For Disney Travel Planners, like any other job, there are some tools of the trade you’ll need to have on hand.

If you’re considering turning your passion for Disney into a career, you might be concerned that you’re in for a big startup expense.

Fortunately, there are only two mandatory pieces of equipment — and you almost certainly already own both of them.

But there are also other items that may make the job a bit easier. Let’s review our list of essential equipment for Disney Travel Agents.

Must-Have Equipment

A laptop computer and phone, the only required equipment to become a Disney Travel Agent

You probably already own the equipment you need to become a Disney Travel Agent (Mickey mug optional)

Almost everything you do for a client will either happen online or over the phone. That means all you really need to become a Disney travel planner is:

Computer With Good Internet Access

Most of your job happens on the computer.

You’ll need to be able to:

  • Email clients
  • Visit websites to research and book travel
  • Instant Message or Live Chat with fellow agents

Most agents prefer laptops so they can work on the go, but a desktop model is fine, too.

Having reliable, fast internet access is mandatory. Without it, everything will be a chore and you could even miss out on hard-to-secure bookings for your clients.


You’ll probably speak on the phone with each client at least once for each vacation you book with them. So a telephone is a must.

Cell phones are ideal, because they allow you to talk and text with clients — and you can be reached wherever you are.

But you must have good reception. Consider activating Wi-Fi calling if you have trouble getting a signal. A landline is another option.

Optional Equipment

Now that we’ve covered the two things you must have, let’s look at some other things that aren’t required but still may make your job easier.

Wireless Earbuds or Phone Headset

You’ll regularly be talking, typing, and jotting down notes at the same time. Having both hands free to do so makes all the difference.

After all, how many times have you accidentally hung up on someone or dropped your phone because you tried to wedge it between your chin and shoulder while writing something down?

Consider purchasing a set of AirPods (iOS), Pixel Buds (Android), or similar devices which allow you to be on the phone without tying up your hands.

Dual Monitors

Double Monitors with Disney websites on screen, a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and Goofy mug - perfect for a work-from-home Disney travel agent

A more complex work-from-home setup, prime for a travel planner’s multitasking

Working in multiple systems is easier with multiple screens. If your laptop or computer supports it, you can have your notes page or client email open on one screen while looking at Disney’s booking websites on the other, without having to constantly switch back and forth.

If you’re video chatting with a client, it’s a great way to keep them in view while you’re reviewing their options on the second screen.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

A separate keyboard and mouse can be more comfortable and ergonomic than using your laptop’s keyboard and touchpad all day.

I like the wireless models because I don’t have to worry about tangled cords and move them out of the way when I need to spread out papers on my desk.

When shopping for keyboards, consider getting a full-sized version that includes a dedicated calculator-style “ten-key” number pad — those are often missing from standard laptop keyboards but can be quite handy for entering dates, prices, and credit card numbers.

Desk and Chair

A home office with desk and laptop

Set up your workspace however you like it — it’s your home, after all!

Some agents are fortunate enough to have their own dedicated home office. But for many others, it’s a matter of finding a quiet corner of the home to get their work done.

Having a dedicated workspace with an “everything-in-its-place” desk and a comfortable office chair can make a big difference, even if you don’t have a separate room to put it in.

Sure, you could work at the kitchen table or even from the couch, but it’s not ideal.

Not only is a desk better for you ergonomically, but it also helps you to get into an “I’m at work” mindset which can be great for your productivity.

And it supports a good work/life balance by helping to mentally separate work time from family time, even if you don’t have a dedicated home office. Your kids (and spouse) can even be taught (maybe) that you shouldn’t be interrupted when you’re working at your desk.

Tip: some people swear by adjustable desks which let you work sitting down or standing up. Frequently changing positions helps reduce fatigue and aches.

Dedicated Phone Number For Clients

Many agents like to maintain a bit of control over when they’re available for phone calls. Or perhaps they’re not keen on complete strangers having their personal cell phone number. Having a dedicated number for clients addresses these concerns.

The costliest way to do this is to literally buy another cell phone and add an additional line to your plan. But that’s overkill in most cases.

Instead, I suggest using Google Voice. Here’s why:

  • There’s no cost for typical use (domestic phone calls and text messaging)
  • You can route a second number through your existing cell phone (without revealing your main number to anyone) or through your computer
  • There’s a “do not disturb” mode to keep work calls from interrupting family time
  • Voicemails are automatically transcribed into text to make them easier to reference
  • You can pick from multiple area codes and numbers, such as…
    • Choosing a number that local to you and your clients, or…
    • Picking an Orlando or Anaheim area code to reinforce that you’re Disney-focused, or…
    • Opting for an easy-to-remember number, or…
    • Trying to find a custom number that spells something fun (such as your first name, “pixie,” “magic,” etc.)

Video Conferencing Apps

Some clients may enjoy face-to-face discussions, but odds are you won’t be in the same place together.

Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meet are standard apps for this purpose.

I prefer to use Whereby — it’s lesser known but it doesn’t force your client to log in or download anything. They just click the link and are taken to a web-based video chat — no muss, no fuss.

Calendar/Scheduling Software

Some agents prefer to have clients schedule a 30-minute “appointment” rather than just calling out of the blue. The agent can mark open slots and block unavailable times, and let the client pre-schedule a discussion.

Calendly is one of the most popular services for this purpose.

Even if you’re not worried about scheduling appointments online, you should still keep a rigorous calendar so you don’t miss a single booking window,  payment deadline, or follow-up phone call with your clients.

Basic Office Supplies

It probably goes without saying, but things such as notepads, pens, file folders, and the like can come in handy in your day-to-day work. Bonus points if they’re dotted with Disney characters.

Which brings me to the last item on my list:

Disney Décor

OK, I’ll admit that this one is purely optional, but I think it actually is important.

Working as a Disney-focused travel professional is supposed to be a fun job. And one of the easiest ways of keeping the Pixie Dust flowing on even the toughest of days is to surround yourself with little bits of magic.

Stick your mouse ears up on a shelf. Hang pictures of you and the kids in front of Cinderella Castle. Pick a few favorite Disney desktop figurines to keep in view throughout the day. Pin park maps and celebration buttons to your bulletin board alongside all of the important notes. Wear your favorite Disney shirts to work. Pour that morning coffee into a Disney mug and enjoy a little magic in every sip.

This isn’t just for your benefit. When I was a trainer at one of Disney’s own call centers, I would teach Agents that Guests can hear your smile through the phone. (Yes, seriously. Try it! You just sound perkier if you’re smiling while you’re talking.)

Because you’re working from home, you can decorate your workspace however you want — so make it magical. You’ll be happier, and your clients will practically feel the pixie dust flowing through the phone!

Final Thoughts

With any new job, there’s bound to be a few tools you need to be successful. Thankfully, being a Disney Travel Agent doesn’t require much.

All you really need is a phone and a computer, but a few optional extras can help you be even more successful as a Disney Travel Planner.

I hope this list gives you a few ideas of things that will make your job a bit easier. Many of them are relatively low cost, which is important — it might be a while before you get your first commission check. (Remember, you’ll earn a commission for each booking rather than a set annual salary or hourly rate.)

Eventually, you’ll be able to make a good income as a Disney travel agent, but that first year or two can be a little lean. It’s good to know you don’t need to put out huge sums of money to start.

By the way — don’t be afraid to start small! You don’t need to buy everything all at once, and you certainly don’t need to own all of this before you submit your Disney Travel Agency job application.

Did something on this list surprise you? Or is there something I overlooked? Let me know in the comments below!