A trip to Disney World can be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience (hopefully more than once, if we’re lucky), but that doesn’t mean that every aspect of it is perfect. It can be an expensive vacation to take and can be pretty uncomfortable if you’re visiting during the hot and humid summer months. As such, anything that helps to keep the costs down and keep us cool throughout the day will be very welcome. Say, for example, completely free ice water. So is ice water free at Disney World? Let’s find out.

Is Ice Water Free at Disney World?

Let’s cut straight to it: the answer to this question is yes, visitors to Disney World can receive free ice water. You can get free cups of icy, refreshing water for you and your family at most of the park’s quick-service dining locations. So if you’re looking to beat the heat and keep yourself hydrated, simply head to one of those locations, grab yourself a cup, and fill up.

Where to Get Free Ice Water at Walt Disney World

A general rule of thumb is that you can usually ask for a free cup of ice water if a place is serving fountain drinks. So it’s generally best to stick to quick-service restaurants and kiosks. At the same time, you may be able to get a cup of water from other eating establishments, but it could take a long time to get one. And we all know that time is super important when you’re at Disney World! No one wants to be waiting around for water when they could be enjoying all the rides. So don’t waste money on bottled water and unless you see a quick and easy opportunity, stick to the quick-service restaurants, which are dotted all over Disney Theme parks.

Don’t Want to Queue? Bring Your Own Refillable Water Bottle

While it’s nice to have a cup of ice-cold water, there is an obvious downside: you’ll have to drink all the water all at once since it’s not feasible to carry a cup of water around with you. Plus, the free cups they serve the water in tend to be pretty small, so you won’t be getting all that much water in the first place.

One handy solution is to bring your own water bottle and use a water refill station to stay topped up with water throughout the day. You’ll find water fountains — and sometimes even bottle refill stations — in all corners of the park, often located next to the bathrooms.

Tips for Staying Hydrated at Disney World

It’s essential to stay hydrated wherever you are, especially at Disney World, where you’ll often be moving in hot temperatures. It’s much easier to stay cool and comfortable when your body has all the water it needs. So keep hydration at the forefront of your mind, and drink more than you think you need. It’s also recommended to sip on water throughout the day (bring a water bottle!) rather than gulping a cup all at once. All of the Disney World Theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) make it easy to find water refill stations and a water fountain.

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