Disney Travel Agent Commission Calculator

Commissions are the main way Disney vacation planners earn their money. But they can be confusing, especially to someone trying to become a Disney Travel Agent with no prior experience. Our Disney Travel Agent Commission Calculator aims to demystify this important topic.

On this page are two tools:

  • Commission Calculator for Disney Vacations: Calculate your share of the commission for each trip booked
  • Disney Travel Agent Annual Income Calculator: Project how much money you could earn yearly based on booking patterns and other factors
A laptop computer and phone, the only required equipment to become a Disney Travel Agent

Disney travel agents earn money primarily through commission for trips booked

Commission Calculator for Disney Vacations

Disney Travel Agencies earn a set base commission for each vacation booked. 10% is typical, but it can increase to as much as 16% for certain trips booked by higher-volume agencies.

The agency then performs a commission split, giving the travel agent some of the money and keeping some for the agency. Novice agents usually get 50% of the base commission (though a few agencies pay less), while more-experienced agents may earn up to 80% as their career progresses. It’s somewhat common for the commission split to be lower on bookings from agency-provided leads versus clients you found on your own. Also note that if your agency offers clients an onboard cruise credit or a free Disney gift card, those are usually paid for with the base commission; the remaining commission amount is what’s then split between the agent and agency.

When the base commission rate and the commission split ratio are combined, a Disney Travel Agent’s per-trip earnings typically range from 4% to 12.8% of the cost of each vacation booked.

Disney Travel Agent Annual Income Calculator

Now that you know how much you can make for each trip you book, you’re likely wondering how much Disney Travel Agents make in a year.

Lots of factors will affect your yearly income. The most obvious consideration is how many trips you book and how much they cost. But you also need to consider the base commission rate your agency receives and how much your share of it is.

You have more control over some of these factors than you might think:

  • You can influence the number and cost of trips you book by marketing yourself, practicing good sales techniques, and generally being a good Disney travel agent
  • Joining a high-volume agency (such as an Earmarked Platinum or Earmarked Diamond agency) may expose you to better base commission rates
  • Your earning potential increases when you work for an agency which offers higher commission splits as your career advances
  • Specializing in trips which tend to be higher-value and higher-commission can increase your income

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