, most cruisers will typically find onboard internet sufficient to occasionally check email, post on social media, or make a video call.

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