Disney Travel Agent Job Application

You’ve done your research. You’re confident in your abilities (though maybe still just a little scared). And now it’s time! You’re finally going to take the plunge and apply to become a Disney travel agent.

We’re happy to help you get started. This page has a list of our top tips for submitting your application and getting hired.

Better still, we’ve partnered with two great Disney-focused travel agencies — EnchantAway Travel and The Vacationeer — to accept applications for travel agent jobs right here on this page!

To be clear: MagicGuides is not a travel agency. Job applications submitted here will go directly to EnchantAway Travel and The Vacationeer for potential openings at their agencies. We here at MagicGuides have no say in their hiring process.

Disney Travel Agent Job Application Tips

Before you get started with your travel agency job application, you’ll want a few quick tips to make sure you’re putting your best food forward. Here’s what the owner of a high-performing Disney-focused travel agency told us he looks for when reviewing applications.

  • Be professional. You’re applying for a job which relies heavily on written communication. Don’t be overly casual in your responses, and watch out for typos.
  • Highlight your passion for Disney. Make sure the agency understands how you feel about Disney World or Disney Cruises. Show them how much you know about Disney destinations and vacation planning in general.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Agencies may receive hundreds of applications each year. It’s up to you to make sure you don’t blend in with the rest. Do you have the character traits needed to be a successful Disney travel planner? What makes you different from everyone else who has applied? Make them want to interview you!
  • Know what agencies are looking for. We have a page full of insider tips for future Disney travel agents. Be sure to review them and factor our tips into your answers to the application questions.
  • Show off your experience. Prepare a résumé that’s written specifically for your travel agency job applications. Everything on it should be tied back to how it would help you be a great vacation planner, even if it’s not directly related to the travel industry. For example, “I worked as a cashier at a major department store, where I learned the importance of providing good customer service.” You can even highlight helping friends/family plan their trips. You might not have any travel agency experience, but you can still show how your past will help you at this new job.
  • Proofread everything before submitting. Correct any spelling issues and grammatical errors in your application before the agency sees it. Make sure you’ve answered all of their questions completely. And don’t forget to double check your email address and phone number — if those are wrong, the agency can’t contact you for an interview!

With those tips in mind, it’s time to submit your application!

Apply To Work For EnchantAway Travel

BEST FOR: New travel agents & those seeking part-time work

The Logo for EnchantAway travel, a rose inside a compass-point enclosure

Not many travel agencies are willing to hire someone who is only looking for part–time work, and very few are willing to take a chance on a complete newcomer. But EnchantAway Travel embraces part-time travel agents and people just starting their travel careers.

As a result, they offer some of the best flexibility and resources in the business.

  • Choose How Much Time to Devote: EnchantAway doesn’t just hire full-time agents – it also welcomes part-timers. So it’s perfect for those who simply want to make a bit of extra income.
  • Hours That Work for You: You can set your own schedule, as long as you’re properly serving your clients.
  • Work From Anywhere: EnchantAway is proud to be a remote-first organization that understands you don’t have to be in a cubicle to be successful.
  • Support and Resources: EnchantAway Travel was started by the owner of one of the top performing (total sales) Disney Travel agencies, so you can be assured that they know how to help their people succeed!
  • High Commission Splits: EnchantAway agents are eligible for commission splits as high as 80%. Some other agencies pay 50% or less.

Does EnchantAway sound like a good fit for you? You can apply by clicking the link below!

Complete the form below to submit your application directly to Enchantaway Travel.

If you prefer, you can also apply directly on EnchantAway‘s website.

    Apply To Work For The Vacationeer

    BEST FOR: Exceptional travel agents seeking full-time work

    Vacationeer logo with tagline

    As mentioned in the previous section, EnchantAway Travel offers great flexibility and resources to its agents. We made them our top choice for part-time agents but you should certainly consider applying with them even if you want to go full-time.

    But if you feel that you are an exceptionally-qualified candidate who is capable of extremely high performance, you should also consider applying with The Vacationeer.

    For those with strong qualifications and high performance aspirations, The Vacationeer offers:

    • High Volume, High Quality: The Vacationeer prides itself on hiring the best people and keeping them busy! As a prestigious Earmarked Diamond-level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, they book thousands of Disney trips for their clients every year and provide concierge-level customer service.
    • Peak Performance With Personal Attention: The Vacationeer accomplishes its impressive sales levels with a group of about 100 agents. Some agencies at the same tier need ten times as many agents to do so. The Vacationeer is sized just right to personally support its agents while making sure everyone has plenty of business.
    • High Commission Splits: Vacationeers earn commission splits of up to 80%. And their high sales volume earns them more commission on certain types of trips such as Disney cruises.
    • Exclusivity: Less than 5% of those who apply are selected to be part of this elite agency. That’s not merely a point of pride – it’s a great way to surround yourself with experts who will help you become an even better agent.
    • Marketing and Leads: You will always be your own best marketer. But The Vacationeer helps by aggressively marketing their agency to ensure a steady stream of leads will come your way.
    • Work from Wherever, Whenever: Working with a remote-first travel agency like the Vacationeer means you’ll never be told that it’s time to return to the office!
    • Excellent Reputation: The Vacationeer has more than 700 5-Star reviews on Google. And they’ve been quoted as travel experts in news coverage from CNBC, Washington Post, Travel & Leisure, Good Housekeeping, and other media outlets.
    • FAM Trips: As a high-performing agency, The Vacationeer offers many opportunities to send its agents on FAM trips and training opportunities in the parks and on the cruise ships.

    If this seems like the ideal agency for you, submit your application by clicking the link below!

    Fill out the application below and we’ll send it directly to The Vacationeer for consideration.

    You can also visit the Vacationeer Travel Agent Jobs page to find out more information.

      Final Thoughts

      Congratulations on taking the big step of applying to become a Disney travel planner!

      If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact the agency you applied to. We here at MagicGuides don’t have any information on your application status.

      Good luck!