Disney Genie is coming to Disney World and Disneyland this fall.

Disney Genie is a free day-planning app that recommends attractions, shows, and eateries based on wait times and personal preferences. 

Let’s examine how the new Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ add-on can maximize your time and enjoyment at Disney.

This fall, Disney World and Disneyland will roll out a new trip-planning service called Disney Genie.

As part of the new Disney Genie service, Disney is also introducing Disney Genie+, a paid program that is set to replace the free FastPass+ program in its theme parks.

Before we discuss the paid offerings,  let’s look at how the free Disney Genie app will help you optimize your day.

How Does Disney Genie Work?

Disney Genie will be available within the existing My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps. Its main goal is to reduce the time guests spend in lines so they get the most out of their day.

The app will estimate the future wait times for attractions and make recommendations based on the user’s stated preferences and plans. It will also centralize their virtual queues, “lightning” access plans, and dining reservations.

Recommendations made by Disney Genie will update in real-time based on ride availability, wait times, change of goals, or change of plans.

This state-of-the-art technology leverages decades of Disney’s data to reduce wait times. Ultimately, Disney Genie will help guests plan the best and most efficient day at a Disney theme park, tailor-made to their individual goals.

Creating an itinerary has never been so easy!

What Is Disney Genie+?

Disney World’s FastPass+ was a free service that allowed guests to skip the stand-by lines via an expedited entryway on popular rides. Many people were disappointed when this service was suspended during the 2020 coronavirus closure.

Now comes word that FastPass will be returning, but in a different form.

As a replacement to FastPass, Disney is introducing two types of paid “lightning” access options via the new Disney Genie service.

The first add-on option is called Disney Genie+.  You can think of it as the new “paid FastPass.”

While the Disney Genie optimizing app is totally free, guests who wish to utilize shorter ride queues will need to pay a little extra for the Disney Genie+ service.

Disney Genie+ will function in a similar manner as the old FastPass system, and the former FastPass line will now be called “Lightning Lane.”

Guests will reserve a ride time using the Disney Genie app, and only one Genie+ reservation can be made at a time.

Reservations can be made beginning at 7 a.m. on the day of the visit to a Walt Disney World or as soon as the parks open at Disneyland.

Once this reservation is used, the guest will be able to make another one. Disney park hoppers will be able to use Genie+ at multiples parks on the same day.

There are also some interesting perks attached to the Genie+ service.

Disneyland’s Genie+ users will receive unlimited PhotoPass downloads and Disney World Genie+ will be able to experiment with augmented reality technology on their cell phones. Guests at both parks will also receive complimentary audio experiences.

Which Attractions Are Included in Disney Genie+?

The service will allow quick access to over 40 attractions at Walt Disney World Resort and over 15 attractions at Disneyland.

The list of Disney Genie+ attractions has not been released yet but Disney did give a few examples of attractions that will be available via Genie+. These include Big Thunder Mountain RailroadHaunted Mansion, and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

More information is to be released soon. Stay tuned!

lightning lane entrance

How Much Does Disney Genie+ Cost?

The new Genie+ service will cost visitors more than before.

Genie+ will cost $15 per person, per day at Walt Disney World and $20 per person, per day at Disneyland.

The price of Disneyland’s Genie+ is on par with the pre-Covid cost of MaxPass and the service functions in a similar way. As for Disney World, guests will no longer have access to a complimentary way to skip the lines (FastPass) so this service will increase their daily expenses.

A family of four will have to pay $60 or $80 extra per day to take advantage of this program.

Is Disney Genie+ Worth It?

Even though it will cost you more, we think it’s definitely worth the extra money. You are on vacation and long lines are a bummer. Do yourself a favor and splurge. You’ll be happy you did!

Paid “Lightning Lane” Access Add-Ons

We’ve talked about the free Disney Genie app and the Disney Genie+ add-on service for an extra fee. But Disney has also introduced a third option for its highest-demand attractions.

With this option,  guests will pay a separate amount to access these top-tier Lightning Lanes.

Guests are allowed to purchase up to two Lightning Lane access selections for each day.

The highest-demand Disney attractions include Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom, and the forthcoming Epcot attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Note: Guests who choose this option can either add Genie+ or forgoing Genie+ entirely – it’s up to you. You do not need the Disney Genie+ option to take advantage of these Lightning Lane access selections.

Read more about the pay-per-ride Lightning Lane pass in our blog post Are Disney Lightning Lane Passes Worth It?

How Much Do Disney’s Lightning Lane Passes Cost?

Disney has not announced its pricing for individual Lightning Lane attractions yet. However, Disneyland Paris has just released its pricing on their new expedited access entrance and their individual attractions will cost between $9 and $18 USD. We can use this as a guide but nothing is set in stone yet.

disney genie+ for lightning lane

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